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  1. It says 16 hours 3 mins on the timer now
  2. It says 16 hours 35 mins on the timer
  3. I hope so, I can't get on for another 4 hours, and can only play for 3 hours then. I have a long way to go. Was just gonna finish the story, and get all the gold trophies fast, and anything that comes along the way.
  4. Shit, so 2 days? No way I can finish. Damn
  5. I got all four from level 1, just can't get Spider-Man. Got him to lvl 10, still nothing.
  6. Tried everything. Maybe I'll level him to 10 and see if the option appears. I read somewhere about that. Thanks though
  7. Still no omega for Spider-Man.
  8. I can't get this to work
  9. 31st December
  10. I bought big buck arcade, it's pretty whack but pretty fun and addictive at the same time
  11. Not that hard if you press x to lock on. I just started yesterday and have been very close.
  12. Amazing! Will definitely buy the season pass now. Really hope they bring new trophies to the ultimate version like XL did
  13. No, it just does nothing. I just went to the ps4 store to see if it would download there. Says 'not available to download at this time'
  14. Just bought this for my vita eu version, and it won't start the download. I can press it 10 times, and just nothing. Any ideas please?
  15. Looks to be lvl 40 only