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  1. These 2 were the only glitched trophy I have experienced. For the No Alarm trophy, I had reloaded the chapter on mission 2 and this time (2nd attempt) my trophy popped correctly (I'm sure I did everything right on my first attempt as well), I did change nothing (nor even deleted my saves), I have followed the strategy from the german guy. For Unnoticed, it took me 5 attempts. I tried to reduce my amount of kills as someone suggested but that made no difference. On my 5th attempt (it was a disaster really) I deleted all my saves of this game (did as well previously), but decided to try without the patch. My 5th run was no different (aside from efficiency) from the 3rd/4th I had, I used the german guy's vids, however I did not kill the second guy on the tower he kills (seems pointless), also during the second camp, I killed only the guy by the river, then no one else (in this area until the alone tower guard when you leave); when you are next to the exit watch out for a guard behind you on a cliff, be sure he does not watch you when you are moving. Also, as suggested, when the checkpoint with the sniper was nearby, I crouched close to a bush on the right and he could not spot me (I did like that from my 2nd attempt). Also I used the rock glitch, and did not kill the guard close to the end. The chapter trick (watch cutscene, leave and chapter select), works as long as you delete only the Unfinished Business save, since the other save game (with which you have reached chapter 3 once of course) will read that you have chapter 3 unlocked and will allow you to play it.
  2. This site should have a sort of feedback for gaming sessions. There is one sure, but that seems completely pointless, as the session can be cancelled and even if people send a feedback, I see nowhere the results of those on people's profile. Not to mention it is actually for the sessions' owner, and not for someone who joined and turned out to be an idiot. So for now the only thing to do is to keep track of bad boosters/traitors with an Excel file and add them there.
  3. So this means that the trophy has just a chance (I think a low %) to glitch in that mode, I know someone else who got my same issue.
  4. Spelunker is a good game in my opinion, although after 1 run I was already tired of it. Dragon Fin Soup is a very broken game from what I have heard, still it can't compete in my opinion with the following one. I wanted to say earlier that Proteus is the worst PS+ game ever, but I know that somehow some people really enjoy it, so I didn't want to talk about it to avoid a drama since there was a funny one already and 1 drama per day is my preference (or I could die by laughing too much; besides, there was a drama already time ago when someone called the game shit)...but since someone did that already, I can say now that Proteus is the worst thing I have ever played in all my life, so for me it definitely deserves the title of worst PS+ game ever.
  5. Hard to say, they have definitely put effort in giving the worst shit through ps+ in the last years. At least this "game" has a bunch of ultra rare trophies.
  6. Can someone link this infamous SONY true leaderboard? thanks 😂 They barely know that trophies exist, the idea that they even have a leaderboard is absurd 😂
  7. I don't think it is how a toxic sees that, they get just triggered from ultra rare trophies earned by others, then it doesn't matter if it is a 0.01% or 4%, so my idea could be good.
  8. No sense, there does not exist a game that can stick with a 0.01% for more than a month (if someone finds out it is possible, more will then come to do it as well), not to mention that the amount of achievers is already broken and games that are impossible still display some achievers. It is better a 3rd ribbon for 0.50%, or max 1%, although I'd prefer the first one.
  9. That thing about pause-exploit=glitched trophy was a joke, but actually it may be that pausing the game too many times during a run can screw the trophy for real. Probably you haven't tried this in your 7 attempts, so we need a pause-exploit master like me to check this theory. Nowadays I expect that anything can screw a trophy so I wouldn't discard such theory so quickly.
  10. Awesome explanation, thanks 👍 Damn, again that I hear this, a game that can break a ps3. If i had thought better, I wouldn't have bought this game, but now is too late to retreat, I gotta risk. I have few games left to do on ps3 and it would reaaallyyyy suck to break my only one right now. Holy water and crucifix are ready, I can only hope for the best. Maybe I should stop since so far I haven't confirmed entries yet; and leave this game for definitely the last one I will ever do on ps3 so if this one breaks then just goodbye and welcome ps4.
  11. I have an Excel document where I keep those people I should never boost with. At times I do an anti-dumb test to the entries to check if they are ok or not, like asking for some confirmations about my sessions, the plans etc. With my organization I can have good sessions from which I automatically exclude a few people I already know/have been mentioned by some friends. Who does not follow the plans, does not respect the turns nor take the things seriously (messing around, not helping efficiently etc.) is automatically banned, and can't even have a chance to ruin the gaming session as I can organize the thing so to go everyone VS that scum (or protect the current booster) until he leaves. I almost always make my own group rather than join someone else, and with a good organization I can succeed like you can see from my profile, almost all of my long MP games' platinums come from my own psnp sessions. It is wrong to say that the whole gaming session community is toxic because of few people: most of people I boosted with are nice ones, I have made new friends and can also set other gaming sessions with them. To minimize the risk of a bad session, take some precautions just like I do. And do not accept not-trophy hunters in a session, nor the beginner ones for grindy games.
  12. Wow, this can easily drop anyone's moral, this seems like an Ubi/EA game... thanks for all these info 👍
  13. Maybe I will even do FC2 one day 😎 A guide states you can set unbalanced teams like 5vs1, making things like multikill doable in 6.
  14. So, it seems that 6 is the right number, but there is a challenge called "Mr.Show" ( Be the best player on a team of 6 )... does that mean that for this specific challenge I need a 7th player (if it is possible to be 6vs1, otherwise an 8th one)? everything, and I underline everything is doable with 6 people or less?
  15. Sure (no need to mention things not related to videogaming, just going for some type of leaderboards, world speedruns or customed challenges are already much harder than any psn trophy), but the problem is that some people call themselves "demigod" or other shits just because they earn some trophies, they get the convinction that they are incredibly skilled players and from there they act like pure assholes. This is why I tend to state that trophies mean nothing about your gaming skills. I doubt this is one of the hardest trophies on PSN, since if you try a single level (always the same one) for dozens of days at some point you get that muscle memory and can pass it. You mainly need that strong patience (and not strong skills) to keep trying, something that most of people are not able to handle.