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  1. i dunno wtf the guide is talking about but you can easily do this trophy by going to fortuna, pick the lowest mission there is so the enemies are low rank, go into orb vallis (btw this is on venus) and jump on your k-drive and hit triangle to equip your secondary weapon and shoot people with it. thats all you have to do. you dont have to be in the plains. matter of fact this trick dont even work in the plains. youll need a kdrive anyways for some of the other trophies so after you get it this is how its done
  2. when you say "help us" i think you mean help you. no disrespect but your girl is controlling your life. your living to make her happy and she is not doing the same for you. this is a pickle most guys face in relationships and thats the trade off of not being alone. "But I don't want to go to the basement and play for hours without her and not be together so we don't do the things we say we wanna do and share together. " listen to that quote from yourself closely. your so concerned about being a good guy but if she was just as concerned she would have no issue with you doing that and youd feel comfortable having time to yourself and not feeling that way. ive been single since 2006 and i meet girls and talk to girls quite often. i always meet ones who say they are a "gamer" but only play call of duty which is basiclaly the mario of the 80s. when a girl wants to play video games i tell them no lets do something else. because i know they arent on my level of gaming and will ruin it for me. i only had one girlfriend in the past who was truly good at video games and would play them for hours and even ignore me for them which was honestly perfect. we would play baulders gate together. at the end of the relationship she actually stole my n64 and all my zelda games lmao. if a girl gets mad at you for gaming because its fun, you are not the problem. the problem is the girl isnt as fun as the game. when i hear a girl complain about her boyfriend playing video games i jokingly say "what are you doing to be more entertaining then the game is?" they NEVER have a answer. ever. now this doesnt mean you should downright neglect your girl and completely ignore them for video games. but if you dont feel comfortable taking time to play video games as a hobby then she needs to find some hobbies herself and stop bugging you. thats the problem is a womans hobby most of the time is a man because the man provides her with entertainment. when she sees you have interest in a game instead of her, shes completely lost and bored and gets mad. i been playing warframe all day and a girl asked me to call her 3 different times through the day. i havent had a full day to just play this game with no interuptions so i said no. i hate the phone and because she has no hobby but her phone and she dont work and has no car she wants me to be bored and entertain her on the phone. i dont want to sit there in one spot talking on the phone when i could be collecting mad loot son. she tried to guilt trip me a few hours ago saying she had a sleeping disorder and that she would be able to fall asleep easier if i was on the phone with her. again i said no. she said fine then! i dont really care. in the past i would of thrown myself at the mercy of those demands but the hell with that. as for the backlog, mine use to be enormous. i been hacking away at it the past few years. my first few years i had tons of uncompleted games and didnt care about completion percentage. i didnt even know this site existed back then. now i find it fun to complete those old games for the time being. it takes a long time honestly. and sometimes the simple answer is you have to choose between one or the other. people get jealous of me because i buy animatronic freddy kreugar dolls and my house is basically a man cave museum of cool shit. but i always have to remind them that they have kids and a wife and i dont. and thats the tradeoff. my money and time goes towards buying cool shit i dont need and since im alone i kill time by playing games. it doesnt always work both ways. with the right girl id prob just drop gaming mostly. but for now i blow my money on games and my time on video games, and then get a ugly or average looking chick to hang out with and get drunk like once a month lol. also man girls say alot of shit theyll just never do. shell never get to any of those games. some chicks have a gold fish brain where it resets every minute. they yap yap yap about all this crap they wanna do and it makes for good convo but they immediately forgot and never do it.
  3. found a easy way to get this trophy during the heart quest you become a robot and you get to the end of a chamber where your shooting alot of infested enemies, i think its triangle your robot does a mounted stance and shoots what appears to be explosions. got the trophy instantly. i suppose if you miss it you can redo the quest again. the other easier option i heard is rhino but it takes forever to build him and get the parts etc quite boring.
  4. very underrated game, but the pvp was annoying as hell. they could of got rid of that shit
  5. i didnt know you couldnt exit thanks. i was wondering why my counter wasnt moving. so you can keep talking to that guy and keep playing the first mission over and over? this trophy is annoying as hell i prob spent hours on it already
  6. did you get other trophies when you extracted the other times. im tryin to recall when i played but i know it did not pop for me and i think different trophies popped that i earned. its almost as if one cancelled out the other. its def buggy
  7. depends on your gaming style. for me i got it for one game because the membership cost as much as the game and the membership had the game. for the next 5 or 6 months until it expired i never played anything again on there. most the games have trophies. on psnprofiles you can always click games and search for that particular game to check, i think some classsics have trophies? like i remember syphon filter did i think i dunno if that was under the classics. i think its relaly good for people who dont care about their completion percentage and want a shitload of games to mess around with. when you play the old games i think its similar to the ps now style of gaming where it only streams the games and doesnt download them. if you are a busy person who hits pause alot, the game will disconnect if your idle to long and you could lose progress. thats the hting i hate about playing the old non downloadable games on the service is i have to stop gaming alot and take important calls and stuff so its not worth it.
  8. downsizing is fine, its when you upsize that sucks. some of the old movies i have are weird dimensions like only 400 x 300. watching those on a 80 inch 4k is janky. but then i watch them on my 50 inch plasma 1080 and they look alot better. its not that huge of a leap from 1080 to 4k. i mean even when you get netflix the standard is 1080 and you have to pay extra for 4k. most things you watch arent even in 4k if you have a 4k tv unless its sports lol
  9. ohhhhhhh! yes hitting X def does change the symbols. there was no mention of that anywhere, not in the game, or video guides i watched. and i just tried it on a slot that had no symbol at all, and picked a symbol and applied it and it made the trophy pop. thanks buddy
  10. i think what i was trying to say is good job to anyone who took the time to finish it without cheating using a modded save cheat to pop the platinum. for me i tried nightmare and im just not good enough of a gamer to finish nightmare nor do i have the patience so i left it as a unfinished game. but im pleased with how far i got. its a very sketchy game and ridiculous how far you have to go without dying on the marine missions where you can easily die by a cheap face hugger and ruin it all. so the people who have finished it are way better gamers to me. i like to acknowledge the great gamers out there. in the past as a kid playing genesis and such, we didnt have tracking webpages to show us these other people around the world who were better then just the top player in our neighborhood in mario brothers lol. i think its something to do with evolving in gaming and my age (41) that i appreciate a skilled player and can admit they are better then me and tip my hat to them. its what makes games exciting and challenging to know they are better and to try to be better. im def a better gamer then i was years ago. some of my backlog games i thought i could never finish ive went back and sometimes got the trophy in one attempt or one day when i previously couldnt do it for weeks or years as far as i know there is not really any great bug or exploit that helps you out very much. i think i may of seen a video for one of the bosses years ago but i cant remember specfics to answer your other question you dont have to beat nightmare in one sitting, but if i recall you have to beat each level in one sitting. meaning if you die in a level you go back to the beginning of that particular level. you can use chapter select to play the levels in the order you want, but playing the last level first wont pop the trophy so its not a quick exploit. as i said above, some of those marine missions are quite long and have many points you can easily die on so thats where most give up. i would sort of put it up there with the mien leben wolfenstein trophy but a little less harder. it takes persistence, patience, and no distractions.
  11. with the game menus already being quite a task to understand at times, taking it one step further is also confusing with polarizing. and the guide written for this kind of just expects you to already know what you dont know and doesnt help much "Polarize a rank 30 Weapon, Sentinel, Kubrow, or Warframe." my warframe is at rank 30, but there doesnt seem to be a option anywhere to just click polarize my warframe so digging deeper into this, let me guess at what im doing here and not understanding and someone correct me its not the actual entire warfram you are polarizing, it is one of the card slots correct? the only problem is i dont have any cards that say 30 on them. the highest one i have now is 14 in the upper corner of the card when i try to apply forma to it i get a message that say "you did not change a mod slot! expend a forma to rest this item and leave slot polarity unchanged?" now i am totally lost and forma takes 24 hours to craft and i sure dont want to waste 24 hours just because i dont know what this message above means. im not sure what i exactly need to do to polarize something that is rank 30, like i said my warframe is rank 30 but i think the polarizing needs to be a card that says 30 in the corner? im really lost
  12. glad it helped! anytime i encounter anything in a game i play i always leave a note somewhere in the forum if i can
  13. voting wasnt rigged
  14. 15 plats? better keep your profile, itll take you 5 lifetimes to get that many again. you have about 16 games or so at 0% that you can delete from your profile. alot of games you halfway finished. you can backlog them and finish most of them if their interesting enough to you. or just keep that profile as your test game profile. if your looking for a completionist profile you can test games on that profile and if you like it enough to keep playing then finish it on your new profile. i would say just keep using it though. my completion use to be something like 30% and i didnt care for years but i get re interested in games and go back and finish them slowly over the years and now im at 85%. i just started playing warframe again which i havent touched in like 9 years or so lol. ive barely used my ps5 because i been on ps4 and ps3 so much
  15. I HAVENT PLayed this game in years and im completely lost. how do you get that surf board and where exactly is this area? im looking in the deimos planet and dont see it nevermind got it, had to do a crapload of other missions all day first to unlock the area. the spot is a bit tricky to find. video could of been a little better but worked