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  1. I don't consider the game unfair at all. A bit of luck is involved like in pretty much any game anyway. You just need a bit of strategy. If you get a shit weapon, just absorb it to regain health, so that you can eventually get mines, shield or bomb to keep the AI far from you if you are 1st. Otherwise if you are not 1st then eventually you get a turbo powerup (that may also come while 1st too) which you can then use in some spots for a big jump/cut and then 1-2 or even 3 barrel rolls in a row and you already get a huge gap from all the pilots. Since the AI does not barrel roll nor adjusts its position to pick some weapons, I'd say that this is unfair for the AI itself.
  2. Sergen is right, the minimum amount of stars you can get from any mission is 1. When I was doing them while following TA guide, the first requirement to get the first of the 3 stars (of each mission) was always to complete such mission (survive/beat the enemy or win a minigame). If you deny such statement, then you have without doubt cheated the game, unless you are the only one in the world who has found a way to beat missions without getting at least 1 star in each, in such case you must give a proof of how you did so.
  3. Be aware that this is one of the very few games that is capable to delete your unsynched trophies if you get a freeze. Synch each trophy you earn as soon as possible to avoid any true loss. I lost 2 days of hard work on this shitty crap... I guess that if I use my intact save now I'd trigger some auto pops, so I gotta start from an entire new save...
  4. My uttermost respect, because this is probably the cringest top 10 ever made so far. God of War... what?!?! 😮
  5. Never do this without a locked lobby. It will take 1-2min for a random to fill a spot (randoms are dead until you manage to make a lobby with some people, then they will come from everywhere), 6 boosting people are a must to lock the lobby and boost anything you need.
  6. Translation: "Got the trophies regularly - I have unlocked them normally by going through the game. No cheat"
  7. The main thing to practice is the randomness: there is no vid that can be mimic perfectly (I found that in the hard way), in each of my run I had multiple different events than what I expected so i eventually acquired some good knowledge. The OP video is great, however I personally failed multiple times because of some tricky points where you may want to change your strategy a bit. I highly recommend to do the following (practice each section on 2nd hardest difficulty first!!), these small changes have personally made my ML run way easier, when I followed all these rules I finally succeeded: 26:00 you don't need to save grenades, so you could use them to kill/damage the supersoldier 34:53 there is a very nice spot to kill dogs and be 100% safe, as soon as you enter in the area with dogs, look on your left, you can climb that wagon on its lowest edge and kill from there the dogs. There are 5, if you alarm them, they usually will run away, at this point equip your double Sturmgewehr, drop down and into the wagon you were on top before, go on its very back and shoot to get the dogs coming to you 39:24 watch out as here the enemy location as well as the commander and the dog could change. After you kill the enemies, before you run into the elevator, equip on one hand the Machinenpistole, because of point 4 afterwards, the OP had the nazi at the bottom of the stairs going forward, but usually he will actually go up the stairs, so use only your Machinenpistole to stealth kill him. Now you can follow OP route (and switch to double Sturmgewehr), but if there is a drone it will always spot you so be ready to run 59:00 follow OP path, but kill the enemy inside the first room you enter as he may spot you otherwise. Afterwards, in some very rare cases the enemy who is supposed to walk away actually won't, he will stand still in his position, so use the Machinenpistole to the walls on the opposite side than where you are, then when that enemy is far, you can distract the closer enemy afterwards, when you reach the upper level and you kill the first enemy, the next one may be somewhere else so watch out, also i recommend to sprint only when the Supersoldier is not watching. again afterwards, focus on stealth kill only the 2 commanders, the dog and the robot the OP stealth kills, do not try to stealth kill anyone else before the 2 commanders are dead as that is very risky 1:07:37 this is a great example of randomness, I have no idea how the OP got spotted, usually you shouldn't be, so stealth kill the first robot, use the Sturmgewehr on the second on the opposite side, then go on a door close to you, this is a nice spot to kill the incoming supersoldier. After the last enemy of this entire level, before you exit switch to double Shockhammer which you will use during the next level 1:25:40 at times the 2 robots may just hard push to you, so i recommend to pick the shockhammer while you are going for the first Sturmgewehr so you can use it for the robots 1:47:22 the next part is harder than what the OP makes it look. It is best to wait slightly far from the door behind the counter (use the L1+ left stick to crouch or watch over the counter) on the left with a good sight on the door, the enemies should just come there and you can easily kill them all, watch out for the enemy on the balcony, in some cases he won't be there either so don't get too distracted when trying to look for him 1:49:41 stop here, use this pillar as cover, 1 Shockhammer and 1 Sturmgewehr, shoot once to start the alert and look for the last set of stairs. This is a great spot although it will take you a bit to kill everyone. Probably the last 2-3 enemies+commanders won't come down, so carefully go look for them 2:14:43 i tried different things, but nothing is safe. Waiting for the dogs is extremely risky because he may take his time to go out and you could die in the meantime. You can't avoid an alert here because of a supersoldier on the left, so equip 1 Shockhammer and 1 sturmgwehr, then run. Use the Shockhammer on the guy by the door with the dog, then keep running and shoot once to the other enemy on your way. Most of the times the dog won't be able to catch you, but if he does, use ONLY the Sturmgewehr to kill him otherwise you may destroy an explosive and die. If the dog does not catch you, when you reach the room where the OP slides (you don't need to do that though), while running do a jump, turn 180 degrees and use both weapons for the dog. Then watch out as a robot may come right in your path; when you get in the last room with non alerted enemies then keep running because there is a robot hunting you, kill the 2 enemies on your path and guard your exit from a possible robot 2:18:25 I could not replicate that first skip, so i stealth killed the first robot, then used a charged Laserkraftwerk for the supersoldier and killed the few drones and robots that would come, you can use the door you came from as a good repair if a drone is going to finish its attack. Then go up the stairs and reach the pipe the OP managed to get on in the first skip, from here you can do easily the rest of the skips 2:22:37 when you jump back on the normal route, probably you will end up being transported by the conveyor belt as supposed, so you wanna be here with 1 Shockhammer and 1 Sturmgewehr for a few enemies DAMN, after you finish Venus DO NOT TALK WITH ANYONE that is not mandatory, or you will crash!! 2:43:00 i could never stealth this part as much as the OP, so what i did, after I was down, was to wait that the supersoldier on top of the stairs went away, then i picked the health in front of me and just rushed with 2 shockhammers up the stairs like the OP. Afterwards, you must kill the giant robot: as you go out from this area, before the second yellow stairs that leads to the area of the next (last) commander, the robot CAN and WILL shoot you as it has a clear sight, so use your Laser to kill it carefully (1 shot, go back into the air duct, wait a bit, repeat), then after you trigger the spawn of the last commander, you can backtrack and restock if you need as well as the laser
  8. Currently there aren't, nor will ever be, guilds for trophies. The most reliable guilds require a minimum level of CP 160-300, with this being said you can just search a guild with Guild Finder, the ones with most members should be the good ones (check if they require a weekly fee first; these will not be accessible to you for a while until you are capable to get a profit from them). The best guild a trophy hunter may find at the moment is "Achievement Hunters" since each trophy has also a related achievement, however the chances to find a group from a guild that would help for DLC trophies stricted to the veteran dungeons' actions (things like Fungi Free or Magma Masher) are almost null, unless you are a Tank (a pretty good one; this guild has a good amount of Healers already), in that case you may have a 5-10% chance.
  9. Is due to the different schedules people can have that a boosting group can't be lead by anyone. I personally (almost) never join in a session from someone else when more than 2 people are required, instead I make my own session, establish rules, plans, turns in alphabetical order, how to communicate and start from a time that is good for me; then I require specifically people that can play in that time for N amount per N days a week; also I make sure that each of the participant has a brain by a quick dialogue where they agree with all the terms, have read the whole session and confirm their general availability. A boosting group is an appointment you decide to take so is in your own interest to respect it like any appointment you'd take, I can detect quickly those who don't really care before I let them join in the group. This is how I managed to go through horrible boosts like quantum theory, red faction guerrilla, riddick, future soldier etc. by using psnp, usually someone would do those games with a bunch of friends rather than look for randoms through psnp.
  10. 50 on Flappiridium... man I was good at Flappy Bird but *HOW* did you manage to get that?! Congrats. I keep running into unavoidable obstacles. How are you finding the game so far? Getting all medals seems tedious

    1. MikeCheck--


      Also! Which level did you get "100 cube chain" on? Thanks in advance :)

    2. VirtualNight


      Well, a friend of mine spent 5h for that. Personally I spent 1h, but is all a test of luck.

      "How lucky are you? test it with this crap" I say. Finally I got a very linear path during my successful run, that's all.


      The 100 chain will come naturally while going for the medals, I don't remember where I got it.


      The game was funny for like 1-2h, now I find it very boring so I will probably need some time to finish those medals. However this game is nowhere as hard as its rarity may suggest.

    3. MikeCheck--


      Thank you for your reply! I am debating chasing the medals or not . . . game is fun but the medals seem extremely tedious. I may hop back in later. I see you 100% it! Nice job :)

  11. Today I have received all of a sudden this message:






    I usually don't care about all those trophy cheaters out there, but I feel like I really need to comment on this one.

    Is pretty sad how some people reduce themselves for a pixel reward that you'd get for having done nothing.

    It is a satisfaction to get a platinum trophy from a game you enjoy to play or that is a challenge you want to overcome, you are happy for having put effort into something and being awarded with the trophy... what does mean instead use a save and pop the same trophy in a second? is out of my understanding, not to mention the "You'd be credited for it aswell" part, like if I want to contribute to cheat lol



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Sergen


      I summon the power of @B1rvine and @MMDE to investigate further. ;) 

    3. PooPooBlast


      If anything it could be a dude collecting saves and selling it to those who are willing to buy trophies essentially. 

    4. B1rvine


      Why doesn't anyone ever request these things from me? ;)

      I'll investigate him.

  12. The MP leaderboard can work I guess, eventually the score would be at least, in the worst case the LB doesn't update correctly, very close to 50 of the 2nd star; I just don't agree with the Arcade one (a connection drop during a run could be a possible reason for the missing score, if someone can bother to test that), anyway is just my personal opinion, the CRT will then personally decide if use your vids or not.
  13. I reconnected immediately as I have been told I was signed out (then the AI aim speed slowed down for the rest of the stage, just like when you play unranked); If I'm not mistakening the trophies popped after finishing the mode, is been awhile so I don't really remember. I stick with my personal opinion anyway, leaderboards should not be used to detect an hacker (except in very rare cases) as they are often broken and fail to save/update a score, not to mention that in a general contest you could then start to ask to any achiever on any game to be necessarily online to save their score online (so, no connection = no trophy hunt), I think the CRT would agree with this.
  14. Unless a trophy unlocks only after settling a score in an in-game leaderboard, the in-game leaderboard itself should never be used as any proof for a flag. Several games fail to save a score for the leaderboards, the connection may drop during the run or the person doesn't have the connection and decides anyway to go for a trophy that should give a learboard score (this last doesn't apply for this arcade mode, since I think to start the ranked mode you must be online, but i'm speaking under a general contest). During my successful arcade run my connection had dropped and I was surprised that my score still saved in the LB, in that situation I reconnected straight afterwards... if I hadn't done that (eventually because my connection wasn't working in that moment), my score wouldn't have been saved.
  15. I was in a point of my platinum run (the extra dungeons+final boss of the main story) where the bosses could kill me in 3-4 hits or even instant kill me, more or less like the enemies. But rushing away toward my objective was the solution as well as abusing of the co-op system to get a pro with me who could kill the boss for me while I was focused on survival. As long as the community is alive and carry people like me, the platinum won't be particularly hard, but I say also that the current rarity is too high, it would be better between 10-5% or something like that in my opinion.