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  1. how do you download playlink for a desktop with windows 10? (or any windows). i only find the app in amazon for phones. is there a direct link somewhere for a download where i can use like 3 laptops i found this link, but all it does is get stuck looping a waiting symbol if i try to download on desktop
  2. these challenges could be alot funner if they didnt make them so idiotic. the horde could be great if you actually had any stamina to run. most the time you try to pick up something you dont and die. you run and gun, run out of stamina, get killed by someone behind you. the motorcycle driving is god awfull they put you in the worst spot with tree stumps and hoping you line up with every ramp that you cant see coming up that seems to be placed directly under a hill that you can pass up. they are extremely annoying. the funnest part i did find was using the rooftop glitch and that was it. even challenge 2 fighting the people would be fun if you could just do what you want, but you have to sit there forever and headshot everyone. just a really bunk whack dlc that could be great but isnt
  3. i just started last week and got phd, just marked each kill off the list. some of the descriptions i was unsure about so i put a ? next to my list just in case i had to re find the object. it popped for me when it should have. i actually thought i would of had to do a few more. theres also kills that dont seem to count towards it. i also hosted in a private match as the killer and it was ok
  4. rooftop is the best thing to do characters are just skins, i dont think there is any + or - to any of them, imo when you see more hordes coming from that library looking place thats when they start piling in. this is when you should use your pipe bombs and giant jug molotovs to get your bonus to x120 etc. that running back and forth crap on the ground is awfull your stamina runs out way to quick and you often get nabbed from behind. or you cant interact with objects fast enough to get more ammo etc. what i wanna know is how the heck to get gold on the second challenge, as far as i can tell melee gives you the most pts and i still cant get gold. i meleed like 75 people lol
  5. does this work in reverse if you have it on na and platinum it, then buy it on eu
  6. i also cant find the app in my faebook anymore (actually almost any app i had isnt showing now exept discuss) i couldnt find it in my ps4 settings either. maybe it is in the ps3 settings. i looked at my fb and it looks like in my activity log its posted trophies over the years, but never displayed them to me, or anyone else. they were hidden. odd
  7. it takes so long to update i was unsure if it even was updating anymore. the one good thing though is as soon as you redeem your points you can get your code the same day instead of waiting a week like before. it was good while it lasted.
  8. thats a good idea im going to change it to only me setting. i like that idea better then off.
  9. i ended up going into my ps4 settings and shutting the notifications off. this was a cool feature years ago when earning trophies was a bit slower. but i looked at my fb and it had about 40 posts in a hour. i had to apologize to my friends lol
  10. a few years ago facebook use to automatically post each trophy you earned on playstation if you had that option enabled. for some reason, maybe timeline flooding, they disabled it a few years back. today i noticed everytime i start blood waves, it says on fb ive started the game, also every trophy ive earned so far has been posted on my fb is this happening to anyone else or just me? im wondering if its just this game or all games
  11. i think its kinda cool but the people who get advanced copies for guides sometimes get the spots before others. i also realize i look at my name when its in the top 50, but i never look at anyone elses lol. so its somewhat pointless. also i was 7th to complete days gone on survival mode, then i rechecked it a few days later and i kept going lower and lower i think im 11th or 12th. im guessing people synced later then me maybe. unless they cheated. if im playing a game and the trophy update comes out for it and im online then i'll try to go for it just for my own challenge. the only other time its cool is when its a game that less then 50 people completed and is old. then i kind of like seeing the others who did it
  12. the more patches come out, the worse it gets for me. i just finished survival and the entire top half of the map was choppy. when i got to the south it got a bit better. i found that when it happened to the point i almost couldnt move anymore i had to shut the game off and then back on. also had a blue screen crash after the patch but luckily a auto save wasnt far. glad im done with this game for good now
  13. ive heard of the bad frame rates and stuff before but i really never experienced it my entire platinum playthrough on easy. but now on survival im up to the far left side of the map and the game is really stuttering badly and some rooms are empty as in invisible objects. enemies being catapulted across the screen and then shooting me lol. some really weird stuff. did it get worse for anyone else when trying survival?
  14. i platted the game a little while ago. after i beat the game i went from horde to horde wiping them out easily. i used basically focus and alot of bullets and molotovs. they are outside during the daylight, and in their cave hiding spot at night (i think thats how it went, if not then vice versa) i often found going to there cave and setting a few bombs down if i had them far from the cave and one from the entrance. and then throwing molotovs inside like a maniac and then shooting them as they are bottlenecked at the cave entrance wiped them out pretty fast. i used the one gun that was like a tommy gun for my left, the gun that was like a lmg for my bottom, and then the gun that was kinda like a mac10 for my right. its alot easier later on when they give you a horde health bar so you actually know what your fighting and how much
  15. screw telltale. im glad this happened to them for the fact they lied to gamers at launch. when walking dead first came out they sold a season pass with the belief that the game was done, and they wanted to release each episode every month. the fact is the game wasnt even done. i dont even think they had the money to finish it and swindled gamers into a season pass for upfront money. which is almost like a preorder but worse because by the time you get the 2nd episode you cant even remember any choices you picked on the first episode. people were PISSED. constantly asking where is the next episode? needless to say i think it took over a year for it to be released.