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  1. Thank you, thank you!
  2. I'm looking for a 'mummy pie' now if anyone knows where?
  3. Nice one. Thanks
  4. I haven't really been doing them, so I think I'm in luck. What about the Tim missable. Who do you do that?
  5. Who's the ent salesman? I can't even remember who it was
  6. Hotline miami, plants vs zombies, guacamelee, zen pinball 2
  7. Trailer looks nice, got that old school beat em up gameplay. So, anyone who's played it, is it good? Thanks
  8. I'm stuck here, at around 35 mins, that floating key doesn't exist in my game. Keep killing the enemies but I won't appear. Found it in another room. Ignore me
  9. Thank you for the fast detailed response!
  10. I completed a playthrough of this game a few years ago, I lost my save data though. I decided to buy the full game with dlc again in the sale, and get some more trophies. My question is, to have someone boost me, do I need to complete the story mode again first? After that what is the process. Thank you
  11. Can't wait! Would be nice for a platinum in each game
  12. I loved this game, and no glitches at all for me.
  13. Hey thanks man, I have a code myself. Gonna put it in at a later date, when I eventually get the cat woman ability, so as not to make my grind harder!
  14. Ah yeah, the trenchcoat kid was actually next to the art dealer, thought you meant the stall. All good and sorted thanks. It's easy to get stuck! I'll give you a shout if I do again. Thanks