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  1. New mode coming to street fighter next week. Sounds really cool, like guilds I guess.
  2. Free to play now
  3. Can I do this on a game I’ve already completed that was over 30 mins, like pause it and reverse the timer then beat the last boss again, or do I have to do a fresh run?
  4. Amazing game, and servers deffo not closing, they make far too much money.
  5. Anyone know what the 1gb+ patch is for that just dropped?
  6. Awesome thank you!
  7. Thank you, so wait until chapter 10 at least!
  8. Hi all, wondering what the earliest time in the game is that i can go for the Mr Shakedown money cheat, and what/where i can find items that multiply my money from him etc. thanks.
  9. Makes the trophies easier!
  10. Yeah the new trophies confuse me, you think you could explain them a little please?
  11. Stupid if you can’t
  12. Looking good! But where’s the trophy leak??
  13. So I have destiny 2 digital copy, want to buy the forsaken dlc, which from what I can tell, doesn’t come with the 2 previous dlcs. Just looked on the store, and they have them going cheap for £15.29. So should I buy them, or is there a cheaper method of getting forsaken and them? Thanks
  14. Undertale!