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  1. Really love this. Better than Alien Nation and Helldivers for me. On a par with Dead Nation. Check it out if this is your sort of game! I didn't want to stop playing!
  2. Awesome thank you!
  3. Thank you, so wait until chapter 10 at least!
  4. Makes the trophies easier!
  5. Yeah the new trophies confuse me, you think you could explain them a little please?
  6. Stupid if you can’t
  7. Looking good! But where’s the trophy leak??
  8. So I have destiny 2 digital copy, want to buy the forsaken dlc, which from what I can tell, doesn’t come with the 2 previous dlcs. Just looked on the store, and they have them going cheap for £15.29. So should I buy them, or is there a cheaper method of getting forsaken and them? Thanks
  9. Undertale!
  10. Yeah will play it for sure, but gonna take a while for that art style to grow on me
  11. Why might trophy hunting not be for him? Because he can’t get a trophy in god of war? Who are you to decide his hobbies? He has a pretty decent profile actually. Some nice trophies.
  12. Looks real nice. Might try it.
  13. This is hands down the worst game I've ever played, and I've played some real crap. It's like a windows 96 screensaver, and you're trapped in it. The music is hell, the buttons, the colours. Add motion sickness from moving your head around. Awful. The last trophy I need is from the air level, which feels impossible right now, the awful hit detection and white colour scheme make it so hard to avoid the white boxes. I came for an easy platinum, definitely haven't left with that.
  14. New trophies and I’m in!
  15. Nice graphics and fun premise. 8 golds too.
  16. Haven’t started this yet, busy with dead cells, but I feel like I should start it just to get the speed run trophy in case they patch it. What do you guys think? Should I just start it, get debug up and quickly pop it? Then play the rest normally?
  17. Just finish the game once and you’ll see. Basically new game +
  18. Well done, I like playing with double crossb-o-matic x2, Ice Bow and any decent sword. How did you manage the no damage on final boss? That trophy worries me the most
  19. How you getting FM now? I stopped playing after the arcade edition update, as I ran out very fast and couldn’t afford to try for the free costumes
  20. Undertale, easy and very enjoyable plat.
  21. Yeah it’s alot, far too much for such a game. Did anyone buy it in here? Any good?
  22. There’s no dpad?? I can’t use the analog on these games. Shit. I preordered this, but deffo not gonna touch it for a long time, TIL dead cells is gonna from my memory.
  23. Hi thanks, this is great! #Gefro-on-defro lvl 31
  24. Any advice on challenge rifts? I haven’t seen one yet after about 20 or so hours of play. Thanks
  25. Save scum when you’re on a nice run