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  1. I'll be honest im sort of a sarcastic dickwad on these forums half the time but i wanted to make a serious dedication to one of my friends Nearly 9 years ago me and my best friend started playing Lego Indiana Jones in co op and never finished it. Since then we had always wanted to go back and finish it and never got around to it. My friend has passed away since then. So i took the time to finish it for my 280th platinum. I was going to make it the 300th but i already waited long enough. Some gamers dont have any friends, some do, some dont. Or maybe we dont have close ones and so we find ourselves trapped in this gaming world. And even if we have friends, most of them suck at gaming. He was the only person who i could ask to come over for co op help if i needed it at any time. He showed me cuphead before it was on playstation and how he mastered it. He was starting a collection of old video games. He once drove 4 hours to buy a atari that was refurbished by atari that had been sitting in someones attic for over 20 years. He had A complete boxed mint NES he was really proud of. He got a mint cartridge of Battletoads and would buy the nes tools to open the games and inspect them to make sure they were authentic. one of the last things he bought before he died was a commodore. one of the coolest things he showed me was something called a n-gage cell phone. if you never seen one look it up. its a cell phone built like a hand held game system. When he bought it, it came with a few games. One was just files. After inspecting the files he showed me that they were some sort of development game some software company was in the middle of making and for some reason never published it. Alot of people tried to get the files from him and he debated on letting people have it for free or keeping it rare. but then people became snakes about trying to get it from him and he decided to keep it. his sister who is also a gamer now has all of it. so i guess this is a bit of a off topic post and i dont know if it fully fits here. but i would kind of feel like a bad friend if i didnt give a little bit of a dedication and furthermore this is really the only gaming site i like. he loved skateboarding, so thats the pic i tried including. so i dunno what else to say. rip buddy
  2. You've never heard of sarcasm before, i take it?
  3. uhhh so why make 3 borderland games if they are the same as the first. why has call of duty always been the same and sold billions. jc4 should of been more of jc2 and jc3. thats why its a jc title. people kind of want the same game repeated with new maps basically.
  4. i started to write a trophy guide for this game months ago but ditched it do to a alternative trophy site being anal about my guides not being good enough yet approving half assed guides that do nothing more but repeat the title of the trophy in their descriptions. anyways, this is what i wrote in my notes on how i fixed it Glitches/Bugs Loading Error Bug. I encountered this during one campaign run which ended up helping me find the most important helpfull glitch ever on accident. ( We will get to that later). At the second to last race before the boss when i would finish the race i would get stuck at 98% loading after i finished the race. I would then have to close the application. This would then let me restart at that level with all my temp upgrades lost. What i realized was there is 2 alternative random maps before the boss. The race always froze at the end loading. But when i quit out and reloaded on the much smaller road race it would progress. It seemed to alternate back and forth between maps. This never happened on any run except that one. I backed my save up and tested the theory of playing the alternative map and it always progressed while the other race map always froze. So if you ever freeze on loading, simply close the app and continue campaign and the next randomized map should work.
  5. it was already on there im pretty sure
  6. edit i just got the 500drift, picked hot rod, 3rd track on quick race
  7. same here buddy, same here. guess its just a grind. i cant even get the 500m because my cars are to fast
  8. your welcome glad it helped
  9. i was prob drunk and read something wrong hah. maybe the person meant 7 dlcs and not 7 season passes. or maybe i was in another world. drunk. but yah man i totally agree. i love the game, even bought the steelcase edition but price gouging the dlc really sits bad with me. the sale they have for the super deluxe edition do you know if that covers season 1 and season 2 dlc? its $20 which imo is overpriced for me since i already have the base game but i think its still cheaper then the season passes
  10. i unfortunately made the mistake of doing all of beach buggy on NA before knowing that the europe version was patched. after a huge grind i was still a hell of a long way to platinum. i eventually bought the europe version and re did everything and grinded the last 2 trophies out in 2 days. thanks for your work on the guide, it helped on the collectables and a few misc things. oddly the collectables were one of the more fun things about this game. kinda think if the game was more based on free roam it could of been alot better. i ended up finding out that trucks unlocked randomly when i was down to 3 trucks left. i should of saved my cash longer i could of cut a few hours down possibly lol.
  11. this is the most ridiculous season passes i have ever seen in my life. they are planning on 7 season passes i think someone said? i hope this isnt the future of gaming. borderlands seems to be doing it to. and we all remember the problems in the past with having to buy online passes.
  12. figured id share some tips real quick for this game. first off try to avoid the electric island. this was part of a dlc on pc/xbox which seems to be added into the ps4 version. its very janky. you really dont need to do it unless you want to complete the scientist missions. you can make a outfit that stops you from being elctrocuted during rain. but there is no food anywhere, and zombies that constantly revive themselves. overall theres just to many glitches in there that made me not comfortable about my save file the game only blue screened me once, it was in the area described above. one of the zombies teleported through the fence and my health would go directly to 0 for no reason constantly until the game crashed. there is no item storage, so you can drop your items all over the map and theyll always be where you dropped them. i didnt seem to have a issue with them disappearing. although there was one bunker i dropped items into and those disappeared. so i try to drop them in front of bunkers. now for the trophies. there is alot of guides on xbox and steam if you need to know how to make any weapons or quest items discoverer 1-3 trophies youll get these naturally. herbalist you have to find 20 plants through the game. if you pick kenji he has a special skill you can unlock that shows where these plants are on your map. you can also check your survival guide to see which ones you unlocked. i was missing 1 and the survival guide narrows down the location. i think its like 5 per island roughly. picky monkeys - complete 12 secondary quests of kovacs monkeys these monkeys are all over. sometimes 3 on each island. i believe most monkeys have 3 quests each. the primary 1st will be finding them ingredients to make something like a certain food, then you talk to them again and they give you a secondary quest which is usually finding a golden item on the island. i believe that is the secondary quest. 3rd quest is to find the hidden monkey, you dont have to do the 3rd. i only found 1 hidden monkey and i got a special item. im pretty sure this popped for me before i did all secondary quests. i think i had one or 2 more to do. complete the story in normal mode i dont know if difficulty stacks but normal can be a bit challenging. especially in the beginning of the game until you get some food and health. it gets a bit easier. try to make a boomerang with 3 bones and a flint. they have bad aim but it helps alot when you run out of ammo from your other weapons. fire arrows are pretty powerfull. when you go against animals use fire arrows or boomerang, because bullets dont seem to be as powerfull against them. complete story in ironmode this trophy made me hesitant because of the rarity but it wasnt much different then normal mode. the big difference i saw was your health goes down faster. there also seems to be sometimes more enemies in certain areas. i try to avoid night as much as possible if i can. i'll try to save when i sleep when its night so i can pass most of it. the night monsters are just straight annoying. a trick i found in the xbox forums which worked for me to keep my weapons and carry them over (you lose everything when you start a new game on ironmode after completing normal mode) from warkullt - "To avoid the reset, when your in the main menu go to Online game---> Game mode: Story mode---> Story option: look for someone to help---> Character: select your original character---> the Story option will automatically change to "continue" so set it back to "look forsomeone to help"---> Difficulty: Ironman then search" play up to the first save youll see "saving" in the top right screen. then you can exit. the go local and start a new ironmode game and youll have your gear still. now the thing here is, the online is dead lol. so your going to need someone to help you (not me so dont ask) or 2 ps4s work. 2 ps4s will help greatly to duplicate items. food and ammo and red stones are a big help when duplicating. and health. or again a friend. ive noticed certain areas when a 2nd player joins you online, their items will be gone and everything is reset. i dont know why it does this. im guessing its the added dlc map areas that do it. i also couldnt seem to transfer saved items from the alt on normal mode to my main on iron mode. it takes a bit of messing around to do. i always double backup my saves. perfect run - complete a challenge with a S ranking this isnt hard to do. instead of picking story mode, pick challenge mode. there are 9 challenges. challenge 3 is the easiest. i dont know what counts as S mode but youll most likely get it. try to get a good accuracy. i noticed if i finished the level to fast it would give me a A or B. i think score and accuracy may be key. on challenge 3 the way i monitored when the level would be close to ending is looking at my flashlight battery. when you start 3 youll be in daylight, then the night comes and monsters come. flick your light on to scare them. i noticed by the time my flashlight was down to a quarter percent this was about the time daylight came and the night monsters left and almost 0 monsters came. you can then install the spark plug in the plane and leave. Dead again - achieve your first instakill on a zombie hit start and go to your optins and turn instakills on. this helped me greatly when i was in a swarm and by accident clicked on my melee weapon. if your close enough to a enemy and they dont die first hit, the instakill action will do a animated kill. youll get this easily. survival veteran - reach "survival hobbyist" ranking tag this imo is prob one of the hardest trophies of the game next to ironmode. if you can get a friend to help you in co op online this would greatly make this easier. when you finish a challenge you get rank point. you need to get to rank 21.which basically means completing all 9 challenges solo if you dont have a friend to help. most of these challenges are a pain and even on easy you can die easy. each challenge though has its own tricks. for example the chainsaw level instead of using the chainsaw i converted it into a gun and then as i gathered more parts i had a chainsaw and gun but mainly used a gun. your online score and local score both go towards your rank so thats good. you cannot play the same map over and over it wont rank you up. i played challenge 3 about 8 times and saw no rank difference. but you can play it once in online and once solo and i believe the points add to your rank. i dont think upping the difficulty gives you anymore points. all the maps i died on normal so i dont know. only challenge 3 i complete on both normal and easy and i didnt notice a rank bump. the level with the ostriches i made a boomerang and killed as many as i could and saved tons of meat, this was to help me through the board if i got in a jam i could throw it to distract the enemies. be carefull though you can loose a boomerang if its not a gold one. i lost 2 on that level throwing it on the side of the mountain. unlock your first skill this will come naturally four handed massacre - complete local or online challenge with another player this one can be a bit tricky. but it can be done with 2 controllers on local co op. have your second controller grab the spark plug on challenge three before you open the gates. dont stay inside to long or enemies start coming. on your main controller open the gate and grab all the ammo and guns as fast as possible. now at the same time try to move both controllers south towards the plane. leave controller 2 with the spark plug butted right against the plane ready to use it. your main character will be at the edge of the dock killing all enemies. IF your lucky you might be fast enough to get to the plane in time and install the plug and finish the level within 1 minute and pop the trophy. if not you might have to fight through the night until zombies are dead. i read somewhere to throw bait off screen and then run to the plane. this never worked for me it always said zombies nearby even though i had them lured way off the map. if you fight through the night just focus on keeping your main characters health up while fighting excuse my grammar and punctuation. my keyboard is half broke and its just way faster if im not being properly punctuated. dont ask me for my ironmode save or weapons. i am deleting this game and moving on.
  13. how to survive 2, and how to survive storm warning. excellent over the top local co op games and will pop trophies for pop people.
  14. so i seem to of encountered 2 odd glitches while playing in multiplayer. on the elctric island if you play 2 player and start inside the base, the 2nd player seems to lose their entire inventory and equipment upgrades as well as backpack slots. i also noticed another base camp if you drop items inside it, they just disappear forever lol. when i say base camp i mean those square forts that you have to clear out that you sleep in. to be on the safe side i drop items in front of them. always back up your save. double back it up if possible other then that the game is super fun. a bit annoying having to drop items to free spac eup though instead of having a inventory chest
  15. when i try to go to the ps store online it keeps sending me to the japan store but im in america lol. i log out then log back in and paste the direct link and still get redirecte to japan. so i dunno. after this last ps3 update it corrupted my main ps3 and i cant use the ps store anymore. i rebuilt the database, reinstalled the store etc. all that did was give me corrupt files. so short of reformating it its screwed i have to use a different ps3 if i need the store. these updates since the ps5 have been a bit off. i just updated rad and ps4 system software at the same time and had to reinstall apps on my ps4 after that because they all just gave black screens.