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  1. In pog form? Sorry, Ill see myself out...
  2. Any advice on 100%ing Frisky Business? I see you did it a few weeks ago, and I've played it through dozens of times (deleted game, reinstalled, etc etc.) with no success. Any advice you could share would be great. Thanks!



    1. wafflestomper810


      I had to reinstall it only once.  I found that if the trophies wouldn't unlock then I had to completely close out the game and restart it.  I followed a guide for making all the correct choices and had the same thing happen as the person who wrote it.  My trophy for gottas bang em all unlocked during my just the facts playthrough.  Thats about all I did, but had to play it through 3 or 4 times.

    2. heyadamo


      Cool. I will give it a few more tries. I'm missing the Sherlock, Gotta Bang Em All and the Three Amigos trophies, Such a dumb game but missing the 100% despite all the playthroughs (I have the guide as well) irks me. Thanks for the response!



  3. I'm confused - I don't see the one where you pop a trophy for Lisa tearing you apart, or for throwing the ball around for more than 5 minutes.