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  1. I’m so sorry for sounding a retard with this game, but I don’t know how to start any of these. Like they’re not on my on duty lists, or in my journal. edit - got the reap the rewards one!
  2. Thanks for the detailed response, what I’m meaning though, is I don’t really know how to go about getting them. Can you suggest just some really really easy ones for me and how to get?
  3. Hi all, I got the free character upgrade and some base game trophies with a month sub. Whilst I have the month sub, can someone point me in the direction of easy dlc trophies, ones I can preferably do with my 290 cr character. I’m not deep into the game, so don’t understand it 100%.
  4. I just did them all again, in a row, in the same sitting, with an A ranking. Nothing
  5. Can anyone help me with this trophy? I have completed each skill game in Volta, and it hasn’t popped.
  6. Good list. Can anyone tell me the games most similar to dead nation please?
  7. Can I boost with my ps5 and PS4 at the same time?
  8. Have they changed it again? I can’t see any challenges?
  9. Where can I find a place to join an active clan? I’m gonna be playing a couple of hours a day for the foreseeable future. Send me a request or give me some info please. Gefro-On-Defro
  10. Yeah, it’s still an easy one, I’ll bet they’ll have them for sale eventually. Most people will just buy one then on a random offer.
  11. Well, I’ve got over 800, and just unlocked Xanthenos, but the 500 troop still hasn’t unlocked for me...
  12. Press on troops, in that screen there is a little icon at the top of a man between 2 swords.
  13. 2 easy trophies! Nice
  14. Thanks mate
  15. Any news on the next weekend?