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  1. I don't take position for other games other than warhawk as I don't know them. For Warhawk you got in 1 hour a trophy that takes 4 hours to unlock, so you have to explain how is that possible in order to have a valid defence, i have never heard about an exploit to unlock that trophy earlier.
  2. On a side note, a bunch of people currently watching this is part of a specific Discord server. So I'm not impressed the OP got 4 likes. If a friend of mine turns out to be an hacker i wouldn't defend their dispute. My tone may sound rude, well it adapted to eawalks's one, if the OP cares about the dispute he can defend himself, instead of having one of those discord server participant to talk for him with bunch of lies.
  3. Honest comments, tyvm You tried to lie, I exposed you, simple.
  4. I will assume the OP is talking through the eawalks's soul. Funny thing is that I know the veterans, if i see an ID i know if they are dedicated warhawk players; especially in the last years where the community was restricted, so getting the trophies in 2016 means I would remember you if you were a veteran player. Sigoo, zibmastor, steedleyleo, MALO clan being the knowest ranked rooms host of the last years, Cut3girl, jabbaelhunt, Marquise101HVC, Papito8143, Viper_1234, just to name some of the warhawk veterans that can deserve to being nominated... who the fuck are you 😂. Name a bunch of other people who don't have a yt channel if you know any, if you are a veteran you must know. I recommend to close this dispute, is just a bunch of lies now from the possessed easwalks.
  5. I am a veteran of Warhawk where I have spent 1000s of hours there, I'm perfectly aware about the mode where you have to get the Bandwidth trophy. As I said, you can't do nothing while going for the trophy, you can just watch the stats of the game you are hosting and that's all; a crap mode but it works like that, which is also why people leave their ps3 running for the night to do it. Saying that for you the OP got the trophy legitly clearly states instead that you are lying, making any possible defence from you unvalid.
  6. In Warhawk he got the Bandwidth trophy shortly after some other trophies. To get the mentioned trophy you must host a room for 4 consecutive hours in a mode where you can't play at all (so you have no way to get other trophies meanwhile), so the fact he got a bunch of trophies and then in 1 hour he got the Bandwidth trophy is clearly an hack.
  7. As I said, I do not take the defence of the OP; I'm just against the first statement of this which is absolutely not usable as proof:
  8. Althought I don't know anything about all this, I want to point out, without trying to defend the OP but instead pointing out a general truth, that a couple of seconds of difference between trophies whose requirements have been fullfilled at the same time can not be used as a proof for cheating, as the PS3 can have some delay in popping trophies. On Lost Planet 2 someone told me a myth that the last 2 trophies before the platinum pop between 9-12 seconds otherwise is not a legit list, while there are some legit players whose time were like 6 seconds, or even like 20 or more. Personally I had a hell of minutes of delay (5 minutes around) in Escape Dead Island but luckily for me I didn't trigger impossible-looking timestamps as I have been patiently waiting for each trophy to pop before continue. In Sniper Ghost Warrior i experienced quite some delay:
  9. If EA would F-I-X an own game, then that is a day where to celebrate a unique event; if they would do that for an old game like this, then the end of the world is near. If they would F-I-X a T-R-O-P-H-Y in an own O-L-D game, then someone has done the equivalent of a coup d'etat inside the EA. Sorry, but had to say that. Good luck for anything though.
  10. This trophy is something that half of people will achieve by accident, but if you are not the lucky one, then you may be really struggled with this. The "whip" is successfully done in a dirt race with the following steps: before a medium or big jump, hold the triangle button before you take off, hold the right direction (while still holding the triangle button) after you take off, while still holding the triangle button, hold left And you should see the "whip" trick between earned points; note that the trick itself appears if done long enough while you just need to do it for an instant to get the trophy, so is quite simple. You can use this video as reference:
  11. Surely there are no good players in below 50, but there ARE people who make 100 characters to keep playing below 50 with crafted gear, being overpowered in comparison to new players, and trust me that they DO enjoy this; is weird, and I would get bored as fuck to kill rookie players (in fact I used to play only in competitive matches in Warhawk, leaving the rookies in the servers where they could play at their level), but they do this and never get tired of, even for 1 kill each 4-5h.
  12. This sounds like the game is almost entirely played by trophy hunters, as if people will intentionally drop the emp to others. You need alot of luck to have someone so kind to leave the campaign to drop the emperorship to you, and this is not as common as you make it sound, especially if the emperor is held by Blues who almost always not only keep the emperor, but also defend it and go for a full domination as long as possible, and then just defend any single resource/keep around for 24/7 until you are lucky enough to have your alliance to wake up and do a push with alot of players. Having a group that is constantly composed by 10 or more people means playing in those campaigns where the activity is very high (in below 50 is quite rare if you don't manually organize the whole group), and so where to compete for the #1 requires you to constantly play for 20h each day (30 day standard), and you must be able to solo the resources.
  13. This is quite fun, I have seen him doing several disputed so far, I think he is just pranking all of you.
  14. All is up but completely dead. An online pass is required to access to the online functions, which are necessary for the platinum trophy. Since the game has only a phisical version, with "share" you either mean the dlcs/pass or he sends you their disc, so it this last case they won't have it to play the game with you... didn't you get confused with the Razor Edge game?
  15. I would also add the "Ribbon of Drama" if you don't mind, please.