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  1. If I buy all the pets, will they be bought for every new game I start, or just the game save I buy them on?
  2. Yeah happens to me too
  3. No skate 4 😪
  4. I just need the online ranked trophy, so if you want to boost that I’m on around 10pm I’m time every night.
  5. Requested to join. Can anyone help me, I need the custom logo trophy, I tried importing an online character but the ones on my list don’t seem to have any. So if I could add someone, and import their custom logo character that would be good. Cheers
  6. Great news. Like really great. Fingers crossed for skate 4!
  7. Man, I hated this game, but gonna have to play it a bit at least so I don’t have a 10 percenter on my profile for eternity. Wish they stuck with the OG control scheme.
  8. Game looks good, looks like two playthroughs though. Anyone played it on PC?
  9. Wow, that’s jokes! Can’t believe it
  10. Decent list, shame about the plat, but if it’s a good game, then hey, at least it has trophies! I just hope the actual game that follows has one!
  11. Doesn’t look like it right now...
  12. Fallout 3 was better than new Vegas.
  13. Thanks for all the responses, I meant a new vita, as in not used. Don’t mind which model. I already have a vita, but fear the day it stops working or gets lost, and I can’t buy a new one because they’ve stopped making them. I just want a spare one to be honest, but not a used one.
  14. I would like to buy a new vita, anywhere in uk that stocks them? Or websites that ship here? Thanks
  15. Will they ever add any in for that mode?
  16. Looks pretty difficult (depending on how hard the game actually is,) multiple play throughs and some grindy trophies for sure. I still really wanna play this though...
  17. Yeah I got it, cheers
  18. Yeah and you can get hit, don’t give up if you do, I think if you don’t get hit at all you should get it around level 8. If you do get hit a few times like me, then around 17.
  19. I had the same problem, just don’t get hit! Mine popped on level 17. You need to get lucky too!
  20. Nice, well done. Can’t believe they locked you out of a trophy for skipping a cutscene!
  21. Haven’t been able to purchase anything in game since the last update. Sent and email to their support team on Friday, nothing back yet. Anyone else having this issue? Just says the store is not available every time, you have not been charged
  22. Definitely not an easy plat, getting 100,000 points is feeling impossible right now
  23. Oh wow, you just need that for the plat. That must really hurt. I hit a brick wall with the game, I felt like I ran from a to b so many times and I didn’t know what to do anymore, so I left the game to come back to one day when there’s a guide or something. Well, let us know how it goes.
  24. Have you updated your trophies on here? Cause there’s loads of story ones not popped
  25. Pretty sure its story related, weird you didnt get it