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  1. If vii was on mobile and got ported to PS4 - maybe I'll wait for ix to get the same treatment ix is one of my favorites
  2. Currently playing One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 - those legend event are a tad in the pain to do
  3. Welcome to the site - hope you enjoy your stay here
  4. Just a fan of the San Antonio Spurs Everything else I could less about
  5. Watching the uncensored version of Monster Musume
  6. I just want to play Detroit Dont want to play heavy rain again
  7. Pokémon - with only one real tough decision
  8. Did a full item run and only got 22k was not paying attention to the disruption counter
  9. is dragon ball super anime any good - reading the manga and it is just wow with the tournament - want to see it in actioin ^_^

    1. Avatar_Of_Battle


      I hear the animation is either decent or beyond horrible.

    2. Lord_of_Ra


      ^It has gotten decent lately. But it's terrible in some chapters and the freezer saga sucks.

  10. i thought there would be more OVAs for tge series but there is only 12 - at least there is 17 or 18 moives out for it ^_^

  11. Yup it is one of those weird times move stages - the quicker you are the more damage you do in a combo - everyone was confused when the notes were released for the m-venasaur event but now we know
  12. so were ace and luffy cousins??? o.O

  13. Current stress levels: 2007 Britney -_-

  14. Nothing for me this month ???