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  1. I share my experience so that nobody will do my same mistake, as those Bloody Palace runs were ultra boring for me; this could also help anyone for future false flags. The House of Pain trophy is stricted to your save file, not to each trophy asking for a BP run with each character, so is best if you do constant back-ups if something goes wrong with your current save. Be aware that the auto-save function triggers only when you leave from the BP result screen, not before where you get the trophies; I left the game from the XMB button during the result screen after I did my first BP run as I had to go on another game, but doing so didn't save my run, in fact at the end of my last character I didn't get the gold trophy and checking my BP scores I noticed that for the first character I used for BP I had no saved score, doing the run again gave me the trophy. Moral of the story: be sure to go back to the missions select screen after your BP run, after 1-2h it is not too strange in my opinion to instant quit from XMB menu for being tired.
  2. Badland platinum achieved finally, after quite some stress.

    What I hate the most about dev are those who just release a game without even testing it properly, so when you see a dev called "Frogmind" you can't expect nothing good and have to prepare yourself to face crap things... it is only thanks to Floriiss and some lucky coincidence that the game is fully compleatable, I'm sure this could have been a Dragon Fin Soup 2 game.

    I would rate the single player part an 8.5 while the co-op was definitely the hardest one I have ever done and it was an 9.5 however me and my partner, ThanatosNinja2, weren't aware of a way easier strategy to complete the "No one dies" missions and we took the hard way, making papidadi proud.


    Well, now I have to redo all that hell again for ThanatosNinja2, although should be easier also with the no deaths missions' exploit; or I could just take a flight to Mexico and leave him alone... but I will resist... to such temptation....somehow....

    1. pot1414


      Let me be the first to congratulate you mate.No trophy can hide from you if you put your mind to it.

    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

  3. The main problem while doing this in co-op is that both player have not to mess and on top of this, you need luck. I thought it would have been better do this alone, and I was right. I went into the saws will all power ups like 10 times. I will try to explain as best as I can how to solo this mission (second player afk), assuming you have studied the Floriiss's vid as I won't repeat what he has said already. Why doing this solo? Huge advantage: only your mistakes exist; you can take breaks when you wish, play when you want Advantages: the second swing is easier to do, as there isn't your partner so you won't accidentally throw the power-up right to them you can control the speed at best when you have to do the second swing less luck, more skills based the power up can land in more places Disavantage: a 3rd swing to do Very important notes: the best way to go into the 2 saws is to land in a precise point. Putting a compass in the middle of the left middle saw, you want to land somewhere between NW and N (highest chances of success), then hold the stick toward the saw while you are getting transported to the power up the part about leaving from the saws is 100% luck, you have to take off upwards to the gap then hold the stick toward the right saw, and hope for the best Ok, so the first time i got the power up i was hyped so i messed with the share button and so rip clip; so i tried again to do the mission, the 2 possible strategies occured but I just didn't manage to escape from the saws, however that part is 100% luck so it won't hurt. The 2 strategies both involve the power up to bounce and reach the saw to being transported into the size decrease power up, at that point you can go into the saws and then go out. I'm not Floriiss, I won't give you a well done vid, sorry. I can only give you the vid and explain below what i did and what is supposed to happen. Ok, let's start with the first case (0:00-0:15): what happens in this case is that you fail to throw the power up but it is still possible to swing it again, this part is all about instinct, you want to make the power up to follow you but when it is quite close you take the saw to escape and the power up will then bounce to the right spot. This strategy is actually your plan B to attempt when you do the second swing wrongly. Second case: since there is no second player, you don't have to worry to throw the power up too high as long as it goes over the green power up. Once it has passed, it is important that the power up does not get transported from a saw, because you now have to perform a 3rd swing. To do this, stay a bit far, then you have to go fast very slightly above the power up and then into the saw above you, this should trigger a swing which will throw the power up. However, this is very luck based, because the power up could bounce right to you, messing the whole thing; in the vid it bounced on the top right, however usually it goes on the top left. It is impossible to say where you should stay to not get it, you may want to pause the game to figure out where it is going to go, be aware that most of times it will bounce on you. That's it; but be aware that this is NOT the easy way, you will still have few chances to do this, this is just an alternative solution.
  4. As a LP2 plat achiever I can confirm that this is just an hack. It is not possible to get the gold trophy without first all the other trophies, CTTE requires all noms the guerre, and each trophy in the game has a nom de guerre associated.
  5. Badland requires some workaround in order to complete the missions, and some people may have troubles to figure out how to pass a mission. Almost always the problem is from a mission which requires to save N clones. So I make this thread as a help. Before going further, be aware of 3 very important tricks: regroup clones: while tapping the X button (or whatever you use), move the stick left and right, this will allow you to regroup your clones single row: hold the X button against the roof or make the group land on the ground vertical row: just like the single file, but in this case you will make the group to crash into a vertical obstacle (not lethal of course) Be aware that there can be other type of movements you can do to regroup the clones: at times tapping X, other times moving slowly behind... these are intuitive actions that, as a human, you should be able to figure out, especially by playing. This is a game where the experience gained by playing is crucial, more than in most of other games. So, looking for vids on yt i could only find this: In this channel you can find the 3 stars (missions) guide for each level... BUT! there are 2 serious problems with this: the vids have been done with the original version of badland, which has at times easier obstacles, or they even do not exist (unlike in the GOTY, which is the version you are playing) he goes often for all 3 missions at once, this is highly unrecommended because you won't save time at all, the missions can be tricky already, the last thing you want to do is to make them even harder; you want to do them 1 by 1, not to mention that, once again, you have the GOTY version which is harder So, I have made a specific type of vids for those missions where you may have troubles, which means almost entirely the clones' missions, I have almost never combined that with another mission which means I could intentionally skip some power ups or restart from a checkpoint; in fact i have often cut the vids to not show you useless parts, but just the one from where is important to make your strategy (before that you can play as you wish, or even prepare yourself better with previous power ups if you really want so). Only rarely I have made a vid for the other type of missions if I found them harder than usual; you don't need a vid for very straightforward missions as they just require you to study the level, same for the levels where saving a specific amount of clones is very clear, example there is a power up for clones right before the end. If you are stucked in a mission i don't show, please refer to the first link I have provided, even if is the original version of Badland that should be more than enough, is also good if you can't find a mine for a mission. That's all, this is my playlist for single player:
  6. 100% ESO (for now), it was quite an adventure with fun, grind, dramas, white knights and more shit, just like an MMO is supposed to be.

    I have been using a Healer character.

    The most absurd fact is that the 100% took me less than 600h of gameplay, less than what SO4 took me, how could that be the hell possible? because I have been in the most ideal situation thanks to some special people I gotta thank for all the huge help/carry they have given to me.


    First I have to thank @Sergen who has taught me all the bases of the game, crafted me some good gears that i could have not made by myself without first spending hundreads of hours of grind and very painful solo learning; gave me the highest possible amounts of tips for Emperor and also actually helped me to achieve that while arguing with a child and a bunch of his asslickers; gave me materials, potions, buff foods, and many other things a rookie could not have due to the initial lack of gold; made me get a good bunch of level ups by carrying me with the fastest XP grind method; grinded with me some gears I needed; has been always helpful and available whenever i was stucked in the game (so A LOT of times); helped me, when i finally had a good level for my character, for pretty much all the hard trophies of the games aka the dungeons.

    I surely have forgotten something because i really lost the count in all the help I got in this game, and there are very few people who would really help someone for so much time for free, so I'm extremely grateful to Sergen for all of this, thanks 🙂.


    I also have to thank Aexzia, the second person who has been playing with me a lot, she was the second person of the group who has been so kind to carry me to get all the hard trophies from the dungeons, as well as giving me some foods and potions, tips, insults toward my bad initial character, some level ups, gears grind, and once again I forgot all the help I have received, her help was immense as well so thanks a lot 🙂.


    I also want to thank @Darkette , who gave me some tips as well and all his baits so i could do the fishing part of this game without really have to grind for baits or buy them for an amount of gold which would have been quite high, thank you 🙂.


    I'm also grateful to a not trophy hunter but a stable ESO player, woogiewoo, a nice tank and person who was in the group as well and has been patience enough to accomplish the trophies I needed.

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    2. VirtualNight


      I used what I have been suggested to use by friends, I didn't look for the builds on internet.

    3. DamagingRob


      That's some feat, nicely done!

    4. ihadalifeb4this
  7. I wouldn't be impressed if Sony made those games free with ps+ eventually, sounds like something they would definitely do.
  8. I see several seriously too high difficulties for very overrated games, which is the only thing I could complain about (unless you have used a poll from a site). The work you have put on this is absurd, congrats. PS: Wipeout HD was given free after the hackers' attack, not from ps+, same for Infamous 1 (if you have added that) and 3 other games I don't remember anymore.
  9. If i recall correctly, all skills are usable without any enemy around, just activate them once, the only exception is one about the mind control, for that one you clearly need an enemy to posses.
  10. Another whUr thread... so disgusting... ... ... Anyway: Lost Planet 2 (0.13%) Time Crisis: Razing Storm (0.15%) Warhawk (0.36%) Persona 4 Arena (0.38%) MotoGP 10/11 (0.46%) Not much, but now with my PS4 era I can earn better plats like eso, I am Bread and Badland soon, and many more in the future. Power to the whURs!
  11. I managed to achieve the "Cooling Your Heels" trophy in ESO after a couple of attempts and a lot of heart attacks.

    While still alive, I want to hugely thanks @Sergen and Aexzia for carrying me through that challenge and having had the patience to stand my noobness, thanks a lot for this and for the rest you have done for me so far 👏.


    My no life rush in a nice company on ESO keeps going on, before the future nerfs will fuck the game 🏍️

    1. PermaFox


      Now THAT is an achievement!  Congrats!  Damn I love that game!

  12. I don't take position for other games other than warhawk as I don't know them. For Warhawk you got in 1 hour a trophy that takes 4 hours to unlock, so you have to explain how is that possible in order to have a valid defence, i have never heard about an exploit to unlock that trophy earlier.
  13. On a side note, a bunch of people currently watching this is part of a specific Discord server. So I'm not impressed the OP got 4 likes. If a friend of mine turns out to be an hacker i wouldn't defend their dispute. My tone may sound rude, well it adapted to eawalks's one, if the OP cares about the dispute he can defend himself, instead of having one of those discord server participant to talk for him with bunch of lies.
  14. Honest comments, tyvm You tried to lie, I exposed you, simple.
  15. I will assume the OP is talking through the eawalks's soul. Funny thing is that I know the veterans, if i see an ID i know if they are dedicated warhawk players; especially in the last years where the community was restricted, so getting the trophies in 2016 means I would remember you if you were a veteran player. Sigoo, zibmastor, steedleyleo, MALO clan being the knowest ranked rooms host of the last years, Cut3girl, jabbaelhunt, Marquise101HVC, Papito8143, Viper_1234, just to name some of the warhawk veterans that can deserve to being nominated... who the fuck are you 😂. Name a bunch of other people who don't have a yt channel if you know any, if you are a veteran you must know. I recommend to close this dispute, is just a bunch of lies now from the possessed easwalks.