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  1. Cheers for the guide bro, ignore the haters
  2. I hated it to start and left it for a long time, I came back to it when I heard about the first xp glitch to mop up some trophies. I levelled to 50 in an hour or 2, and from then the game became amazing again, like Origins. I heard all that’s patched now, but there might be ways around it. With all the abilities I wanted unlocked, the game really did become good. And all the enemies scale up anyway, so it’s not that much of a cheat. You just have some cool abilities, and you can skip the forces levelling to continue the main mission!
  3. Any stupid 6 phone needed trophies etc, like other shareplay games? Thanks
  4. Wow thank you, you saved the day there!
  5. Game of thrones episode 1 is gone, even if you had it downloaded previously and deleted it, there’s no way to get it. So you can’t install the other episodes to play. I tried USA and uk store. Which is annoying as i have that game incomplete.
  6. So game of thrones episode 1 has gone, I can’t install the other episodes I needed to complete it without episode 1! Shit
  7. Xp glitch has been patched with version 1.30. Hope everyone got on
  8. I’m around 5 hours in and no bugs yet. Awesome game so far
  9. Does this make the platinum easier?
  10. Just came to do this and patched ha
  11. For those that have played it, what’re your initial thoughts? Is it worth a download or is it going to be sitting at 10% trophies forever?
  12. It’s mentioned in Powerpyx trophy guide
  13. What is this game? Side scrolling beat em up? I like the look of it, any good?
  14. Hasn’t anyone tried it yet?
  15. Im UK and have been playing casually for 6 weeks maybe? Ive had quite alot of games in them modes. I played about 4 yesterday of them. No problems connecting.
  17. Pretty good they’re updating it after so long though. Would love to be able to unlock trophies from it. But hey, may give it a try either way.
  18. Friday 13th for some ultra rares
  19. Wondering what this is? No one has posted anything. Strange dlc, Motörhead??
  20. Just picked this up cheap for the vita, so from what I’ve read, you can boost between ps3 and vita. I’m guessing that would only work for you getting the trophies on the vita though, you couldnt boost the other way due to only having one account on it. For anyone that’s boosted is it a simple method and does it still work? Thanks
  21. Looks like a nice game for the vita!
  22. Hi, getting VR shortly, just a heads up for easy games please. Thanks
  23. This game still drop in/out split screen Co op?
  24. What’s the difference between this and thronebreaker? I was well confused thought they were the same game. Like why release two Witcher card games at the same time?
  25. Gold trophy city. Thoughts?