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Hello, this is VirtualNight, aka VirtualwhUR. I'm a gamer since I was a child, I like gaming for fun and peaceful competition, although the fun for me has almost gone since I like simple games without futuristic bullshit nor a lot of mechanisms, and such games are barely released nowadays. So I rely on trophy hunting instead, going through a huge variety of games and experiences.

I'm a bad gamer but with a strong persistance, if I fail I get up, learn from my mistakes and retry again until I succeed.


I'm a trophy hunter who accepts every challenge, as a pure CFC i use any glitch that can make my life easier and also i'm an experienced booster.


I'm serious when I make gaming sessions, is an appointment you take with others when you join one and you do not want to make people waste time. Be unrespectful, selfish, unresponsable etc. and you will go straight into my black list for boosting, which won't allow you to participate in my groups. Be a nice person and we will go fine each other through the journey for the trophies.


I own an account only for the following sites: PSNP, Discord, PSNTL (just to prevent impersonation), Youtube,


Biggest regret: I missed GT5

Second biggest regret: nba2k14 unobtainable

Failures are part of life, I accept them and move on.