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  1. Hi all, just bought dead pool table on my vita, is there no way to import now onto PS4? Just says there were no tables found to import. And obviously you can’t buy the tables on the PS4 store now.
  2. Hoping for 2 plats!
  3. Most important thing, save up the 500 gems for the dragon armour! Unless you spend real money in the game, that’s the best one
  4. Trophies incoming!? Awesome if so
  5. On disc. No codes came with it
  6. Damn. Final nail in the coffin for the vita?
  7. I bought 2019 off amazon Uk a couple of days ago. £22, sealed.
  8. Splash damage - it says in the guide you can get this on your own as the predator by using self destruct. I can’t self destruct in a match on my own. Whenever the a.i. Down me, the match just ends ASAP, saying they’ve escaped.
  9. Sounds good
  10. Cheers mate. Is there a way to boost this game? Like get someone who’s really good in Co op to just shoot animals for you, then you claim them and get the Xp and money?
  11. Thanks for the info. Finding it pretty tough tbh. Takes me ages to find an animal, then when I do hit it in the suggested area of its body, it doesn’t down it. I spend ages tracking where it ran too, and most of the time I don’t even find it. It usually has low blood stains. But yeah, I’ll look at that site
  12. Hi all, just bought the 2019 edition on disc. So I have a few questions. Does all the dlc come on the 2019 edition disc as standard? I’m looking at the store, and there’s still a lot of extra dlc packs in there. If they aren’t on my disc already, which of them are essential for me to buy? Next question, if I have some dlc weapons included, which rifle should I be using straight away out of them all? My rifle now seems weak, I shoot a dear in the lung region and they run off for miles before I either get to them, or lose them. Thanks
  13. Suck my balls bro. I’m happy for the new trophies, hence me being on a trophy site. I hope they put a 100 more in too, then you’ll really cry.
  14. I’m level 1050 ish. And I’m not that fussed if I’m missing a couple of trophies. I get excited when new trophies get released for this game. I play it everyday, so why not have a few more bronzes pop here and there, and work on that gold you’re talking about over the years. I don’t get why you take it so seriously
  15. You don’t have to get every trophy you know? Just play games and enjoy yourself. I’m happy to get the new ones in this game over time, if it’s next year or in a couple of weeks, I don’t mind. As long as there’s something to work towards.