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  1. i frequently play this game over the years because i like it, as many of you know the daily reward has been down for maybe well over a year now. i have not checked ps3 yet, but today i logged in and a 400m update came. not sure what that was. but now the daily rewards are back up and running again. my advice play as much as you can you never know when itll go back down again.
  2. i recently went back to red dead for a little while and luckily didnt have many issues. but from what i read hackers have taken over the server and rockstar has done nothing about it and ever since then this has been somewhat of a issue for people staying connected. i know that dont help much but at least you know your not the only one.
  3. ah ok cool. the online takes to long for me to do again. if you have 2 ps3s itll prob be the easiest just in case you didnt know, if your boosting with a partner, as soon as one shot breaks and the next shot is lined up, the person can hit start then quit and the other person will get the win and money and nobody loses money. goes alot faster that way if your really worried about the snooker wins i could help knock those 4 out but it might be easier just finding someone you can do all 90 with if they have snooker as well
  4. a friend told me with a vita you can if you got one of those. he actually played against me with a vita a match. just saw your friend request ill help u with the viral trophy, it literally takes maybe 2 or 3 minutes
  5. i havent not been this mad at a game, since the last time i played this game years ago i swear. it is quite addicting but jesus christ the online trophies are actually pretty easy if youve already loaded the game otherwise id avoid it because of the single player trophies, and you do learn to get a bit better but man this game is ridiculous. whoever have 100% on this game deserves a analysis of their brain for the cure to calmness. the snooker trophies are insane imo. for example you have to clear the entire table by going red ball black ball like 10 times, and then going in a color order. so you have to pray that when you break you land the ball in and then each shot is lined up good enough with the respawning black ball that you have to pocket after every red. some people have told me it took them like 500 tries lol the average completion is only 6% lol salute to anyone who 100% this game i bow to you! oh also another tip i suggest before they shut servers down if anyone is going to play this, play online and earn a little under 200 million. you will need it for entry fees in career mode when you lose constantly so you dont have to keep reloading saves to get money back. you cant go over 200 million because you get a crown and -100million
  6. alright well anyways, its the fusion and eagle eye chalk. you get 40 chalks of fusion 99 cents, 99 eagle eyes for 99 cents all the old tricks in the guides are outdated mostly the game doesnt work right if you dont upgrade it. first off you cant play snooker without the update. so you cant cheat your chalk thereyou can play career without updating, but if you have snooker installed it will freeze career when you start a match and you have to hard reset the far as the chalk goes, i bought a pack and am testing it out- first i played without the game updates and used a chalk and finished a match. i restored a backup save and i had the full amount again-updated the game and used backup save, chalk was there but i had to be online to use it. without the patches you can use them offlinestill have to test it out some more to see if chalk can be recovered through backup saves on updated game i live in america, but i have a american version and german version. if you try to use the game from another country the chalk store wont load.
  7. thanks for the heads up. impossible on part 1 really sucked, but then i played hard difficulty right after and it felt like i was playing on easy compared to impossible. i guess itll be another challenge that takes me 9 months lmao
  8. wanted to add one more thing, the in game store, doesnt let me buy anything. i click on it and it says accept and it seems to not do anything. is this the same for nayone else? the chalk may be unobtainable, which means this game is still impossible to play against the cheating ai edit again lol, it seems that u cant buy it in the in game store, but if you go to career and start a match, then during a match hit select and you can go to the store that way. im still weary about the warning message saying you cant use it offline
  9. i have 6 ps3s as well but only 4 are working. finding ps3s cheap is easy. i got mine at garage sales from older moms whose sons moved out and barely were played. or at video game stores that were phasing out ps3s or closing down. the issue is more within the games themselves. alot of digital games i got for free on ps plus so thats 2 copies. if i can find a disc for 5$ then thats worth buying 2 more copies =4. but buying 6(4 discs) copies of one game to do something is really expensive for a few trophies. the crappy part is now that the ps3 games are getting under the 10$ mark, the servers are either closed or closing. making you almost rush to spend alot
  10. i just looked and in the ps store there is a ball and cue pack with chalk for only $2 (us) is that it? when i go through the in game, the ps store doesnt load inside it (edit got it to load but theres 4 chalks 99 cents each, and then the dlc chalk) whats the name of the chalk called since theres multiple kinds im lost as to where the chalk is. ive also noticed all 4 of the dlc chalks say "must be logged in to use the content" meaning i dont think you can play offline (unless deleting the patch works around that?)
  11. i tried this game years back and it could of been really fun if the ai wasnt nearly impossible to beat. its not your average pool game. you have to be a espn trick shot pro in the game. i always wanted to go back to it but cringe thinking about how brutal it is trying to win one game. if you didnt start, dont.
  12. wondering if anyone played both on the hardest difficulty. i just platinumed 1, wondering if 2 is going to be just as bad lol.
  13. i wouldnt worry about it to much if its just one or 2 games. ive had trophies randomly pop sometimes under criteria and it somewhat worried me as well. ive noticed the majority of cheaters wont just cheat on one or 2 games, its the majority of their profile of over ridiculous games that cant be finished that fast. the rest of your profile should speak for itself. some games took me 8 years to finish lol.
  14. id say grab this, the games have a good storyline and are super easy platinums. its not much like playing a game though, its pretty much more so watching a cartoon movie and picking options. and moving every once in a while.
  15. i just realized i dont even have the game anymore anyways lol