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  1. So long ago, I don’t remember, sorry bro
  2. Anyway to not disable trophies but using some?
  3. Hey, can you detail how exactly please? Cheers
  4. I just tried a free for all, it was full of bots. I’m on Ps5, uk server, with cross play off
  5. I’m gonna, but I’ve got a big handheld hole in my heart! RIP vita! No, I don’t want a switch… I like the idea of switching between phone and console, when I please, at ease.
  6. Looking to try this game, got a couple of questions- im interested in the cross play/save with mobile. Is it easy to play on mobile with screen controls? Is the cross save function decent? if I was to pay to win so to speak, what is the best thing to spend my money on? how far do I have to advance to use the online co op feature? Roughly how many hours? cheers
  7. Ask on the Facebook community group, or the Reddit group. Lots of super Gems geeks there to guide you
  8. Can’t get this last trophy. Even when it drops 3 of the same card and I hold them, it never drops the 4th!
  9. It is very simple, but if he hasn’t played it yet, how will he know if there’s cross save?
  10. I just upgraded a weapon to level 20. No trophy.
  11. £4.79! Good shout, didn’t notice that! Will get them both then
  12. Can someone sell me on the 2 dlcs. Are they both worth the money? Which one is best? Which ones trophies are easiest? What are the benefits of the dlcs? What new gear/traits are amazing? Thanks
  13. Any news on a ps5 version of this game?
  14. I can’t even find one single online match
  15. Disco Elysium!