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  1. that makes one of us the day i finished the online of this dreadfull game would prob be the best day of my life wait till you need money and just wanna try to sell some animals or hunt them and some ghetto dude or a 11 year old just starts killing you repeatedly and you cant move.
  2. i put 2k hours into this game, i was in the top 100 leaderboards and played with the top people everyday back then. last i checked i was 300 i think and most the top people were the same. havent played it in years. the downfall of this game was quickscoping it killed the community off. when bf3 came out they took away the website leaderboards for this game which made alot of people stop playing. they also decided to downgrade the servers, things were lagging badly, maps were crashing. im almost positive they did it on purpose because alot of people werent moving from bfbc1 to bfbc2, but bfbc2 grabbed the cod fanbase so it wasnt a huge deal yet, but when bf3 came out and they saw people still playing the previous 2 games way more then they wanted them to they started adjusting it to be a miserable experience. i played that game 2 years straight everyday nonstop so 100k kills came naturally. after i quit that game thats when i started leaning more into trophies. another thing that makes that plat so rare is that game came out before trophies. trophies were patched in. so the platinum wasnt popping for people. sony and dice were actually forcefully platting it for a few people. i got lucky and mine popped. but tons of people never got the plat that should of. one of the harder thing to get was the one savior award i think it was called which you needed for all awards. i guess boosting it might be easier. but when i got it legit it took me way over a year. knife fights use to be fun to kill boredom. you could crash ea's servers sometimes and shut down other titles if you duplicated mines and laid down over 1,000 of them and exploded them. since other titles run on the same server as that one you could knock your friends offline sometimes that were playing other ea games as well as yourself once you ignited 1k landmines and all that data went flying lol. i dont think i ever had more fun then that game since then. met alot of people worldwide. had alot of fun 2 v 2 matches that lasted over a hour. playing against the best players worldwide and studying their techniques and beating them at it.
  3. dude stop bragging jk lmao
  4. i gave up they disabled my account when i log in lol
  5. this game turned out to be one of the most miserable experiences of my life because of the gold story missions after i had already beat the game, and the constant need to find money online to buy ammo, to kill to rank up. during the last week and a half my anxiety and everything was so bad that i will never play this game ever again. after i got platinum i took the disc out of my ps4, put it in a box. went out to the woods and shot the game with my 9mm. everything else i had fun with mostly except the bad animal spawns and stupid flower missions and not knowing which herbs i needed when it said collect them all. there was some times i spent 3 real life days trying to get one perfect pelt and trying to get the animal to spawn all day. some of the birds were the worst to get. i was around #370 and i disagree, it took me almost 2 months. and i looked at your profile and it said 2 months as well 2 months for a platinum is complete misery
  6. alot of these tips helped me, the running especially i got it right away swinging the way you guys said. also got the dodging. having a little trouble with the stupid montage because for some reason my vr keeps loading everything super close to me like right in my face and it doesnt give me enough room to even move. ive mmanaged to still hit most of the things but then the one where you have to dodge the swinging ball (lol) i always get hit by the stupid thing no matter if i dodge down left right whatever. ima have to clear everything out of my room i think to get this one because i cant move any farther back with the screen syncing wrong. thats hilarious hahah, i invited one of my parents over thats 70 and had them try just regular vr and they said "omg im getting sick, get this shit off my head" hahahaha but yeah rhino is kicking the shit out of me to. i got 2 trophies today so im calling it quits for another few days. my shoulder feels like its dislocated this is ridiculously painful lol
  7. me and a person got it in about a hour, the trophy itself is easy, the hard part is getting intot he right server because of the long load times to enter and then leave. you have some people who think they are still in the war who do absolutely nothing but fly the plane all day and sshoot you down immediately. on the snow mountain level whoever had the most flags would go on the turret and say im on C flag. the snow mountain has a turret at every flag. one upgrade witha more powerfull bomb helped me some but not needed. before you jump on the turret throw c4 on the front. if that level dont work try arras. most the time people dont give a fk about the planes so you just need to land on the right map and hopefully the match isnt at the end like it is 99% of the time. if the aa doesnt respawn, break your tool out and build it (i think it has to be a certain class i cant remember which one). other then that, most levels have a AA at each spawn point. the other one we had luck on was the other snowboard with alot of buildings that has the AA next to the long waterline. im drunk so i cant remember the names. we got it done in a hour or 2 (id say a hour was at least loading time). the real grind is that stupid 500k points trophy. also the guy i helped had 0 platinums, this was going to be his first so its not impossible. oh also dont have the boosting person on your friend list. we would pick the server and then say ok lets try server #345876 and id go in, he would go in. we would look to see if we could boost, if we were on opposite teams, and if there was some guy who thought he was actually the plane god shooting everyone down. if there is a plane god just leave because they dont stop. they live just to fly a video game plane
  8. Auf Wiedersehen PetrovicYou won in all variations of multiplayer games. that stupid trophy for gta4, and the 2 dlc trophies to complete 100% and 80%. im sure there is others that i said f that and passed but im to drunk right now to look
  9. lmao time to hit the massage parlors. i was cracking up when you said dove on the ground to dodge, first time i played i uppercutted my ceiling fan
  10. that screenshot doesnt make me very happy about my future lmao. my arms are going to be like spaghetti after that
  11. for me dodge only seems to work when i lean backwards and tilt the upper half of my body back then it seems like their fists miss me, any other way doesnt seem to register for me. some of the boxers have certain patterns, i usually block and they do there pattern and then i get one hit in. it also seems like going for the body doesnt register 95% of the time so you have to depend on head shots. i still like the game but i agree it does have its flaws. there was one match they made me lose on purpose i guess it was part of the game. championship level gets ridiculous thanks guys the running tips will help alot, ill prob try again tommorow my arms been sore for like 3 fkn days haha. normally i would just give up on championship if im knocked down a 3rd time, but since there is 1 trophy linked to winning after 3 knockdowns thats the one i was having a issue with even on easy. but with your guys advice i should be able to do it now
  12. this game looks like torture lmao
  13. look on the bright side at least its not battlefront part 1 lol
  14. this game is awfull. i asked my nephew to get it for me for christmas because i simply couldnt think of anything else and i wouldnt pay for this game. the weird thing for me is originally before the game was released i hated the game because of the beta, and its pc politics oddly enough when i got the game i realized the politics arent that big of a issue. the story is so short that i didnt listen to it. and besides hearing someone scream in multiplayer you really dont know who your killing or what race they are. so when i got it, the whole pc politic angle didnt bother me at all what i did find was a game that could of been good but sucks bad. the maps are AWFULL. they been known for awfull base maps but usually you find that one like lets say metro thats nonstop action that you never want the round to end. this game just really sucks. the weapons run out of ammo and take forever to reload which sucks after you ran 5 minutes just to get shot, rinse, repeat. i did like that there were houses to destruct. battlefield was losing that destruction value they had in the past and they kind of seemed to add that back with the houses everywhere. still the map design is poor and boring. the controls seems a bit better, but odd. the medic system and healing i dunno if i like it or not. i dont like how you drop a crate and have to pick something out of it instead of before when it would just heal you. and i dont feel like throwing thousands of bags of health pouches at people. the spawn time seems ridiculous to now that this medic system is different. i dont know if it is longer but feels like it so originally i hated the game, then got it and hated it for other reason instead of my original reasons mostly lol. i cant wait till im done with the trophies so i can never play it again. this will most likely be my first bf i dont get the dlc for. i dont want to run through 100 miles of fields or bushes anymore there is 4 short campaigns, you can easily get through it in a few hours at most. i guess its less chaotic because your forced to be stealthy because you have to play on hardcore to get the trophies.