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  1. I will give this one a miss but if I am online at that time and u need someone you can send me a invite. Thank you for the first try at a raid. It certainly overwhelmed me a bit.
  2. My time zone whould be west Australia. Thank you for this sir_bee
  3. This has been my main problem I got a Titan at 296 and can't really move forward till I do the raids and some other team stuff. Psn is lildazzer please send msg with friend request. Thank you
  4. Looking for a team or clan to work towards the trophys and for strikes/fun. Raid rookie Titan 294 psn lildazzer.please send a message with friend request. Ta
  5. I will just leave my name here. Please send a msg with friend request Ta. Psn lildazzer
  6. Mortal kombat x and arkham knight