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  1. Smartphone only
  2. Got it, nvm. All about RNG.
  3. Any fishing tips please? Most I can get is 1750. Seems impossible right now to get 2000
  4. Wouldn’t it be funny if they just gifted everyone the online trophies the day the server dies. Everyone grinding so hard and ‘pop!’ Would everyone be mad if it did happen?
  5. Hi all, wondering what the earliest time in the game is that i can go for the Mr Shakedown money cheat, and what/where i can find items that multiply my money from him etc. thanks.
  6. Hey, I’m in EU, so comment here again when it releases please so I’m aware! Look forward to playing, thanks!
  7. What a waste of a patch! People only bought this for the easy platinum anyway, may as well of not wasted their time patching that away.
  8. Copy and paste trophies from the first dlc.
  9. How is this game so expensive? Looks like a low budget indie, at £40
  10. The character I make in this mode, can he be used in online play, or do I have to create a character in the separate ‘create a charcter’ mode?
  11. Anyone know the release date? Can’t find anything except ‘2018’
  12. Didn’t you answer your own question there? You said obtain 100, but you’ve only got 60?
  13. Pause, go to story. It’s in there
  14. What are the online trophies in this game, I haven’t played a wwe game in years. Is the platinum possible or a long grind? Thank you
  15. Struggling to hit high scores and get golds. Any tips and tricks? I feel like I'm missing something. Thanks
  16. With this being free for ps plus, thought I would give it a download on vita. Can’t find the game on the store, through search or the ps plus section. Uk store.
  17. Muchos gracias
  18. Can you use micro trans in this game to cheese the trophies? Which ones are helpful?
  19. New mode coming to street fighter next week. Sounds really cool, like guilds I guess.
  20. Free to play now
  21. Can I do this on a game I’ve already completed that was over 30 mins, like pause it and reverse the timer then beat the last boss again, or do I have to do a fresh run?
  22. Amazing game, and servers deffo not closing, they make far too much money.
  23. Anyone know what the 1gb+ patch is for that just dropped?