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  1. the glitches, bugs and crashes are insane i dunno how this game even got by approval lol. and multiplayer holy crap is that a mess. episode 4 i had to do all alone because it would blue screen me if i joined anyone. sometimes it makes my character unable to run, stuck invisible, people disappear but are still froze in the game. i ran to the safe zone and it said first to safehouse, and then said we all died even though we didnt such a great game but with so many trials to do i have to constantly rotate 3 backup saves because i never know when its going to glitch and crash on me
  2. for some reason after i beat the game my case select can only pick 0, 1, 2 but my mission always gets stuck at mission 0. if i pick case 1 or 2 the mission is still mission 0. which results in no zombies appearing and half the doors closed off. to resolve this, i started at case 0 as my case select and kept picking continue to do cleanup. so far its working. i always make sure to triple backup my saves every hour alternating also i started the game by first doing golf, then capcom, then story. so im not sure if this was the reason as to why the case select is glitched this way. but even reverting back to old saves before i completed the story if i case select the same thing happens.
  3. if you look at .10 seconds it looks like he flies off the road, and it somehow glitches him to the end of the race instead of back on the road. ive fell under the map a few times but never that lol
  4. ive surpassed the patched requirements on the us version and nothing popped, so it looks like american never got patched
  5. 600 coins only if you win the match which is more then 10 seconds just finish in last place and get a few hundred which is only a few seconds
  6. i can confirm you just need naval cutlass, i finished it before the other 2 maps were even out
  7. mafia 2 dlcs is gone from the store i believe, but i bought it years ago. so when i went back to it recently i couldnt find it in the store but it was still in my dl list. so i could play it. also sometimes some countries get it removed and others dont. finally people may still buy the disc if the game isnt in store (mafia2 another example easier to play in europe)
  8. i agree man, i screenshotted mc donalds being advertised on my ps4. ps3 store was completely ruined for the fact they changed the gui to gear more towards a flashy advertising making the store bog out when you actually try to browse games. unfortunately this is the new era and its never going to be what it once was. im 36 and i see the change in everything phones and internet. the internet alone use to be so much fun when all we had was just aol or yahoo and we were forced to talk to people all over the country not knowing what they even looked like instead of people posting food pics all over fb for likes. i cant adjust to anything, i cant enjoy anything now because i enjoyed things the way they use to be when a gaming console was made just for gaming. i guess im just one of those old people who have to die off and let younger people enjoy whatever is new. battllefield use to be its own unique game to be fair, they were the total opposite of call of duty and had a smaller fan base but a dedicated fan base. it use to be a game of people who saw every girl in the world who thought she was a "gamer" only played one game, call of duty. and then bad company2 came out and the entire system copied call of duty the only difference is it had vehicles and bigger maps. i remember when battlefield you needed some real skill because one bullet wouldnt kill someone. you needed aim. now its just die spawn die spawn die spawn. some of the old battlefield games i played i was so good i would go 110-3 in k/d matches because i had practiced so much i was unstoppable. now its "whoever sees who first by luck" mostly. for a while the gamers stood up against these big companies enough to force them to change. alot of gamers dont realize we dont need them, they need us. we could demand to not pay for dlc if none of us bought any of it for a year they would stop. at one point everyone was on the same board, but theres always people with more money then others who are like eh if i can afford it then who cares. personally i wait for flash sales now and buy digital just to avoid gamestop for the tons of years i had to deal with them trying to force sales on me. i recently just cashed out my 30k points i had saved from the past i dunno 8 years from gamestop because i dont plan on buying a new game there anymore. i found a small little used game store that offers disc games for half the price gamestop does so if i want disc i buy in bulk there. i never buy anything new anymore. hell im even mad that my ps4 doesnt have a power off switch in the back like the ps3 phats did. or that they took the rca multi connection out and i cant hook up my surround sound up to it. but i guess thats my punishment for taking care of old stuff, having old stuff, and being old. time passes me up
  9. does anyone know the interest rate on it? or does it vary per person? i read a while back a guy used one for work supplies, he had to buy certain things per day on a credit card anyways and got reimbursed by the boss. so he was basically racking up major points lol. so for someone like that its def worth it
  10. in bad company 2 there was a clan of people named after famous 80s actors something like "Private Val Kilmer" and "General Mel gibson" and matt damon lmao also saw MortalWombat hahahaha
  11. rooftop rumble was always good to me, even after they patched it and i replayed it on ps4 it seemed to get me there eventually.
  12. ive had this issue on ps3 with about 7 different games, i cant specifically recall on how i solved it but i THINK i used a different tv and it worked. this also happens especially with games that have stereoscopic 3d in them. iw ould have to plug my ps3 into my 3d tv and change the settings, and then then while still on plug it into my regular tv next to it (some gaves wont save the setting so it reverts back to 3d) also like tigress said, try starting the game not logged into playstation. that has helped me on a couple games. i remember godfather specifically would not play if i was logged in first. and bad company1 was the same way. for some odd reason the main user name account somtimes has a login issues and freezes a game. for the heck of it if you have a 2nd name try starting the game on that to see if it works. if it does work then your main name login is for some reason freezing i which again has to be fixed by just starting the game signed out each time but then youll know thats what it is.
  13. thats werid it never happened to me on ps3. i just started on ps4 and did the clouds before anything else because i hate it the most. i ended up doing the other alternative of deleting the file and replaying the easy levels to add ribbons if anyone is wondering if that way works
  14. ah thanks, sometimes i think of both of the places as the same. thanks for the links!
  15. man it takes forever for the actual trophy progress to update, my guess would be wait a day and try again when using the reward maybe. for people trying to use it outside of america, im guessing your account is linked to the other country. when you sign up for a account it asks where do you live as well as a address. it prob sees that and wont issue it maybe