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  1. im fine with it, most of these games go dead way to fast now. and some trophies are so ridiculous that they only get earned by someone who specifically plays that game and only that game the legit way. and who knows how long a game will last before they decide to kill it. i use to love MAG and was working realllly hard on trying to complete that game and then bam its just offline and dead. alot of games i do 5 playthroughs sometimes so if i have one or 2 trophies left after that i really just want to get them out of the way as fast as possible.
  2. anyone have this problem, im at the 2nd to last level and everytime i finish it gets stuck at 98%. ive tried shutting off and retrying w different drivers and same thing. i just unlocked the shovel night and i read on pc he gives the game some error that was apparently patched but this sucks
  3. did anyone try playing for the first time after the latest patch. im wondering if its one of those things where you have to start over or else it wont register type of bs
  4. theres that one mission for tiny tina where the guy comes out of the house your suppose to lead him to her place, have splitscreen going, have your main person kill the guy and the other controller resetting the mission. or you could gib lol
  5. there is a pinhole in the back of your controller as a master reset button, push it with a paper clip and see if that helps by any chance. other then that my 2 controllers i got on release day of ps4 are both equally dying quick. they go down to 1 bar within a half hour. i als have vr and it didnt seem to impact me at all
  6. 😂
  7. i just checked and i got a email for gow3 platinum, it was just a image with a few links, all the link directed to broken pages lmao. and it didnt give me anything free. america!
  8. ps3 throttles their speeds bigtime. also if you have a ps3 phat for some reason their internet is a bit slower in downloading i dunno why. and last maybe your internet sucks lol
  9. i have horrific anxiety so every game technically stresses me out. usually my first run if its a playthrough game i dont even look at trophies and then i can enjoy it without anxiety. but once im sick of the game and know i have trophies left and have to do another run through and i ocd about completing it thats when it kicks in the worst. i absolutely hate multiplayer games because im antisocial. and trying to organize a group of people together at the same time from other parts of the world to finish a dead game really makes my blood boil because you spend more time in the lobby then you do finishing the game
  10. i cant even login anymore lol
  11. i had the same thing happen kept getting stuck at 80 kills. the 3 aliens that come out the best thing to do is torch them and run. they will leap charge and grab you so you gotta be carefull. it almost comes down to luck. i deleted the game i was so pissed. then i got the flu bad and i said fck it ima try it once more and on my first try got it. if you can get past that part right at 80 then the last people your pretty much home free. i think you get 2 backpacks after them. they seem to be bullet sponges so regular ammo does nothing. i have a vieo of me kiting them unloading over 100 bullets and them not dying and hey killed me. but then i torched their asses. i was down to one hit and no herbs. luckily the few monsters after them are a bit slower and you get another sparkshot. sometimes if you sparkshot one enemy and hes next to another it will kill them both. thats all i can say, theres really no real strategy besides that. its just pure luck. those fkers will lunge at your slow walking ass and cheat so badly its ridiculous.
  12. if that dont work try them on twitter, most problems i have with anything i get a response from twitter faster then i do anywhere else. even if it takes twitter 3 days to respond lol.or theyll direct you where else to write to or maybe read some tweets under the patch and see if anyone else has some more info
  13. it actually never worked for me i think because i had finished all the missions already. so i just went back to blowing crap up i came across. good find though
  14. if multiple people are having this issue then im guessing its on the game end, but for the heck of it try this. go to the game in the xmb menu hit options on your controller go down to information this will truly display if the game is installed or not. sometimes it says installed on the xmb menu, and it isnt. the information tab will have a progress meter i think if its still doing stuff
  15. thanks ill have to try this, im already at level 13, but im sick of stopping to blow up 2 generators for xp its beyond annoying and ive wasted so much time on this game on fucking bullshit already. i want to get the rest of the xp done and be rid of it already