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  1. Kingdom Hearts 1 on PS3 I saved this one as my 50th platinum as it's one of my favorite games of all time and it's the one that truly got me into gaming 😀
  2. Boomshanks - Ground Pounder Pounds ground all year round.
  3. ( 49) Rocksmith 2014 (PS3) I Can Play Guitar Enjoyment: 11/10 Enjoyment Missions: 3/10 Difficulty: 7/10 Rarity: 0,84% Yeeeesss!!! After about 95 hours spent I finally have the platinum on one of my favorite games ever . Rocksmith is more of a teaching simulator than an actual game, but by gamifying the songs and lessons through stats and missions it becomes such a fun way to work on learning to play the guitar. I really would recommend it to anyone that it interested in playing the guitar or bass 🎸 The gameplay is pretty much the same as Guitar Hero and Rock Band except that you play with a real guitar instead of a plastic one. I got the original back in 2012 and have loved the franchise ever since. Its hard to describe the awesome feeling of finally playing some of your favorite songs on the guitar, even if you’re only playing some of the notes in the beginning. The original did have some issues though, but thankfully Rocksmith 2014 improves on most of them. Most notably, the note track and things such as chords and bends have become much easier to read making it much more enjoyable to just start a song and play it on sight. I absolutely love the fact that the game divides the song into multiple sections which can be leveled up separately depending on how well you are playing. This constantly keeps you in that golden zone of being challenged but not overwhelmed. In the beginning I would just spend my time playing many different songs in a single sessions. But eventually I realized that if you actually want to learn songs you really do have to practice sections of them over and over again through Riff Repeater so I started doing that with some of my favorite downloaded songs. As with the original Rocksmith, there are technique games in this one that you have to get a certain score on to get the trophy. Some of these like Gone Wailing I absolutely hated because they don’t teach you anything. I had the most trouble with Hurtlin’ Hurdles which concerns tremolo picking, as I absolutely suck in playing tremolos . I eventually managed to get it by playing bass without a pick as that made it much easier to mute the strings when needed. The game has some really cool trophies to work on as well. My absolute favorite is having to play 15 songs in Master Mode without failing. Master Mode takes away the notes entirely so you have to play completely from memory, forcing you to actually learn the songs. I saved this trophy as my last on purpose and had an amazing time learning songs and finally being able to play them in Master Mode. And secretly having to learn 15 songs from memory on guitar and bass together makes this my proudest platinum yet .
  4. ( 48) Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition (PS4) Romero Would Be Proud Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 6/10 I had completed this on the PS3 to 100% before with my great friend Qurx. Then, I believe this came to PS plus on Playstation 4 and we had few other co-op games at the time so we started playing it there as well. The game is a lot of fun in co-op. I also really like the trophies here as they always give you something to go for next. First we completed the game on Normal. Then we started collecting all of the loot with some miscellaneous trophies in the middle. Finally we did another playthrough on Morbid and survived to round 10 in the arena. By now I can pretty much dream the entire campaign, but because of the co-op it never felt repetitive . The only playthrough that was slightly boring was the one collecting all of the mementos. I did it on Braindead because I wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. I really don’t understand why they didn’t allow for that to be done in co-op as well. Throughout the campaign we never really ran into difficulties, but that might be because we know the game so well by now. I was dreading the end of the Graveyard level on Morbid, but we completed it on the first try, much to our surprise. The real difficulty came in the Arena mode. We had completed it on the PS3, so we knew we could do it, but we failed miserably the first few tries. Then we found a strategy that worked well for us and got a lot further. One time I died in Round 8 because I was too greedy with my Launcher ammo and I got sliced in half by a Cutter. Another time we were at the very end of Round 9 when the game disconnected us . We stopped playing it for a few days after that haha. But we did eventually get back to it and now I have the 100% on both PS3 and PS4 😊.
  5. ( 47) Bioshock Infinite Platinum Columbia Enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty: 5/10 I actually got this halfway through January, so the first plat of 2019 is in the pocket. I absolutely loved Bioshock 1 and 2, so I was very eager to play this when it came out. At first, I was sad that it didn’t take part in Rapture, but it was probably for the best since there is only so much you can do within a certain location. Columbia offers a nice change of scenery, especially since you get to see what it’s like before everything goes to shit. However, as with Rapture, my favorite moments are when the city is falling apart. They manage to tell such great stories with just the environments alone of a city on the brink of collapse. Awesome stuff, especially in the final stages of the game But contrary to the first 2 Bioshocks, in this game I had a hard time getting into the story. In the beginning it’s really cool and wrapped up in mystery, but around the middle of the game the pacing takes an absolute hit. I distinctly remember finally being very close to my goal only to fall out of an airship and having to start all over again. This just took the enjoyment out of it for me because it sometimes felt like you were just given errands for the hell of it and you weren’t progressing the story all that much. The story definitely picks up a few chapters later and doesn’t let go until the end, but I had to push myself through those middle chapters of the game. This is coupled with the fact that the side characters in this game just aren’t as memorable as those in Bioshock 1 and 2. There is no Sander Cohen here. Jeremiah Fink is just a businessman . There isn’t anything off about him that made the other characters so great. I actually had A LOT more fun with my second playthrough than with my first. I did my second playthrough on 1999 mode without purchasing anything from the Dollar Bill machines and it was a blast. It was quite difficult in a lot of parts, and you had to take the entire story really slowly. I just like the feeling of constantly being anxious and really not looking forward to a coming battle because of how difficult it’s going to be. Even with the awesome fully upgraded Murder of Crows. Only that stupid ghost boss was horrendous. I defeated it the first time by the skin of my teeth… and then I found out I had to fight it about three more times. Ugh In short, I didn’t really like my first playthrough with the game as I had a really hard time getting into the game and story. But I loved my second playthrough on the hardest difficulty. I don’t know what to think about that either.
  6. ( 46) Guitar Hero Live Platinum Trophy Enjoyment: 4/10 Strumillionaire: 0/10 Difficulty: 5/10 I actually got this one on the 29th of November just 2 days before the server shutdown. I’m just really bad at posting these stories on time. It’s one of the few games I actually regret buying, especially because of the trophies, but we’ll get to that. The single player GH Live was fun… for two hours. And then it wasn’t anymore. The idea of playing in front of a live audience is ok but everyone is overacting sooo badly it just takes you out of it completely and becomes unintentionally hilarious. Also, the soundtrack is mediocre at best with songs such as Berserk and Bangarang that really shouldn’t be in a Guitar Hero game. The game was sorely lacking any of the classic rock songs that were available in other Guitar Hero or Rock Band games. The mediocre soundtrack also made Quickplay pretty much pointless since all the good songs were in GHTV. But of course we still had to get 20 million points in Quickplay, so I played I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons about 40 times and called that a day. The idea behind GHTV is better. I had to get used to the idea of not being able to buy songs and play them forever, but I have Rock Band 4 for that so I’m glad Guitar Hero Live went in a different direction. The concept itself worked really well and I discovered quite a few new songs that I really started to enjoy and still listen to 🎸. But there’s a downside to the channels as well. It happens quite a lot that the only songs that are playing are ones you don’t enjoy, so you have to use your plays to even play a song you like. And if you run out of plays? Well you can always buy more… yeah they can f*ck off with that. It doesn't help that there are only 2 channels in total. I'm sure they promised to get more channels sometime, but to be fair I only played it once or twice when I picked it up and only started playing it religiously when there was almost no time before the server shutdown. And then there was the grind. My god the grind. You can be done with every trophy (save one) in the game and you’ll be at about 300 thousand strums. And then you’ll have to strum 700 thousand times more for the stupid Strumillionaire trophy. What is it with these ridiculous trophy demands that don't make any sense compared to the rest of the game. What a horrible experience that was. Just mindlessly strumming while watching some series on Netflix with a noise-cancelling headphone on. I ended up doing it all manually and managed to strum an average of 30 thousand strums per hour so that trophy alone took me about 23 hours. I swear I made that strumming motion so much that when I jerk off now I can reach Mach 5. But I managed to get it done just in time for the server closure. And now I don’t ever want to think about this game again . Oh yeah and I still prefer Rock Band.
  7. ( 45) Modnation Racers ModNation Legend Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 8/10 Wooooo, so glad I managed to get this before the servers close down. This one was quite a grind and a very difficult platinum for me. I struggled a lot with the Hot Lap trophy in particular. Getting in the top 10% of the Hot Lap track is incredibly difficult as there are a few dedicated Modnation players out there that score incredibly fast times each and every day. There is a glitch in the track which requires certain things to be done just right and it is extremely difficult to pull off, but you almost have to do it since the other players all use it to get their times as low as possible. Last month I signed in every day to do the hot lap and registered a total of over 400 laps without ever getting the glitch to work once. In the end I just got lucky and managed to get a somewhat decent score without the glitch which got me in the top 10 track times. Thank God this is finally over . I was seriously worried that single trophy was going to lock me out of the platinum forever. The game itself came out in 2010 and it promised to be the Mario Kart for Playstation, so I bought it straight away. You can play with 4 players split-screen which was a huge draw for me. It’s possible to create pretty much any character, kart, or race-track you want and the community is absolutely great at this so within a few minutes you can have anything you want to race with 🚗 But there was one huge problem. The loading times were absolutely horrendous. They would often be between 1 to 2 minutes and they were everywhere. Getting to the whole process of starting a race could easily take a few minutes and playing the game with friends just became a huge drag because of it. No one wants to constantly wait that long to be able to play. So, I pretty much shelved the game and didn’t touch it again until I finally started to clear out my backlog. It became one of those games that I really started to appreciate the more I played it. They significantly fixed the loading times in later patches (though they are still long) and the career is actually quite fun with a lot of different tracks and challenging objectives to complete for all of them. The online portion is a massive grind as you constantly have to download your own creations, so that alone took me a few months. But now it’s finally over and I’m really glad I gave this game a proper go and ended up enjoying my road to the 100%. It’s also one of the most difficult platinums I’ve done in a while with the hot lap trophy and the massive grind, so I’m really proud I got to add this to my collection before it becomes unobtainable forever.
  8. Thanks for the responses. After a while I got pretty good at going over the fence, but I never really got the glitch to work. I would always be reset back on the track and wouldn't get a good time. But everytime I tried I would also do a few normal runs without trying to perform the gliltch and it was one of those runs that got me the Hot Lap trophy today! I'm really happy as I was seriously getting worried I would never get this trophy and thus the platinum. Good luck to everyone still trying this before the servers close down. Even a normal run can be enough on a quiet day.
  9. ( 44) Prince of Persia Master Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Not very recent, but still the most recent. I got this game in 2011 because it looked pretty fun. Played it for maybe an hour, got bored with it and then left it alone for a few years. Tried it again one or two times for an hour. Got bored with it again and left it. Then, as I wanted to clear out my backlog, I decided to give it a proper go this year and I actually ended up liking it and finishing it. It’s something I’ve noticed with more games that I have in my backlog. Once I actually commit to playing them, they turn out to be quite fun. What I like most in this game is the platforming, which is good since it makes up most of the game. Getting around from point A to point B is actually quite fun and I loved collecting the light seeds. Even though you have to collect 1000 of them, I never really got bored with it. Normally I’d quickly use a guide to find where they are, but here I made a point not to, which led to some of the most satisfying moments as I finally found the last light seed I needed in that area. It’s one of the few games where I loved just going through the levels and exploring it on my own. A large part of that is also due to the art-style which is gorgeous. It’s a really unique style and makes for some amazing locations, especially after healing the lands. Nolan North voices the prince and I absolutely love the guy, but he’s just really miscast here. The prince in general just feels like a cartoon - always trying to be funny, even when there’s a serious moment going on . Elika fares much better and is voiced very well. One thing I really didn’t like about the game was the combat. Play one fight and you’ve pretty much played them all. There really was no strategy to them, even though they tried very hard to make it seem like there was. It’s just looking at the enemy to see whether you have to press , , or first. The fights also felt incredibly slow, especially during the boss battles. There are only four bosses in the game, but you have to fight every one of them six times. So yaaay. All in all, great platforming and collecting, but horrible combat. Also, the epilogue is painfully average and really not worth the 10 euro it costs. They added a new boss type which can transform… and it’s basically just one of the previous bosses that transforms into another of the previous bosses . New enemy type my ass. But f*ck it, I wanted the 100%.
  10. The Hot Lap trophy is the last one I need for the platinum and 100%. But I'm struggling so much with this track. I've read all the tips and tricks on this site, but I can't get the glitch to work. Is there anything I'm missing. I'm looking at the YouTube video's and sometime I'll go past the fence and crash into the opposite wall, but for some reason it always puts me back on the top track on not near the finish line 😣. Any tips would be greatly appreciated
  11. The problem isn't that a full-game expansion has a higher price. The problem is that people who bougth Vanilla Destiny now had everything locked out that they previously had access to. The platinum became unobtainable and you couldn't even go online to play competitive anymore. I've never bought a game and then have that game take parts of it away from me before. What's even worse is how they handled the DLC. First you had Vanilla Destiny and then two DLC's. Then came the Taken King. But the online way you get access this is by paying full price again. For those who hadn't bought anything before, this was great. But for those who bought the Vanilla game and the two expansion, this was a rip-off. They essentially had to re-buy the base game and two DLC's again just to get the Taken King. Just a terrible way to treat your fanbase and I'm actually glad they got punished for it.
  12. Yeah I have the disc. Though I thought I bought it in the same region as I bought the DLC
  13. I just bought the three DLC packs for Modnation Racers and installed them, but I can't find them anywhere in the game. Does anyone have an idea where I can access them?
  14. ( 43) FIFA 15 Football Legend Enjoyment: 9/10 Extra Effort: /10 Difficulty: 5/10 Wooooooooo, finally! Really, f*ck Extra Effort. That idiotic bronze trophy should never have been in the game. It sounded so simple – just score off the ground and trigger a certain animation. But it’s so luck-based that even after hundreds of hours of playing, most people don’t unlock it naturally. The developers specifically added the animation into the game, but it’s so f*cking difficult to trigger that only 7 out of 1000 people ever get to see it – and that’s including the trophy hunters . And then it becomes the last trophy you need and you have to spend hours just tackling your keeper hoping that the ball will land at the exact right place. After trying out a lot of different tips and tricks I read online, I finally found a technique that worked for me and unlocked the trophy within an hour. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad. No I’m kidding, I’m really happy, but still – f*ck that trophy. –End rant. FIFA itself is pretty much what you expect it to be. I only buy the game once every 4/5 years, but when I do I absolutely love playing it. One thing I didn’t expect to like as much as I did was the Ultimate Team aspect. It was my first time playing that mode and I loved the progression aspect, where you can slowly buy better players that you personally like and can create the ultimate team that you want. However, I had a lot of players that I liked, but I never could match them well and keep a high chemistry because they were from different teams and countries. Ah well, give and take I guess. Mostly, I just love creating me and my friends as players, putting them in a local team and then playing through a lot of different seasons. It’s sort of Guitar Hero but for football – makes you feel like you and your friends are a real team. It’s a sort of fun that I very rarely get with another type of game and I can spend hours creating all of my friends and adjusting their stats to represent their real-life counterparts. As always, they do a great job with the commentary and I just love the general feel of the game. I’m usually pretty bad when I start out, but I got a lot better near the end – though by know I’ve forgotten most, if not all, of what I had learned. Ah well, I guess I’ll learn it again when I get a new one
  15. ( 42) Guitar Hero 5 Platinum Trophy Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 7/10 I really did not expect to get this one. The game has been at 98% completion in my trophy list for over 5 years now and I had pretty much given up on it, all because of a stupid bronze trophy called Outgoing just wasn't unlocking for me. To get it, you need to play 25 online Pro Face Offs (win or lose) which sure sounds easy enough. I've had multiple boosting sessions and somehow my partners always got it but I didn't. I think in total I played over 250 Pro Face Offs and still no trophy. It's really frustrating, having completed all of the difficult requirements of a game, only to have such a simple one stop you from getting the platinum. But then, a few weeks ago, I read someone saying the trophy didn't unlock for him until he played all 25 songs in a single session. I though, I tried all these things, could it really be so simple. But once you start to get a bit of hope again, you just have to try it out to be sure. So I started a boosting session, black__bunny was kind enough to play with me, and sure enough... after more than 5 years I had the platinum. As for the game. It was fun, but I prefer Rock Band.