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  1. after fighting the annoying backup and guys in the level, octo tank seems to one hit kill me. and i cant command 3 characters to go in opposite directions at once because its just to slow they die before i can get a command in. refighting the same guys is annoying as hell i got it right after, i let the 2 idiots die and just basically walked from left to right avoiding the cannon. once their down and the bombs are dropping it seem simpossibl to get them up so just leave them
  2. really good game. did it a few years back. as dude said above hidden gem. not hard to platinum. fair amount of time nothing outrageous.
  3. i really enjoyed this game its something ive never played before. my advice is get rid of the first 2 factions as fast as possible(after their needed 50 kill trophy etc). i made the mistake of using my first faction and spending a entire day using them and wasnt able to kill darkside no matter how op my drones were. it wasnt until i got to the 3rd faction and did all that work over again to buff everything up and get my gun to the second to last upgrade that i was able to kill him. might as well not even bother farming diamonds until the 3rd faction. it did seem though the diamonds i spent on weapons, those weapons cost 0 in my next faction so that was good. and i carried over 100 diamonds. the grind for diamonds is ridiculous but not as bad as other game grinds. i did full drone upgrade trophy on my first faction, but i would get that regardless on my 3rd because you have to beef up everything anyways in order to make money to buy weapon upgrades.
  4. considering its resident evil dlc theyll prob add mien leben difficulty for mercenaries and one bronze trophy that goes with it
  5. have you guys tried playing the NES version and see if it pops?
  6. going to add this to the last. the fckn tunnels that completely freeze the game for 3 seconds and then hurls you into a fckn crash. or when you pause the game and unpause it and get a blue screen crash. man i hate this game
  7. suprisingly i knocked out gold on almost all formula dd ones in a row this morning. 2 i got bronze on i got to go back and do. man you really saved me on not using turbo on certain races, and then using it on other races. that was prob the best tip in this game. i sort of felt like it was happening but a confirmation helped
  8. hey one other question not sure if you know, to gold all the shakedowns, do you have to also do shakedown previews as well for that trophy?
  9. yah dude i totally agree. this is a title that goes from decent to "i hate this game" fast. i just finally beat this track the exact same thing happened to me. i took your advice and barely even touched the turbo i think i tapped it 3 times. the ai crashed in the beginning so i got the lead and just didnt hit turbo. all of a sudden it said he was 135 seconds behind. it kept refreshing and he was 10 seconds closer each time. so i said to myself if i can just make it without crashing i think i can outbeat him. i crashed 3 times and he closed into 20 seconds behind me and i barely made it over the finish. this is the second time i picked the slowest car on a event i couldnt beat and won. i dont know how this plat is even 12%, must be some persistent trophy hunters lol also a storm shut my electricity off 3 times haha. so im glad it stayed on
  10. sonys hatred for ps3 is like republicans vs democrats lol
  11. thanks for the tips. i have noticed the same as well. the ai gets boosts when they should have none at all. if i crash them and i get a boost from it, somehow they are 1 second behind me to make things BEYONF frusterating. i finally had a match where i drove as bst as i could and anytime i crashed i hit r1 to make my car crash into theirs. i was always a second in front of them or 3 seconds. i was getting close to finish and it said "rival crashed" i said awesome, i got this one in the bag finally! well, all of a sudden it says rival is 35 seconds ahead!!!!! wtf! he never passed me. he crashed and teleported that far in front of me. i couldnt believe it. they crash and they are right on your tail. i even saved the video of it as proof.
  12. thanks i ended up grabbing it because it was on sale. i got instantly annoyed that they decided to use the gigantic point of view that was used with leon in i think it was part 4. ill have to get use to it but the character takes up half the screen and blocks the view and then they decide to not put him to the far left, but a small gap on the left where he blocks even more point of view. so i turned it off i'll try again when im in a better mood lol
  13. its similar to when a computer gets banned for their ip address. its a number addressed to identify your console think of it this way, each ps3 has its own serial number (unique id). if that console does something wrong like modding, the serial number is reported to sony. and everytime it boots up something and connects to the network, the network does a check on the serial number and says yup this one is banned.
  14. this is prob one of the most annoying races i ever played in a racing game ever. its one on one and the ai has the jump on you from start. the ai NEVER crashes. and if you crash once you 6 seconds behind, each additional crash adds roughly another 6 seconds. by the time you finish the race your at least a minute behind the ai. to make things worse this course is filled with turns you cant possibly turn, and littered with traffic you cant miss. also the slower you go the more likely you are to hit traffic for some reason. besides short bursts of turbo that never help you get any closer, you can only get turbos by wrecking the ai the only strategy i found to somewhat halfway work was this. pick the match and car and wait for it to load. wait and do nothing for about 5 or 10 minutes before you hit x to continue. for some reason this builds up one or 2 cars in the air as some sort of glitch. im not sure if this works all the time but i noticced it happened once where one car fell then the next day i left the room to make some food came back and 2 cars fell. what this does is make the ai crash at start. you now have a little bit of a jump on him. now the hard part, to keep making him crash so you keep getting turbo. without turbo your dead in the water. no matter what this asshole catches up to you and never crashes. so you have to continuously crash into him while avoiding hitting traffic. if you crash and fall behind you may as well just restart and not waste your time. whoever made this race needs to be kicked in the nuts. this is by no way a fool proof strategy or a good one, but its the only way i could win 1 lap before crashing head on into traffic and losing. also note the falling traffic doesnt happen all the time. im not sure what actually triggers it
  15. thanks yah i get em when i can but i realized they just start repeating so i can skip some to save on combo time if they are out of the way. i found your guides they are a big help. the hardcore maps are a real bitch. one messup can ruin the entire run. i ran out of handgun ammo. my hands are killing me lol. but its better then power pyxs guide.gonna try again when i have more patience does picking up the coins help towards score at all? im wondering if i can just run past coins and not worry about it when im on the 4th levels