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  1. Hi, despite the multiple guides around they aren't updated after that the EA did something to the bfbc1 servers in 2017, or they don't underline or specificy some important things, this includes the crashing issue. Because of this it was a tough journey to find my way to boost this game and i broke the hopes of multiple people that were intended to do this. First, the BFBC1 community is toxic; these people are mentally ill; the teamkill function (tk) is always activated and it is used by several players. usually you are tked just because you steal some kills or vehicles or you get high scores, there are constant tk battles on this game and i suggest to not be involved, better be tked few times rather than starting a tk battle and lose time. Also, some people do only tks, to anyone, is theyr only purpose, ignore these scums. Kills gotten in a crashed lobby before you left from it will NOT count, kills gotten in a lobby where you freeze WILL count. All these info are important for the 10k kills. But now let's talk about awards. Lobby Crash Lobby crash, basically you are in a lobby but after some min you are back to main menu getting a message about connection issue. This is caused by 1 known thing, which is the game that allows max 2 lobbies per time, so if you end in making a 3rd one it will crash. But that's not all. Even if there is a space for a 2nd lobby, it will crash eventually. This is simply because the servers are not stable, the one who searches for a mode and ends in an empty 2nd lobby eventually will crash in few minute, however this constant issue won't persist, seems you have a 10% chance to make this lobby stable, so is all about keep trying, my connection is good and is what i have experienced, but i think those with a superb connection have more chances. However i also saw randoms making instantly a stable lobby, i think that if you live in US (where i suppose the bfbc1 servers are located) and have a good connection you will definitely be able to make a constantly stable lobby. This is an advantage for some awards and a disadvantage for others (since if a lobby doesn't crash the randoms will join and stay in). If the lobby crashes your progress won't count, but if you leave before this happens then they will count. you must do this after 1 or 2 awards before you crash, I will explain later how to boost some awards with this tactic. Boost Now, i wanna point out the boosting method, and why you won't be able to make a locked lobby with strangers. Boosting v.1. There is a rumor around telling that is possible to have a 12 people lobby, this maybe was true years ago, but nowadays is no possible, any lobby made is for 24 people. So a lobby can have 24 people in. Now you may think to find 23 people and boost... no, is not so simple, first because a good part of the users on this site never replies, doesn't care of the appointments it takes, and so on. But even if you really find enough, there are some obstacles. With 24 you wanna lock a lobby, but to do this it is required that one of your group takes a random's spot once he leaves, this requires attention and this can be hard with so many people. To have someone leaving you could teamkill him to make him mad, and then he would teamkill you, at 6 tk there is a kick so let yourself get tked by him, he is kicked and quickly one of your group joins. This process takes ALOT of time if done in the afternon or evening (time where usually people can play, but so can the randoms), since you should have something like 20 people get kicked. If you really succeed then is not over. There is a kick for idle and i doubt after 2-3h of attempts to steal a lobby then all can still play alot, so each person would need a turbo pad to avoid being kicked, Is much easier steal a lobby in the night or morning, but there is the problem: be 24 in such time, i tried and hadn't succedd as is an unusual time. Last, i doubt that all 24 could stay up for dozens of hours, is not only the turbo pad required, but also that all can leave theyr ps3 running while doing other things. So trying to get a lobby with 24 users in, where all have a turbo pad, are good and reliable boosters, and can leave theyr ps3 running for the night...seriously, how can you believe it is possible with strangers from psnp? forget it, unless you have a group where each has 5 or 6 ps3s & turbo pads or a group composed by your friends with the requirements above, forget this idea. and do the smaller but much harder version of boosting. Boosting v2: this one is accessible to all who can play between night and morning. For morning i don't recommend begin over 11am GMT (winter). You need 5 other people at least. The idea is to find an empty lobby, join and quickly work towards hardest awards until there are too many randoms in both modes to continue. Is crucial that the leader is someone who can organize a group and guide it throw all the journey, you must be able to quickly change the plan if there are randoms disturbing you and be as much equal as possible; discord is a MUST, because is crucial to communicate with no lag. Use "r" as abbrevation to indicate a random incoming to your group, also report his position if you are dead so that your allies can avoid an ambush. So, assuming you remember the crash issue let's begin. First, everytime one does an award or 2 has to leave, the others shouldn't because you wanna see if the lobby crashes or not. If it doesn't, work for stuffs like 52 kills, 20 headshots, vehicles destroyed and so on. If it crashes, remake the lobby. You need that the Gold rush or Conquest mode are empty, if both are stable with randoms and are not going to die, you can't boost. As long as no one is playing in that mode you can use the filters to play in the map you want. Cross Over (Conquest) is the best for chopper stuffs, Ascension is the best for turret, jeep and infantry kills/assist, End of The Line for boat. You need at least 1 who can pilot a chopper well enough to not crash. Awards Strategy This is just for the trickiest, the others i think are quite easy to figure out. Chopper Roadkills: the chopper roadkill function is completely broken, i saw some people trying to roadkill me but they were doing nothing to me and were just crashing. The boosting method is also broken, since even if your dummies jump toward the blades they may not die. We found that the best way is to place the chopper along a downhill, we did this on End of the line Gold Rush, there is a downhill street on the defenders' base and on top of it there is a rock. We placed the chopper close to this rock and the enemies were jumping toward the chopper's blades from the rock, and worked perfectly. Note that roadkills do NOT count toward the chopper kills. 1on1 air: due to the bugged russian chopper, you will need this x2 IAR for the chopper patches. Chopper patches: is still possible in a crashing lobby. We found out that the game does not allow to have only the choppers of 1 faction, if all bases with a chopper are captured from 1 faction the last one won't spawn. Our strategy was to play Conquest in Cross Over. Immediately the USA team get theyr chopper and capture the NE base where RU team will quickly fly and wait; now you have 2 USA choppers. Do the first 1on1 air (possible as gunner), then wait the chopper destroyed to respawn and repeat. You should be able to make it in time. 52 kills IAR: if you have a stable lobby, mainly get killed by one booster. The booster's allies must protect him and keep busy randoms; if a random in the same team of the booster is going to capture flags or destroy crates, someone must stop to being killed and keep that random busy and the match balanced (equal flags captured in conquest). Work as a team, help each other and 1 or 2 randoms shouldn't pose a problem, unless you found one of the few sniper masters still up; they do not joke, they never miss a sniper shot no matter what, you are screwed if you get one. 50 saviour trophies: seems that you need 3 saviour kills for 1 saviour trophy, no matter the class (like some guides say) or if you save a team mate or an ally, i can confirm that. If you are without randoms and are fast you can get 2 saviour trophies (so 6 kills) before a crash (supposing you kill 2 active players). Have one damaging your ally to less than 50% and then quickly knife him (the time for a saviour is stricted so be fast in killing), one should use a medic to heal the damaged ally who however must not stay above a medikit or he/she will recover health while getting damaged again. The damaged ally can also use the LIFE-2. One should use the sniper class to spam the sensor movement to spot possible randoms which must be tked with no mercy if they get close to you. 5 kills in 2 sec: possible with 6 total. You need a random match unbalanced where the first victims will join. Afterwards say who has to join to set the right teams, after some mins you should have 5 victims in one team and a booster in the other. Meet in a hidden place and kill with the C4 (it is bugged if used on top floors, and won't do any damage), then have the booster and who is next for the award leave, and set theyr joining order to switch spots, and repeat. Vehicles destroyed: you can destroy 2 or 3 before a crash. So for the 5 IAR you need a stable lobby. 50 boat roadkills: best in Conquest End of The Line stable lobby. The best meeting points are north base or around the island, behind it. However you are definitely going to be spotted sometimes. Squad wildcard: possible in crashed lobby but takes a lot of luck. The team composed by 2 players will go for it in a small map (ascension) vs 3 players (so 5 players total, you won't have enought time to do this with 4 before crashing, i can confirm this after some hours of attempts). For the order join, you can do this: host, when you see the map loading tell the first person to join, wait 4-5 sec and tell to the other to join and so on so you won't waste time. The joining order seem to change over time, at times is USA-RU-RU-USA-USA other times is USA-RU-USA-RU-USA, luckily seems something that changes after some weeks, so once you find the right one you can begin. The main reason why this must be boosted (still possible legit if you are lucky to be with just 1 random that knows how to play) is that since 2017 the team function has been broken, no matter if you set a team before matchmaking, the teams are ALWAYS RANDOM. You need 5 assist and 10 kills for each, however the assist can be done while staying inside a vehicle, so all the kills will come through the jeep in Ascension with both people in They quickly travel to the enemy base and start killing, one guy in the turret and the other as a driver, after 10 kills for one switch spots (betweend river and turret). I suggest when there are 4 kills elft to have one of the victims to leave, so if a random join he will be put into that team and won't mess the squad wildcard. Chopper kills: someone who can pilot must bring the USA chopper in the enemy base then the killer will use the turret. If there are some randoms is impprtant that the booster's ally stay inside the chopper as pilot and fly in a circular pattern up and down to avoid possible shots from randoms. Jeep kills: the booster's ally should stay a driver to avoid that a possible random spawns in and drives away. Hope this will help you πŸ‘ Addictional tips. With my Devil Dogs trophy: since the squads are completely random, you need 4 people and an empty conquest lobby. Invite your friend/second ps3 to your squad (if a friends, he or you have to switch to nat 1 for easy connecting), now have one of the booster search conquest ascension, and join him, if the joining order is USA-RU-RU this will work. Now the 4th person joins and immediately take all flags, the match will end and the trophy will pop. If you can't do this, you have to try in a random match, you must keep leaving and rejoining until you and your partner are in the same team and same squad. Some people report this trophy as bugged, i don't know what's the problem with it. There is No I In Squad: like above, squads are random so trying this in a random lobby is hugely luck based. Boost instead in a stable empty lobby.
  2. I got a screenshot from dennis-nine-five that seems to confirm that all MP functions work fine, and that those compatibility packs are automatically turned off in the matchmaking , making all trophies still possible.
  3. No doubt, such stupid trophies should not exist, EA and Ubi are quite skilled in making stupid trophies
  4. No matter who wants the belts, if a stalker or someone normal, they are blocked for everyone excluding very few. If there could be a way to get them legit... but there isn't. Anyone that intentionally block a trophy is a sad person. Not too much of a surprise that in the end there will be always some issues regarding the belts... even if the block ends, soon enough someone else will block them again.
  5. I've read that the game and the dlc have been delisted, not too much of a problem since you can get the disc version... but with them also the Compatibility pack is gone; so i assume that if you haven't it you can't play online, making the platinum trophy impossible. Am i right?
  6. 5 for Medic, few trophies require 3 (you+2) and xp boost, the rest 2 (1+you).
  7. You are a meme yourself, second only to the ultimate ultra lgc guy πŸ‘
  8. Lol, that thing is not a serious site, just watch the flagging team there πŸ˜…
  9. 1 more plat doesn't change my life, i just like to use that game to expose mental disease people, just like you πŸ‘
  10. No, i've never stated that. You can do any ldbd you want, is not that you can't because they involve trophies. You have done lp2 wrs for fun as well, that's all. If you did that just to lock the trophy then you are mentally ill, but it would be your personal problem and i don't support this theory, instead i repute you as a lp2 veteran who has legitly gotten his WRs for fun and competition. What the fuck does the second sentence even mean? is theyr profile, they decide what to hide; or do you think to have the right to tell the others what they can show and what they must hide? If the servers are going to be shut down there is always someone reporting this with a new thread, what is your problem. If i wanna start a game i do some researches, check servers info etc. or eventually i make a thread and ask someone. If someone is too lazy to do these things then he can only blame himself if he finds out the servers are down. The people i've been friendly with, specifically the ones that like me hunt URs, have always been giving helpful tips to me for Urs, when i said to the motogp group that i was going to explain the Champagne trophy all supported that, no one tried to convince me to not doing that to preserve the rarity.
  11. 1) uh? i've never complained you for getting almost all WRs there, while i got only an extra 1 for fun and also explained the strategy. 2) i don't recall him using hacks; i could buy an xbox just to do cloudberry kingdom leaderboards, since i like the game, so why can't he do the same for lp2? in-game ldbds are not reserved to trophy hunters, is not comparable like your factions block or fnr4 belts block In my group i had (and have) a nice time, people are funny and reliable, and good people. And no one judges someone from the grammar or the trophy list. Is not that i stay only with who respects every single one, no one can be loved by each person; i just don't accept who usually acts bad towards the others, I see you like a bully and with such people i don't wanna have any kind of relationship. Anyway, i've been noted in a cordial message (which you would never been able to compose) that the vid description is bad; i was still talking with the group and i didn't pay attention, now i corrected it enough so that is comprehensible. Hope to get at least a 5 as vote, English professor πŸ˜‡
  12. (And the drama begins!) Go to do the professor somewhere else, you seem like those idiots on fb/twitter now; and respect who hasn't the same language knowledge. Can't you get i was sarcastic with 20 heroes thing? do you need a pic to figure that out? good grammar but small brain. Warhawk unkillable... nah never said that; but don't you have anything different to talk about episoded happened years ago in my teenager's ages (no doubt you wanted to talk about other things now)? nah, this is what is called Obsession, you can't proceed with your life when i have cut the friendship with you, a subject who has no respect & block trophies (lp2 factions). Funny i never talk about you nor watch your profile, still you can't forget me. πŸ‘„
  13. Leave him alone, i broke his heart when i have cut the "friendship" πŸ‘Œ
  14. This game has been considered impossible for years, but finally in 2018 a bunch of heroes went for it with hope; and in the end we made the universe a better place with this successful journey. Here i gonna expose all the considerations done in the group and all what i have observed so far, so they could not be 100% accurate/correct. First of all, forget to do this entirely with strangers from psnp, usually who joins is not reliable, will never reply or show himself, you should ask to friends of your same region: in my group all were EU, which means low ping, if there are other regions then the ping will be much higher and may compromise the lobby as you wanna have it as much stable as you can (still, i don't mean that with other regions is impossible, just that you have less chance, so you are free to try, but you shouldn't have more than 2 or 3 people from a different region than the rest of the group). Your entries should go on Speedtest and screenshot you theyr values, having something like 20 / 10 is fine (upload seems to can be even lower; ping and download are more important; however in my group one of us had 10 dl but still could play with us), less values will make things harder. Also extra ps3 will surely help however is important that none of them has a bad connection or you will fail. Using ethernet is not absolutely necessary but is recommended, you can however use wifi if your connection is still good. Now, assuming you have all your entries, you wanna use discord as is very important to organise everything, i don't think i have to tell you how to do this. The host should be someone with a good connection, despite the best does not necessarily mean the perfect one for this game, if 17 people or so can join that person should be good for hosting. When 16-17 people are in, now the rest may have issues in joining, is a matter of keep trying. If someone has a bad connection, that person will mess the last 3-4 spots, if that person joins as one of the last he will have problems himself. We haven't found a workaround (1 with bad connection with us, switched to cable and had a slightly better values) other than new entries and having that person using only 1 ps3 and not using other systems or socials rather than discord. So if someone gives troubles and you can't find a solution you will need a replacement. When 20 people are in, wait 15 seconds to check that no one gets kicked and start the race with 1 lap on a short track (the german one). When it begins and you are still 20, only who is going for the trophy has to move, the others must not move at all, there is no kick for idle so don't worry. When the person reaches the finish line the trophy will pop. I think i didn't forget anything, for proffs we have 2 vids so far: HcG-_Clawz And me (sorry for the laugh, those bastards made me laugh on chat lol)
  15. Ok will do that.