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  1. Cheers guys! What's your favourite game on VR too?
  2. Hi, getting VR shortly, just a heads up for easy games please. Thanks
  3. Just wondering if this games worth getting. Looks good from the screens I've seen. I read a review but said the game needed a few patches, a year ago. Can someone's who played it tell me if got the support it needed. Thanks
  4. Looks like you got your wish. Extra trophy incoming...
  5. Yeah, you don't want injustice 1. Turd soup. Go straight to 2. Brilliant game.
  6. So according to a review I just found for the pc version, this looks good, an adult version of bejewelled, with easy steam achievements, so potentially easy trophies. I like the art style, and its on vita. I just couldn't find a release date.
  7. Cheers I'll have a look
  8. Ah thanks. So I've just been joining co op missions, not actually playing my own, is that why I've never seen these appear?
  9. Wondering where to find the 3 bosses in dlc needed for the trophies. Thanks
  10. Just got my 2 trophies!
  11. For anyone who's played the others, what's a rough idea? Looking to get into one of these games. Thoughts? Thanks
  12. They updated sf4 with trophies for all the updates there. This is the biggest update they'll ever do, I'm surprised there isn't any.
  13. No new trophies, that's a shame
  14. Seems you have to force the download to start by starting the game. It's only 14.2gbs. Maybe more after.
  15. Nice find, just got that! Thanks