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  1. Really enjoying this, not my usual type of game. The ones I’ve played before have always been really hard. This is a nice difficulty, so any recommendations for similar. Preferably on vita, but PS4 is cool too. Thanks
  2. Game looks good, dark souls inspired, and 9/10 on steam reviews. Releases next week from what I can see. Here’s the trailer
  3. Just looked and there’s the games you mentioned and 3/4 and nv! I’d do anything for 3 and nv on PS4. Can’t see anything about them coming though
  4. Can someone write a brief trophy guide for the packs from 17 down please?
  5. No new trophies? And is this new dlc out on vita?
  6. Hi all, not trying to offend anyone but really dislike this game. The graphics are ace. Apart from that I can’t get into it. Just not for me. I’d really like to play through it though get a few more trophies and do the dlc, since I paid for it. So, I’m level 15, and would really like to be op fast. So any advice on power levelling at this stage? What weapon should I get to help me along etc. Just fast completion with some trophies on the way please. Thank you
  7. Thanks guys! Appreciate it
  8. No help for this one?
  9. Scorpions spear from mk, so I could say “get over here” and actually mean it
  10. Remember when capcom said they weren’t gonna do all these editions?
  11. Anyone on the fence about this, definitely needs to buy it. I spent half of my day playing, and I'm really enjoying it. Great art style, funny dialogue etc. Anyway, check it out.
  12. Thanks for the info, it just feels like I’ve been walking around for a couple of hours, I feel I’ve spoken to everyone 5 times. Like I don’t know what to do the progress. I shall look at the link anyway, thanks
  13. So I’m playing as Sarah and recruited young boy, what should I do next. How do I continue the story? I’m very lost
  14. Is the guide still accurate now? For instance I just started playing and I notice you receive coins for logging in daily and doing the weekly mode thing. So is the trophy guide accurate, or is it going to be quicker now? Thanks
  15. This guys trolling I think, seen him write something similar on a few of these
  16. Hey, that does look good actually! Baba Yaga! Cheers for the trailer
  17. How exactly do you know that if you don’t know what the game is?
  18. In need if anyone is still?
  19. Sounds good. Really enjoyed this game on vita
  20. Legend!
  21. Can’t find anything on google at all
  22. How do you play as Ryan Johnson for the dlc trophy? And where the hell is keveiro?
  23. I reckon they released the trophies for the upcoming dlc, before it’s actually released. Just my guess, since people have the platinum but don’t have any additional trophies. Also, there’s a season pass available so...
  24. With the new update, how do you go about doing the 30 challenges trophy please? Also, is the original raid a lot easier now with the high light level like on destiny 1, or does it scale now. Thanks
  25. Thanks fam