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  1. i see most recent players have abandoned the game. its very cheap in the ps store and i have just enough left on my account to buy it. looks like the insane trophy giving people problems? edit, well nevermind, i found this video below and reading the comments and watching the gameplay i think doing 3 things at one trying to reach 200 might really make my brain explode lol
  2. trying on my main american account and when i sign into the store it logs me out of my account. im trying to see how much a dlc is for something. and the horrendous pc layout wont find the game in the search and keeps redirecting me to fkn japan
  3. lol kind of funny your having the same problem now.
  4. i had this happen last year on my phat and no other system. it happened for no reason. i tried everything but formatting (i have way to much stuff to do a format) i tried rebuilding database, deleting the ps store and re ddownloading it, nothing worked. so i gave up. i ended up going back to the store on accident a few months later and it worked. i have no clue why. all i know is it wasnt working for about 2 weeks with no explanation and then fixed itself. what im thinking is there is some sort of issue on sonys communication side to your system for some reason and wait it out. all my other ps3s worked excpet that one that fixed itself. also to add to what the guy said above it was also my main account. i dont recall if i tried alt account stores. but it was my original first system and my very first and main user name. but like i said on my other ps3s it was fine. i actually went back and found my old thread for you if youd like to give it a read below.
  5. i want to know why they didnt do anything to the guy who started the code to crash the servers and then gave it to others to do the same. from what i understand if i listened to the whole story right was he was somehow a part of making the game. and because someone ticked him off everyone else had to pay the price. you say a swear word in game chat and you can lose your account, this guy tanked the servers and nothing. whats to stop this from happening to any game. mp trophies suck
  6. i have prob at least 50 easy plats. maybe more. id say the first 10 years or so i stayed away from games like hannah montana. and ive become a different gamer to make it more interesting for myself. sometimes i care about the leaderboards even though i'll never be in the top 100 so i try to knock out alot of trophies, sometimes i need a fast game to play for a day, sometimes i want to do a rare game with a friend that will take a month of grinding, sometimes i find a game i can submerge into for a long time like red dead 2. ive realized alot of the easy games arent that bad once i started playing them. hannah montana was ok for a game because even though the graphics and story was shit, it had you do different things then the same old recycled games. ive found i like games made about tv shows or movies like duck dynasty even though i hated that show on tv i found the game interesting. lately what ive been doing is trying to do a game that takes some time, then ill knock out a bunch of easy ones, then go back to another one that takes me a while. the first few years on playstation i spent playing battlefield bad company and almost nothing but that game. i put in over 1,000 hours into it. so i think my profile kind of is a all around mix of stuff. i might have alot of easy games but i do grind out a few tough ones.
  7. im prob noting the obvious of a bad disc, but anyone else have install problems? the disc is super clean no scratches or anything. ive had it sitting around so long before i tried it i cant return it also since its towards the end of the install would this be a problem towards the middle of the disc or edge? edit: nevermind, i took it out of my ps4 pro and put it in the regular ps4 and it inched its way on to the hd. it struggled alot but made it. kind of odd it worked on that and not the other. i dunno if one bluray is faster then the other or something
  8. just a heads up, after 3 hours of trying to get the bottle, i decided to try downgrading the patch to 1.0. as soon as i did this the first try on mission 3 i got the bottle. so im not sure if it was coincidence or the patch but its worth a try
  9. pretty good game and pretty easy. the bottle is a pain in the rear to find. if you can get it ddiscounted its a pretty fast enjoyable platinum. reminds me of some of the old genesis fighting games
  10. thanks for the tip. i just fell through the map and im kind of pissed so i was looking for a quick way to make up my lost time
  11. make sure to check the date of the mask creation. believe it or not there is still people who got the mask trophy years ago and never finished the game and are still going to their backlog and finishing it. but yah if its recent then its def hacked
  12. sony should pull this game
  13. i finally got a vita and grabbed this for free out of the ps store. i cant stop playing it. it is very repetitive but i have to say im having a blast with this
  14. i used the american site had it bookmarked for a few months and it didnt help or didnt work.
  15. for the sake of discussion and boredom i was in gamestop the other day and i asked about ps5s. i still never got one, i bought another house recently so i just gave up on wasting hours online when they sell out in minutes. he said basically if you pay for a gamestop membership, youll have a better chance of getting a ps5 because instead of them selling out in minutes youll have about a 5 minute mark before they are sold out because having a membership will slow down the people who are re-selling them. not trusting anything gamestop has said my entire life i was wondering if there was any truth to this out of curiosity.
  16. i just want to make sure, does the season pass ($5) give you all 3 dlcs you need for the trophies? the 3 dlcs are $7 a piece so $5 compared to $21 is a big discount i also see a online pass for $10, that is not needed right? also i see the "full package" edition for $15. i already have the base game but is all the extra dlc stuff worth getting, does it help make things easier at all or can i just skip it and get the season pass
  17. level 37 on arcade works good for this. just pick the same color until the majority of the other gems are the opposite and then click them
  18. i dont know wtf is the deal with these medals but ive done most headshots 15 times and the 10 times medal trophy hasnt unlocked yet. but then oddly enough the 10 headshots only headshots trophy popped at 7 instead of 10 (i still think i did it 10 times but its only visually said 7) and another trophy popped 1 or 2 early. at this point i dont know if its going to pop at all or just whenever it feels like it. id hate to gold medal everything 10x and that one not register after i put in 100s of hours
  19. is this happening to anyone else, my cursor bobbles like crazy. i dont think its my analogs. is this game suppose to do this, it makes it hard to make a click
  20. for this being one of the cheap titles i actually enjoyed it a little bit. until the coin grind. the grind really sucks. dont get me wrong its no red faction or riddick grind. but i left a macro on and it took about 2 days. it really gets repetitive. and you can only play medium so much before you have to tap out from boredom. i think if they would of made the grind less and just made this a basic faster title it would of been a all around good game. i can see why they made the grind, for people who will play the game alot. but i cant see anyone possibly wanting to that arent trophy hunters lol. its fun but not THAT fun lol
  21. ^^ this, fun game but skip it if youre aiming for a platinum or care about completion %. the servers have been a issue for nearly a year now
  22. i just bought a new modem/router combo and im looking at the speeds of my ps3, ps4 launch, and ps4 pro. i did some research on what is going on but id appreciate if someone can confirm my plan is 200m spectrum, the modem/router combo i have has 2.4g and also 5g laptop getting 215m on 5g ps3 is only getting 11mbps (no 5g option) ps4 51mbps (no 5g option) ps4 pro 189mbps the regular ps4, and the ps3 only seem to connect to the 2.4g, theres no popup for the 5g so from what i researched is it correct the ps3 and normal ps4 can only connect to 2.4g? also is 11mbps the highest my ps3 can get? its been so long since i actually looked. thanks!
  23. thats odd about the ps3, i tried it wired and it only went up 1mbps. which ps3 model are you trying the slim super slim or phat? i have one of each i may try them all and see if there is a difference also note that on 2g wired and wireless made a difference with everything, but when it came to 5g wired and wireless was pretty high regardless. my internet company caps me at they say 200, but the modem/router says it can handle 600. i would think i could at least get 30 on ps3. ill have to mess with it more when i get more time. i guess its not a big deal since i mostly use it just for movie mp4s these days
  24. lmao trust me it did implode after i found out how far back my last manual save was and i did a godzilla scream loud enough to shatter my windows and tvs lmao
  25. these didnt pop for me on my first run. so on my second playthrough the first secret room i found popped it, and the id tag inside popped it. not sure why this happened. also had another weird glitch there is a elevator later on in the game. i took it and backtracked to a storage place and made a manual save. everytime i loaded the save the game would freeze loading. so i had to use a auto save. i tried to run back to that elevator but it was stuck in the air and i couldnt get it to come back down. luckily i didnt really need the storage but the saves in this game can become janky. sometimes my auto save would send me back entire sections edit, now the audio log trophy popped. kinda seems like its counting the numbers and not the actual specific file. i have no clue at this point.