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  1. Have you ever given up on a game simply because your english isn't good enough? Well, that day has come for me.

    I'd say my english is intermediate, I can make myself understand and I can understand people as well, however this is not enough to have a chance at the 100% of a game called Page Chronica.


    In that game, you are supposed to form words with letters floating in the screen in order to gain power ups and ammo for the spells, while the rest of the game is platforming. Although I could advance in the game, there was a constant difficulty spike, especially against bosses (they have way too much health), at some point the required english knowledge went way too high from stage 3 where the game wants you to constantly make long words, but the worse comes at the boss in the 3rd stage, as at that point you must form 5-6 letters' words within 2 seconds, anything lower wouldn't give enough strenght and ammo to kill the boss in time (each level has a time limit), and that just to beat the boss itself. The gold time is so stricted that you must likely need to form words within a second, it could be possible to target a silver score for the highest rank but it is pretty much like getting gold anyway. All this merged with a difficult platforming.


    So I decided to abandon the game, it is definitely out of my reach. There is no way to cheat the game such as pausing to slowly think about which word you can form.

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    2. VirtualNight


      Most likely the game wants 7 letters for the last boss anyway. Several words don't even exist in the game, making it even harder to create a valid word.

    3. MidnightDragon


      It's my first language, so no, but I can imagine that's frustrating as hell.

    4. AihaLoveleaf


      English is my first language, but I can still relate to this. When I was still playing games in Japanese, I was literate enough to follow along and have fun with most games I played, but the few that asked me to produce language were a struggle. I particularly remember a game called Miku Flick on iOS that was nice and fun, but I just couldn't produce the needed Japanese to supplement the lyrics quickly enough so I ended up putting the game down shortly after.

  2. I thought to share what I have accidentally found out early on. If you pause the game when you hit the finishing point and restart, you start the act again but you will instantly complete it, with a time of 1 second. This means, you can use this exploit to easily get a gold time score. However, this also nets you 0 word score, so it can't be used for the A+, but this may still come in handy for harder stages where you may prefer a silver time score and gold word score for the A+ (since you can then get the 2 gold scores in separated runs).
  3. I had thought to avoid this game, but recently I noticed some threads mentioning the usage of turbo controllers for the online trophies (without further explanations though). So, my questions are: can you boost all the 3 level 100 trophies with a turbo controller and full afk (with occasional monitoring for disconnections)? how does it work? Is it just the host that has to turbo Start and X buttons? does such setup require some work or is it alright to simply just turbo both buttons at the highest speed (my hori plus can't turbo the Start button. I have an old turbo pad which does that but does not allow to regulate the turbo speed and needs manual hold)? how are wins distributed during this method? does only the host win? has guest simply to turbo the X button?
  4. This was probably a 9 when the best strategies had yet to be discovered. If you mimic a vid rather than try with your own strategies (I think I used the ones provided by the trophy guide) the run isn't so bad, I only failed a few times after my last save where you face 2 bosses before the boat minigame. I also messed a lot with the nurses and yet I got a 10 stars result with a good margin of damage taken allowed. A great game I quite enjoyed.
  5. I can't find the first hidden monkey on level 3 at all, I have shot pretty much everywhere but nothing, the hidden monkey symbol appears exclusively when I get past the monkey location already. EDIT: finally I got it. I don't know where it is exactly, what worked for me was to spam a charged shot slightly on the right at the top of the closed gate and the monkey appeared eventually.
  6. If you quit a match, you start back from Round 1. So I think (unless I'm missing something) the OP is referring to the last match (with all its related rounds) for each event, you can do the previous matches on Easy then quit and do the last one (and all its round until victory) on Hard.
  7. I can confirm now, that with the physical version you need these dlcs: David Hasselholf (1.50€) Ivan Tojakov (1€) Museum (5€) Alpine Sky (5€) The rest is all included already (when you download the latest patch; there is no code to redeem so a used copy should work as well), I highly recommend to find a disk since it should be cheaper than the digital version and has most of DLCs already.
  8. In the Trauma After Hours, the ninja is located inside a tunnel. However, it is floating in mid-air, so whenever I go into the volcano and outside from the left side, I always miss it (or pass through it?). How do I get it? EDIT: alright I got it. I used Ao No Kutsu; when inside the volcano, after dropping into the correct path, I spammed Up Ooch, I barely got the ninja with the arm thanks to a lucky bounce.
  9. I own the physical version. I think the only dlcs I have to buy are David hasselhoff Museum Alpine Sky Ivan Tojakov I'm not really sure about Sore Spots and Movie Studio, I see the pack of modes named more or less like that in my game, but I can't seem to find the specific modes/maps mentioned in the related trophies.
  10. Thank you ☺️. Yes, I had exactly that spam of messages, somehow they stopped at some point, I don't know if it is because I tried to hold X or I managed to access to the leaderboards.
  11. Crypt of the Necrodancer - All Chars (low%) cleared!!




    Oh wait, actually it was just an any% with dlc 😓, well at least I got that boring run done and finished the DLC for good, it was very frustrating playing an almost 6 hours run knowing that in any moment the game could crash and wipe my progress. Unfortunately I also found out that this type of run doesn't unlock Coda char which is stupid and now I have to do a base All Chars run just to unlock her.

    My recording doesn't work for some reason, I see it in my streaming list but it just says that the streaming is not available, so rip. Maybe better like that, since I'm very noobish and that run was embarassing anyway.

    My chars' order was:


    • Tempo: very RNG for me, the game could easily prank me with some walls blocking my way to any enemy nearby, so I wouldn't be able to get a kill before the beats end, or an annoying Blademaster followed by some other enemies along a narrow path, protecting him from the backstep counter he should do when hit
    • Mary: Iater some previous fails, in the end I decided to put her as second char, a Piercing ring can be a life saver for her, which is what I hopefully got
    • Monk: when you play long enough, picking gold is so normal that it becomes hard not to get it and handle the fights at the same time. I'm still terrible with this char without a long range weapon
    • Aria: after the previous 3 chars, I went to sleep. This helped a lot to calm a bit my nerves and do a nice run with her with a great seed as well, probably the best build I ever got with a char as well
    • Dove: with items she isn't too bad, I took my time to use spike traps as much as I could, another good seed for her as well
    • Bolt: my double tempo skills are cringe, i messed so much but i was saved by a heavy armor and a crossbow, and finally by a blood long sword to restore my life during the last boss (Fortissimole)
    • after all that, the run is most likely done, the rest of chars are simple enough with items, although i almost screwed with Bard since I didn't notice a tar tile (that seed was a Tar seed ffs) hidden above a wall tile and a black skeleton was there, I was saved by the quartz armor

    I will have to push for a new All Chars run for base chars just to unlock Coda unfortunately.


    (Very Polyamorous trophy)




    All Chars (DLC) leaderboard (score)



    The speedrun dlc leaderboards are broken for me, I don't know how they are for the others:


    1. Atoya


      Congrats king!

    2. stealthlevel100


      Congrats great job 😀 my order was tempo-mary-aria-dove-monk-bolt... I wrote on the necrodancer community on discord (on the bugs channel) about the error messages after submitting an all dlc chars run score/time, and that the time field is messed up for everyone on playstation. I heard that the nintendo switch all chars dlc leaderboards also suffers from this bug too. But it is okay on PC (Steam). 6 hours wow that is a lot :P mine was around 5 hours and after the 6th character I paused and left home to played football for an hour and a half then came back and continued the run hahaha. GG well played. good luck with the rest of the trophies and hope to see ur coda run, all 9 chars, all 9 chars low% runs soon😊

  12. I post this just in case of potential future flags for such reason. Today i cleared my first All Chars run + DLC, i thought this would unlock Coda and the base game trophy for the All Chars run, but it didn't, I got only the Very Polyamorous trophy instead. Quite disappointing and stupid in my opinion, I thought I could start my double tempo training after the run, instead I have to clear another All Chars mode first. Off topic, but are the leaderboard for all chars(+dlc) completely broken? I always get an error for the speedrun one and only the score one works, also when I finished the All Chars run I was entirely spammed with error messages which apparently messed my recording through streaming as well (vid not available because of this).
  13. There should be one. I know at some point most of the online passes have been not required anymore, but some games still need one, I actually don't know how it is for NG3.
  14. With the imminent ps store shutdown, the DLCs won't be available anymore, since a physical version that includes them does not exist. Same for the online pass, if you don't have a new copy then you won't be able to get it locking yourself from the online trophies.
  15. With the ps3/vita stores going to be shutted down forever, I have to say that it saves me from several trash games I wanted to buy.

    My ps3 backlog is almost finished, most of the games I want are available in physical version as well, so hopefully for me I'm pretty much done, the only regret I have is to have missed GT5. I have never had enough games to do for vita so i didn't bother to get one.

    Tour De France, Quantum Conundrum and Black Knight Sword are most likely the last hard games I will experience for ps3, then after a few extra UR games I will kill my ps3 with inversion.

    1. pot1414


      It looks like you aren't saved from the trash games after all hehe!