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  1. im pretty sure this happened to me but its been so long i cant remember how i fixed it lmao. was this the gta that if you picked one mission instead of a different mission you wouldnt get 100%?? i might be thinking of a totally diff game but its worth a search. you know what do the jumps again, i think thats what it was for me for some reason they didnt register and when i just started redoing them there was one specific one i think around the alley or something that never registered for me. maybe thats it? and is it possible to go to level 13 on the ambulance etc missions? i cant remember, maybe try that also i know for sure though relooking that i had a bad issue with the jumps that took me like 2 weeks of just doing jumps to get it to register i dunno why i was going insane
  2. well i would skip it, but its trophy related lol
  3. imo it wasnt worth getting the first time lmao. i got it on release day ps3 the collectors edition with the film inside. neat packaging but the game really wasnt what i expected at all. i guess i was expecting something like mafia. id prob play it again if it was on sale
  4. huh, i thought for sure after reading that list i was going to see 40 pages of complaining about the games being to easy and how cheap it is lol
  5. the stupid camera!!! man do i hate this thing. the game went from great having no worries and fun to omfg i have to make sure i take a thousand pictures and dont kill anything before i try to take its picture a thousand times. he camera single handedly ruins this game. ugh! i cant wait till i get these stupid pics done so i can play regular and stop getting smashed in my face with a wrench lol
  6. i tapped out at the 5th one when they changed the gui layout. it took me forever to know how to play the game, and then they friggen change it LOL. now the menu makes me so mad its like going from windows 95 straight to windows10. i dont think i can ever go back. shame because i liked the infestation levels those were a blast to play. have they made a option by any chance to use the old layout or does the new one still suck?
  7. i dont remember my hours (prob 100 maybe) but my profile says about a month. part 2 was pretty enjoyable. part 3 on the other hand was significantly alot harder due to the wing missions trying to fly through those targets. i destroyed 2 perfectly good ps4 controllers on part 3, ripped the rubber padding right off the analog controls from playing it so long. i thought for sure id never be able to plat jc3 and i kept giving up and going back every few days until i finally finished those stupid challenges
  8. im in ohio, havent done any mp trophies yet. MelodicMizery
  9. im such a idiot my friend told me about this like 2 or 3 weeks ago and i just brushed it off. i got 3 plats in the past week already. i think ima hand out free throat punch tickets to throat punch me
  10. i been waiting for this sale and its absolutely horrible. giving us dlc bundles at the cost of full game pricecs isnt appealing t oanyone when the dlc is trash to begin with lol. i hope they add some more games but im sure itll be the same recycled games that are on sale each and every time. im not kidding this sale is like relaly really AWFULL lol
  11. the time stamps go by whats saved in the system even if its offline, not by when you sync it right. and there is atually people pulling the battery out to stop the time? i dont even remember seeing a battery inside my playstation but maybe because i wasnt looking for it ever. this sounds like a whole lot of work for nothing for whoever does this lol
  12. just read some kind of patent finally was settled from activision that was filed a few years ago that if im understanding it right, people can pay for upgraded dlc guns that are overpowered and the patent will then match less skilled players with over powered players with the dlc guns in order to sway people into buying them to be more balanced. i really cant see this catching on to much because as it is in a game like battlefield for example if a gun is overpowered the community will complain about it to the point of it being modified. i cant see players staying to play games that do this im sure the games will most likely die out fast. but just knowing that they filed it seems like theyll prob try it, or prob wanted to try it before. it was in a article in the new gamestop magazine this month
  13. game completion time. you can already view individual trophy times and sort those if you click on the game link in your list. the game completion time wouldnt be 100% accurate since people take breaks and it doesnt count the actual hours youve played but it still is a fun estimate to look at imo. if i play a game nonstop until finished then i can get a decent idea how long it took me and then obviously some games i started up and didnt finish until years later those games would be a little more inaccurate but overall the idea would be fun to toy with. as is right now it already says how long it took to platinum and how long it took to 100%, so itd be neat to have that in its own category to sort from shortest to longest
  14. im still chipping away at the 40k, i lost about 3k kills do to having them before the dlc came out and they didnt count =( btw didnt visceral close when army of two came out? or was that just a specific branch? i checked army of 2 40th day (which i dont think was visceral) and those servers are still up. i tink since hardline has rented server options they will most likely keep it open because theyll always generate money on it. one server usually hosts a ton of games on it not just one if i recall, and hardline doesnt really have very many lobbys to really be that much of a issue to maintain. i think as long as it keeps bringing in rented server money itll stick around
  15. what was your result do you remember? i did a playthrough and it didnt pop and i specifically did it slow making sure i was shot first before firing and still didnt get it. now im on my second playthrough almost at the end and i shot through a enemy and killed a citizen behind him so now i gotta reload a save and am worried its already voided out EDIT I just finished the game and got the trophy FINALLY. so i can confirm if u accidently kill someone, reload a old save and it wont void it