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  1. Thank you very much, I will definitely try with this method. So indirectly you suggest to go for Guepard team for the Absolute Domination trophy, I will give it another try then. Unfortunately I can't feeding, and the dlc is not available in any country.
  2. Since there is an intermediate Sprint, required for the green jersey, I want to be at least one of the first to hit that, so I gotta stay with the first riders. I stick to the peloton during the last section which happens after the sprint. At the last part (3km or so) I try to stay along with the other riders, but as I said, they push hard and I must use my stamina to keep up with them, those few moments where they do not push my stamina recovery is very low, pretty much nothing since after few seconds the riders will go hard again. Bennatti is the Guepard team right? I added later to my previous post that I then went for Pro Team Astana as suggested by TA guide, I tried with both Davis and Vinokourov, but without luck.
  3. Hey, thanks for your time. I think I have learned the controls so far, although I'm still unsure about how the Square one really works (relay), as the tutorial doesn't really explain it well. To me it looks the same as the effort button (O) in terms of performance. Team strategies? Yes I know about them, but they do not seem to help for the problem I'm having. I'm trying to take care of the gold trophy for winning in each stage, but I'm already struggling with the first one. I try to save energy along the stage (sacrificing it a bit for the intermediary Sprint), some trial and error I seem to be able to stay with the first riders (or eventually catch them up during the last section) with full stamina until the last 3km. From here, all the other riders seem to have endless stamina, as for most of the time the moment I release the effort button, they all surpass me no matter what, team protection doesn't seem to be of any help against this. So, if I try not to end straight to the last position I eventually end the stamina on the last km, here I have no stamina at all while the other riders start sprinting as hell at the last 400m. In other words... I have no idea what am I supposed to do to win during the really last part of the stage. I have been using the TA suggestion for the team (Pro Team Astana) and riders. There are almost no vid for the game in general either.
  4. There are no items available on psn store for this game, at least not anymore. Since I have definitely not clue about what to do, I actually gotta give up for now until I receive some tips. I wanted to take care of the gold trophy for winning in all stages and all 3 jerseys first.
  5. It seems that at the last 15km the AI goes very hard, I can keep the stamina full while chasing/following the first riders until the last 3km or so when the stamina starts dropping very quickly even when I do nothing, eventually at the last km the stamina is inevitably empty, and at the last 400m the AI sprints as hell while me, without stamina, have to chance. How is it possible to win when the trophy for winning is at 50%? what am I missing? To me it seems they have unlimited sprint, or at least x10 larger than mine. Even trying another time from start, now some riders just keep sprinting the whole time, if I try to follow them, they already sprint again when mine is over. I don't even think is related to my team, the Guepard one which seems the best one. Update: tried again, I have read that keeping the bpm at 172 is a strategy, which seems good until the last part, where, no matter what, AI keeps running at very fast speed for the remaining 15km, all in a row, a speed I can't keep without consuming stamina. So I'm definitely out of ideas. Update 2: I tried to play without patch, but I don't think that anything changes. Made it up to the last 3km with full stamina, and from here I clearly see that the moment I stop holding the O button (or Square, nothing seems to change between the two), the riders are slowly surpassing me, all of them, or at least for most of the time, at some point I have no stamina of course so is game over. I can't seem to attack either since my stamina drops about 2/10 each half a second at the last km.
  6. Update: True Master: the Master feat is not awarded for getting all feats, but just most of them so I must have been missing one. I tried on Level 4 in Score attack and I got the trophy this time. I suggest trying the Conquer and Divide first followed by the Long Line, while always giving priority to power ups. Risky Business: definitely glitched. I deleted the game and save and started over. I went for a 1CC run until level 27, where I took my time and managed to collect more than 500 red power ups from 1 match, this got me the trophy at the results screen.
  7. True Master: I got all the feats on level 6, I did that twice, but the trophy doesn't pop. Risky Business: I counted more than 500 red power ups collected (I probably got like 1,000 now) when I specifically went for them, but no trophy yet. Has anyone experienced issues with this game?
  8. Someone asked on twitter this question, the dev replied saying that draws DO count for Infallible, but then someone else jumped in and said they don't, so I was wondering who was right.
  9. Not long time ago I figured out that some finales have a hidden countdown, when it ends and more than one player is still standing, a win is awarded to each. Apparently each player sees themselves during the celebration, and each gets a crown. But, I'm curious if this counts toward a wins streak for the Infallible trophy.
  10. I think I know what's happened recently. The new accolade system has changed how revives are counted, in fact it looks like that you are credited for a reanimation (and so the related accolade) only if your partner has been killed by an enemy, if they die in any other way (they often kill themselves, I can tell from the top left window) then it won't count. I think this can be boosted with at least 4 people in Duo mode (4th is required to avoid the killer being teamed up with a random), pick a dead region and make 2 separate groups, the groups should end in a match where the missing people will be replaced by bots. Spawn somewhere as close to the boundaries as possible, then the killer will kill your partner, you revive them, and keep going until the trophy pops. I should test if this works soon. EDIT: yes, the strategy I described worked for me. I played in south east Asia which is completely dead (turn off cross-play).
  11. can you help ninja gaiden 3 original trials?

  12. Actually I'm not a fan, I just do them for trophies. In fact it took me 2 years to get back on the first soldner. The ps4 list does not seem worth for trophies, so I may bother to get the ps3 version.
  13. Thanks. Apparently, the ps4 lists won't show up if you don't type the second letter like it is and they aren't in the Soldner serie either.
  14. The game is on sale, but for ps4. I don't see any ps4 trophy list though, so I was wondering what that game is. As far as I know, all the games nowadays must have a trophy list and this one has been released a few months ago.
  15. I have played plenty of Yakuza games, enjoying that grind that they all offered as I really felt like I experienced everything from each of those games.

    The minigames have been in part annoying in the various Yakuza I played but doable with enough patience and until yesterday I couldn't really say which is the worst of all accoss all Yakuza... but I now find out the undisputed answer. This Catfight trash in Yakuza 0 has to definitely be the worst minigame ever made, I refuse to believe there is anyone who has enjoyed that trash. Almost no control of the fight, 99.99% RNG and after all the "hard" work to reach the last match, you may win but then there it goes a bullshit RNG where the defeated opponent stands up and instant-kill you.

    The telephone club minigame was boring but even that one can't beat Catfight.

    I heard Yakuza Kiwami 2 (which I will definitely play one day) has worse minigames than Yakuza 0, but I find it hard to believe to be honest.

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    2. VirtualNight


      I'm sure the insect fight belongs to Yakuza 5 and it wasn't a big deal. Despite RNG, it was a doable one (or at least I don't remember any problem with it, although I did that a long time ago), unlike Catfight which is completely dumb. I had those matches where I kept going on only with white and blue attacks and then have the AI going for a red and a rainbow ones to beat me easily, or that QTE bar that often is scripted to make me lose (I have been using a hori pad, so being fast enough wasn't a problem, it is confirmed on internet that the QTE is RNG as well), not to mention that random comeback skill that is not counterable and makes me lose immediately.


      The 2 minigames are really not comparable, I don't think you need a 3 wins streak each time in the insect fight either, unlike Catfight, 3 wins streak 10 times.

    3. Mike13858


      No, it was Kiwami, I am 100% sure of that.

    4. DamagingRob


      They definitely improved the catfight minigame in Kiwami. 0's sucked. Kiwami 2 had stricter mahjong requirements, but I don't think it was that bad with minigames overall? It's not even UR. Probably one of the easiest Yakuza plats.