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  1. I boosted some M4 kills in "Marty's Bar" which I found a better place than "Branco Headquartes", at least with some other active boosters: it has a big open area in the middle so everyone can just run there easily, also I think it is a DLC map (I don't know which one it belongs to) so there should be less randoms.
  2. Thanks a lot for the list, I will examinate these possibilities in the future.
  3. I don't really know, I got the keyboard a lot of years ago, I just know is a Trust. I didn't know about the ps4's device settings, however even with that I'm unable to bound keys. The keyboard itself works on the xmb menu so it is definitely plugged in.
  4. I got a xim4 as a gift, but I could not avoid my bad luck to strike even there. My old keyboard is not compatible with it, I already updated the xim4 manager and tried multiple times but nothing works, my keyboard is not recognized when I try to assign a button to a key (K). So I'd like to hear some suggestions for a new keyboard. I'm looking for something as cheap as possible and that works with the minimal delay for Crypt purpose. I don't need anything "cool" but that simply does its job properly when paired with a xim4. I'm aware that there is a list of compatible keyboards ( ) however I have no idea which ones are the cheapest and do not have a relevant delay issue for Coda/Bolt.
  5. I'm gonna leave my experience with the other difficult trophy, Experienced Player, which I think is harder than Absolute Domination. Once again, if you own the Power Pack DLC; you won't have problems. This other trophy is incredibly stupid since realistically impossible, because of a win with a team of Expert. First of all, it is important to be aware of the following: you can NOT go in breakaway with a climber. The Peloton is scripted to catch you back immediately. However, if the climber is behind lots of time from the top position, he can actually have a chance to breakaway. This rule applies exclusively to you: an AI rider, whoever he is (except for your team), can go in breakaway and not be catched you can not keep up with the top climbers in some stages. I'm referring to stages 14, 18, 19 since there are lots of climbs and your rider will not have enough stamina to keep up against Contador. Your goal is to lose as less seconds as possible here the guide on TrueAchievements is almost entirely wrong (unless xbox version is easier), so don't think that this trophy is going to be as doable as mentioned there Why is the guide wrong? most likely the suggested rider is the only one you can do this run with, so I agree on that point the guide says you can get a minute or so from Contador on stage 2. That's quite false, in my experience his team is always either 1st or 2nd so the idea to beat it by over a minute sounds unreal. My best was an advantage from him of 19 seconds, maybe you can go up to 25 seconds* I do believe there is a way to get over a minute from Contador on stage 2, but is entirely RNG and it is what i think has happened when I had used a Pro team. There is a spot not too far after the 2nd checkpoint (I think) where a team has a small potential to fuck up and slow down entirely. I saw that happening once on a team ahead of me and I was blocked by them since they splitted along the entire road before they started gaining speed again. Chance for this to happen to Contador are almost null, but if it happens then try to do your best to set a good time. This glitch may almost grant you the entire run Don't worry about Schlick brothers. I really never see them being as dangerous as Contador, they should also perform very bad on the individual crono now a crucial statement. The guide says that on stage 18 and 19 you can get a great margin from Contador. This is entirely false. Despite there are quite some turns, there is always a simulated section afterwards. Since the peloton is scripted to catch you back, any margin you can get from the turns will be nullified and you will be again with the peloton way before you reach the next playable section Now, winning the tour with all what has been said is just impossible. You are going to need A LOT of RNG to have a chance. On my current run, which I don't know yet if it is gonna work or not, all of the following has happened. On stage 2, I won over Contador for 19 seconds. Until stage 11, I always had 0 seconds from Contador per stage, apart from stage 2 of course. Observation #1: I believe that if a breakaway happens and it is not catched before the last section, Contador will get ultra mad and start racing at a rythm that is entirely impossible to keep up with (if the last section is a mountain one). If that happens, reload a save to try the stage before the breakaway and this time, just like with Absolute Domination, deny any breakaway by following it with Taaramae. Observation #2: it looks like if you keep blocking Contador whenever he tries to surpass you at the top of the group during a steep climb, he may get a bit softer. Other than block, I also brake a bit in front of him. Stage 12: here, unbelievably, I won over Contador by over 45 seconds (Van den Drouk won by 26 seconds on me, but he should not be a danger for the yellow jersey). I was having problems in this stage since Contador kept winning with some margin. So, I decided to try a different approach on the last section. Since going at slow pace along with the peloton seems to only help Contador, I decided to go to the first position and keep a rythm of 166bpm, increasing it if the other riders were faster or were trying to attack (or to catch up with another rider, in this case I kept an effort of about 174bpm). If one attacks, I'd say is very guaranteed that Contador will attack as well so I just increase the effort as soon as possible so minimize the advantage Contador is going to get on me. Keeping going like that (and blocking Contador several times), at some point (I'd say it was like 4km from finish) Drouk attacked so I increased my effort, however I noticed that the rest of the riders were not increasing the effort to catch me up, so at that point I kept my effort at about 174bpm, increasing it more before the tight turns since the AI slows down there but I don't need to. And that's how the stage went for me. I don't know if this strategy was a very lucky coincidence where the script didn't work properly so the riders didn't try to catch me up (no way Contador had no stamina left while I still had plenty of it), I will need to experiment on the other mountain stages as well. This scenario seems to be possible exclusively on this stage. 0 seconds of improvement/lost (the aggressive strategy worked for stage 14 where I managed to not lose any second) until stage 17. This stage is crucial, make it to the last section where, inevitably, the game wil put your somewhere from the middle downwards in the peloton. Try to reach the first echelon before the mountain goal, from there you must use all the turns at your advantage to get some time from Contador. After all the turns, keep going at about 177 bpm and attack at the end. I got 1min 18sec from Contador, you can get even more. Expect lots of practice in all this. As you see, just this time alone is not enough to win the tour, in my case those seconds I earned from stage 2 and 12 help a lot. Now I have to see if I can stay first for the tremendous next 3 stages. Observation #3: Contador's scripts (relevant from stage 18 onwards) all riders are dependant from Contador during the final section, if it is a climb. If he is somehow behind several positions, every single rider will slow down until Contador gets back to first positions. If enough time passes without him going to the first position, then the script will be nullified and the riders will get back to a moderate speed which is still lower than what it would be with Contador at the first place if you block Contador long enough for the previous script to be cancelled, the moment he manages to get free he will rocket himself straight to the first echelon. He could be even 3min far from the echelon, yet he will get there in a couple of seconds without consuming any stamina every rider will protect Contador and make him pass if he wants to attack/surpass. Basically, the exact opposite of what AI does to you blocking Contador (theory): force him to go on one side and stay in front of him, however you must leave a very tight space on this side, enough to he can pass there, then quickly close it a bit if he tries to surpass you and immediately restore that space again. If you don't do this, he will move to the other side and make you eat his dust. All this process has the main goal to allow as many other riders as possible to be in the peloton/echelon and hope that there will be a long enough line at the finish line to lose 0 seconds when you cross it Stage 18 and 19, lost 19 seconds each (each one is improvable though, I'd say down to about 10sec). With these numbers, at the end of stage 20 I had +6sec from Contador. So, you are forced to have one of these events to happen in your run: stage 2, you get over a minute from Contador due to a glitch (if you can't, don't forget to get at least 19sec regardless)* stage 12, you reproduce what I did and get at least 35secs from Contador you get over 40sec anywhere else apart from stage 17 (where you get another advantage) due to Contador falling off his bike toward the end of a climb stage, an event that is pretty much unique On stage 20 Contador seems to beat you for about 1m 40sec (greatly varies due to RNG, occasionally he may even win the stage and beat you very bad by almost 3min), do your own calculations/extimations about how much time you think you need to have before this stage. Doing some math, it seems you can avoid the big RNG only if you can get 1min 30sec from stage 17 and 30sec from stage 2 and, somehow, never lose seconds on stages 18 and 19, which in my opinion is definitely impossible. *Important: while playing intermediate team, I noticed that on stage 2 the Contador's team was finished already. His team was still racing during my Expert run instead. The difference is that if Contador's team has finished before you start, it will set a bit worse score than what it does if it races while you do too. Unfortunately I don't know if teams' order for this stage is fixed or is dependant from something. The only difference I recall is that on Expert I ended in 2nd place on stage 1, while on Intermediate I was behind a few dozens of riders. Reloading the save during result screen on stage 1 will not change the order though.
  6. Recently I booted up my ps4 to download a game to help a friend in a near future, and I was shocked when I got a notification from psn that I haven't claimed the monthly ps+ games yet. I definitely forgot to do that, but what is amazing is that such notification even exists, I'd have never expected that sony could make that, damn this crazy world we live on...

    1. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      I almost missed it this time around too, and was also grateful for that notification! I'm glad they opted to do this ☺️

  7. Thank you, I just got my 3rd green bat through thIs daily 👍
  8. Due to all the difficulties I'm finding in this game and the lack of info, I'd like to keep a sort of diary about my journey (if it ever ends) toward Absolute Domination. I will leave my personal experiences with the stages and the leaderboards. I don't own the "Power pack" dlc because it is delisted, I'm sure the plat difficulty drops to like 4/10 from what I have seen so far, because I think you can just attack at the last 2km and get a small advantage, then feed and attack again and win. For every stage. I envy you if you have the luxury to own that dlc. I use Team Guepard. Note that Stage 20 is an individual crono, where Schlick won't win and therefore will lose some seconds of advantage in the Standings leaderboard. When the mountain stages begin you should start getting a good margin of win from the others, therefore by the time you reach stage 20 you should most likely have 3m of margin from the 2nd rider, who will surely not be one of the best crono riders as well as several below him. So, in the end, what I mean is that Schlick could theoretically be caught in the standings leaderboard, but at the same time all those in the top 20 or so are not a good crono either, so you should be safe enough. Personally I had over 3min of margin and after that stage I had still 3min and something. ------------------- Stage 1: the beginning was truly awful, but thanks to Beatminaz's tips posted in this thread I managed to win the first stage, with A. Schlick --------- Stage 2: a team crono, I didn't find any difficult here, I won with a margin of 4 seconds from the second team (Sky Pro Cycling). One of my riders couldn't keep up with the rest of the team but since he was the 6th and also the weakest of my riders (i think? I don't remember and I don't know how Standings Leaderboard works), it didn't matter. After this stage I stopped playing for a while so I don't remember much, but I think the key was to correctly alternate each rider and keep a good and not excessive effort until the last kms where I used one rider (I think was Cuncellara) to lead the relay until the end. -------- Stage 3: flat stage, used Binnati the whole time. Here I spent something like 8h before I finally won. I couldn't make Beatminaz's way to work since I kept having these problems during the last 500m: most of riders are faster than me, even if I counter attack (I may surpass them and then be quickly surpassed) if i try to delay the attack, someone goes behind me, and counter attacks immediately when I attack. If I don't attack, he neither does until the end all this with full red stamina, yellow almost full, 3/4 of health Looking around, I accidentally found an obscure website with an italian guy doing a sort of review for this game and sharing his experience. Here, he said he won the stage 3 with Binnati by attacking at 1,2km from the finish line, so i decided to try like that. Initially, I couldn't win since at the last 100m I was always reached. Then I failed a win for 10m (I'd say even less; a truly heart-breaking experience), but the next one i won by less than half a second from the second rider. The whole run has been won with this strategy: Binnati, no team orders for the whole stage since they weren't helping in any way, quite the opposite actually. I sticked with the peleton which kept quite a low effort for the entire first section, I found myself having to slow down to stay like that because I wanted to save as much energy as I could. I always stayed behind a rider, I don't think there is any advantage to stay in the front and lead the effort of the group, I think is better to stay behind someone else instead. 4 riders went in breakaway but I didn't follow them, I sticked with the peleton. Simulated sections, the breakaway got a 10m of advantage, not a problem because none of the 4 was in a good position (nor a good sprinter I think) in the leaderboard for the sprint so I let them get their intermediate sprint, however at some point during the second playable section I attacked a bit (not a few meters before the sprint, i did this way earlier to separate myself from the peleton) so I could be the 5th to hit the intermediate sprint, after that I went back to small effort. Simulated section, I quickly got reached by the peleton and sticked with them, at the end the breakaway had only 1min of advantage so they were not a problem for the final. Last part. Here, I sticked with the peleton which was now putting a high effort, I kept doing this until the last 2km: here, somewhere at 1,8km I increased my effort to reach the first positions, then at about 1,2km I held the effort button to increase the effort bar (from what I understood, the attack/sprint is at its best efficiency when the effort bar is full) and then I held the attack (which began behind another rider, I think this is very important due to slipstream, then I just surpassed him) all the way to the end. As already said, first try I lost for nothing, second try I won. Leaderboards (overall results): Standings . 1st A. Schlick 9h 1m 15s ; 2nd to 5th my other riders +8s ; 6th to 10th Sky Pro Cycling +13s ; ... ; 64th Binnati +1m 20s Sprint - 1st Binnati 76pts ; 2nd Freire 58pt ; ... ; 12th A. Schlick 20pts Mountain - 1st A. Schlick 2pts ; 2nd Turgot 1 pts (he got the point from the -4 mountain goal on stage 3. A -4 is definitely not worth to go for, so I guess i will ignore those). No one else in the leaderboard at the moment. Time spent on this run so far: 15h ------- Stage 4 20h... before I finally won. This was another excessively difficult stage to figure out. All the sections before the final one are not a problem, however going in breakaway is just impossible. Use Binnati first, do an attack at 2km before the intermediate sprint and you should be fine. Last section, use A. Schlick. The final part is a big problem, there is an almost straight 1,5km before a small climb which gets steeper and steeper, but despite that, you can not make a good distance from the peloton. It takes some RNG to make this to work: what I did was to stick with the peloton until the last km, from here I kept an effort of about 176 bpm while being first (if other riders are doing a bigger effort you have no chance to win I think) and at less than 600m I attacked. Is very hard for me to say if this distance is correct, I didn't pay too much attention because after all these hours I was used to the track so I wasn't really watching the km left, however the idea is that when you attack, you do that and stop briefly by pressing O a bit after the turn on the left, then resume the attack again until the red stamina is gone, now hold O all the way to the finish, but always look behind you because Gulbert is OP in this kind of finish (he has the same stat for Hill as yours but he has a way better resistance as well), you want to not let him past so block him and hope for the best. I won by nothing. Leaderboards (overall results): Standings . 1st A. Schlick 13h 3m 50s ; 2nd to 4th my other riders +8s ; 5th to 8th Sky Pro Cycling +13s Sprint - 1st Binnati 96pts ; 2nd Freire 88pt ; Freire is a massive pain, he got closer because of this stage where he ended 3rd. From now on, I can never let him get a top position in any sprint. Mountain - 1st A. Schlick 6pts ; 2nd Gulbert 2 pts Time spent on this run so far: 35h ----- Stage 5 Am I dreaming? an easy stage?? Here, a relevant problem incomes, which is about the Standings LB. Initially, I won by breakaway with Binnati, however since A.Schlick was in the peloton (and he performs VERY bad if left to the AI control), he lost his #1 Standings, so the jersey went to another rider.... and this is not allowed for Absolute Domination because you must keep the yellow jersey for the entire tour. So I tried again and it was simple, however you need to do something. I think there is a very high chance for a breakaway to happen and if so, the peloton seems to have no chance to catch up. To prevent this, during the second section I... did not do things properly, I picked Binnati and told A. Schlick to protect me, then when i saw another rider attacking, I told A. Schlick to attack as well (this could happen over 5km before the intermediate sprint), then I attacked afterwards and FINALLY told Schlick to stop the attack when my red stamina was almost depleted. In all this, my plan was to win the sprint with Binnati and have Schlick to go in breakaway, however this last has won the sprint instead. I decided to accept this because the breakaway happened and Freire performed bad at the sprint. The breakaway got caught, and this was my plan. Because, as Beatminaz said above, the other teams tend to catch up the breakaway if Schlick is there, so by this way I prevented a breakaway to happen and avoided that it could win. Last section with A. Schlick, stick with the peloton and to the first positions during the last 4km or so (watch out, AI goes hard here, your effort will most likely go over 180 bpm at times) at 1km try to be first then at 700m attack. You should win. I did one mistake, I do recommend to tell Binnati to protect you so that he is next to you when you are at 700m, at that point you already want to have the attack order ready, then tell him to attack and you attack as well. You do this because of the Sprint LBs, I didn't do that and because of that Freire got closer. Leaderboards (overall results): Standings . 1st A. Schlick 16h 38m 10s ; 2nd to 4th my other riders +8s ; 5th to 9th Sky Pro Cycling +13s Sprint - 1st Binnati 111pts ; 2nd Freire 106pt Mountain - 1st A. Schlick 6pts ; 2nd Gulbert 2 pts Time spent on this stage: 1h Time spent on this run so far: 36h ---- Stage 6 Won on first try, despite there was a 11min breakaway (along with Binnati). Binnati was used at the beginning and flew away with the breakaway, then won the intermediate sprint. Last section, used A.Schlick, the Ai does not seem to bother at all for the mountain goal so I just went for it by attacking at 300m, then won the stage by attacking at...600m. Since this was my first try, I wasn't confident with the stage so I don't think I picked a great distance, I had to block the 2nd rider next to the end in order to win. Due to the big steep I could not tell Binnati to stay with me and attack to let him get a good position. Now I'm a bit worried about the Sprint LB, as Freire is doped as hell I guess (always reaches the end as 2nd or 3rd) and surpassed Binnati. Leaderboards (overall results): Standings . 1st A. Schlick 21h 52m 45s ; 2nd Hagen +13s ; 3rd 4th my riders +16s Sprint - 1st A. Schlick 150pts ; 2nd Freire 132pts ; 3rd Binnati 131pts Mountain - 1st A. Schlick 7pts ; 2nd Charteau 4 pts Time spent on this stage: less than 1h Time spent on this run so far: approx. 37h ----- Stage 7 Am I too good now? 😂 Nah, I guess is just a bit of a break the tour is giving me, the last 3 stages have been very easy. Flat stage, this helped a lot to get back my #1 in Sprint Leaderboard. Nothing to say here really, use Binnati the whole time, go in breakaway if someone tries so, win the intermediate sprint, then at the last section tell A.Schlick to protect you but never tell him to attack (he was tired for me). I had a strange scenario where during the last 1.5km or so the AI slowed down a bit, so I went first to relay but the AI wasn't keeping up with my effort so I got about 4 seconds of advantage, then attacked at 700m and won by 12 seconds over everyone. My concern now goes to the energy of Binnati and A. Schlick, will it be alright? the game says something about saving energy is the key to win the tour, I hope is the common bullshit tip you get from games. The tour is still long... Leaderboards (overall results): Standings . 1st A. Schlick 26h 34m 10s ; 2nd Hagen +13s ; 3rd 4th my riders +16s Sprint - 1st Binnati 196pts ; 2nd Freire 155pts ; 3rd A.Schlick 150pts Mountain - 1st A. Schlick 7pts ; 2nd Charteau 4 pts Time spent on this stage: less than 1h Time spent on this run so far: approx. 37h ---- Stage 8 From now on, you should know the drill, so I will only report unusual events and when I attacked. You should know when use Binnati and when A. Schlick, and if there is a breakaway that you can't catch up, restart and use A. Schlick for the first section to prevent the breakaway to succeed. I got the -2 mountain goal here. Toward the end, the AI may try a trap by constantly attacking. Don't get fooled and stick within the first positions of the peloton, then attack at 600m. Leaderboards (overall results): Standings . 1st A. Schlick 31h 30m 40s ; 2nd Wiggins +21s Sprint - 1st Binnati 216pts ; 2nd Freire 172pts ; 3rd A.Schlick 170pts Mountain - 1st A. Schlick 16pts ; 2nd Charteau 4 pts Time spent on this stage: 1h Time spent on this run so far: approx. 38h --- Stage 9 Here, Binnati has no chance to stick with the peloton, hopefully the same is for Freire. I used only A. Schlick, I tried to prevent a breakaway as usual, however one rider succeded at it, so in the entire stage I only won the first mountain goal. Another problem is that Binnati used a lot of energy, I don't think this can be avoided in any way, maybe you can save a bit if you constantly order him to save energy. Sprint won with A. Schlick just to scale down points for the other riders, at the end I attacked at about 1.5km after the tight turn until I had half of red stamina, then saved it and atatcked again at about 300m. Standings - 1st A. Schlick 37h 25m 35s ; 2nd Wiggins +21s Sprint - 1st A. Schlick 220pts ; 2nd Binnati 216pts ; 3rd Freire 172pts Mountain - 1st A. Schlick 21pts ; 2nd Gurdemann 15pts ; 3rd Pineau 8 pts Time spent on this stage: 1h Time spent on this run so far: approx. 39h ---- Stage 10 I thought to make Binnati "rest" but no, he is definitely the one to use, especially because Freire will compete for the win and also because as Beatminaz said, this stage along with 11 counts as flat for the points. Began with Binnati, won the intermediate, attacked at 900m from the finish. Standings - 1st A. Schlick 41h 17m 47s ; 2nd Wiggins +21s Sprint - 1st Binnati 281pts ; 2nd A. Schlick 220pts ; 3rd Freire 218pts Mountain - 1st A. Schlick 23pts ; 2nd Gurdemann 15pts ; 3rd Pineau 8 pts Time spent on this stage: 1 try Time spent on this run so far: approx. 39h --- Stage 11 During the sprint section, 2 riders tried the breakaway immediately when the section began. It was difficult to order A. Schlick to protect me (he takes ages to reach me, in the meantime the breakway got like 30 seconds) then attack. Then protect me again and keep a high effort to catch up the Echelon, I got 2nd at the sprint but what mattered is that Schlick managed to follow me so the breakaway failed. The end is like stage 3, and the same strategy I had used there worked. Sticked with peloton, held attack at 1.2km. Won with Binnati. Standings - 1st A. Schlick 45h 30m 11s ; 2nd Wiggins +21s Sprint - 1st Binnati 341pts ; 2nd Freire 255pts ; 3rd A. Schlick 233pts ; Mountain - 1st A. Schlick 25pts ; 2nd Gurdemann 16pts ; 3rd Pineau 8 pts Time spent on this stage: 1h Time spent on this run so far: approx. 40h --- Stage 12 Win the sprint with Binnati, then everything else with A. Schlick. You definitely wanna win the mountain goals. I attacked at 700m, however I chose this distance because the AI lost 2-3 seconds from me while I was leading the peloton. Maybe 600m is a better distance to attack. Standings - 1st A. Schlick 51h 28m 18s ; 2nd Rodriguez +51s Sprint - 1st Binnati 361pts ; 2nd Freire 263pts Mountain - 1st A. Schlick 95pts ; 2nd Contador 35pts Time spent on this stage: 1h Time spent on this run so far: approx. 41h --- Stage 13 These mountain steep sectors are quite a boring thing to be honest. Win with Schlick, attack at 600m, there is a turn at 300m I wasn't aware of, I slowed down a bit to not fall. Standings - 1st A. Schlick 55h 27m 09s ; 2nd Rodriguez +1m 1s Sprint - 1st Binnati 381pts ; 2nd A. Schlick 273pts ; 3rd Freire 272pts Mountain - 1st A. Schlick 115pts ; 2nd Rodriguez 41pts Time spent on this stage: 1h Time spent on this run so far: approx. 42h Well, looks like after the first 4 stages the AI is way less aggressive. I also think I'm good with the leaderboards as well so the run should be done anytime soon. I won't add more stages here since they all look just tedious now and if you made it this far, you definitely know everything. ---- Stage 20 For this individual crono, just pick A. Schlick and restart until you see that Cuncellara (your team rider) has won, at that point just finish your own race with any result. This easy trick will not deny the trophy, since Cuncellara is in your team and the wins from other riders in your team count as well.
  9. The map has a different name when you can vote it. It's called "UFE HQ", also "Holding Cells" is eligible for the trophy.
  10. Tier 1 update: PixelJunk Eden (0.62%) - 100% ✅ Pac-Man Musem (0.36%) - 100% ✅ Medieval Moves (0.80%) - 100% ✅ Tour de France 2011 (0.35%) - 7% VVVVVV (NA; 0.43%) - 28% The easy part is done, although was a difficult one to do. Now I can't wait to get pissed with Tour De France instead, grindy and difficult.
  11. Finally I got 500,000 score. Eventually, by keep playing I have learned better strategies to form good patterns for pac-man. What matters the most is to learn to rotate the blocks very quickly (aka know if it is better use or ) and place them where you want to, The most important info is that the higher level, the more points. So even if the beginning is slow, eventually you get always more points, is a matter of keep trying and afterwards the improvement will come without that you even notice it. If you get the fairy at the bottom, you get 10,000 points the first time, then an additional 10,000 for the next fairy and so on, however , when grinding 100 fairies, I once had the fairy at the bottom and, for unknown reason, I got 100,000 points instead. I have no idea why, maybe you get this if you can place 2 fairies in a row at the bottom. Is a crazy amount of points that can help a lot. My first times I couldn't go over 200,000 points, then I suddently found myself hitting 350,000 a good amount of times, then I once got 430,000 and finally I got over 500,000
  12. @Copanele I'd like to join this event. Initially I didn't want to because I'm pretty lazy when is time to do some UR games, but during this year I have been doing overally well, so why not? there is also a good cause involved as well, so it is definitely worth to join in, even if I'm quite late. People have been doing a great job here, congrats to all! This is my Tier 1 list: PixelJunk Eden (0.62%) - 20% Pac-Man Musem (0.32%) - 14% Medieval Moves (0.81%) - 16% Tour de France 2011 (0.35%) - 7% VVVVVV (NA; 0.43%) - 0%
  13. With only 2 games left to do, I went into Pac Attack (the tetris one). I spent just about 5h so far however any relevant improvement seems miles away, my score always varies between 180,000 and 210,000 (don't forget you start with 100,000 points already) and I don't know what the main strategy should be. Forming long combo of ghosts doesn't seem so efficient since the points awarded are not that big and also the situation tends to mess up where eventually some ghosts are either one on top of others or some terrible blocks force me to drop the ghosts somewhere else away from the main chain, which all culminates into too many blocks and more ghosts incoming and ultimately I get a game over. Instead, trying to form a 4-6 ghosts chain seems to keep the situation handleable, until about lv 28 where the blocks fall at lightning speed and there is a massive spam of ghosts, and the block with pac-man gives him almost always turned in the opposite direction, all that just creates a giant wall filled with ghosts everywhere and then I inevitably get a game over. I doubt I will receive any reply, but does anyone have a good strategy to survive long enough to get the master stamp?
  14. One rule I follow is to not do stacks, I like how my profile looks like without them and if I want to play again a game I can do that without bothering with the trophies or I can just use an alt. However, this can also be a double-edged weapon.


    Elder Scrolls Online got a new list for ps5, which has the same trophies as the ps4 one (obviously without the additional list being separated from the main one). No auto-pop aside from 2-3 easy trophies. If you have the game for ps4, you can upgrade it for free for ps5. This improves the game itself, making it better to enjoy. Everything carries over, except the trophies which must be done again (maybe with a new character?).


    So, what does this mean in the end for me? if I want to play a better ESO, I have to do the related stack as well, which is something I don't want to. So I'm just stucked with the ps4 version solely because I don't want a stack in my profile. I feel bad that trophies can alterate my gaming like that.


    I thought I could do extremely rare exception for those very few games I really like, but honestly, I feel satisfied with the experience I had with ESO which I still play only for the new dlcs or to get rid of the 400% XP bonus I automatically acquire every 24h. Going again for all trophies would most likely be a boring thing and I don't need more pain from the Emperor trophy which was a sick experience.

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    2. Potent_Delusions


      @Baker It doesn't degrade your profile at all. If you want to do the game again, go for it. It's worth stacking games if you genuinely love the game. Be your own judge; if you genuinely hate stacks then don't bother but no one can blame you for wanting to play an enjoyable game again. 


    3. AihaLoveleaf


      I understand why region stacks on EZPZs (Ratalaika, etc) are looked down on. PS5 autopops also make sense. I do still find it odd though that playing a full length, 40-100 hour game a second time and getting trophies for it is looked down on and devalues a profile. I won't be at that crossroad with my profile for quite a while though so maybe I'll see it differently by the time I have a chance to do it or not do it.

    4. VirtualNight


      Of course I don't look down on profiles that have plenty of stacks, your profile means your rules, I have several friends that stack UR trophies and I think they have nice profiles to watch and take inspiration from for more games/challenges. The only profiles I don't like are those that stack lots of EZPZs games.




  15. It seems that none of the patterns for the original pac-man work here. Even without any pause and following the patterns religiously, the ghosts, at some point, take a different path than what they follow in some vids, that different behaviour is always the same one and nullifies any known pattern. EDIT: i finally managed to score 200k points. I decided to change the system language to english since I couldn't understand what a setting was supposed to mean (for a potential bad translation in my language. FYI I'm talking about "Navigation" which I still don't know what it does, I have put it ON anyway). From now on, magically, the pattern was finally working as the ghost who previously kept moving differently, from now on has been moving like supposed to. I used this pattern: Pattern 2. It is mandatory that for each turn, you move there ASAP, there can't be 1 frame of delay in any turn otherwise you are dead. What I did was holding the left stick towards where I wanted to go before even reaching the turn itself. If you do this, the whole pattern should usually work. I say usually, because towards the end, the cyan ghost should be moving away while you are going straight from about the top middle to the top left area with the orange ghost moving down. What may happen here is that this last ghost will actually go straight and so chase you, if that happens you may need to improvise, but what I could do several times was to backtrack and take the shortest route to the left tunnel and go there to pop on the other side, from there make my way to the last dots. In some rare cases, the cyan will actually chase you. Whatever happens, it is possible to get the last dots in the top left area without die, assuming you use the power dot correctly in order to gain those few extra seconds needed to get the last dots. If you die, the pattern won't work, so get the remaining dots however you want to move to the next round.