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  1. i contacted them, it took a few days for them to write back which seemed like a mass response email. all they said was there was a glitch and it should be fixed now. nope i still have 0 points. tried twitter and its just basically a human robot saying contact support
  2. i got 4 checks today all $10 a piece. i actually registered 6 of my systems but since 2 of my systems were bricked i dont think my username was ever registered on it or something. but 4 out 6 im happy. i knew it wouldnt be $65 a piece. red bull did this a few years ago and $10 seems to be the average they send out. so i made out with $40. i honestly thought only 1 system would go through and that they would ask for receipts but for $10 i doubt they wanted to dispute and drag on any longer.
  3. this one is ridiculous. i been playing at emerald ranch, i would be up 54 to 0 (in a 60 game) and then straight lose nonstop to all the ai. with 3 ai it takes forever. i snapped and threw fire bottles at all 3 ai, reloaded my save and only 2 people were there and a draw game. its no easier, but the players move faster. you also have a better chance of backing out of the game in 2 people. with 3 people they can easily win the match in 1 or 2 rounds and get 50+ points. i had 2 wins that took forever and this guy had only like 10 points, all of a sudden just wiped us out and i tried exiting as fast as i could and was to late. saving def dont work, exiting table when you know your going to lose is the best option. as for blackjack before it, took me 2 hours. i just watched podcasts and didnt pay much attention to the game ai def cheats. they act like val kilmer in the movie tombstone
  4. wait so to be clear there will be no more points for trophies? if thats true then the whole page is useless. even if i buy 10 games on a flash sale that says double the point you still dont get squat for points. i was thinking of signing up for their credit card but i dont think ima even bother now. figures, the day i tried redeeming my 1k points the site goes down, goes back up and im screwed. thanks everyone who downloaded the same 2 minute platinum games in 8 different regions, im sure you guys didnt ruin this for us all
  5. im fking pissed, mine is all 0 still, and all it says under points in 0 points enrollment 11/08. so it forced me to use my sony email and then wiped out everything i had. makes no sense
  6. i think this is what happened to me, did you end up losing your point by using your sony email instead of old rewards email. i think i made the mistake of being confused and linking my account to my ps email instead of my old rewards email and now im back to 0 yes same here 0 points because i had to switch to my psn account
  7. anyone have 0 for points? i couldnt log in with my sony rewards email, it made my login with my playstation email so i had to re sign up and link my account. now it says i have 0 points. when i try my old sony rewards email it says contact customer care. im wondering if i used the wrong email and now my account is linked to the wrong one or if they set everyone at o? i had over 1k points saved. i also dont see anywhere for trophy progression it said this when logging in the first time Email resent As we transition to a single log in across most sony entities, your account information needs to be updated. You should receive an email containing your personal confirmation link. Click on the link to continue.
  8. i just kept walking around camp at certain times and doing dialog with everyone, i had 4 done in chapter 2. i finally just decided to go to chapter 3 and immediately 3 quests came up. sometimes if i talk to everyone and nothing happens, i save and exit. turn game off. then start back up and another one will come right up. also sometimes i had to do another mission for one to come up. exactly me 2
  9. i disagree with this for the fact of playing with the black character is nonstop death boss matches one after another. other then that the game is easy but it gets to a ridiculous point of boss after boss that is pretty hard.
  10. honestly for me the amount of times this game slows me down, walking in camp, accidently hitting my horse into another horse at last second then having to reload a save, and that stupid entire first chapter of being dragged through the snow has totally pissed me off you become throttled through the entire game and thats the absolute worst. just when you start beginning to have your own pace, your suddenly slowed down. it becomes extremely boring. i have had the game on pause for hours at a time because its exhausting. is hould be able to be more free to move at a quicker pace. i want to play more and not be forced to watch a bunch of slow talking and take forever to grab a bowl of soup. and god forbid you accidently bring your horse in the camp without being yelled at. and when your on a mission trying to loot corpses your constantly being yelled at to HURRY UP, yet the rest of the time your constantly being throttled to move as slow as fkn possible. then dont sync your trophies if you care about what the gamers want. you guys get games earlier to make a living off creating guides, we play the games to use your guides to earn trophies. so let us get the trophies lol
  11. has anyone found a definite answer to if the points will appear later. i just did the entire re5 this week and only have like 2 trophies till platinum but im afraid to pop the plat now lol. and i wanna start red dead tommorow.
  12. you guys have got alot better games on ps plus for ps3 in the beginning few years, there was one mone eu had like 3 main titles and all we got was some side scrolling nes looking bullcrap. there was even a point i got ps plus in eu just because the free games were better. now its mostly the same. and even on my eu account i had to made it still from time to time gets offers that america doesnt. so it kind of evens out a little. maybe with america having a slightly upper hand lol i think you can only claim each section 10 times or something if i recall. so thats still alot of trophies.
  13. your a saint for that licker checkpoint, i dont know why i never thought of that before. ive played re5 on ps3 and beat professional with all S at least 4 times because of bricked ps3s and system crashes losing my saves. so now that im redoing it on ps4 this will save me some time farming treasure. on ps3 i kept playing the temple board which took me forever. i really wasnt looking forward to all that replay on a new system.
  14. i think ill pass since i dont really have a group of friends to play with. i was thinking of playing it for fun but it doesnt seem like a good game to play unless youo know the others playing is what im hearing. is it only temp free with ps plus? or as long as you have ps plus you have it.
  15. i cant figure out how to get the stupid candy to fall through the warps. after i get the 2 middle buckets gone. i always get stuck. seems like no matter what combo i use i cant make the stupid candy fall through the warp to get into the corner buckets. furthermore the game glitches alot and puts 2 gems in one block making it useless