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  1. i dunno how i missed that, i went to wiki before this and i didnt see any of that lol. but yes thats the patch on the left. i noticed the official patch seems to have the gap in the middle while the fake repro its filled in.
  2. i dunno where else to post this really i figure here would be the best spot for long term wolfenstein fans i had return to castle wolfenstein for playstation but not pc. today a famous musician was getting rid of a wolfenstein patch, the kind you can sew to a jacket. i seen someone was selling replicas by the bulk, but this was a original. he said he kept it from his original pc copy i cant find really any info for this, since when i type in patch the results are all game update patches instead of jacket patches. is there anyone old enough to remember some sort of collectors edition or has one as well?
  3. i dont understand sony at all. i have 6 ps3s because i personally love them for media. through all generations of the models they had, they were all pretty damn hard to find. i had to settle on a few refurbished, used, or garage sale ones. everytime i would go out to buy a extra one for the house i would go to every single store and nobody would have any. theyd either be sold out, or just not ordering them. and they were still in high demand. but they killed ps3 on purpose for ps4 and they just let to much people have fun with the media aspect on ps3. storing songs and movies right into the system theyll never do that again. im almost positive they could be selling tons of ps3s still but rather not. ps4 might of been out for awhile, but the developers are just now really tapping into making games look great for it. i still dont think anyone has hit the full potential the system can give yet. prob never will either because a new system will come out and theyll fade out ps4 like they did ps3
  4. t make a long story short, they dont make money off old things. the constant flow of buying new crap keeps money in their pocket.
  5. cant seem to find any news on this, but just played a match and got double xp. now would be the time to grind out rank 50. im guessing because its may 4th?
  6. id say with this game its possible ive seen some extremely odd bugs happen. ive noticed in heroes sometimes ill have a player picked, but itll say i dont have a player picked even though i was already playing with them and im mashing the button to start and then it says starting with random player. it seems like the selection screen gets confused sometimes for whatever reason. good thing it was only chewy since most the gun players in heroes are worthless. unless your fett and want to be a jerk and fly to a spot nobody can touch you
  7. *skips sale and watches bruce lee flicks instead*
  8. i finally got the stupid fkn last cards. god that was overly annoying
  9. i just flew my plane straight into regular planes on stage 1 until my health was super low then finished the stage without dying
  10. yah it popped at 26 for me. the level up system is bonkers. at this rate ill be 80 years old by the time i hit level 50. now i can see why people are jerks on heros vs villians, they are trying to milk as many points as possible to level up. if you play any regular game the score is to low for such a long game. the patch just updated a little bit ago so well see if it works for anyone i was over level 30 assault before i got the vanguard trophies. i think level 38. that was the most miserable trophy ever. im totally not looking forward to shooting down hero ships since they are almost impossible to find. you have to fire at everything and hope you hit it
  11. best way to beat this mode is eject the disc, open the door, throw it as far as you can and run away
  12. i think there is a milestone but it only goes to 50, the next 100 is a guess lol
  13. at rank 25 now no trophy hopefully rank 26 pops it
  14. lol mickey mouse puppet that gave me a good laugh the campaign i basically activated the shotgun to make me run as fast as possible and ran through the entire thing to just get through it. but it was pretty awfull. this should be a 10$ digital game honestly. it does have potential to be pretty great but man they relaly did alot wrong and seems to be a sinking ship. the first one wasnt the best game but it had potential to make a better 2nd one. its odd how much of a step back it took lmao. i hope they look at this game and say "ok we tried that, it didnt work, lets fire the idiot who suggested that, and never do that again, and move on" and then there is little things that piss me off that dice has always done, like exaple the grenade button is mandatory left side. well its easier for m to hit the right side button. instead they put weapons on the right side i dont use often or that are almost useless without the option to switch. i dunno why dice always likes to break controls of what has worked for years in comfortable spots to make things super difficult.
  15. im trying to use my upgrades, and the game freezes and says we couldnt complete your purchase try again. i guess its still thinking its a microtransaction or something. so i cant unlock abilities right now with heroes and villians im getting booted out of games saying i lost connection to the network, but i havent, my connection is fine and connected im entering some games and its showing my stats from the last game i played hours ago. which then i dunno if its giving me double the points, not counting the points from last time, or its just a graphic glitch theres been a few more error codes but good lord, ive only had the game a week. has this been going on for months?