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  1. Just pause during combos and those trials are not so bad anymore, you just have to learn what things like links, cancels etc. are.
  2. And so, just like Raiden said, it wouldn't be interesting to go for Ultra Rare trophies. Is like if you go just for "Common" psnp rarity trophies. But if you like psn rarity then ok, i don't.
  3. Trophy hunters are a huge minority, if we would include those millions of gamers that don't care for trophies, then excluding few things like My Name is Mayo each trophy would have a 4% rarity or lower, and i would have over 10,000 ultra rare trophies 😂
  4. Yes they are important. You can trigger some people and cause more funny dramas. Aside from that, i would get very bored to go just for common trophies, at times i can relax myself with easy games like Killzone HD, Steins gate, ninja gaiden Sigma 2 and so on... other times i need a game whose trophies can take my concentration and challenge me; i also like to collect ultra rare trophies (since i'm a whUR) and this brings me to go for some grindy games as well. Good part of my URs came from ps+ games.
  5. There are a couple of dispute threads each day and i have also heard how several of the flags are just accepted without even take a look at or do a 1min research on internet. I understand that there are many cheaters and that deal with so many is annoying but i think who took this responsability should do this always with effort and when there isn't a clear sign of hack to do some researches first before approve the flag. Today i jumped into this and i wanted to voice my opinion about the flagging system.
  6. I have found just a trophy guide where the owner states that some random trophies may glitch according to some reports. https://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/sonic-sega-all-stars-racing/guide/#
  7. At the same time this means that a single glitched trophy would automatically label you as a cheater. I'm perfectly aware that people could hack any game, but with such a harsh policy you will do more injustice than justice, i got many bugged trophies (which luckily for me hadn't cause an impossible unlocking order), and so many other could jump into this boring thing. In the case this user is really an hacker, he can be label as cheater if he gets caught again in other games (if there is a clear sign of hacking), otherwise for now i just see him as a victim of a glitch.
  8. Unless this flag gets lifted in the end this means that if you get a glitched trophy you will be flagged, nice!👍 I do not own the game but i just see a trophy which may not popped just because apparently it glitched, i don't see any reason to do such an hack for a game that does not seem to be something hard. Unless the user has other games with suspicious timestamps i think this flag is absurd.
  9. Maybe the exploit to unlock the various perk trophies does not register the total amount of credits spent; however is very strange that someone would use the exploit to just unlock the 16 perks without any upgrade on them and without never spend more than 100,000 credits, like if you do the exploit twice: first to just unlock all perks, afterwards the same thing again to upgrade them all.
  10. Thanks for your tip sharing, main thing that stopped me from trying with Bass was the fact he has to not move to shoot with his main weapon, that sounds weird to me. In the end i went for the runs as KaKrackle suggested, the slide ability of Proto was so damnly helpful for Perfect once i got the bosses' patterns especially for Chill whose jump was giving me trouble. Although the shield is great, on Easy there aren't many bullets to block so maybe Bass would have been better, but surely i won't go for Perfect again just to test that 😄.
  11. Doing this means giving false informations which is against the ToS so is NOT legal, however SEN doesn't care at all and does not waste time to check if your account has correct informations so feel free to do so, just avoid to start dramas or any other thing with that account to not attract attention. Be aware that for some USA countries you have to pay a tax each time you buy something, so choose some informations that will avoid that.
  12. Thanks, i grinded screws and items for the hard run with mega man (Chill and Commando stages) and this made the run itself quite easy. Definitely Proto is the way for the perfect run, i still have to understand how his slide can come in handy but his shield is definitely a life-safer. Shop can be used even on hard if you die, so with all items + 999 screws the last 3 stages (Blocks boss, all Robot Masters and Wily) is an easy win.
  13. You know, i do not like the damage he takes, i'm going with mega man for HARD, i'm using my turbo to quickly shoot and is so damnly helpful. The guide states you can't save during Winy Castle, but just like with normal difficulty if you die i guess you can get the shop menu, right?
  14. The trophy guides give this crucial choice up to your preferences explaining weakness and advantages, but since i currently can't take this decision i'd like to hear from the others who they used for the 2 hardest runs for the 100%, so the HARD run and the PERFECT one. If you'd like to, please motivate your choice thanks 👍
  15. You can have a low completion rate, you can have a 100% instead, you can have alot of proud trophies or leaderboards; in any case someone will always go against you in a forum with alot of users. I have talked with alot of people who, like me, go for ultra rare trophies and they told me their amount of haters and trash talk they have received so far; despite by talking with these ultra rare hunters i could clearly see which kind of good people they are, people that is hard to believe someone could hate. You can not allow someone to influence your gaming, every person is free to do the games they wish, the trophies they want, the hobbies they want, only a toxix idiot could start to complain for such things; the fact you don't have a high % rate means nothing, i never judge a person from their games nor theyr profile but for what they are in reality, As also some people mentioned already, in the end this site has more good moments than bad ones, life is made by both anyway, keep the good ones and pass over the bad ones 👍.