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  1. Thanks! Fortnite it is!
  2. So anyone who has played both, and since they both look very similar, which is better, this or Orcs must die? I want to get one, so any help on that decision would be appreciated.
  3. That's a shame, I still have hope for an XL style package with some though. Hopefully more than just bronzes too.
  4. Disappointed they didn't put more into this. They could've charged a few $$$ and added a new boss, new weapons and more than one trophy. Maybe a couple of carnival themed maps. I would've payed for that.
  5. How do you spin it more than once a day?
  6. Added
  7. Nice one, adding now.
  8. So, this game has always peaked my interest, I've never picked it up, now it's much cheaper I may purchase. Is it similar to GTA heists, better or worse? How're the graphics? Someone sell me on it. Also what's included, is there dlcs free etc. Thanks
  9. Awesome, thanks
  10. Buying this game (ultimate box edition) for £5 tomorrow from CEX. I previously had it on Xbox 360. How do the graphics stand up in this day and age, and do people still play online? Loved it on the 360. Shame they never remastered it.
  11. Will That's You have trophies?
  12. Yeah, hammer triangle. Works for me
  13. Hi, anyone got a high level character and willing to boost me? Would really appreciate. Thanks in advance
  14. Fallout 3, Fallout NV & RDR