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  1. Yeah, it’s still an easy one, I’ll bet they’ll have them for sale eventually. Most people will just buy one then on a random offer.
  2. Well, I’ve got over 800, and just unlocked Xanthenos, but the 500 troop still hasn’t unlocked for me...
  3. Press on troops, in that screen there is a little icon at the top of a man between 2 swords.
  4. 2 easy trophies! Nice
  5. Thanks mate
  6. Any news on the next weekend?
  7. It says on the collectible screen 140 of 141, and artifact is the only trophy missing in that sense. Is there a list that anyone has, that has all of them in the same order going down, that they are in game, so I can go down the list and see which it is? Thanks
  8. I was just doing the second mission in dlc 2 - stones unturned (I think it’s the second one) you kill everyone at the CIA base trying to get to Aldrich. The cutscene plays, he’s locked in the glass room, and kills the agent. Just as his pals show up at what I presume is the end of the cutscene, I get the blue screen of death. So, I reloaded several times. Tried to skip, same thing. Try to watch it again, same thing. Restarted my PS4. Same again. Luckily I had a cloud save right before, because there’s no way out of that cutscene for me. So could’ve been game over if I didn’t have saves. Beware.
  9. Game looks so nice. Why couldnt they put a platinum in? So annoying
  10. Yeah, I know what you’re saying, but I never downloaded the games prior, I just purchased them. So they don’t show up like that.
  11. Hi all, just bought dead pool table on my vita, is there no way to import now onto PS4? Just says there were no tables found to import. And obviously you can’t buy the tables on the PS4 store now.
  12. Hoping for 2 plats!
  13. Most important thing, save up the 500 gems for the dragon armour! Unless you spend real money in the game, that’s the best one
  14. Trophies incoming!? Awesome if so
  15. On disc. No codes came with it