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  1. Imagine losing a streak because your grab on the crown does not want to register (at least it did eventually)
  2. You can't do that for each level though, because when you clear one level then you start immediately the next one, and if you quit it counts as a dead. You can back up the save only after every 10 levels, which is when the game automatically asks you if you want to continue or quit.
  3. When you are on 1 platform with the upper pole almost getting there and the bottom one coming soon at fast speed, it then becomes very RNG, at times for some reason the pole does not throw me away, other times it does; if there is a possibility to avoid it then it is very small anyway with also the other players bumping into you. It is still possible to leave in time though, if you do the jump and quickly prepare the quit window so just in case you can quit in time. I hope they replace this mode with something else one day. Hex is surely a doable win and the best bet for Infallible, but when there are like 12 people or more, it goes more to RNG in my opinion. In tip toe my main issue is that anyone bumping into me results in my fall over the tile, this happens like 75% of the time even if i'm in the middle of the group. Doing grabs help me to stay in the tile instead of fly away, at least it works for me. So far I still have no idea why anyone can bump into me so I get down while anyone else doesn't if it is me to bump into them.
  4. This is way harder than what it used to be. Time ago people could barely make it on slime climb, didn't know the best paths in fall mountain nor the hex strategy and the amount of grabbers was very low. I'm doing this game with an alt as I like it and even if i leave at the absolutely last instant (like in roll out, slime climb or jump showdown, where I clearly see myself going through the slime) my kudos don't go up, so I think if you lose the streak or not is only random These are my considerations for a few game modes. Roll Out: normally it would be best to leave, because nowdays this mode has half of people either grabbing or running around and this last one can easily push you over 3 times farther than a grab, but this mode is way too common to leave. So instead always keep your index on the Options button, so the moment you fly away you can still leave in time. Tip Toe: quite RNG, to reduce it a bit try to spam grabs on people as a lot do that Perfect match: to be 100% safe grab your phone and take a pic of the tiles. If you are worried about the tile you are on, prepare to leave (confirmation window to leave the match), if you notice the camera is going down just press X and you will leave in time. Jump Showdown: this is a dumb mode highly RNG, as often both the poles will align on your last platform (not to mention the flying people who can easily throw you away) and so who can survive is only luck based if you calculate well your jumps. Therefore, it is usually better to leave during this finale, but you can be easily pranked by the game which will keep putting this finale over and over. Is very unlikely to leave in time if you fail. Hex: now this mode is also huge RNG, because pretty much all know the strategy and instead of headless chickens there will be players everywhere trying to sabotage each other, so you can very easily keep going right where 4-5 people are going too, and keep this loop until you reach the bottom. Only the one who won't be reached by the others during the first floors has a good chance to win (if you have a team, they should grab those trying to go to you). The more people (you can also have a 20 people finale) the more RNG. You can leave in time if you jump on a tile and during that moment you quit. Fall Mountain: huge RNG again without a team, because now only a flawless run may be a win, but even if so, the crown could be going upwards the moment you are there (happens very often), and so several other players can reach you in the meantime ruining your guarateed win. Is very rare that nobody has a flawless run nowadays, usually I have 3-4 other people making it to the end perfectly.
  5. After platting Fall Guys I occasionally launch the game again to play for fun for a bit. Is incredible how the game can become way more enjoyable when you don't have to bother with win streaks.

  6. Thanks for doing this, I will try my horrible luck here... me, who can fail 95% chance opportunities twice in a row ūüĎĆ
  7. I'm still often asked tips about this game, so I post here all those basic required knowledge to succeed in the whole 100% trophy list. This is only a very small summarize (I don't have motivation to make a detailed guide nor a good enough english) which points out quick strategies and common mistakes people tend to do in the trials, as well as some tips for some bosses, as those vids I used for my first step of training have been removed. I won't say what has already been said in the guide, such as how to deal with alchemists or base game trials deep strategies. The following info are for good part NOT applicable to Razor Edge. You must practice for your own first, do not expect that everything will work the first time you try it. If I forgot something, made a mistake or didn't mention something that does actually need some explanation, say so. Common abbreviations used on ng3: UT = ultimate technique MN/UN = master ninja / ultimate ninja trials S / T = square / triangle button. Due to 75 emoticons limit here, I used that abbreviation for a bit Elizabeth boss is commonly abbreviated to Liz FG = Fiend Genshin boss Zed = Zedonius boss ID = izuna drop Common trials mistakes: unlike NGS2, attacking a boss together must be avoided, as doing so will completely glitch the boss who will then become unpredictable and unstunnable either for a while or until you or your partner dies. So, if your partner is fighting a boss, don't disturb them and don't get close too close either, same applies for the Reaper miniboss when you are luring the Reaper, don't remove its statue form. His laser may be annoying at times but is way better than face his body form DON'T use arrows on a Reaper your ally is fighting. That is extremely annoying for them and you can easily mess the whole fight the more ninpo you have before a wave ends, the more health you recover for the next wave, so don't waste your ninpo for example for 1 enemy. The health recovery through ninpo does not always apply after each wave and the higher difficulty, the less health you will recover instead of wasting an Ultimate technique (UT) when there are few enemies left, save it. When the last enemy dies, charge the UT so that you can release it during the next wave. Of course you have to be careful about the spot you are before charging (if for example a boss will spawn there) and in some waves, where there are only bosses, saving the UT is pointless Some helpful tips: slide and jump is the fastest way of moving. I personally don't like to spam the slide button as I find it a bit unreliable slide with the sword has a gap between each slide, instead you can spam it with claws/scythe. In a scenario where you are not fighting, you may prefer these last 2 weapons for a better slide the claws are the easiest weapon to use, if you don't fight any boss. The trophy guide covers the most useful attacks so check that put your camera speed to max if an enemy becomes quite tough to approach, stun them with shurikens. If multiple enemies are annoying at once, you want to perform an izuna drop on one. This seems to calm a bit the whole group to instant charge the UT when you have it ready, jump and hold as you land, is way faster than charge it without jump Horror co-op stories: enemies can teleport all of a sudden, this may also happen right when you are attacking them in air enemies may ignore your hits, this happens when your game does not recognise their position. You can try to perform a head bounce (jump on an enemy and press on top of their head) if it does not work despite you did it properly, the enemy is pretty much invincible for a few seconds until the issue fixes itself automatically the steel on bone against a shuriken soldier may fail for no reason revives might not work, so you will have to wait for some seconds before you can try again a wave may glitch and not spawn enemies, or a Reaper will go out of the map a lot of more horrible things can happen, so be ready for a lot of unsense situations which can screw your attempt Some annoying enemies: Shuriken soldier: there are various way to kill them, but the main issue is when there are more than one. What happens in this case, usually, is that one will try to attack you while the others throw shurikens. You want to slide toward the one throwing the shurikens (when you are at mid-close range) as he throws one to avoid it, then kill him with a head bounce followed by a flying swallow. Be aware that they can spam shurikens only for some time, then they eventually stop also, the head bounce into flying swallow does work only in the story as stated in the guide, but is applicable in the trials as well. The only thing that changes is that after the head bounce, you have to land, then perform a target jump and finish with the flying swallow. So, in short the whole attack is: "slide to avoid the shuriken - target jump - bounce head - land - target jump - flying swallow". Very similar strategy applies also against a 1v1, just avoid a shuriken or an attack from the enemy then he will be vulnerable the best time this enemy is vulnerable is when is running at you: he will then slide when close enough, avoid his slide with a slide as well and then kill him as you wish, just be aware that in few trials this enemy, right after a slide, will launch himself in air, so in that case you want to attack after such attack Elite soldier: the armored terrorist is easily killable with a flying swallow, however you want to "fix" his position first. To do so, do a bounce head first and then, once you land, kill him with a flying swallow (if he blocks the first, quickly press again while still in air). This works the best with the claws, but don't try this next to a wall or if surrounded by more enemies as you may be unlucky and get hit. The strategy itself is not 100% solid, I'd say you have like 3% chance to get hit. In some cases the attack will whiff but you will usually have enough time to avoid an incoming attack from the enemy if his armor is bloody, he is vulnerable to an izuna drop the Running izuna drop with claws is also capable to quickly kill this enemy Claws ninja: if you stop moving, he will eventually stop circling around you and try to approach you one way to kill him is to do a bounce head, land, then slide next to him (DON'T slide toward him as you will hit him and screw your attack) and finish with the slide izuna drop version another way is to kill him with the slide izuna version while he is approaching you. This is harder as you must be aware of both yours and his range attack Van Gelfs: basically the big purple/dark green demons, unlike NGS2 they are quite horrible to fight and require some luck from NGS2 to NG3: they stay the same, the only thing you can't do anymore is, of course, dismember them when facing 2 or more, only 1 will try to attack you (if you have more than 1 attacking, stay back for a bit until only one is on you), while the other will either shoot some projectiles or watch you, and this is when that enemy is extremely vulnerable: you want to avoid the attack from the enemy following you, then you will have some free hits on the other "spectator" enemy (don't use attacks that send you in air). Of course you have to watch out as the spectator role may change all of a sudden to another Van Gelf when facing these enemies, some luck is required, as some weird scenarios can happen when in co-op Some important notes for bosses. These are only some specific info, if you are starting from scratch then you have to check each boss yourself and after enough practice read the following info. Openings are those moments the boss is vulnerable, I will not list the tricky ones. Pretty much all bosses can be practiced in Mentor trials, where you can have a 1v1 with them (minor changes are applied for some). This section is almost only for DLCs, as the base game bosses are very simple and are already explained everywhere. Trials quick strategies The following are some quick common strategies used in co-op. I will cover only the MN and UN (DLCs, base game are explained in the trophy guide) with a very small explanation. You want to check some vids to see how to really do a trial. I won't bother to say obvious things. Remember, the cardinal points are established from your spawning point, so North (in front of you), East (on your right), West (on your left), South (behind you). The recommended weapons are given by keeping in mind that none of the players is skilled enough to entire carry the other. Someone capable to carry will use anything they want and if they give you different instructions then follow those. In case you are carried, your duty will always be to lure a boss which you can fight ONLY if you know how to and if that does not disturb the other player. Also, the claws are better than the sword (i will assume the one using the claws is the weaker player), but if you really like the sword then feel free to use it, and don't forget that claws are horrible for most of the bosses, so the other player will usually deal with bosses by using the scythe
  8. Fall Guys - I started it 2 weeks ago and so far I have never got a Legendary colour in the shop. All the people I played this with have all the legendary parts already, but of course I'm still waiting.

    I hate to leave a game unfinished because of RNG, so I play the "complain" card here in the hope to get the colour tomorrow or at least within this week.

    I thought that if I started the game 1 day earlier I had the chance to be one of the first 50 platinum achievers, but then it would have turned out that I wouldn't had because of RNG.


    But well, I'm the same guy that can fail a 95% persuasion chance a row, in Kingdoms of Amalur. Disgusting...

    1. Nostalgy_Flow


      You got the Infallible trophy, you had enough luck haha. I have the Head Turner too but of course not Infallible, messed up a 4 wins streak the other day. I'm planning to get to level 40 (almost there) so I can just wait the easier method.

    2. Atoya


      @VirtualNight that sucks man, I got the color that I was missing after around 3 days T-Rex I believe, I hope u get it ASAP


      @Nostalgy_Flow I couldn’t imagine this happening to me, my 5th win was in Jump showdown, I was stressed a lot and my friend told me to quit, I said fuck it and I was trying so hard and when I won and got the trophy,  I was glad to be done with such luck based trophy like this, I hope you get it man, you can smash it !, and today I was playing and 37 people fell down in the second or 3rd round which caused me an instant win, if you wanna check the video it’s in my Twitter lol @Atoja_ 

    3. Nostalgy_Flow


      @Atoya Just saw the vid, that's crazy haha. I heard someone won a game at Perfect Match too. Btw if I try hard I can probably get the trophy with the exploit but it's still really hard and frustrating. Not sure if I really want it.

  9. Thanks but I already went back on the game and finished it few months ago. Back when I started it, I'm sure there wasn't the current guide yet, it was helpful for the trade routes and although I had to do some minor changes they worked fine enough. They stopped working once I took some cities but at that point I hadn't any gold issue anymore due to the tax. I leave one side note though: if anyone notices some huge constant gold loss over time, check if you have an administrator for each storage, I once didn't consider that and I was paying a lot for the storage space.
  10. Sorry, indeed I misunderstood what you are looking for. I had no idea the green bat is available in beast master though. Well, I don't think any seed exists for them, good luck to find one. If you have killed plenty of red/black bats I think you can also deal with a green one anyway, if the scenario isn't a horrible one.
  11. Green bats should be entirely RNG, one should have a very low chance to take the spot of a common bat. It may help a seed that has lots of bats at the start, although I don't know which specific seed has that. I played over 50 hours so far and I got 1 green bat (during Cadence, but any char should have the same chance to get it except for Aria/Bolt/Coda who I think should never get one), if you plan to invest a lot of time in the game then you will definitely get 3 naturally. I think that grinding specifically for this trophy when you still need a lot of playtime for anything else is a terrible and unrecommended idea. After you kill 3, you are probably going to kill even more as escaping may not be an option.
  12. I want to point out one thing about the 10 nests. The trophy is definitely bugged for a good amount of people, and I was aware that only the 3rd method counts, yet I discovered a lot more than 10 nests before the trophy popped. There is a good trick which is valid, basically you can do a save before you buy the info about the nest location, then buy it, reload your save and you already know where the nest is (more or less) without that you have to buy the info and invalidate the nest from counting. I'd suggest to work on this one trophy later on when you work on the 25 cities trophy as you will then have an unlimited amount of gold (also taking a nest will increase the reputation with the nations which is very helpful after you take a city with hostile method; since you could end in doing this often, then you may also unlock the trophy in the process) and can fast forward the time of months for new nests to pop without nothing else to worry about.
  13. I checked my trophy screenshot, I was sure I used a different char than the required ones, but I was wrong: is when I levelled to 8 with Petra (Orb) that I got both the Orb and Cannon trophies. Basically someone who has spent their life in the game and hit the max level for each character before the dlc (or just max level for each orb/cannon legend) is potentially locked from these trophies, if a new orb/cannon legend isn't added. as the dlc itself has introduced only a new legend (Greatsword). I think the stats are server saved.
  14. I have just finished this dlc. It is a bit tricky to reach round 26 in Horde until you learn how to deal with round 9. 17 (both in the middle and mid-air up+heavy), 22 (I think it is, when all the type of enemies circle around in the middle, up+heavy looks a good attack for that) and 24 (wait for the enemies to approach you on the middle platform next to the edge of your side then up+heavy), you also need some luck with the bosses as they may just keep jumping around. I think Queen Nai is the best char to use. The rest is a huge grind, I have been turbo afking for something like 50h I think, while playing on ps3. In all this time, I got like 50,000 gold (half of the required amount for the Midas Touch trophy) and hit account over level 50. If you had the lv10 cannon and orb legends before the dlc came out, then the trophies will pop once any char (no matter who) levels up once, at least it was like that for me. If a new dlc comes out, it will be another hell of a grind, potentially a very bad one and worse than the current dlc.
  15. It is possible to use any role you wish, then for the vet arena you can just respec your skill points and get some specific gear sets, once cleared the arena (I personally used a werewolf, but I don't know if it is still a valid choice now) you can go back to your original role, I say this just to specify that you don't have to make 2 separate characters for the 100%, just one could be enough. Quests are very easy and so doable with almost anything, I have no problems at all to kill any enemy in the open world and in its quests with my healer and healer sets by spamming Puncturing Sweep (or using light/heavy attacks), although back when I was questing, I used a craftable set with Training trait for XP efficiency. Tanks are rarer than healers, any trophy hunter who wants to devote in this game and that does not have some friends that can help them, should go for the Tank role in my opinion, also because is the only role that can get the Magma Masher trophy (which then unlocks for all the group). PvP is not too much of an issue, I could do it with my healer who was, back in that time, very bad. I had to rely on some randoms for the Imperial City which shouldn't pose problems, just some patience and luck. PvP Emperor is a unique argument already explained in another thread. As already said, the gear sets constantly change, you have to search for them on internet (I recommend Alcast's builds as they should be the easiest to understand, however the Perfect gears are not mandatory and you can use the normal version of them because there is almost no difference, eg Vestment of Olorime can be used over Perfect Vestment of Olorime). But don't bother with these until you hit Level 50 CP 160.