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  1. i give up at this point i spent about 8 hours on this already today. another guy helped me for 2 hours, we went through a step by step process checking everything and for some reason the game still wouldnt connect. he checked his and it connected for him so its def some problem on my end. i tried a alt ps3 system and that didnt work. windows 10 wasnt working and i got a window 7 laptop out and tried it on there and that didnt work either. the only last option i can think of is wiring my internet to my pc and to my ps3 instead of going wireless. but unfortunately my wires are packed away lol. every single command box was perfectly running but the game just didnt want to communicate with it for some reason. oh well. if i can ill dig the ethernet cables out and give it one last try that way tomorrow.
  2. i downgraded the java and the game still wont connect. im completely stumped lol.
  3. thanks again for the help. i found one of my errors in the notepad i changed the 127 0 0 1 ip in the bind address when i shouldnt have and now mara got rid of the port error i seem to have all 3 cmd's now running on my pc and they all match up to the screenshots as what they should say, but when i start bulletstorm it still doesnt connect. java i have 281, i had to install it and thats what it gave me since im on windows 10 but i dont see any java errors. do i have to start the cmds in a certain order? not sure what else i could be doing wrong. even if i cant get the team trophy id like to finish all the other trophies up if possible
  4. i seem to have gonespy running, my ps3 internet connection setup, and i also seem to have deadwood running. but i get that port error in mara and cant seem to fix it. ive ran as admin, and also opened udp and tcp port 53 on my computer. if deadwood is running, do you also need mara running? ive read other people having port 53 problems but it seems to be on other projects
  5. thanks for the reply. if you have 2 ps3s at home, would it be possible to hit the 50k solo by any chance while having the alt ps3 idle? me and a friend did it together on ps4 and just barely hit 40k so im not sure if ps3 is just as hard? when i run this command prompt .\maradns.exe -f mararc.txt i get "fatal error binding to port 53 system said no error"
  6. a problem i have buying europe games while im in america is i have to pay around $13 for a $10 psn card. so im either paying more or the same amount. which sucks. unless someone knows a site where they are really cheap. the card costs seem to keep going up. and some sites even locked me out of buying them stating im not in that region so i cant buy it.
  7. when you say 2 ps3s connected to their own server, does it have to be the same household. or could i set up a boost session and while im in america i can boost with someone in europe? im having a hard time setting the server up but in order to boost both players would have to know how to do it right? one cant do it then invite the other?
  8. if your doing the team challenges in anarchy and you invite someone, does the host have to have a super good internet connection? i have the bare minimum they only offer 1 internet service in my area. im wondering if it would be better for me to find someone else to host it and they invite me instead of me inviting them. i havent fully looked into gonespy but im guessing its something similar to the old apache program where you could basically run a website off your own ip address through the apache program
  9. i platted it years ago, from what i recall it is a great game but it can get very clanky and glitchy. you have to make a enormous amount of saves because of the decision making. its sort of like fallout i guess you can say in the fact you have to make sure you save at certain points and then go back and replay half the game going another route. dragon age 2 made the game alot smoother but it repeated its environments. in origins you have tons of cool places to explore at the cost of the game stuttering and freezing up. and theres one trophy in the dlc that if you didnt buff up your arrows on a character its very hard to get. i ended up skipping the last trophy because my characters just didnt have the abilities to fight the one boss. the game is also played by many people who arent trophy hunters. and considering its age alot of gamers back then werent heavy into trophy hunting as they are now. but it is a great game. but having to continuously make saves and being glued to the guide to make sure one decision doesnt ruin your entire game really kills the fun of it. you have to constantly re look at the guide and hope you didnt miss a part or wonder when a part is coming up. also alot of patches came out to fix alot of the bugs. i remember there was on bug i was stuck in a dialog and couldnt really progress and they patched it. i think that turned alot of gamers off from finishing. i think there may be a few of those glitches still in there. its not really a hard plat if i recall, but it is time consuming. i prob put over 100 hours into it. im sure that time could be cut down but i enjoyed it
  10. after i did all the skills my thumper quit working. i cant buy any charges for it so i think it switched to infinite mode, and as soon as it did this it just acts as if i have no charges. when i try to buy charges it says full. luckily i dont really need it much but has anyone else encountered this issue edit, so i figured out how to fix it. in overkill turn infinite ammo off. load up a chapter and in the pod buy all the thumpers until full. then progress forward to a checkpoint. now you can back out and re enable infinite ammo it seems to be that i think if you have no thumper ammo when you first unlock all the skills and it turns infinite, it locks it at having none. so you just have to toggle some shit around for it to fix itself
  11. i noticed the other day there is "dmc the devil may cry" and then just "the devil may cry" maybe your looking at the wrong one? its on my backlog and only played it briefly so im not sure what the difference is. but dmc i think has dlc and the other one doesnt. also i know for sure i saw it a few days ago because i made a list and i wrote down that dlc was $9
  12. just a heads up i was a bit confused on how to use the special gun from the main game in the dlc. for the main game you have to be offline and not have the patch. but i cant play the dlc unless im online and being online requires the patch. both guides i looked at doesnt mention what to do. alright so i installed the updated patches, loaded my survival save that i was done with and had the weapon on, went to single player, chapter select and its after ch19 it says A1 i did not try anything or instal anything in the dlc until every single thing was done in the main game so far it hink its working but i made a backup save of everything
  13. happens on my red ps3 controller and also silver ps3 controller, also have two original ps4 controllers that does it that just wont hold a charge long. pretty sure its a dead battery issue. also im just saying the obvious but maybe try a different cable and different charging port. maybe the cable or port shorted it out or something along those lines.
  14. i luckily havent had this issue. ive reinstalled old games and also bought a few dlcs and a new game and everything has been ok i did have a weird glitch about 2-3 months ago where my ps store would just freeze when i opened it. i tried everything to get it to work on my phat and nothing would work. and then i checked a month later and it worked again.
  15. imo not worth it but i will say this, ive had a interest in uping my completion percentage lately. with as many games as ive played ive found myself bored shitless. ive avoided rata games for years and thought id never play them. but the past year with the price they are i dove into them and they arent to bad. so i went on some binges buying fast cheap games. i then get bored of that and try to bump my leaderboards up by trying to do quick games and get bored of that. when i first started playing i didnt care about completions and ihave at least hundred games that only have one trophy on them. so ive been going back and finishing those games out of pure boredom. ill do a few ps3 games then hop back to ps4. so it all depends on the person and what your going for its more enjoyable if you just ranomdly play games for fun. when i was just going through tons of games not caring about my percentage i had alot more fun trying a game for 5 minutes and shutting it off if i wasnt interested. now i study games before i buy them or play the and its a pain in the ass. i look to see if its a game i think i can finish or i think ill enjoy. while before i could carelessly just flick anything on. ive turned on alot of games and got 1 trophy in a game thats under 1% platinum that i will never finish without looking lol and now im stuck with those games. there is some guy on the leaderboard i forget who, he only has about 30% completion. but hes played like 1500 games. the majority of games he has he doesnt finish. he prob has more fun then most of us. but a good completion profile does look really nice. my friend arix has alot more patience then me and i kind of admire how when he turns a game on he doesnt stop until he finishes it 100%. i even see people who have less then 50 plats that are really good gamers dedicated to finishing really hard games to get 100% so i kind of admire those gamers. i think we have all sorts of gamers these days. trophy hunters, completeionists, people who play for fun, people who just play one game, people who try to be high on the leaderboards, people who have a disposable income to just buy a ridiculous amount of games 5 times for each title etc. i'll be the first to admit im stupid when it comes to gaming. i waste alot of money on shit that only matters to me. but it keeps me inside and out of trouble so meh, whatever lol