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  1. For my third time, I "got" the Infallible trophy in Fall Guys, today thanks to the new Squads mode. I played with 3 friends and we got the 5 wins streak pretty quick even without coordination through the voice chat.

    Anyone who wants to get the plat should really take the chance from this mode, although this is most likely doable only if you have some experience with the game already (and is not a free win of course).

    The squads mode is time limited, in less than 2 weeks it will end, but I guess that it will most likely come back again at some point.

    I don't think that the trophy will ever be easier to get than through this new game mode, so it may be a good idea to start getting familiar with the game (also with an alt acc if you want) if anybody really wants to get the platinum trophy.

    1. LoStraniero91


      Nice one Virtual. I'm playing it as well. But those damn RNG items...