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  1. just play it, its way easier and faster then the other borderlands. it shouldnt take longer then a week and then playing slow and comfortable without even really looking at trophies. i didnt have any issues played solo and then co op at the end with the waves but i also made a backup save 3 times on flash drives before i did anything co op because i do that with every game just in case.
  2. this game is such crap controls. i doubt theyll ever fix it because the patch will prob cost more then they made off the game.
  3. its pretty ridiculous i was just trying it. even when you snipe a guy right in front of you they seem to just get right back up and kill have no clue at all where your shots are going and like i said even with a guy in front of you your bullet can just completely miss him leaving him able to kill you instantly.
  4. i might be wrong but i think wipeout and infamous eventually were free again at different times. the other free games were dead nation, and i think stardust it was called. might of been one more i would have to check browsing that list has made me realized i have about 400 more gmaes i downloaded and never even started that are all stored on my ps3s lol. man they had alot of shitty games
  5. world war z, the grind on that game is ridiculous not to mention trying to find people to play insane mode. took me a entire month to finish and i dropped about 500+ ranks on the leaderboard why regret those?. people always make fun of those games because their cheap fast platinums, but you already have over 100 plats. i got shit for having mayo as a platinum, but i have nearly 600 games alot that i havent even had time to play yet. sometimes even small fast games are worth a try imo after youve played as many as us. me and a friend play a game called 09 inside its a basketball game that had 1080 hd on ps3. everytime he visits he wants to play me in that game. its the only sports game i'll play but unfortunately the servers were closed i think the same year it came out because it never went me online, ever. so it sucks when that happens
  6. thats breakfast, theyll more then likely just have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  7. this challenge sucks ass, i fly perfect on a ramp to the next one and for whatever reason the bike either decides to drift far right and crash, or it lands perfectly and he flies off the bike. like wtf is that shit. and then i see my combo line shrinking, so i start doing drift and anything possible to keep it going but that bar flies down like sonic the hedgehog. the most i got was 80k and that was by pure luck.
  8. argh this sucks lol
  9. so theres 12 challenges, do you have to earn a gold in all 12? i thought i read somewhere someone said this trophy will pop if you did like i think 4 golds, and with those 4 golds you had all golds in the sub challenges as well i cant find where i read it though this is my last trophy and i only got 3 overall golds on the main so far lol i want to be done with this game and never play it ever again
  10. thanks i ended up doing a ng+ on hard2 mode and got all 3 trophies. a 3rd playthrough was so boring i fell asleep at one point and woke up with the controller disconnected. alot faster though. ng+ should of been there from the start
  11. 5,964......ive downloaded alot of really shi**y games in my days that i couldnt tolerate more then a few minutes before switching to something better
  12. im downloading the latest update which is going to take a while, the last time i played this game i completed the survivor mode. ng and all this other stuff wasnt out yet whats the difference between hard 2 and survivor 2? whats the difference between hard mode and hard 2, survivor and survivor 2? since i already beat the game on survivor, would the fastest way to mop up the 3 dlc trophies be to play ng+ on hard 2 mode. can i even do that if my last save was from survivor mode can i jump down to hard 2? this is really confusing the hell out of me. i guess i will know better when the update is done downloading. but in the meantime im trying to plan ahead if i even want to do this all over again lol
  13. i couldnt even do the first bike one yet lol and now imr eading it takes people 3-10 hours to finish just this challenge. jesus this game has made me hate it
  14. just played the past 2 hours they are still running
  15. your response is good enough. im far to lazy to look further into it LOL