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  1. Friday 13th for some ultra rares
  2. This game still drop in/out split screen Co op?
  3. What’s the difference between this and thronebreaker? I was well confused thought they were the same game. Like why release two Witcher card games at the same time?
  4. Smartphone only
  5. Got it, nvm. All about RNG.
  6. Any fishing tips please? Most I can get is 1750. Seems impossible right now to get 2000
  7. Wouldn’t it be funny if they just gifted everyone the online trophies the day the server dies. Everyone grinding so hard and ‘pop!’ Would everyone be mad if it did happen?
  8. Hey, I’m in EU, so comment here again when it releases please so I’m aware! Look forward to playing, thanks!
  9. Looks like a nice game for the vita!
  10. What a waste of a patch! People only bought this for the easy platinum anyway, may as well of not wasted their time patching that away.
  11. Copy and paste trophies from the first dlc.
  12. How is this game so expensive? Looks like a low budget indie, at £40
  13. Anyone know the release date? Can’t find anything except ‘2018’
  14. Didn’t you answer your own question there? You said obtain 100, but you’ve only got 60?
  15. Pause, go to story. It’s in there