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  1. Quite a shame, I wanted to eventually get the platinum normally, but knowing that it may be exploitable like the Atari Flashback games makes me not really interested in the challenge anymore, it would be just another ultra rare game done. It would be ok if using the quit and save feature locks any trophy on that run, but I really doubt that. So in case the backup exploit works, the only tough thing to do should be a Coda run since you still need to spend some time practicing (close to mastering I'd say) double tempo on each level and non-story boss anyway.
  2. Recently the matchmaking has become Skills-based, which means rookies will play mostly against other rookies, while veterans with other veterans (the latter may split between Intermediate and Expert level). While the formula is way more complex than that (and unknown in its entirety), this means that if you are a beginner your chances are way higher to get infallible, while for a veteran this now may be just impossible (at least in the regular shows). Be aware that this is NOT the myth of the "slightly skills-based" matchmaking that existed since season 1. SBMM is a recent thing that has been sneakily introduced. Apparently, your skills are calculate by your % of wins along with your total wins (eg. if you win your first show ever, so 100% win/lose ratio, you should not be paired in a lobby of veterans afterwards), so i think that if you intentionally start a show and lose on the first round (or even later) for quite some times, you will then have a better chance to get Infallible as I think you won't get any veteran for several matches. I think that regardless or your "skills" you may be randomly put in a lobby that has several players way better than you (the opposite does never seem to happen), due to the game being not active enough to allow a total big split of players in two (or 3) different type of lobbies. SBMM is quite a dumb thing so it may be removed at some point, since veteran lobbies are huge luck based where 1 unlucky moment or a bad row spawn may eliminate you already (not to mention body blocking and grabs everywhere as well as all the broken physics) and where Lost Temple (the spammed finale) is completely fucked here with no chance to recover the moment you get a wrong door or body blocked. For now if you play to get Infallible you may have a sort of limited amount of attempts available before you are constantly pulled in veteran lobbies. Maybe these attempts are quite limited.
  3. First game of tier 3 finished. Tera (3.19%) Difficulty: 3/10 Time spent: 40h Fun: 8/10 Potential shutdown anytime soon for ps4? PC version is shutting down and the game is cross-play Tera is a f2p MMORPG, I quite liked the combat system which merges "normal attacks" and various skills for the best dps result. Particularly I used an OP (at least for the non endgame content) class+race who is pretty much a Tank+a nice DD and has a decent self-healing skill. There are hundreads of quests available and several dungeons to clear. My experience was positive due to a disgusting amount of luck I got while playing: i immediately got a flying mount for 14 days, which saved me hours of travelling around the map I also got a great amount of gold at the beginning, which helps to keep the skills upgraded to the max I got a level up scroll, which is quite great since the last 5 levels are way slower to gain than the previous ones I also got a free 3 days of Elite status toward the end, which helped me a lot to grind the last bosses I needed due to being able to teleport to each location With all that, I played while doing Red quests which are the only ones that give some XP, this amount is quite good however the 3v3 PvP XP are way too much ("Vanguard Request") therefore that is the best method for sure. That mode is balanced for everyone, same health and stats and once you get used to the unique skills available there, you can win lots of times, granting you a lot of XP. Unfortunately somewhere toward the end (lv 60-65) those XP suddently drop down, making the Lv60-64 quests the way to go for levelling up. The mode is quite dead, therefore it may be a good idea to do some quests while queueing for PvP. I could have saved some hours if I waited for Lv65 before doing every dungeons, since you get a powerful gear in that moment, instead I took care of most of the dungeons as soon as I was levelled enough, which made them way longer than the necessary. The only annoying thing to do is to kill each World Boss in 2 continents, since they have a respawn time of 1-6h whenever someone kills them so you most likely don't know when a boss is going to respawn. You can solo all of them when you reach Lv65, but the most powerful ones will take a while without some help. Cleared Games: Tera Remaining games: 7 Days to Die TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD
  4. 10th game + tier 2 finished. Leo's Fortune (0.32%) Difficulty: 9/10 Time spent: 45h Fun: 7/10 pre no death mode. 0/10 afterwards This game is a platform adventure where you control this... thing, i don't know what the hell is the character supposed to be; you will go through a total of 20 levels that feature obstacles, some easy puzzles and a bit of a strange platforming. The game can be decently enjoyable as long as you don't touch the hardcore mode, the trophy list is almost entirely asking for a secret collectible scattered in some levels, as well as 3 stars each level which involves a no death run, speedrun and getting all collectibles. Since the 3 can be achieved separately, it is not a difficult task even for a beginner, so in all this process you can have a peaceful and fun experience. But then, you realize that there is a shiny gold trophy, and that's when you decide to really hate the game. You need to finish the hardcore mode which is a run through all the levels without checkpoints/saves, you die and you start back from level 1, with the full run taking about 1h. Apparently an average player can get this 100% within 15-20h, that's why it took me about 45h instead. I practiced a lot, yet there are something like 20 obstacles that are not 100% consistent to me, such as weird bounces when touching a roof after being launched, a wooden platform that is supposed to shoot you forward but that in rare cases may shoot you downwards straight to your death, i once also got suddently eaten by a bridge and shot into a mine 😂. It's really weird to control the characters, as he may suddently gain momentum (or not) while just moving along a flat surface, also jumping from some slopes is a sort of bet as you may shoot yourself into a spike in the process. The game itself has very simple controls, and given the simplicity of the game itself, there is no exploit of any type to abuse of, and there is no skip available to make it through some hard sections with low effort, as most of the skips are regarding harmless parts to save some seconds, and the few done to skip obstacles are way harder to perform than the normal way. The following is my run: After this, V6 and Splasher I can say for sure that I really hate no death modes in platformers, it was fine to do that in Wolfenstein 2 but not here at all. With the game leaving from PsNow I pushed hard in the last days to clear this trophy list, hopefully I am free this week so I took the chance to deal with this nightmare of a game. This is definitely a game you do for the challenge and not for UR gains, not worth for the latter purpose at all. For now I don't know what I will do for Tier 3, as I have to see what I'm going to get through the incoming PS+ Premium. I guess that I will check my library of 300+ UR games to do and pick something 😅. I will do some practice for the coda run for Crypt of the Necrodancer as well. Tier 2 cleared: OlliOlli 2 Trials Fusion Raiden V Heavy Metal Machines Atari Flashback Classics Volume 1 The Guided Fate Paradox Skullgirls Encore Battle World: Kronos Atari Flashback Classics Volume 2 Leo's Fortune Tier 3: Tera 7 Days to Die TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD
  5. 9th game cleared. Atari Flashback Classics Volume 2 Difficulty: 7.5/10 Fun: 7/10 Time spent: 20h? With the incoming switch from PSNow to PS+ Premium, it looks like several games will be gone, and Atari Flashback volumes 1 and 2 could be one of those. Therefore I did a super push to clear this game asap, as my platinum #400. But the 20h according to Exophase are definitely way too much, I think I spent not more than 14h which includes also all the time spent in the XMB loading back the save. I found Volume 2 a bit funnier than 1, maybe because it has several difficult trophies to earn. Once again, save scumming helps drastically but it remains a decent challenging list. Personally most of the problems were from the Star Ship game where you need to reach parsec 60. That game is broken regarding controls, as whenever you start a new run or load the save the controls may be unresponsive for 2-3 seconds, other than that, save scumming slows you down while you need to keep your speed very high to reach parsec 60. Therefore, I could save scum only at parsec 30 as a sort of checkpoint, for the rest I had the learn the (most common) pattern to take to clear that game. After some hours and being constantly stucked at parsec 59, I finally got the perfect run i needed. The rest of the difficult trophies were a matter of save scum for hours. I'm positive that Leo's Fortune will be gone from psnow as well, so I may finally push to clear it but I'm very sick of that game at this point. Cleared games: OlliOlli 2 Trials Fusion Raiden V Heavy Metal Machines Atari Flashback Classics Volume 1 The Guided Fate Paradox Skullgirls Encore Battle World: Kronos Atari Flashback Classics Volume 2 Remaining games: Leo's Fortune
  6. Thanks for the guide, it helped me to understand how to play. I was stucked on this for a few hours since I kept getting blocked paths, until I figured out the issue. A blocked path is not entirely RNG, if it happens it is because there is an obstacle in your SR Scan for the Course you want to pick. So the simple solution would be to SR Scan to check the situation and then move your ship in another sector (quadrant set to 0). After that you should be able to warp without problems.
  7. Taking the precautions I mentioned both for the gaming session and the lobby should be enough. The only way the kid knows the time must be from the fact the gaming session is not a placeholder, therefore a private organization should work to counter that, as well as teamwork in case the kid finds the lobby by accident.
  8. Theoretically there is no break of rules for simply joining a public lobby, so reporting to sony is pointless. If someone wants to bother me through messages, i trick them in telling me offensive stuff that I can report from my console afterwards, or if there is a sabouter in a boosting lobby, I keep killing them while I let the others in my group make some progress, or I can call some of them to give me further assistance if needed, better be slower but make progress rather than do nothing. With a good enough organization nobody can stop you unless you decide to bother some pros but those are tied to one game so they wouldn't follow you in others. I try to avoid boosting if possible, therefore I almost always have a group only for dead games. Boosting in alive games can have lots of issues, from the in-game report button to being indeed targeted. That was quite a problem in Battlefield Bad Company, it took several tries for my group to achieve some annoying medals, but eventually with a good organization and persistance everybody cleared the MP. I don't let people with barely any trophy to join my sessions as I don't see them being really interest (at least not for anything long), you could put this rule when looking for people so you won't find this kiddo anymore potentially disguised as a new account. If you use the gaming session's time as the meeting time, you should make it a placeholder instead, and organize the actual session privately through psn/discord with your group (I don't recommend to use psn though, just mentioning "boost" may get yourself banned there) by just asking everybody's schedule and noting them so you can find a day to play together. Unless it's a full group targeting you, you can stop that kid with the help of your group. Making progress of any type is already a win againt him. I have completed a lot of boosting sessions through a decent organization, and any sabouter (which were mostly just randoms finding my lobby) had been easily stopped.
  9. 8th game cleared. Battle Worlds: Kronos Difficulty: 5/10 Time spent: about 50h Fun: 4/10 This is a turn-based strategy game that, according to its background, looks like it is played in space, while in reality every battle takes place on Earth which is just renamed Kronos. The game is quite bad, because it runs horribly. It really looks like a ps2 game, since there is a frame drop every 5-10 seconds, and some of them last about 5 seconds, particularly when you quit from a menu. This fucks up your inputs and you can end in placing a unit somewhere where you didn't want to. Also any turn-based game that features lots of unit at once should allow to pick multiple units to move them with 1 command, or merge them into a group. Here it does not happen, so when you have an army of 20-30 units, you must move each one, everytime. You waste hours due to this. If this game was way faster, it would have been enjoyable, but it isn't, that's why this game is a decent UR mine since I guess people couldn't bear with this super slow game, The trophy list is one of the "best" I have ever seen of the category "I cba to think about some trophies to put in, let's just make them all the same", in fact all the trophies are the exact same thing: for every mission there are 3 trophies, one for clearing it, another for clearing the secondary objectives and the last one for not calling reinforcement. On top of that, some missions don't even have a secondary objective, yet they have a trophy for that which means you get said trophy for just finishing the mission... same action, 2 trophies, gj. Cleared games: OlliOlli 2 Trials Fusion Raiden V Heavy Metal Machines Atari Flashback Classics Volume 1 The Guided Fate Paradox Skullgirls Encore Battle World: Kronos Remaining games: Leo's Fortune Atari Flashback Classics Volume 2
  10. The only downside is that it is unknown when the next free ESO plus will happen. It's been a while since the last time, and I don't want to log in every week to check that since it takes something like 10min with my ps4 to make it through all the loading screens. I check the ESO website instead, although I don't know if the free trial events are communicated there. Hopefully I don't care about a 100% in my profile so I don't mind to keep the game unfinished.
  11. 7th game cleared. Skullgirls Encore. Difficulty: 2/10 Time spent: about 8h Nothing to say about this one, I would have skipped this if it wasn't on psnow. I have done the 2nd encore time ago so this one was quite easy to do. I genuinely thought this one was going to be slightly different from 2nd encore, instead it's just like that one but with less content, pretty much a stack (most of the trophies are the same as 2nd encore) with just some grind on it. Having a second controller will make most of the trophies way easier than what they'd be with the AI. I will do Atari Flashback vol.2 as my plat milestone #400, I already said I wasn't planning anything very difficult for this one due to my psnow sub expiring within some months. Cleared games: OlliOlli 2 Trials Fusion Raiden V Heavy Metal Machines Atari Flashback Classics Volume 1 The Guided Fate Paradox Skullgirls Encore Remaining games: Leo's Fortune Atari Flashback Classics Volume 2 Battle Worlds: Kronos
  12. 6th game cleared. The Guided Fate Paradox (1.53%) Difficulty: 6/10 Time spent: about 150h Fun: 5/10 Fun fact regarding my psnow sub: when it got the 50% sale for the 1y sub, it was the same price this game alone is sold, I got the sub just for this reason knowing that I could also do some other games as well. Anyway, this game is a JRPG where I just skipped every dialogue since I wasn't interested in the story at all, how the game works is that you go through a dungeon where for every move (up, down, left, right) the enemies to the same. The game is extremely punishing for a new player, therefore one of the hardest part is to clear the story for the first time since: you start super poor, you can't afford to do anything decent with your gear, the amount of money dropped from enemies is ridicolous the Burst system, when you use your gear for some time it gets a massive stats drop, which you can restore and strenghten at the blacksmith, but this operation is limited therefore the gear will eventually be fucked for good pretty soon. And since you start poor, you can't afford this operation for a while every item you had in your inventory when you die is lost forever the game can make you spam in a room surrounded by enemies, Without gear, you are already dead It takes some time into the game before you can finally start to counter all those downsides, after that you begin the longest part of the grind: make yourself powerful. Lots of saves, backups, deaths, RNG drop, and you will slowly become stronger and stronger. The trophy guide is not good since it pretends a lot more work in your grind than what you really need. It was satisfy, after all the grind, to have a powerful char and take care of the hardest post-game dungeon. To endure the grind you should have plenty of songs available to listen, otherwise you will go crazy with the enemies screaming "Yuppy!" "Weee" "Meow" etc. Cleared games: OlliOlli 2 Trials Fusion Raiden V Heavy Metal Machines Atari Flashback Classics Volume 1 The Guided Fate Paradox Remaining games: Leo's Fortune Atari Flashback Classics Volume 2 The house of the Dead 3 Skullgirls Encore
  13. 5th game cleared. Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 1 (0.93%) Difficulty: 4/10 (massive save scum abusage) Time spent: 5h Fun: 5/10 Well, I was expecting to spend somewhere between 15-20h, instead this was quite a quick platinum, even for using the save scum exploit (which consists in backing up your checkpoint, which you set wherever you want, so you can retry from there as many times as you wish). So this collection contains plenty of old games from Atari, I'm not a fan of these type of games but I don't dislike them either, some trophies are quite difficult unless you save scum them, particularly the rarest trophy requires to survive in an extremely difficult stage for about 30 seconds without dying, this is where save scumming goes beyond any decency as I have been doing that for every 2-4 seconds I could survive, definitely faster than trying it legit though. I will go for volume 2 soon, while volume 3 will have to wait for a while until it gets a decent sale. Cleared games: OlliOlli 2 Trials Fusion Raiden V Heavy Metal Machines Atari Flashback Classics Volume 1 Remaining games: Leo's Fortune The Guided Fate Paradox Atari Flashback Classics Volume 2 The house of the Dead 3 Skullgirls Encore
  14. After 10 years it happened: I got my first autopop/stack (Fall Guys), there was no other choice for me so I will accept this new entry in my profile and move on.

    I have some rules about what games I put in my profile, however I don't allow trophies to dictate how I should have fun, I want to continue playing Fall Guys (despite its cringe status) and so I will continue doing that.



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      I'm sorry I've got to delete you for this because it's absolutely despicable that you decided to taint your profile and all your hard work for a simple autopop... I thought you were better than this and your profile has gone from one of the best to one of the worst with only one terrible decision you've  made. 

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      I agree with Sergen. Sad to see you go down like this. Have you no shame?

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      Sorry guys, but quantity > quality, I decided to take a new path in my trophy hunting, it's reasonable that this decision completely reverts my friendships. I have already achieved one of the hardest platinums ever made (God of War) so I'm satisfied alrea and it's time to move from whUR to trophy whore. Goodbye then 😢

  15. SInce I'm keep getting asked how I approached this game I will leave my own experience here, there is not much to say about the game for a trophy hunter who just wants to get the 100%. Difficulty: 3/10 Time required: 20-30h General info: You don't need anyone for the 100% (apart from 1 win against another human, required to make the trophy for 100 wins to pop, according to some people), since the game features bots. There are different game modes, but everything must be done in the Play -> Casual mode. Be sure to turn off cross-play to reduce the odds to get a random. Apparently you can change region, I personally don't know how. After the first 3 matches you play, you will then need to wait 5 minutes in the matchmaking before you are pulled in a lobby, this applies for every single match, that's the reason for the 100% taking some dozens of hours. Self boosting, apart from the infamous 1 win, is not really much of a help, you could do that so that the enemy team has 3 active bots and the 4th is your alt afking (make it move otherwise the game will control it), but that won't make any real difference, actually it also means less kills. Be aware that if you do an assist kill, you will get credited for the kill as well, therefore it's not a problem if a bot steals your kill. Step 0: tutorial+money save There is no trophy for doing the tutorial but at least you will know what the purpose of the game is. The goal of every match is the same: 4v4 where you must get the bomb and drop it on the enemy base (the arrows will tell you where to go). Additionally, as you play you will inevitably clear some missions that will give you XP for the Metal Pass, be sure to manually claim your rewards there since you want the gold it gives and spend it for 3 machines I recommend for the 100%: Dare Devil (Interceptor class) Photon (Support class) Little Monster (Transporter class) Every day you have a limited choice of the machines you can use, but if you buy one you will always have access to it. In case you can't afford any machine yet and none of the proposed ones is available in the daily rotation, then replace Dare Devil with any other Interceptor class and stick with them until they hit level 5. Step 1: miscellaneous stuff Most of the grind will be about wins and kills. What i did first was to play some matches to get used to the game while trying the Ace of Spades trophy, which means killing the other team before anyone there would respawn again. Honestly I struggled a bit here but it was not the best way to go for this trophy because eventually I satisfied this requirement multiple times while grinding kills, so it's up to you if you want to bother with this trophy now or leave it as last (in the very unlikely case you will need it at the end). Apart from this trophy everything else is very simple so work on that stuff while getting wins. You should get: 10 kills 0 death in a match deliver 3 bombs in 1 match deliver a total of 10 bombs (cumulative, will happen for sure while grinding wins anyway) Step 2: Level 5 with all roles. This is where you may lack of kills, as you want to level up one machine for each role. Use the machines I listed in Step 0 (if possible): Dare Devil, he can drop mines which may help for the Ace of Spades trophy if you are lucky. Keep dropping mines while grinding wins with him Photon, be sure to use her healing skill on your bots when their are injured, since you want to repair a total of 33,333 HP (cumulative, self healing with the medikits scattered around does not count), it's not a big number and you will definitely reach that before the level 5 Little Monster, this is the best machine for a beginner in my opinion, get used to her skills so you will be unstoppable After the trophy, stick with Little Monster for the rest. Step 3: wins and kills. Driving for 300km and 70k damage are things that will inevitably unlock before you finish this step. What you want to do here is to use Little Monster and grind your kills and wins. If you focus on winning, you may get an average of 2-5 kills, while if you intentionally keep the bomb and not score you can get 60-100 kills (even more) in a match. So just balance the grind between the 2 things so that you can finish both the trophies more or less at the same time. My strategy for kills was, generally, to keep the ball and either push against my target (the frontal of Little Monster damages any opponent apart from the same machine of the opposite team if you both go frontal on each other) or use the L2 skill to bounce on enemies, and if the situation was a bit messy I'd move away for a bit and then try again. If you are chasing a bot with the bomb you can use R2 to attract them and damage them, as well as use L1 to get closer if needed. Your bots should help you to damage the enemies so in the end, once you get used to this method, you should be able to get several kills, and pretty much Ace of Spades as well. This ends your journey for the 100%. I think every trophy is self explanatory at this point.