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  1. Unfortunately it doesn't work for this case.
  2. There is no way to know if psn has some problems or not, since it will always state that everything works. I use downdetector to check if there are several users affected, however in the last weeks I didn't notice a large amount of reports.
  3. I'm used to how crap it can be, but in the last week or so it has reached a whole new level. I get some errors when I do specific actions in each game, so far I have had these: in Elder Scroll Online if I either change character or leave a dungeon in Super Meat Boy when I finish a level, occasionally I get a message about network error when uploading on leaderboard in Fall Guys when launching the game I get a failed login, but when i try again it works and I never get disconnected afterwards in Battlezone at the main menu when trying to play online (In Crypt of the Necrodancer if you get disconnected just for a second you get a message immediately, however I don't seem to get it there at all, like if my connection is perfect as usual). Anywhere else in the games listed I have no problems and they work without problems. I also have no internet issues on pc/mobile.
  4. I don't remember the game anymore, about the game in general the only difficult part I recall was that I had not to die, but I don't remember if due to a no death requirement or because a death would reset the combo and make it impossible to score enough points. I definitely was not so selective about what to throw, whatever I had nearby or that was thrown at me I'd use that, the only thing I usually avoided was the paint missile since having a too large group is not a good choice. I think the farm has a stricted score requirement, but I haven't had any real problem there, the latter stages were much more of a pain.
  5. You can find a lot of easy-intermediate ultra rare plats on my profile. Injustice is not a particularly difficult game to do, it will take some time to finish it though. Bound is definitely a great choice, with some guides it is simple enough to get every trophy. Generally most of ultra rare trophies are easy, but they usually require some time to get, so when you ask something "not too easy" but also "not too hard" then there is not that much choice. If it can also be a ps3 game I'd name The Fight (if you have 2 ps move+camera) which takes something like 20h (half spent in boosting). But also Greg Hastings Paintball 2 is a simple enough game.
  6. Damn if my english was bad back then 😂, I adjusted the original post a bit. Anyway I recently went back on the game to finish it, I tried the glitch however I could not make it last longer than 2-3 weapons, after that point the next loot was always some random white weapon. This time however I didn't have the required checkpoint so that may be the reason. It may be worth to try the glitch with the unpatched version of the game, although this means starting from scratch.
  7. I have over 400h in the game so far, I will share some more clips I captured in all this time. "Infallible? not today tyvm". #prostratz I think this is a pretty good spot in team tail tag, although it takes a bit of practice to understand how to get there (through jump then dive). Another good spot for team tail tag... actually no, better not do that, nowadays you would be reported for doing that. Heavily carrying a random team. This variation of slime climb should be nerfed a bit probably. #ultimateprostratz. This one had made quite mad the "victim" who tried to sabotate me in 2 different shows as well, but actually I won both of them anyway.
  8. I currently have the game installed but I haven't downloaded the latest patch, also i'm done with the Online part. So, if I abort the patch download each time, can i still do all of the trials and get the trophy without the DLC? If not, I'd just downgrade the game. However, I think there is a trophy which is either harder or bugged without the patch (i'm not refering to the Divine combo), is that so? I could just be confusing with another game.
  9. I make a quick update because I deciced the final games for my tier 2. WET (3.60%) - 100% ✅ Definitely one of the worst shooters I have ever played. The idea was good, the execution not. Terrible platform sections, no repair system so all what you do is jump/slide and shoot for almost the entire game on enemies that take 30 headshots to die. I'm glad I didn't buy the game but that I just bought the psnow for 1€ instead. So, my final Tier 2 list is this: WET (3.60%) - 100% ✅ Start Trek Online (0.36 / 0.32%) - 87% Torment: Tides of Numemera (1.62%) - 0% Super Meat Boy (0.24%) - 0% Deadlight Director's Cut (3.84%) - 0%
  10. @Copanele i could have missed that, but did someone else claimed VVVVVV's last bounty before me?
  11. It's been awhile, but I have finally cleared my Tier 1! PixelJunk Eden (0.62%) - 100% Pac-Man Musem (0.36%) - 100% Medieval Moves (0.80%) - 100% Days Gone (31.77% / 1.22%) - 100% ✅ VVVVVV (NA; 0.40%) - 100% Bounty claimed ✅ V6 has been the worst part, I spent about 50h, 30 of which just in the no death mode. I'd say this is the hardest platformer I have currently finished. V6 and pac-man have been the difficult part of the tier, the rest was more tedious than difficult. Days Gone is a game I didn't really like at first, but later on I enjoyed it until the last trophy and I recommend it. I'm not sure about my Tier 2 yet. probably I will not be able to finish it before the event ends. For now I'd say these: WET (3.60%) - 24% Start Trek Online (0.36 / 0.32%) - 87% Torment: Tides of Numemera (1.62%) - 0% TBD TBD
  12. Thanks to all for the answers, I think I haven't any doubt at this point.
  13. I will work on the 100% soon and I'd like to know if every DLC trophy that requires another human can be done in a private match. I think the mp is pretty dead nowadays and I don't want to play with randoms on a dying platform like the ps3. Additionally, everything is doable with another person, right? apart from a few quick trophies requiring a third one.
  14. @Copanele I'm going to use a swap: Tour De France 2011 removed | replacing with Days Gone (32.03% / 1.22%) 17% That crap of Tour de France will still take me about a month of afk (maybe more since I will need to start Inversion next month as well), which means I will be playing with the ps4 in the meantime so I prefer to remove the game from my tier and maybe put it back later on a potential Tier 2.
  15. To complete this thread, making it a sort of mini-guide, I will leave some info for the remaining trophies and how I approached the game. Tour #1: Absolute Domination run done with Team Guepard, this run will grant you also Never Too Young For Yellow assuming you win the yellow jersey with A. Schlick, in fact he does not appear in the young leaderboard however he is still eligible for the trophy. Also, try to never fall from the bike during the entire tour for Avoid Risks trophy. Tour #2: win the tour with a pro team (Lambre) using the rider Scarponi. This will also grant Underdog. Tour #3: win the tour with Expert team (Cofidis) using Taaramae. British Punctuality: this trophy is glitched. It is confirmed that Cuncellara will not unlock the trophy. I tried with Vinokourov and got nothing. I was told by Beatminaz to use Tony Martin from HTC. Also, that you must beat your time on checkpoint 2 as well. Using this rider did not unlock the trophy for me again. So I tried with Contador and it worked. In this run I did only 1 thing different: with the other riders I stopped for a bit in front of the finish line during attempt #1 so that I had an easier time to beat it; with Contador I stopped only for like 3 seconds (real time), then I beat my time on attempt #2 and got the trophy. Tour #4: win with Intermediate team (Astana) using Vinokourov. During this run, I also targeted to win all the intermediate sprints, for that goal I almost always used a sprinter, however there is one sprint located after several climbs. For that one, I used the exploit from Absolute Domination by using Vinokourov to chase a breakaway and so automatically deny it since the peloton will just catch it back. The checkpoints from time trials do not count if you wonder. Also, stage 21 has indeed no sprint, however the trophy will pop only when the tour is over. Experienced Player and Always on Time unlocked. Tour #5: win with Saxo Bank using Contador. Your first goal here is to win all the 3 jerseys with the same rider for Son of the Cannibal. The only a bit annoying jersey is the green one since you will almost never finish the flat stages in the top 10 or so. Instead, your goal is to win at least almost all of the intermediate sprints. Again, chase any breakaway with Contador so that you have a chance to win the sprints. Another goal is to win in one of each type of stage for Allrounder. I won stage 1 which should count as Hill, I won also all of the mountain stages since is easy with this rider and, combined with the intermediate sprints, should guarantee the green jersey. For flat stage, I'm pretty sure Stage 17 counts for it, since the last 2-3km are all flat and you can take a great advantage over the peloton with the turns located before the flat section. I'd say is mandatory to win this stage, because during Stage 21 you won't start with all the energy (a rule of tour mode) and therefore you will not win the stage. Then win stage 19 (time trial) and the trophy will unlock (it did for me). At the end of stage 21 you should also have the 3 jerseys as well. Strong Finisher: i recommend to do this in one-off stage because you will start with full energy unlike tour mode. Save your energy which means stick to the peloton. The breakaway is always catched in this stage. Use the strategy from TrueAchievements but using Evens. Tour #6: win with Liquigas using Basso. Here, your goal is to win after climbing back a 10m deficit from the leader after stage 1. The way I did this was to have a breakaway happen during the first section and then just stick to the peloton. When the last started going a bit hard and catching back the breakaway (it happened to me during a simulated section), I asked an alliance in the peloton and this slowed it down massively. Afterwards, I was just sticking with it while the breakaway started to stepping away again. Eventually, they had like 25min when I started the last section, so their gap was surely enough. Afterwards, I just focused on winning the tour, you will easily catch back the deficit during mountain stages. Remember, you must win the tour, just catching back the leaders from stage 1 is not enough. Never Say Never unlocked. Tour #7: you don't need to win the tour. Your goal here is the First and Last trophy, which means win the first and the last stage with the same rider (must be done in Tour mode). I did this with Rabobank using Freire, and I think he is the only one that can do that. The only thing I can tell you for stage 1 is that what I did with A. Shlick can't be done with anyone else. So try to stay in the first positions until the final climb, and attack somewhere at 150-100m or so before the short flat. You will probably need some luck. Finally, do any remaining quick trophy and play and finish a tour with all the teams you haven't used so far. Since the final result doesn't matter, you may use a semi-afk method. With a turbo pad, first pick the climber on stage 1 then turbo the X button. Occasionally, you must manually press the O button in case, after a simulated section, the rider you are highlighting (the climber) is not available. My personal method is to occasionally press the O button after some minutes since I don't have 2 TVs to monitor the tour situation, in the meantime I just play on another console on something else. While this way will take a bit longer (extra time spent in the rider selection and several falls from the bike, especially on stages 16-18), it is way better, in my opinion, than monitor the situation for about 200h. In a few cases, something may go wrong, where your climber wasn't picked when possible somehow. In that case, you must manually select the rider available. I usually check the situation every 2-3h. Freeze: not common, but you are definitely going to get some. All these problems are avoidable in case you have 2 TVs to use, so that with one you can constantly check if something goes wrong and with the other you can play another game.