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  1. Endrance- .Hack G.u///
  2. I have no watched that or heard of it But it looks interesting judging by the picture!
  3. I recommend Tearaway and Persona 4 Golden...those two games had me addicted for months.
  4. Addicted to Chaos Rings 3...

    1. Lord_of_Ra


      How is it? Is it true that besides the art, it is a nice entry to the saga?

  5. If another handheld came out by Sony...I would buy it eventually as long as it has Senran Kagura and a few good RPG's. Though I imagine JP will conquer once more with most of the games, and the pricy memory cards and gigantic screen size I won't be able to fit in my pocket will still be around. It might be called VITA2, I do like the name 'Vita' so hopefully they won't drop that...
  6. Well not many in the US, if you don't mind importing games from Japan...you won't be disappointed when it comes to the play-asia.com selection. But, the few that are one the VITA... Zero's Escape and Conception 2 are worth purchasing. I've played both, and they are equally some of my favorite vita games...
  7. I love Mirai, I just have a weakness for the smallest girls ...but Hibari is my favorite over-all. I despise Katsuragi with a passion...no offense to anyone who does like her, I've just never been a fan of tomboys.
  8. In open world games, such as Skyrim and Infamous...I always take the initiative to attack innocent civilians and inanimate objects...and everytime I play a game involving vehicles, I tend to always crash them for no apparent reason.
  9. Well, let me think....I'm pretty sure the last item I bought was an in-app purchase for this addicting game... For Android and IOS devices- Cocoppaplay
  10. Breakfast- Reeses Puffs cereal it was remarkable...
  11. Sunny Delight...that delicious peach flavored one.
  12. I am Terrified(Alec Empire Remix)- IAMX-
  13. I have not seen that one! I've been looking for new Hentai's to watch actually Devil survivor 2 anyone?
  14. Plasterbrain-Theories
  15. Hello! I'd love to get the NA code