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  1. totally agree with you there. i saw maybe 2 slight elements of contra but they only happen for seconds. its more like a dead nation type of game. honestly just picked it up to play with my friend. were having alot of fun with it so far. the weapons customization is extremely confusing though. it was on sale a little while ago so i got it. i cant remember the price but no way i would pay a high amount for it. its only $15 new for the disc at best buy. ps store i think wants 40 on non sale lol
  2. game seems completely dead with no trophy guide. me and a friend who isnt a trophy hunter have been playing co op for fun on days he has free but i read the pvp needs 8 people to start. i know boosting threads arent allowed in this section but since nobody really owns this game im going to post my screen name and hopefully after a few months can accumulate 8 people. i have no other way to make a group. if i make a boosting thread that will be useless since barely anyone owns it my ps4 is MelodicMizery me and my friend dont mind extra players joining us on main missions as well. the more the better.
  3. they patched it a while ago unfortunately
  4. hey helyx do you know if the asian version has the kill glitch in it to kill 8 people. and if not what if i downgraded it to 1.0 would it have it? finding 8 people is a nightmare and playing in a normal match takes forever to become jason edit on the downgrade, i would be offline on 1.0 so i wouldnt be able to connect online so that aspect wont work damn
  5. what region is this? asia? is this part of the collection coming late to a different area?
  6. it took me 2 months straight to plat it when it came out. the first month was super fun. except mission 1 was so awful i almost couldnt make it past it then came the grind......ohh the grind. the gold medal grind on sp. collecting stupid orchid flowers or whatever the fuck they were. fish not showing up. rare animals not showing up, and who can forget trying to get a pelt that will take you a entire week in real life time because it wont show up. then comes the horrific multiplayer grind sitting on a back alleyway shooting cops until you run out of ammo or some 10 year old shoots you to take your place so he can do the same thing you are. thats 2 months of my life ill never get back that wasnt worth it but after investing so much time into it i felt like i just had to finish it.
  7. "The challenge “Reloaded” score has been adjusted" can anyone tell me if they made it harder or easier? i still have version 1.51 and if i ever go back to the challenges i def dont want it any harder then it already is lol
  8. so did you buy the game 5 months after making the post? im not asking in a rude way just curious if you waited for a sale and then decided to finally try it. sometimes i buy games and dont try them out for years
  9. i just got a vita last month finally. there is pretty much nothing new being made for it. i had a big backlog of ps plus vita games but most of them werent stackable. i usually play it when im taking a shit. i got one from a local game store for $120 and plus i had to buy the memory card which was extra. i connected it to my ps3 and imported all my mp3s and usually walk around the house with my vita when im cleaning to listen to music. the battery lasts a pretty long time. framerate is pretty bad on alot of games causing crashing issues. if i was a kid still i would love it for car trips, or maybe plane trips as a adult. the analog sticks feel like they are going to break sometimes which worries me. some games are alot harder to play on vita. take color slayer for example. that game is a boring grind as it is, on vita its worse because it stutters and you die isntantly. you can save videos inside it and pictures. sort of like a mini ps3. why the price is so friggen high i have no clue. my friend who passed away use to buy and sell things. he always had vitas he would only pay 40 to 60$ for them and they were in great condition. use craigslist or fb marketplace. odds are there are a ton of moms or parents selling them because their kids barely used them and grew up.
  10. i got it to work as well, i tried pasting my code but the webpage wont let me. you have to have a flawless streak. i suggest doing a circle shake when recording the macro. 21,250 180x streak
  11. im shaking the fuck out of the controller, i got 4k, 5k and 6k. no where near the top score. going to try the macro now because my arms are killing me. its clearly missing inputs because the streak keeps starting over. someone should post the macro to save it as a text edit" well the macro didnt work, 6k again. maybe needs some tweaking.
  12. it is pretty horrible. if you dont care about completion though there is some quick silver trophies. i dont have the patience for this game to finish it. it made me cringe lol
  13. lol i really wish i wouldnt of played this game. also just shaking the controller randomly wont get you the high score. it only got me 5k.
  14. lol ive actually performed at shows with bone and met eazy-e's son. i gotta check this out thanks
  15. does anyone know if by clicking continue or restart if both will still count your stats? the god damn ai keeps stealing my base repairs so then i rush in to get 20 points and a fucking buffalo flips me over and i get stuck upside down this game is beyond piss poor mechanics. i dont know what the best way to go about this is. i was playing level 10 on public garage to farm monsters by clicking continue after beating wave 10, but i dont know if its even counting my stats by clicking continue. so then i put the difficulty on extreme and keep doing level 3 at the port to repair what little i can to the base and die and click restart and keep redoing level 3 but i still have no clue if those points are even counting. the rest of the game is actually pretty fun if it wasnt for farming these ridiculous amount of kills and base points. edit nevermind i figured it out i just kept picking restart after finishing wave 10 and replaying wave 10 in the garage. the base gets over ran on easy pretty quick. did that about a bazillion times and it popped in mid match