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  1. 2 people have the plat already. Wonder how long it takes.
  2. Marvel Heroes was great!
  3. For those that have played it, what’re your initial thoughts? Is it worth a download or is it going to be sitting at 10% trophies forever?
  4. Well now you can buy them, I bet the rng has tripled, not in our favour!
  5. When’s the release?
  6. So definitely not easier to get some survival trophies?
  7. Very long, very hard. I was researching it myself. I checked the steam achievement guide, and from what I remember it was mad hours. I bought the game and played about an hour, it wasn’t really for me though, so I dropped it. Do search on google for the steam guide though.
  8. So I bought the 2nd most expensive pet pack, and got the bird that gives x3 objective completion. So if I equip my main quest person, it should count as 3 for every quest complete. Is that correct? For raider attacks does the guy who has it equipped need to be at the shelter? Or will it count as 3 even if hes out?
  9. If I buy all the pets, will they be bought for every new game I start, or just the game save I buy them on?
  10. Yeah happens to me too
  11. No skate 4 😪
  12. I just need the online ranked trophy, so if you want to boost that I’m on around 10pm I’m time every night.