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  1. Game is fun, I’m about 50% through. The no argument here trophy won’t be as bad as it sounds as those sections aren’t that tough. A 2nd run through after knowing the bosses should make easy work of it. The hidden collectibles might be tricky until there is a guide. Think I’m at 6 total found so far. But not really searching that hard.
  2. Can finally finish the last 2 stages as game was patched today. Good luck cutting time for speed run trophy. Also props to those who beat those glitched! That 2nd stage was pretty tough even being able to see clearly!
  3. A few have been moved to different stages but the ones you see in each console in that guide will be in the same so just see what your missing and search for those secrets!
  4. Hey! It’s the cumulative best time total as you finish each level. As you unlock new stages and complete it will subtract time from your overall. The game gives you a base time regardless if you finished a level or not. Hope that makes sense!
  5. My Atari levels look like that too. I almost finished the 1st stage but keep coming up short one gem to unlock the door.
  6. Found it, there is a chain to climb down near the lower section with the crabs just after the steam blasts!!
  7. I need that one too, just popped on to ask the same question. Can’t find it and Ive been through the level way too many times lol
  8. I’ll check when I get home tonight I can’t remember exactly but any level with the professor generally has a secret room of some sort that he hints at.
  9. Sorry to spoil that, it was not overly difficult to find just keep going through levels!
  10. The switches open all the doors, you need to go back out the way you came down hitting any nearby switch but you will need double jump ability.
  11. Been looking forward to this game for quite awhile. Seeing the trophy list makes me more excited to try to platinum this as it seems to have some tougher trophies.
  12. Well I was certainly happy to see this game listed this week. My 6 year old daughter loves horses. So long as the gameplay isn’t too complicated and she can manage I’m sure she will love this game. Thanks to the developer for making games that appeal to different audiences. As to graphics I can attest to my daughter doesn’t care she just likes what she likes. Her favorites at the moment Celeste, shovel knight, crash bandicoot and super Mario world. Looking forward to getting her this and Spyro when it comes out.
  13. All I need to hear is indie 2d platformer and I’m all over it! Looking forward to this! Thanks!
  14. Acquiring all the rare weapons was a bit of a chore the first go around. I remember grinding the casters in the library for 3-4 hours for a staff. Besides that looking forward to going through this again and trying the dlc area which I never picked up on ps3.
  15. Likes to fully complete a variety of games with an emphasis on challenging games.