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  1. shyt. i do have them backed up but losing 100s of save files sucks or the games that only save to cloud are a pain in the ass
  2. hell thats not to bad of a time, must be rare because it was a ps plus game
  3. i could never get this game to start on my ps3 it would just turn black at the startup screen then freeze my ps3. buti have 8 ps3 now i can try it on. is it possible to get these trophies in a week? the latest achievers have done it in only 4 days. anyone know amount of time to self boost?
  4. thanks guys. i didnt even think about that solution. so i would just remove my account from the ps3 and then re add it basically?
  5. i have a question. i recently went back to playing this game and am enjoying it enough to maybe dive into buying the dlc. but im a bit concerned about the hacker talk. this will be my oldest platinum soon, and i put in some hard work on the veteran levels. if i buy the zombie maps and trophies get autopopped by a hacker do i have to hide the entire game? or do you just hide those trophies? and how exactly do you hide it? can you solo all the dlc trophies or is it to hard by yourself?
  6. i think reich was the hardest because i didnt know how to advance my players at the end, and if i went up to far that column kept falling on me and killing me. the most important thing i figured out was trigger points. it seems there are different points that make your men advance. if you sit back and keep shooting there will be a endless amount of enemies. what i found was i run up to a trigger point, take cover for a second if im hit, watch my men on the map start coming towards me and run away before 100 grenades come at me. there seemed to be only the last section in reich where you had to just wait it out for 5 minutes before your commander said follow me and thats when you had to go forward. and one or 2 other spots. but mainly i found the last few levels my best best was running to points i found that triggered my ai to move forward. the first section in downfall was ridiculous but i ran and dove to the left and crawled to a checkpoint and after that it was fairly easy. burn em out originally made me quit the game 10 years ago. but i replayed it from the beginning and learned the patterns and spawns and trigger points. the last section i spammed smoke and flames. i died alot but finally made it. after that i felt like i could do the rest. oh and the level where the people come out of the ground in the beginning of the map was super annoying. the amount of grenade spamming was stupid. the 4 AA guns i realized it was best to run around like a maniac. after the first 2 guns i would run left, then backwards to avoid grenades, run left again throw a grenade, duck, and this time move up to the left corner in front of me one more knotch. this made my ai advance again. and then i went backwards behind the car or tank. if no grenades or bleeding was happening i would hurl a grenad forwards into the right side building and run into there. but you have to be careful of 2 or 3 cheap ai enemies who run in fast and kill you from in front or behind. alot of it is luck based and patience.
  7. a old trick i had to do on ps3 with many games after sony had the big hack a few years back was i had to start a game while signed out, and then login in after the game had turned on and ran through the startup screen. games like battlefield especially did this to me. and it was only on my main account the oldest. its worth a try
  8. go to their profiles, if their timestamps are suspicious theres a way to report it. this site does remove cheaters if its obvious that you have like 50 trophies pop at once or something. theres not much other of a way to tell if someone is downloading a save. if someone gets a trophy that is impossible due to a server offline then you can report that to i saw someone get a trophy in uno which needed to be in the top uno leaderboards and he wasnt yet got the trophy and i reported it and they lookd into it and canned him
  9. i liked it, i wrote a trophy guide for it on another website i wont mention because their new layout sucks (im sure you can guess it). the ai was a weak point of the game though and the bugs. you shouldnt have to save so many ai when they keep dying and not following you. other then bad porting glitches like hovering through the ceiling in dr2 in co op they are all good games. the game was fun enough though to deal with the ai and bugs
  10. i got my gta psp case autgraphed by anthony cumia not long ago, got to hang out with him at the comedy club. he did various gta voices and red dead. most notable the pibwasser commercials. i dont think i can do the ambulance missions again if they put out another edition, i hated those
  11. on sale for 1.59, i like over the top games think ima give this a try
  12. pretty fun game, it was just enough stuff to do without becoming to boring. i suggest to nab it when on sale.
  13. i didnt get to test on all tracks but in cortex castle i couldnt make the jump, so i went around the corner and approached it from the wrong way and go tthe trophy. same with blizard bluff i jumped over the railing the wrong way and it worked.
  14. you could always use the video capture feature built into the ps. i had that giant boss at the beginning of the game swing his weapon and glitch into the house and hit me lol
  15. i dont see any beginner class. are you talking about under driving style i see acceleration but not beginner. its classic, turn, balanced, acceleration, speed, drift, also i dont understand why they have drivers with different classes, and then a category of driving style with classes. are you picking 2 essentially?