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  1. Does this work with any other games? Online trophies popping for each region automatically?
  2. Is it gonna have new trophies for it? Or will it unlock the current trophies through the new free mode. Wonder how it will work
  3. Like the look of this, is it easy to pick up and play? I keep reading about difficult trophies. I've never played a gold game, will I be able to get the hang of it. Thanks
  4. Game looks nice, and 7 golds are always welcome. Anyone gonna pick it up?
  6. Dark Souls 3 killing Floor 2 Red Dead Redemption
  7. Just got this update, anyone have any info?
  8. Game looks good, looks like two playthroughs though. Anyone played it on PC?
  9. I can't see the deluxe edition on the store uk, guess they took it down. What about the season pass, will I get it with that?
  10. So I read if you have the deluxe edition of this, you can get the lost legacy free. I don't own any copy of uncharted 4, so if I bought the deluxe copy now from psn store, would I still get it free? Thanks
  11. Got him to spawn finally, closed him in the barn and blasted him with dual magnums, he couldn't escape, reloaded and blasted his bitch ass one last time...
  12. Yeah cheers, I just did 3 random games in a row and he didn't appear! So out of about 12 games (not in a row) he hasn't appeared once! Really annoying.
  13. I'm trying to do this now, I've played the level on normal about 8 times now, and can not get the boss to spawn, always Volter. Did they patch it or something so he doesn't appear on the level??
  14. Gold trophy city. Thoughts?
  15. Wonder why they didn't add new trophies when they went to all the effort they have for updating it