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  1. The recent updates for the rarity leaderboard look quite interesting and it would be a way nicer leaderboard than the rarity one on PSNTL, which is a "Pinball to win" leaderboard.

    I personally don't care at all about my rank in the standard leaderboard, it is what it is after been playing for about 9 years with this account. If the rarity one may become a reality... honestly I think I wouldn't really care much either. While interesting to check at times, I wouldn't try to push for the top spots, I'm still intended to play what I want rather than be forced to go for all those sub 1% I have to do yet. For example, Koihime is a game I truly hate, I won't push for it for leaderboard purposes, it can wait, just as many other games I know I will start and dislike at first.


    My UR trophies are a result of gaming where I have been alternating between games I wanted to do (which often turned out to be UR as well without that I was intended to go for some, such as the Dead Rising,Yakuza, Outlast, Borderlands games and so on), those from ps+ (if they are free, why not?) and those I did only for their rarity, which are in good part easy enough trash/boosting games. The way I go for UR, at least usually, is that if the game has a rarity over 2% then it must be a game I can also enjoy or if a friend of mine invited me to do it together; if it is below 2% and it has a reasonable price or goes for a good sale then I could consider going for it, whether the list is a grind or a difficult one.


    I'd say I'm pretty satisfied with my profile, due to being the God of bugged trophies I can't go for a 100% profile but is fine as long as it is at about 90%.

    I couldn't care less about rarity average: I find it absurd not to play some nice games such as Horizon, Detroit, Heavy Rain, Deadly Premonition, Metro, The Last of Us, God of War etc. just because they aren't UR, I want to enjoy the games as well, I can't see myself going exclusively for UR game (although several of them are nice as well), occasionally a break from them is a must for me.