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  1. thanks. yah i was in the area hutning a bounty and found them, its so much fun trying to kill them all i couldnt stop even though i kept dying lol. i finally gave up and decided to wait
  2. lets say i go to a location like the sawmill with the horde that is there if i kill half and come back much later, do those half stay gone. or does the number reset to the max that the horde was originally? i wasted alot on one section and i keep dying at the next section then i have to retry both which really sucks. id like to kill some and dwindle the number down and save up on ammo and come back and hack away at them little by little. is that possible or is it just going to reset back to the max
  3. so i was suppose to kill this fck and collect his item, i threw a molotov at him in the treehouse. went to loot other bodies for the stupid ass trophy of looting x amount of people. climb up the ladder. the guys gun is there but his body is gone. and i cant collect the item off him because there is no body to get it from scratch that, forgot about autosave, going to load that =) im so stupid haha
  4. ive honestly gone back finishing games from around 8 years ago quite a few times. trophies werent out 15 years ago lol but i get what your saying. im prob one of the few. i have a huge backlog that i go back to when i cant find a funner new game to play in between waiting for new games to come out i go to my backlog
  5. its working for me i just tried it and logged in. i also bought a game yesterday and it gave me my game buying points already. (edit, the points it gave me today arent form my yesterday purchasse. they are from 4-21 and 4-27 so that should maybe give a estimate how far behind points are?) site is still a mess though
  6. i have no clue what happened but i havent been able to login since the change 5 months ago (i bitch prob around page 2 of this thread). but a few days ago i got a email that said congrads you got a silver trophy. i was like what? so i tried to log in and it said the same thing contact customer care. today i checked my email and to my surpirse it said this Thank you for being a valuable Sony Rewards member and for visiting our newly designed website. When you first visited our site, we attempted to merge your Sony Rewards account with your accounts on other Sony sites such as the PlayStation™ Network. We have identified your account as one that is in a state where the merge was not successful, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We have fixed your account and would appreciate it if you follow the instructions below in order to successfully link your Sony Rewards’ account to your other Sony accounts. In almost all cases, this will be your account tied to the PlayStation™Network. then it gave me some easy directions. i follwed them and was shocked i logged in!. i knew i had about 1k points in december during deactivation. so i looked at my points and i now i have 3k. i looked at my point activity and it seems to of been tracking my progress the entire time. it says 0 points for most thing. but overall it looks like ive earned about 2k points while my account was disabled so anyways, i got my points after waiting and giving up. my guess is they will slowly be fixing everyones now. im not sure if the trophies are continuing or not. im at gold trophy badge 7 right now. so im wondering if when i hit gold badge 10 if its done for good, or just done for the year. i have no clue
  7. 954,000 points are the total you need. you get about 15k one run. itll take a bit over a hour unless your high on adderall. lol
  8. this is fkn ridiculous and i now remember this also happening on ps3. i get the last door open in time and for some reason the ai think hey ill just stand here and try to shoot 3 handgun bullets into a ENORMOUS UNSTOPPABLE MONSTER THAT DRILLS HIM INTO A FKN WALL!! capcom should gift me a new controller after this because im tearing apart my analog sticks
  9. i dont think its compatible with ps3 is it? it pretty much just messes everything up. i could be wrong though i dont trust it enough to change mine
  10. pretty much all the things that destroy your life and free time, a wife, kids. etc.
  11. enough with darksiders jesus christ ps has a hard on for that title or something
  12. so which game has more bugs, worls war z or days gone. i havent played either but it seems with that amount of data flying by of thousands of zombies the systems can never handle that without a blue screen or some frozen game corruption. dead rising on ps4 was a mess and those arent even good graphics lol
  13. i was just thinking yesterday of going back to this game, i only need the 3 different support actions to finish the mp and a few ranks for my weapon i think im only 3 trophies away from platinum. and im in america so i can invite. im about to go to bed but i could prob help during the week i'll just have to find the disc. ps3/ps4 MelodicMizery
  14. i feel like that for the first hour or 2 then i feel fine. its just a adjustment. ps4 graphics are more smoother so when you go back it seems like a huge downgrade. but after playing for a few hours you dont even mind the graphics if the game is interesting. my first console was intellivision on a tv that was on a cart lol. im not kidding the actual tv was built onto a shitty cart you could wheel around prob 19 inches lol. so im not that picky. and infamous 2 is a good game all the infamous games are good. but thats just my opinion maybe it does suck for you but most seem to like it. i like ps3 alot more now because the games are cheap and its easier to get the mp trophies with friends coming over. i bought multiple consoles on sale when a store was closing. so for the game prices some only $3 a disc for mp and co op games im enjoying it still. my routine is simple, when i run out of good ps4 games, i go to my ps3 backlog. im alot better of a gamer now then 10 years ago so im finding my strategys better to go back and finish games i couldnt before.
  15. boy if video game censoring upsets you, your going to be really upset when you discover japanese porn