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  1. same, story mission didnt pop until i finished the dlc. everything else was ok minor glitches were falling through map, blue screen of death, light glares in the bunker southwest, stuttering issues lag in one bunker. everything else was fine from what i recall
  2. if you still didnt get it and you have 2 controllers, a idea on a couple of them is place a split screen character in the spot you have to jump to. so instead of wasting time jumping on blocks to shoot the orbs out of range, you shoot the few in range on your main controller then hurry up and pick up the 2nd controller and shoot the other orbs. i did it with one controller but it was my next plan if i couldnt do it lol
  3. in the game i have this trophy unlocked, but it didnt unlock on my ps3 or the network. im not sure why. i guess i can delete my game save and try to get it. hopefully this doesnt ruin the platinum alright edit i seem to of fixed it, inside the game there is a trophy list. it was checked off but never popped on psn. (i was using digital) i went on my spare ps3 which had no save data on it and put the disc version in and looked at the in game trophy list, all the trophies i had were checked. but this time "non shall hide" wasnt checkmarked. so i played the first level and shot through a piece of tree to kill a enemy and it popped immediately. so now im going to go back on my main save and finish the difficulty trophies and see if the platinum hopefully pops. seems like the in game trophy list pulls from psn. for some reason that one trophy either didnt pop on psn or didnt sync from the game i dont know. also another weird thing is i popped the trophy at 12:12am, but it says i popped it on my psn at 11:12pm. i dont think today is daylight savings alright double edit, just loaded a old save on my 3rd spare ps3 to see if all my trophies would load in in the in game trophy list and they only loaded what was on that save. which totally contradicts the 2nd paragraph. this shit makes no sense at all. so i shu the game off and restarted it and all the trophies loaded that i earned this time. smh lol triple edit, now the time stamp on my main ps3 says 12:12am, and the other ps3 says 11:12. i dont understand this at all 4th edit, just wanted to say after all the crap above my platinum popped when i finished everything else and didnt glitch out
  4. maybe its not the game thats bad, maybe its the person holding the controller just kidding. i havent even tried the game
  5. we need a little more info on this do you have another ps3 you can try your account on to see if it logs in? one time sony temp banned me for cussing in a game (the chat in twisted metal that you could type in), i called sony and said it was my son and the guy said i'll be unbanned in a day with a warning and i apologized. so what im getting at is, is the system itself banned (which i never heard of) or is your account banned? because if its your account then its going to happen no matter where you login and you prob have to call them and find out exactly why you were banned. they will know. they had my entire transcript from the game i was in that he halfway read to me and danced around the bad words lol. try formatting the system and wiping it out completely and seeing if that works. this will get rid of any crap the previous owner put on it if its software look at the lid, is the seal broken? there should be some silver tape where they took the screw out and opened it up so you can see if there is any physical hardware modding i know my friend modded his xbox whichever was out when ps3 came out (i dont follow xbox and there names confuse me). and he go not only his friends xbox banned, but also his dads banned for modding. the way they found out was basically each xbox has its own serial similar to computers having their own ip. so the seril assigned to those xboxes couldnt work no matter what name was on them because xbox detected they were modded somehow. his dad called xbox when we were there and they woudnt unban him lol. i dont know if ps3 does that, i never heard of it happening to anyone but i also dont know anyone who homebrews or mods ps3s.
  6. its the dev kit lol
  7. yes i acknowledge that, i wasnt going to look for a time stamp on the picture lol. thats why i just guessed and said a week or 2 ago. i thought people would get the gist
  8. your right i can agree with that in multiplayer where people were suppose to get trophies when the games were active, and then end up doing repetitive kills. but games like spider man they made you do all those side missions over and over again. i think over 100 if i recall. that was a dick move. its the same with wolfenstein new blood, after you finish the game and do every single thing there is to do your only 30% complete and spend more time farming kills then you did playing the story. it makes you hate the game
  9. i was a bit hyped for it and then the whole dlc just ended up pissing me off and i wasnt in the mood for it at all. i rushed past everyone and everything and finished it as fast as possible. some of the maps were impossible to read while backtracking. i didnt know if it was just me or the dlc sucked. but its looking like it sucked. i ended up using a shock pistol and spraying like a madman on those orbs. every gun i used was to slow, didnt shoot far enough, missed, ran out of time while reloading. anyways glad im done with it. i think ive had enough borderlnds for a few years
  10. i usually lay my playstations down and then put a book under them. they seem to burn out faster whenever they are standing up. i think that clip thing in the middle is the same piece that holds it when its standing up. also heres a new pic of it.
  11. if you search on google "ps5 size compared to ps4" a few images come up. was browsing it earlier. im sure they bulked it up so they could release slim versions later like usual also dunno if this is real it was released a week or 2 ago
  12. so ive seen this question a few places with no answers. i finished my campaign on expert and had used a few medkits in different levels. i went and chapter selected levels on easy one by one cleaning up collectables without using the medkit at all and the medkit trophy popped halfway through. hope that helps any future players. you dont have to start a whole new game just redo the chapters you think you used more then 1 med kit on, to be on the safe side dont use any
  13. akumu mode is insanely hard. i have a hole in my wu tang poster and the wall behind it from throwing my ps4 controller at it and the handle went right into my wall and came back at me like a boomerang. the chapter where they come in the windows is extremely hard, not only d you have to finish the top floor, you have to finish the bottom floor which is almost pure luck. i know i died over 200 times total. it might of been around 400. theres a trick for the top room but the bottom room ugh. make sure you study up on what weapons to use. im blanking out but there was some sort of bow i think with a electric shock upgrade? i think that helped me. also another hard part was when you fight that boss lady that dissapears and reappears thats chasing you and you have to run as your hitting the valve stems. its like 4 sections you have to master perfectly. i made this video a long time ago it might help
  14. so i did a search in the ps3 ps store and the only thing that comes up is the game trial. but i know i had this game on ps plus before. so i went to my download list but i have over 1,500 games and they arent even in order at all. did they completely delist this game from being downloaded or can i download the trial and itll be the full version. gonna search some more, maybe i just missed it in my list. ugh edit nevermind i think i found it. it was download #498 and it said 2019 for some reason. which makes no sense. it even says i purchased mag in 2019, that games been offline for years.
  15. its extremely repetitive. after finishing the story be prepared to do a million side missions that serve no purpose other then wasting your life lol