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  1. Thanks 🎈🎈🎈
  2. Quickest way to level it atm please?
  3. That’s awesome, thanks bud
  4. Does it have to be gifts they want or just any gifts please?
  5. You can just buy it with gems
  6. Are they ever gonna make a ps5 version of this??
  7. Hey bro, I need help with this game. I need a level boost, and then onto the other trophies. Shoot me a request if you can help Gefro-On-Defro
  8. New update today, wish they’d add new trophies though. Anyone think they will?
  9. Yeah, will have another look tomorrow, but screw doing that again if so!
  10. It’s deleted my season rewards progress! I was about 355 points in! I wanted the gold trophy! It better not cheat me out of it
  11. So long ago, I don’t remember, sorry bro
  12. Anyway to not disable trophies but using some?
  13. Hey, can you detail how exactly please? Cheers
  14. I just tried a free for all, it was full of bots. I’m on Ps5, uk server, with cross play off
  15. I’m gonna, but I’ve got a big handheld hole in my heart! RIP vita! No, I don’t want a switch… I like the idea of switching between phone and console, when I please, at ease.