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  1. Tier 1 cleared. Finished Dreadnought EU. Difficulty: 4/10 Fun: 1/10 What a garbage game to do. Hopefully it is nowhere as complicated as Elite Dangerous, pretty much the opposite instead as the tutorial will teach you everything easily. This is almost entirely a grind where you will need 3 other people, and 4 for a specific trophy, the hardest one requires a survival run through 10 waves which requires a decent strategy and team. The longest grind involves 1,000 played matches which are A LOT, personally i used the afk method with the turbo, since the active method is not really faster than the former. Finished TIER 1 games: Far Cry 2 FantaVision Deus Ex Mankind Divided Don't Starve Dreadnought TIER 2: Dirt Rally 2.0 Verdun TBD x3
  2. Cleared Don't Starve: Difficulty: 6.5/10 Fun: 6/10 This one is a survival indie where you take care of your hunger and mental sanity while dealing with a randomly generated world filled with resources, animals and monsters. The hard part is to clear the Adventure mode, since you can not manipulate the amount of resources/monsters and the game has a very punishing RNG, therefore you are going to massively abuse of the save scum strategy to correct the bad luck and find a different solution. The mode itself is composed of 5 chapters/worlds, but the first 3 can easily take 3h or more each, and also if the 3rd world happens in a specific chapter then you are locked from one trophy and have to start over, surprisingly this wasn't the case for me so 1 run was enough. Cleared games: Far Cry 2 FantaVision Deus Ex Mankind Divided Don't Starve Remaining games: Dreadnought
  3. Cleared Deus Ex Mankind Divided. Difficulty: 4/10 Fun: 8.5 (without considering crashes, bricked console and the "Online" mode) I really liked the prequel on ps3, so I was happy to do this game for ps4... however, at the same time my console got bricked from this game and I had to change the HDD, after that I decided to ignore the game until I'd get a ps5. That's why I went back on the game after over 2 years, since I finally got a ps5, one of my hardest achievements ever. The story mode was very enjoyable, especially since it has to be done without raise alarms and not kil anyone, so you get a great stealth/strategic experience. After that, my ps4 got bricked, then I recently went back and resumed from the Breach mode which people hate. I didn't like it much since it feels very monotonous but I definitely don't think it is as bad as people make it sound, there is a known glitch which greatly speeds up the mode so if you push for it you can finish in a few days. I rushed for the 2 SP dlcs without bothering with their story, I didn't want to stay on the game too long due to what happened to my ps4. Cleared Tier 1 games: Far Cry 2 FantaVision Deus Ex Mankind Divided Remaining games: Don't Starve Dreadnought
  4. There is no starmine in chain attack.
  5. Cleared FantaVision: Fun: 7.5/10 Difficulty: 7/10 This is a sort of puzzle game where you chain fireworks and make them explode, where every missed one drops your HP. Theoretically a super simple game, but it may may be impossible if you don't learn some important mechanics first, especially for the worst trophies. The Hard run already requires quick linking between fireworks, delayed explosions and sometimes being able to immediately change strategy, as well as know when it is wiser to miss some fireworks since trying to get them would make you lose way more. I had to choose the English language since the Italian is dubbed by a mother trying to cheer up her 1 yr old children, this decision definitely improved my skills and helped me to learn how to play efficiently faster. Cleared Tier 1 games: Far Cry 2 FantaVision Remaining games: Deus Ex Mankind Divided Don't Starve Dreadnought
  6. Worth to mention a weird glitch where no matter what, every time you launch the game your save will never be loaded at all, erasing any progress you have made (despite the replay save is still there). This happens randomly but once you get it, you are forced to start a new game and finish it to gain access to Chain attack if you still need that, then you can no longer shut down the game otherwise you will be back again to zero progress again. There is no fix for that.
  7. Far Cry 2 cleared: Difficulty 4/10 Fun 2/10 I thought I would never bother with this game, then one day I woke up and bought it. The MP was a shit experience, I was lucky to have some circumstances which greatly speeded up the boost. I was hoping the SP would be enjoyable but no, that was another annoyance to clear: cars that break with 1 shot and enemies that always spawn right next to you stopping your travel all around the map for some horrible collectibles was brutally annoying. Definitely not a game I could recommend. Cleared games (Tier 1): Far Cry 2 Remaining games (Tier 1): FantaVision Dreadnought Don't Starve Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
  8. You need to either increase the chain or have an explosion in less than 2 seconds or the chain combo will break. The key to do this is to have a good lucky run where you get plenty of Multi (either as firework or bonus item), the reason is that once detonated the multi will split in smaller fireworks, then within the 2 seconds limit you try to link new fireworks, but then press O to detonate which will only make explode the smaller fireworks of before and NOT your current link (that's a general rule of the game, which prioritise the detonation of a splitted multi before your current link, the latter requires a second press), giving you again 2 seconds of time to continue forming your current link. Once you understand this, getting 150 combo on first level is actually easy.
  9. Count me in. I will never run out of UR to do! Tier 1: Far Cry 2 FantaVision Dreadnought Don't Starve Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator (postponed too many times, time to do it once I hopefully get a ps5)
  10. I hate whoever dupped the game narrator of fantaVision for italian language. I do not joke when I say that she is clearly a mother that slowly talks to her children trying to cheer them up; hearing her yelling me "BRAVO!!" every minute is incredibly annoying. Being an UR hunter is getting too difficult.

  11. 2 new games cleared. Medal of Honor: Frontline (3.18%) Difficulty: 7/10 Fun: 7/10 Time spent: 15h or more An old classic, it's been a while since I played one. This FPS is set during WW2 and you play as your typical 007 super soldier who annihilates hundreads of enemies and sabotates half of the third reich just by himself. Apart from the first mission where you play hide-and-seek with your teammates, the game was decent to play, there are no checkpoints during the missions but they aren't too long anyway. During the first run you have to get a gold medal for each level which has 2 quite stupid requirements: 95% of enemies killed. But their scrypt is a bit broken so they may have problems to spawn, such as they may appear close to the beginning of the level while you reached the end 75% of health remaining, not overall. So you just leave a medikit somewhere and go to get it once all enemies are dead, before you reach the exit After that the second run is on Hard difficulty, which is, indeed, Hard. Quick reflexes (or learn where each enemy is), grenade spam on Coda wannabe enemies and pray RNGesus because sometimes the enemies have an insane accuracy. Bloody Zombies (2.37%) Difficulty: 6/10 Fun: 5/10 Time spent: 20h This is a beat em up against yet again another zombie apocalypse. I didn't like it, it felt too RNG and the simple fight style became very monotonous. Lots of misc and most importantly the Insane difficulty, your typical one sitting session without save/checkpoints and only 1 life, with all the 1Up removed in a 1.5h run, however you can use an exploit to give yourself unlimited retries so it wasn't too extreme and you could adjust garbage RNG which is, indeed, garbage, especially on the last level where if a grenadier zombie doesn't throw grenades but just circles around you endlessly, you are dead. If my group pushes hard, I may finish Dreadnought (Oh look, another shutdown, who would have ever guessed that?) before the new year, I shall start Fantavision as well.
  12. I tried my turbo method, and I think it got nerfed, which means less XP. A 4min match nets me 28xp, I'm positive I used to get more in the past.
  13. For the turbo method, it's been years so I don't remember it exactly. You remap the heavy attack button to X, then set a custom match with max bots in a small map thar has no more than 2 floors/platforms, lifes-based mode (set lives to 99; I think you can also play in Timer without any difference) put damage on 300% and for the timer I think there was either a problem with 15min or it wasn't rewarding as the lower timers over time. I can't remember if I was going for 4min or 12min. Finally, turbo the X button. In the match, your chararacter should keep spamming attacks and the bots will tend to walk to you, allowing you for some kills. I think there was a problem with this method as sometimes it wouldn't give me any reward, I think it was because the game has a sort of anti-cheating system that detects this and gives you nothing, so I would occasionally move the stick blindy somewhere to fix it. Just rubberband your stick doesn't work in my experience as you will walk out of the platform and die so many times that you won't get any reward. It's a slow method but I think it is the same as being active (in custom, if you play legit with randoms in ranked/deathmatch you will get the best XP) because there is a cap of XP/Gold per match you can get and that cap is very low. It took me a lot to get to level 25 with 3 characters, it will surely be longer to reach Level 40 with 1.
  14. The turbo method can be done with bots, for the miscellaneous I don't know if it is worth the pain to use my phone. 2 consoles is simply so i can play with one and semi-afk grind with the other.
  15. Will I ever be free from this game? At this point I regret to have started it. It's not fun anymore. Shalll I expect expansion 3 for 2025? I remember I could turbo afk grind the level/gold (i hope it isn't patched at this point) but I better get a ps5 first to have 2 consoles. The miscellaneous sound luck based with randoms so those may be best boosted, I cba to play this anymore.