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  1. Had the same problem with the AC Chronicles games. Bought them from the app and was able to download and play them on ps5 just fine
  2. PIXELJUNK RACERS Enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty: 6/10 Another Pixeljunk game done. I got the collection because I had a lot of fun playing the games with a friend way back when. In hindsight, the games were fun to play together but getting the 100% on them now is just ok. Pixeljunk Racers mostly seemed to be a fun game to play with a group of friends and while some modes can certainly be fun, most are too chaotic for anyone to be able to play them. So the game was quickly shelved and I only came back to it last year to clean it off my backlog. The trophies can be surprisingly difficult for such a game. You have to get 20 gold medals in the tournament and achieve certain miscellaneous challenges. The gold medals in the tournament were certainly tough. It’s incredibly difficulty to get gold in certain modes and you have to do two races per cup, so you really have to think about which ones you can do and which are better left alone. The miscellaneous trophies offered a surprisingly fun challenge. I never quite got the hang of the game in the beginning so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get the 100%. But as I started playing, I quickly improved and most challenges had that addictive one more try feel to them. And so, a game that I thought I would dislike because of the challenge, I actually started liking quite a lot. Getting some of the trophies felt very rewarding. Once you get the 100% there really isn’t anything left to do, so I don’t think I’ll touch this game again. But I certainly had more fun than I would have thought while it lasted.
  3. ( 78) DEAD SPACE 3 BRAVE NEW WORLD Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 6/10 Another platinum I’m really proud of. I played the first two Dead Space games with a friend on his account and they are both masterpieces in my opinion. I distinctly remember being happy that he had the controller on a few of the more scary sections. I can’t wait for the Dead Space remake on PS5. And we get Calisto Protocol as well. Score ! Dead Space 3 is the game where the series started to falter. We bought it because it had co-op and we had some fun with it, but it certainly wasn’t as good as the other two. The horror is scaled down a lot. Especially when playing in co-op, the game really isn’t that scary. After completing the game and finishing all of the side missions, we never touched it again. But in an effort to clear my PS3 backlog I decided to finally finish it. And that meant completing the game a total of 3 more times. Hooray for me! The other playthroughs are definitely interesting. I started with the Pure Survival run where you don’t get any medpacks and ammo but have to craft everything. Then I did the Classic run where you can’t craft anything and can only use weapons from the previous games. And finally the Hardcore run in which a death will wipe your savefile. There is a glitch where you can use an overpowered weapon in every game mode, but I decided to do them all legit. Somehow the Hardcore Run was the easiest out of all three, even though they are all on Hard difficulty. I only died two times in the entire game, though I had backed up my save on a USB file so I never lost that much progress. The mechanics of Dead Space itself are still very solid and the gunplay is good. What I hate about the game is how they decided to make it an action game and the way they did that is by throwing a stupid amount of enemies at you at all times and pumping their speed up to 11. All the while Isaac moves like molasses. Dead Space used to be about slow encounters with strategic dismemberment, but in this game when you take the legs off the enemies somehow become even faster. Dead Space 3 also has some incredibly frustrating enemy placement such as when opening doors or when hacking a machine during which you can´t see your environment or after a while just continuously having them spawn directly behind you. Not fun . From chapter 14 onward the game is just massive battle after massive battle and any semblance of a horror game is lost. It’s cool that you can craft your own weapons, but the cost of doing so is too high and there isn’t a way to test the weapon which you are making. If you make a bad weapon you can put yourself in a really bad spot and it all feels accidental. On the other hand, having the right weapon can completely break the game and make it far too easy. The story is also very poor. What Dead Space needs is definitely not a forced love triangle and Norton is such a comically black-and-white character that you can’t take any of it seriously. It’s also funny how your co-op partner Carver just suddenly appears out of nowhere in cutscenes when you’re playing solo. Finally the human encounters are terrible. When playing Dead Space, I want to fight Necromorphs. Fighting against other humans just emphasizes how the mechanics of Dead Space are really not made for encounters like this. This is not Call of Duty . All in all, I think the thing that best summarizes the game is missed potential. The foundations of Dead Space itself are good, but it’s like every decision they made for this game was the wrong one. The setting on the ice planet Tau Volantis is cool but very underused and the Snow Beast has to be one of the most annoying bosses of all time. And you have to fight him three times! Trophywise, with all the different and difficult playthrough it is a game I’m very proud of platinuming though. And hopefully I’ll be able to add Dead Space 1 and 2 to my account on PS5 one day.
  4. All in all it took me about 45 hours to complete the game. The gameplay becomes a bit repetitive near the end but the story is incredible and comes to a satisfying and emotional conclusion to the trilogy. The graphics are also top notch. Definite game of the year contender.
  5. ( 77) ASSASSINS CREED LIBERATION (PS4) JULIUS CEASAR Enjoyment: 5/10 Difficulty: 3/10 So the platinum is called Julius Ceasar for some reason. This game has absolutely nothing to do with Julius Ceasar, like I can’t even think of a far-fetched connection to make. Oh well. Welcome to the shittiest Assassins Creed game up to that point. It came out for the PS Vita and was later remastered for the PS4. The only way you can get this game is by buying AC3 Remastered for the PS4. Whhhyyy… Oh well, it was on sale a short while ago so I finally managed to play it. And for a remake of a PS Vita title it’s surprisingly impressive how the game managed to crash my PS5 at least 3 times within my first few hours of playing . Games like Horizon Forbidden West work just fine, but this piece of crap had trouble letting me play for more than an hour. Off to a great start already. So how is the rest of the game. Well, very bland. I didn’t understand anything about the story. The characters are cookie cutter and some very important details of the story are just shown in text between the chapters. We don’t get to see Aveline’s distrust of Agate grow, we are simply told that it is happening. Great. The voice acting is also atrocious. It’s the worst I’ve heard in a game in a looooong time . The side characters sound like they just picked someone off the streets and paid them a few dollars to say some lines and even the main characters sound terrible. I found it hard to connect with Aveline when she just sounds bored most of the time. The gameplay is typical Assassins Creed. I like the idea of having different persona’s that you can play as, and it makes a hell of a lot more sense that you can remain incognito by switching between them. But when playing, I mostly just used the Slave persona and only changed when a mission required me to. The economy is absolutely broken with the shipping goods minigame. If you buy a lot of ships quickly you’ll have enough money to buy everything in the game before you are halfway through the missions. The setting is dull. The swamp was a fun idea and I like how they utilize the travel over the treetops from Assassins Creed 3. But using a canoe feels completely useless because for some reason there are constant obstacles in the water which means you have to walk the rest of the way . When playing this game I just scratched my head at a large number of the decisions they made. It’s not just lazy writing. It’s bad game design. In all honesty, this game doesn’t have many positives for me. The story and characters are bad and forgettable and the gameplay is your basic Assassins Creed gameplay with no innovation. It is positive that the requirements for the 100% synch are all really easy. You’ll get most the first time playing a mission, without even really trying to get them. The ending is handled in a bafflingly stupid way though. You have to kill a few random characters to get the real ending. The first time, I got a stupid fake ending. Again I ask. Whhhhyyyyyy? What does this add to the game. Even though it’s pretty much all negative, I didn’t really dislike my time with the game. I had a real urge to play this game, like how can have an urge to eat junkfood. You know the food isn’t good, but somehow it does satisfy some strange craving inside of you. Now that it’s over though, I’m glad I can move on to much better games.
  6. ( 76) INFAMOUS SECOND SON ENJOY YOUR POWERS Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 4/10 Platinum #3 of the year. I played Infamous Second Son a long time ago and did the good playthrough first, as I always do in the Infamous games. That just left the evil playthrough on Expert to get the platinum and I figured this year was as good a time as any to finish that off. Second Son is a great game. You play as Delsin this time around and he has a whole new set of powers. His power is that he can take over the powers of other conduits which is just a clever way of having you fool around with different powers throughout the entire game. As a character… Delsin is kind of shit . He’s an arrogant guy and it’s hard to like him. His brother Reggie comes off as a waay better character in my opinion. The powers and gameplay are excellent though. I love that they didn’t go for the conventional powers like electricity, ice and fire but instead went for some cool new ones like smoke, neon and video. The abilities are great and the traversal throughout the entire city especially is just top-notch. It’s so easy and fun to get around. The story and missions are good but for me it will always be the gameplay that steals the show in this title. It's just a fun time using your powers to absolutely wreck the DUP and the finishing moves are a sight to behold . The powers look ridiculously good. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, the first time I drained my powers from a neon sign. Even about 7 years later, it still looks amazing. I think the game length is just right. There is enough to do in the city to keep you entertained for about 15 hours, but the story and side missions don’t drag out their welcome. You can complete all side quests in a district in about 15 minutes, which is a nice change from the hours spent doing everything in some other games like Assassins Creed. Less is more in my opinion and I never got bored with this title. For some reason I couldn’t get the HDR settings right so the game was very dark at times but oh well. Infamous Second Son is one of those PS4 titles that I think everyone should have played at least once. For an exclusive that came out early in the PS4 lifecycle it is still great. The gameplay is incredibly fun and the trophies aren’t that difficult at all. You pretty much just have to complete every district and finish the game with a good and bad playthrough. I think it was the most achieved platinum trophy ever for a long time, so it’s high time that I got it as well .
  7. I feel like this whole thread, and all of these similar threads, can be summarised as a few people bitching that the trophies in X game don't cater to their personal playstyle or take too much of their 'precious' time and everyone else telling them to suck it up because the whole world doesn't revolve around them.
  8. ( 75) CUPHEAD GRAND UPROAR Enjoyment: 10!/10! Difficulty: 8/10 Oh My God Yes ! After spending hours I finally beat that damned Dr. Kahl´s Robot on Expert. I saved this for my 75th platinum since I love the game so much. I cannot say enough good things about Cuphead. It´s the first game in a very long time of which I remember I was counting the days until it came out. And it absolutely delivered on all fronts. The presentation is a perfect 10/10 in my book. The art style and animations are absolutely gorgeous. All of the incredibly hard work of drawing every frame by hand has been worth it a thousand times over. There are so many great animations that had me laughing out loud, like the intro of Grim Matchstick or the death animation of Wally Warbles . The music is also incredible. I’m not really a fan of jazz, but in this game I somehow love it. Tracks such as Murine Corps and Floral Fury stayed in my head long after I stopped playing. Now all of this would have been for nothing if the gameplay wasn’t good, but thankfully it’s incredible. The controls are very responsive and whenever I died (which was a lot) I only had myself to blame. The only tip I would give is to change the control layout asap as the one you start out with isn’t that good. I mapped the jump and dash to L1 and R1 and shooting to square and it felt much, much better. The run-and-gun levels were ok, but the most fun is to be had with the bosses. There are a total of 19 bosses in the game and they are all great. I had a lot more trouble with the airplane bosses than with the regular ones, though even with those I often struggled. The first real roadblock was Grim Matchstick followed by a much larger roadblock in Dr. Kahl’s Robot. That final phase with the chaos emerald just doesn’t want to end and I have so much trouble with it . My favorite of the bosses has to be Werner Werman though I love almost all of them. Thankfully you don’t need to get an A+ rank on every boss as a A- rank will count as well. After I finished the game I didn’t have a lot of problems getting the A ranks. The pacifist trophy was difficult but doable so I had the most problems with the Expert run. Wally Warbles on Expert is absolutely insane. Though some bosses such as Cala Maria and Rumour Honeybottoms didn’t give me much problems, and Grim Matchstick is much easier on Expert, some other took a lot of tries. But I did manage to get them all in the end and I’m very proud of my hardest platinum so far . The game is very tough but because the matches are so short and a retry is instantaneous I always wanted to go another round. I can’t wait for the DLC coming this year.
  9. ( 74) RATCHET AND CLANK: INTO THE NEXUS THE PRIDE OF FASTOON Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 3/10 I played and loved the Tools of Destruction trilogy but somehow I completely missed this game. Well 2021 was as good a year to start a PS3 title as any, so I decided to try it out to complete the Ratchet and Clank PS3 collection. The game is smaller in scale than the previous titles. It only features 5 planets, one of which is basically a tournament area. The other planets are great and offer some fun new mechanics for travelling around like the Grav Links and the Jetpack. The latter especially gives you great freedom in the levels and there is always a lot to do and collect. Somehow the Grav Boots felt really slow, instead of in the previous games where they were awesome. There are a few setpieces involving gravity but I found them pretty mediocre. The game is short and can be completed in about 6 hours. The story is pretty weak. Since the game is so short, the villains barely get any screentime and the final boss is the weakest in the series so far and has no personality. Also, you can see the twist in the story coming from miles away. The gunplay is excellent as ever, though there aren't that many standout weapons. The Nightmare Box is fun but pretty op since it acts as a decoy and stays on the field for waayy to long so you can shoot everything from a safe distance without being at much risk of being hit. The trophies in the game are simple and straightforward. I completed the game twice, once while playing the story and getting all of the collectibles after and once on challenge mode on the hardest difficulty. With the upgraded weapons, the hardest difficulty isn't really that hard. I quickly finished of the final boss using only the upgraded RYNO. Upgrading the weapons themselves was a bit of a grind in the end but thankfully a post in the forums mentioned a quick way to earn bolts so it wasn't that bad. I ended up with about double the raritanium I needed for all of the upgrades . All in all, Into the Nexus is a fun little Ratchet and Clank game but it did miss some of the charm of the previous titles. It's not bad, but it doesn't really stand out either. I didn't really care about the story or the new Clank mechanics with the Nether rifts. But the gameplay was great as ever and the added freedom with the Jetpack really opened up the levels. For a final new PS3 title, I could have done a lot worse.
  10. ( 73) UNCHARTED 4 ONE LAST TIME Enjoyment: 10/10! Difficulty: 7/10 (crushing no cheats) My last platinum of 2021. I challenged myself to get 12 platinums last year (which is the most I’ve ever gotten in an year) and I actually succeeded with Uncharted 4 capping of the list in a brilliant fashion. Uncharted 4 is my favorite game in the franchise, closely followed by Uncharted 2. The story and characters are some of the best I’ve seen in a game ever. That scene with Nate and Elena in their house just feels like a real relationship and it’s a testament to the writers that they have moments like this throughout the game. Elena has to be one of the coolest characters in any game ever. And the performances are incredible across the board. With Sully, you can tell he is genuinely worried about Nate as they go on this adventure and Naughty Dog does an excellent job of portraying this in all the small little details. And the banter between all of the characters is top notch. I could just watch a road trip of Nate, Sam and Sully all day . And I could just keep talking about these characters and the performances by the actors all day as well. They are probably my favorite characters and performances in any game. And Naughty Dog tried a different approach with a Nate that is older and more cautious and who actually takes some damage this time around. The story is more subdued and for the first time there are no supernatural elements, which I loved. Rafe is also a great villain and one who doesn’t get enough credit in my opinion. The end fight is thrilling and the game perfectly concludes the Uncharted game series for me . So often, we see studios go on with a game or series for far too long. I’m glad Naughty Dog decided to end it like this, on an absolute high note. This time you’re looking for the lost city of Libertalia where all of the most famous pirates were supposed to keep their treasure. The game does a great job of slowly unravelling the mystery as you come closer to the end. The environments are incredible and I’m glad they scaled down the setpieces a bit. The parts with the car chasing you are exciting but are the weakest part in the game in my opinion. The game looks absolutely gorgeous. If I wanted the show someone how good a PS4 game could look I would show them the part just after the shipwreck when the weather clears up. It’s unbelievable that they managed to create this years ago. One can only imagine what they’ll be able to do with the new PS5 hardware. I could just keep talking about Uncharted 4, it really is a masterpiece. In my opinion it’s the best game in an incredible series and deserves all the praise it gets. The trophies are a bit different than the other Uncharted games, with even a speedrun trophy. I did the Crushing difficulty without any cheats, just like I did on the previous Uncharted games and man… that was difficult. There were a few encounters that I dreaded, like the Ship Graveyard and… yep, they were absolutely brutal . But in the end I got through it and got my platinum goal for the year. On to another year, with many more platinums to come.
  11. ( 72) OVERCOOKED 2 MASTER CHEF Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 4/10 If I had to choose my top 5 favorite co-op games of all time, Overcooked 2 would definitely be on there. The first Overcooked was a massive hit among my friends and I but it absolutely missed one thing… online multiplayer. Overcooked 2 quickly fixed that flaw and finally allowed people to fight over voice-chat about who put the wrong ingredient in which pan . I played through the entire game with 3 friends and it was an incredibly experience from start to finish. Sometimes I’m surprised it didn’t turn into an actual fight. When the game is going and you’re working hard to get all of the orders served it can be incredibly tense. The game relies on excellent communication and well… at the start we weren’t really that good at it. There was a lot of shouting at each other and trying to work around the chaos, but always in a fun way. Sometimes we would scratch our heads when we had failed numerous orders but we always wanted to play again. The gameplay is incredibly simple but the levels are excellently designed at making it very difficult to just finish the orders. The ingredients start moving, you need to use portals to get around, bridges disappear and there are small ledges that will definitely have you fall into the water… especially when more than one person tries to cross it at once . A lot of games can evoke chuckles out of me but Overcooked 2 is one of the few that was just filled with laugh-out-loud moments as the kitchen had turned into utter chaos once again. For the platinum it basically requires you to complete every level with 3 stars. The requirements for the 3 stars really aren’t that bad and can be gotten with just a few tries even on the hardest levels. In the beginning everyone was just running around like a headless chicken. Eventually we started delegating roles when starting a level. One person would cook the rice, the order would deliver the orders and do the dishes, etc. A lot of fun with Overcooked 2 is just figuring out the best way to delegate the roles and approach a level 🤔. Once we found a solution and it worked and we get those precious 3 stars, everyone felt like a true master chef . The game is a lot longer than its predecessor and introduces some other great quality-of-life improvements. You can now throw ingredients which opens up the levels a lot more. We played through the entire game on my friends' account and for some reason it counted some levels for my progress but not others. This week we decided to clean up the final bonus levels that it hadn’t counted for me yet. We hadn’t played the game in a long time but somehow we just eased right back into it and immediately got three stars on almost every level, sometimes with very little communication but a lot of focused chefs. This game not only made us co-op players, but real colleagues in the kitchen where we know exactly how to work with and around each others’ strengths and flaws. What an experience! We are now halfway through all of the DLC and I can’t wait to complete those final levels. The DLC is definitely a lot harder than the main game so be warned, but the gameplay is as addictive and incredible as ever. Truly magnifique *chef’s kiss 💋.
  12. ( 71 & 100%) GRAND THEFT AUTO V (PS3) LOS SANTOS LEGEND Enjoyment: 9/10 - grind 4/10 Difficulty: 5/10 Thankfully I managed to get this one before the servers close in a week. After begin such a fan of GTA 4 I was somehow not that interested in GTA 5 and only bought it with a friend when it was on sale. It was mostly the idea of being able to mess around online that we liked, but when we started playing it we found out there really wasn’t that much to do together at the lower levels. Then my friend entered a hacked lobby and immediately got 1 billion dollars so that defeated the entire purpose of playing online and we stopped. Leave it to Rockstar to have the online experience completely ruined by hackers . About 7 years later I heard the online on PS3 would be closed down so I started the game back up again with two friends. Since I didn’t want to have the world and characters spoiled for me I also started the story for the first time 🙈. The story was great. It’s a lot more silly than the gritty GTA 4 but after a while I could lean into it and had a lot of fun with it. I couldn’t help but love Trevor due to his amazing lines and the incredible delivery by Steven Ogg. The interplay between the characters is also great, with Michael and Trevor having and a great friendship with a lot of beef between them and Michael taking Franklin under his wing like the son he never had. The idea of being able to switch between characters is cool, though I used it mostly when necessary within the big heists. The heists are certainly a fun addition with several missions of setup leading up to a big heist finale that has you going all out with all characters. Overall, I thought the missions were fun though I found the ending to be very abrupt. Also, not a lot of people really die in the game. In the earlier GTA, side characters could die at any minute which led to a lot of tension of who would survive the story and who wouldn’t. In this game, somehow the characters who make the dumbest decisions stay alive. Even the villains are pretty much all alive until the final mission where they all get taken out. I would have liked it better if they had spread those moments out throughout the game. As always, there is plenty to do within the game. The 100% checklist seems really random this time, with only half of the stunt jumps and under the bridge challenges require and random grab bag of activities that you need to do. The stunt jumps were pretty tough this time around and I had to do some over and over again. I loved the under the bridge challenge with the helicopter and was glad to see it go from 3 bridges to 50. The kifflom missions were atrocious. I get that they were trying to be annoying, but they succeeded a bit too well and the payoff was underwhelming. Out of all of the pastime activities, the worst has to be the triathlon. It’s just pressing X over and over again. And the final one takes 30 minutes ! What a snooze. Getting the 70 gold medals thankfully wasn’t that bad as you can do the strangers missions as well and you don’t have to get all of the requirements in a single run. I think it took me about 100 hours to get everything done in the campaign, so that only left online. Online was great this time around. Since my friends were a bit higher level we could do cool things like missions and survival together against the NPC’s. We had a lot of fun together and inbetween were just messing around in the world which is what I love best in these games. I never laughed so hard as with some of the situations we found ourselves in. The idea was to just do activities and heists together until we got to level 100. But eventually we started realizing that we XP you get for doing these things is just too low. It would have taken us a year to do it this way. So we had to switch out strategy and started doing the Bag Capture mission which gives the best XP. And all the fun we had before disappeared and it turned into a massive grind. Eventually my friends stopped and I boosted a second PS3 until I got the trophies. Even though the end was a bit disappointing I had a lot of great experiences with the game and I’m really glad I managed to get not only the platinum, but the 100% before it becomes unobtainable forever .
  13. ( 70) IT TAKES TWO POWER COUPLE Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 5/10 Well this was certainly a surprise. It Takes Two is the second game of the studio that created A Way Out and again the whole game is based on co-operation, or should I say… co-lla-bo-ration! The game can only be played in co-op and the screen is split in half so you can always see what your online co-op partner is doing. A Way Out was fun but the shooting and some of the story parts were very rough. It Takes Two smartly takes a different approach and is an action/puzzle/platformer with more of a fantasy element. It takes some concepts from the previous game but it completely knocks it out of the park in the execution . It’s honestly hard to believe how much this studio has grown in the span of only a single game. The story centers around a couple whose relationship has become so bad that they want to get a divorce. Their daughter makes a wish that they’ll stay together and mom and dad are transported to a magical realm where a talking book will teach them to work together again. The game handles these adult themes very well and it’s really touching to see the main characters get closer to each other again as they are forced to work together to overcome the challenges in the game. They start by mostly bickering and arguing with each other but over time they learn to compliment each other again and start to remember why they fell in love with each other so long ago. The story beats feel very earned and lead to a satisfying finale . The gameplay is simplistic but incredible and it’s all thanks to the great variety in the levels. The levels are fantastically designed and they never wear out their welcome. Once you think you’ve seen everything in a level you are transported to a different one with new gameplay mechanics and a fantastic environment to explore. The game is a lot longer than I thought it would be. By the end, I thought I would have seen everything they could do in a co-op game but I never had a feeling of repetition. The developers go all out with the way you can interact with their environments and you can never tell what is coming next. The bosses are also incredibly designed and make great use of the characters' skills and the environments. The game often gives you and your partner different abilities that you have to use together to solve the puzzles and challenges it throws at you. There are also some minigames thrown in the you can play against each other. Almost all of them are fun and some of them were so cleverly designed that you could make a whole game around them. The only downside I can think of is that this game has no collectibles… something I never thought I would say . The environments are large and open and a lot of fun to explore but it doesn’t really serve a purpose as there are no secrets to be found. Other than that, the game is perfect in my book. I could gush about it all day. A good friend of mine suggested we play it together and it has to be the surprise of the year for me. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game and would recommend it to anyone! It's the greatest co-op game I have played in a very long time!
  14. ( 69) BASTION YOU DONE GOOD Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 7/10 🎼 Gods ain’t gonna help you son, you’ll be sorry for what you’ve done. Before starting to play Bastion itself I must have listened to the soundtrack over a dozen times. It remains one of the best video game soundtracks I have ever heard . I was introduced to the studio Supergiant Games through their game Transistor on Plus. Transistor was mysterious and had an amazing art style and great gameplay and Bastion looked to be more of the same so I got that as well. And Bastion is a great game! First thing first. The game looks incredible. The art style is absolutely amazing and it encompasses absolutely everything in the game. Nothing feels out of place. The levels are varied and fun and the mysterious nature of Transistor is in this game as well. You end up in the Bastion after a cataclysmic event seems to have pretty much ended the world. And then you slowly figure out what has happened. The game handles it better than Transistor in my opinion, since the latter game only started giving answers very late into the game while Bastion slowly gives you the answers throughout the game. And the smooth buttery voice of the narrator… 😍 What I wouldn’t give to have a voice like that. And the way he talks if just incredible. The gameplay is a lot better than I had expected. It’s fluid and responsive. You have two weapons and a special attack and there are a lot of weapons you can use and different combinations to try out. As with Transistor, I found myself having used pretty much all combinations before getting the platinum. Trophy wise you have to complete the game twice to see both ending, once in Score Attack getting a high enough score and then complete all dreams with 10 idols activated. Score Attack added nothing to the game for me, but if you do the dreams with idols in the same playthrough you don’t even have to worry about it as you’ll just get the required trophy naturally. The dreams were tough. I tried a lot of different combinations but ended up using the Pike and Mortar combo for all but the Singer’s dream. Some of the idols are brutal as they will slow you down when hit, have enemies be invincible or repel bullets shortly and not give you any health potions. It took me a while to complete them as some of them consist of a large number of waves. But it was a good sort of challenge as it never felt unfair. All in all, Bastion is an incredible game that I’m very happy to have played. I love the work Supergiant Games is doing and I can’t wait to start working on Pyre and Hades as well. It’s great to see the studio get recognized so much after Hades. They deserve it.
  15. SACKBOY'S PREHISTORIC MOVES Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 3/10 I got this game for free with my LBP2 purchase and it could just have well been DLC. That doesn't mean it's bad though. In fact, I had a lot of fun with it. The game is like the classic LBP only this time one player uses the move to control the environment and the others play as Sackboy/girl trying to navigate said environment. I started it once in 2012 and then again in 2017 before finally finishing it with my girlfriend in my attempt to clean up the PS3 backlog. After the disappointment that was LBP3, it was fun to revisit the charm that the earlier LBP games had. The levels are well made and none of them are too long or difficulty. The gameplay is a lot of fun as you really have to work together to complete the different levels and puzzles which can sometimes lead to hilarious failures. There are trophies for acing most of the levels which gives a nice challenge and there are a few minigames. Some of the minigames seemed pretty hard at first, but once you figure out how they work they become pretty easy. All in all it's a pretty short and simple game which can be completed in a few hours but it was a lot of fun for me and my girlfriend to play. We loved collecting the prize bubbles in the previous games so I was glad that there was a trophy for collecting them all in this one (in LBP3 you get nothing for collecting all of the prize bubbles which gave as even less incentive to play that game again). Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves was another game that was sitting in my backlog for a very long time. When my PS Move broke I was worried that I was never going to complete it, but a few years and a new Move later it's a new 100% to add to my collection and another fun gaming experience for my girlfriend and me .
  16. ( 68) LITTLEBIGPLANET 3 (PS4) 100% COMPLETE Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 5/10 I got my girlfriend into gaming by playing LBP2 and later LBP1 together and she absolutely loved both of them. So we were really, really looking forward to this one. And we were really, really disappointed . I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is but this game is missing the charm and genius that the previous two games have. It’s serviceable, but it’s not as awesome and timeless as the other two. I can see myself going back to them in the future, but not this game. We struggled to motivate ourselves to get through the campaign though playing it back years later it’s really not as bad as I remembered it to be. It’s just not memorable either. LBP3 made a lot of changes compared to the previous game. The game now has 16 layers instead of 3 and I actually really like this as it opens the levels up a lot more and allows for crazy progressions. Perhaps the biggest change in the game is the addition of new the characters. Though I can see the appeal, I just don’t like it. For me LBP didn’t need any new characters and it takes away from awesome levels they could have created for Sackboy alone. The new characters are also very underutilized in the game . There are a few levels that use all of the characters but you are never really forced to work together to complete any puzzles. And you can’t use them in any of the older levels so they only get a few levels each. I think the game would have been better and more focused if they had left them out. My girlfriend and I played through the campaign once and then never touched the game again. Then the attack on the LBP servers happened and I got scared that I wouldn’t be able to get the platinum anymore. As soon as the servers were back online I got the online trophies (which thankfully are very easy to do this time). Then I started the process of getting all of the Create trophies which are also very easy to get this time… so thanks at least for that. Playing through the campaign again years later I can say that the levels are definitely better than I remembered them to be. The one where you are chasing the marble in the labyrinth has to be my favorite. The art style is very nice, though I’d rather they didn’t voice the characters. The ones in the DLC especially have atrocious voices. Speaking of the DLC, it only consists of three levels but for me those levels captured the spirit of the older LBP games better than LBP3 itself. There are some nice ideas in the main game. The PopIt Academy is a great way to learn the create tools (much better than the tutorials from the previous games) and the Contraption Challenges are a fun idea, though they give you waaayy to little creative freedom in them. The Quest trophy didn’t unlock when it should so I just started playing the quest levels again until I got it. I missed the trophy and the platinum unlocking so I played for an extra half hour before I realized I already had it . Acing the levels was a lot of fun and quite challenging in certain areas. LBP3 is certainly and decent and fun game, but it can’t reach the very lofty heights of the previous ones and I don’t see myself playing it ever again.
  17. ( 67) GAUNTLET I'VE NOT SEEN SUCH BRAVERY Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 6/10 I've not seen such ridiculous trophy requirements. Gauntlet is a simple top-down hack and slash game which is a lot of fun to play with friends. There are four different heroes and they all feel distinct and are a lot of fun to play. The first time I played this game with friends we woud each stick to our own hero, but after having beat the game we started changing things up so I got a good feel for how each of the heroes played. The Valkyrie is my favorite since she has her awesome shield which is a literal lifesaver but I was pleasantly surprised by how different the Wizard plays . You can collect coins with each hero to buy different relics and whatnots but once you have the power-ups you want, it becomes pretty much useless. The game is definitely most fun in co-op. With three other players it just becomes chaos with a massive amount of enemies on screen which can make it difficulty to even see you're own character. It can be a very challenging game, certainly in the later sections in Endless or on hard mode but that makes it all the more rewarding when you do finally clear a room. I had an incredibly experience when playing through the story and through Endless mode with friends. But once you've done that a few times you realize the game has nothing else to offer. It's just going through Endless mode again or playing the same story missions again. Eventually the others moved on to different games since they don't care about the platinum is much and I was left to finish the remaining trophies on my own ⚰️. And this is where Gauntlet becomes Grindlet. Most of the trophies require you to kill an x amount of a certain enemy with one hero. But why with one hero!...I had played many hours as each of the heroes but I could only use the progress of one for all of the kill x amount of enemies trophies. This meant I often had to kill about 10.000 more of about every enemy type in the game. Yaaay... Cue me watching YouTube videos and listening to audio books while mindlessly pressing a button every now and then to kill some enemies. There is great guide on this site that describes where you can get the kill trophiess the easiest. Most can be done pretty passively while holding the Vaklyries' shield and using her abilities every now and then. Endless mode is actually very difficult. We tried to complete it with out group of four but just couldn't manage it. Eventually I just started playing online and was able to complete it with randoms who had joined my game. Eventually I discovered that it's much faster to just start a level, kill all of the enemies there and then immediately restart the level. It still counts your progress. Doing this, I was able to knock out the final trophies in matter of hours. I went through the campaign on hard on my own and it was challenging but very doable and actually a lot of fun. The grind itself though, was not. If they had just changed the requirements for the trophies to count kills by every hero or lower them from 15,000 kills to about 8,000 that would have been a lot better. Oh well, at least it's another ultra rare platinum in the pocket.
  18. No game has truly 'broken' me yet but there have been a few that came close. The latest example was Assassins Creed Unity. I have a pretty high tolerance for grinding and there are definitely some grinds mentioned here that are far worse but somehow this one just made me feel empty and hollow and I wasn't enjoying gaming as a whole anymore. I had the same experience when going for the Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth platinum. It starts feeling like a chore and you're just going through the motions. Not very relaxing after a hard day of work and there comes a moment when it start taking more energy than it gives. With both games I stopped playing them for about a month and then came back to them when I felt recharged. In my experience it's best to play an easy came in between these massive grinds to keep from being burned-out. Honorably mention goes to Guitar Hero Live as others have mentioned because of the server shutdown. The only game I truly haven't been able to complete because of (a lack of) skill is WipeOut HD but I haven't competely given up on it yet.
  19. ( 66) ASSASSINS CREED UNITY MASTER ASSASSIN Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 4/10 The definite upside to playing games years after they release is that by the time you play them, most of the bugs and glitches have been ironed out. Assassins Creed Unity is probably the game in the series best known for it’s incredibly buggy launch. Seven years later the state of the game is a lot better. There are still bugs, but then again, would it really be Assassins Creed Unity without them . After the incredible Black Flag I was debating whether I should play Unity and Syndicate or just jump straight into Origins. In the end I chose the former and I’m glad that I did. In my opinion, Unity is a good game. Paris during the French Revolution looks absolutely incredible and may be one of my favorite settings in the game series so far. It has so many beautiful and distinct buildings and being able to climb and enter the Notre Dame is just magnifique 💋*chef’s kiss. The parkour is greatly improved with the new descend button (which was long, long overdue) and in this game you are finally able to enter most buildings… whaat. I didn’t know this going in and it was a great and welcome addition especially with the beautiful interiors of the buildings. The assassination missions are a highlight of the game. They use these incredible landmarks to their advantage and completely let you choose your own approach to assassinate the target. I do really miss the talks in the void after killing your target though. It´s replaced by a new mystery element that completely fell flat for me. The story and characters are a massive step down from the previous game. Black Flag was much more lighthearted and fun and this is just meh… I didn´t care about any of the characters and found Elise to be a drag mostly. I get that Arno wants to bang her, but seriously just let her go and find a different redhead 🙄. There aren´t really any memorable side characters either. Thankfully, the missions are good. As with Black Flag, there are less missions but they are much more interesting than in the previous titles. In fact, I was really enjoying my time with the game and didn´t understand what all the hate was about… until I wanted to go for the platinum. My God what a terrible grind. Unity just doesn´t know when to stop. There is so much stuff to collect here and it adds no value to the game. You can barely go around a corner without tripping over a new chest, they are everywhere. And there are so many side missions that are just not that interesting. This is definitely a case of quantity over quality. If they had cut out half of the side missions and collectibles the game would have been better for it and they would have had more time to polish it before its buggy launch. There are these small missions in which you have to kill a target but you can just run up to them and cut them down in the middle of the street and complete it within 30 seconds. Why are these things in the game. With the murder mysteries I ended up just accusing everyone I could find since the only penalty was a smaller payout. The more I played it, the more I became burnt out with the game until finally I had to stop ⚰️. This is one of those grinds that broke me. I started noticing all of the things wrong with the game like how the immersion is completely shattered when the ragdoll physics kick in upon death and enemies just sort of fold into themselves like Autobots. I became annoyed at every fight I had to do because it would take more time and I hated every restart because I just wanted it to be over with . Finally I took a break and when I came back to it later and the collecting was mostly done I started enjoying myself again. The co-op missions are great, though I didn’t have anyone to play with and I had no problem going through them multiple times. The full synchronization was also more fun than I had anticipated beforehand. Thankfully, because of this I could complete the game on a positive note. I rarely say this, but if this game had been shorter I would have enjoyed it a lot more. All in all though, with the massive grind done I still think it’s a good game with an incredible setting and I’m glad I played it. Syndicate is next, but first I need a break from the Assassins Creed franchise.
  20. You can buy them all from the store within the game. I believe you have to go to the Mutliplayer menu in the game. I bought the zombie DLC this year
  21. GTA 4. 12 years and 7 weeks. Something about this game brings out the best in people it seems Edit: 12 years and 7 months. It's even worse than I thought. Now this is a leaderboard I can actually compete in!
  22. FLOW (PS3) Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 3/10 The trophy guide says you can complete this game in about 3 to 6 hours but it only took me 9 years and 2 weeks. I bought this game around the same time as Flower and though I loved the latter, I thought this game was just okay… Cue me not playing it for years and then forgetting about it. That is until 2021 when I started cleaning up my PS3 backlog. I was afraid the game would be deleted from the store so it was finally time to complete it. That and I needed a light game after finishing the massive grind that is Black Ops 2. And this time, I really liked it. In Flow, you control the character with the Sixaxis and you basically eat food and go down layers until you get to the end where you unlock a new character and do it again. If you get hit by an enemy you get put back to the previous layer. It’s a simple concept and a simple game. The levels are relatively short and the game is meant to be very relaxing and the music most of all succeeds in this aspect. Seriously, look it up, it’s incredibly zen 😌. I think the mistake I made the first time was wanting to rush through it. On this occasion I took my time with the game and enjoyed it much more. I just went for the trophies one at a time and most can be gotten in about twenty minutes. Doing it this way, it really is a relaxing game. Almost all trophies ask you to complete a campaign in a certain way, for example in a certain time or without eating anything. Because of the trophy rarity, I was afraid this would be a difficult game, but I got all trophies within my first few tries. The trophy for eating all of the advanced creatures without eating any food can be difficulty but you just have to be careful and take it slow. There is an excellent guide in the comments from Superbuu3 which I used throughout the game . All in all, for a game I didn’t enjoy when I first played it, I was surprised by how much I liked it when playing it now. It’s a fun relaxing game to play between the more dedicated and intense games you’re going for.
  23. ( 65) GRAND THEFT AUTO IV TAKING A LIBERTY Enjoyment: 9/10 offline - 3/10 online Difficulty: 7/10 Platinum in 12 years in 7 months. I can make a snail look like Usain Bolt it seems . GTA 4 is the second game I ever earned trophies for so I won’t be beating that record anytime soon. It’s funny because I remember just loving the inclusion of trophies and working on them all the time, but looking at the time stamps I´m actually not that fast in completing or even finishing these games. I do remember thoroughly enjoying it though. Since I had already completed the game before the trophy patch, I could just focus on trophies while completing the game again. This meant there was always something to work on and caused a steady stream of trophies in between the missions. I even started some of the multiplayer, though it was much more difficult to find a session back then. I can´t believe how much easier boosting has become with this site and Discord. I had played GTA Vice City on the PC way back so I was very hyped for a numbered GTA game. And in my opinion the game delivers. It has a gritty city and story with fun characters and a nice and steady progression with lots of stuff to do. Most of all, as with the other GTA games, it’s just fun to mess around in the city and see how far you can push it . The friendship meter felt somewhat forced, but I thought Roman was an awesome character despite his bowling addiction 🎳. The voice acting is incredible and the story beats keep ramping up to a tension-filled and satisfying finale. There is so much to do within the game. Races, random characters, assassinations, car deliveries, sport activities, the list goes on. Things like flying under all of the bridges with the helicopter were just a lot of fun. Apparently I like seeing my progression when going for trophies so give me 50 stunt jumps and 200 pigeons and I’m all in. I can see why some people dislike them but as always, when I have a good guide and I can cross things off my list I’m loving it. If only I could translate this work ethic to my actual job. Multiplayer is what’s stopping most people from getting the plat, especially the Wanted and Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic trophies. They certainly stopped me for a long time. The thought of putting in so much hours without seeing any progress was really off-putting. Eventually however, I got a cheap PS3 which meant I could boost these trophies by myself. Wanted was done with the afk method and I followed the excellent guide by ProfBamBam55 (as does everyone else going for this plat ) to mark my progress and get the bronze Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic trophy on my first try. Again, another PS3 game that I never thought I would get the platinum for. There’s just something indescribable when trophies that you long thought were impossible finally come within reach. This is definitely a platinum I’m very proud of and with the shutdown of the GTA servers I can carry on right away with its successor GTA5. Good times are ahead. But for now, I will go bowling with Roman no more...
  24. ( 64) Jak 3 (PS3) Fait Accompli Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 4/10 So that’s another game off my backlog and the Jak trilogy completed on the PS3. It feels great to finally platinum a series that I played and loved so much back on the PS2. While I remembered pretty much everything when playing Jak 2, I found my memory seriously lacking when playing Jak 3. I could recognize the broad strokes within the story, but I had apparently forgotten most of the individual missions. This surprised me since I played the game so much as a kid, but it was cool since I got the experience the missions completely fresh again. Jak 3 is a much better balanced game than Jak 2. And what’s this… decent checkpoints that don’t put you back at the beginning of the mission? Are we sure this is a Jak game? All joking aside, in my opinion Naughty Dog took what worked from the previous game and expanded it. The Light Powers are a nice addition, especially with the flight mechanic near the end, though this meant I used the Dark Powers even less than in the previous game. I like the direction the story takes as well, with Jak being banished and feeling a resentment towards the people of Haven City. The world building is amazing with Haven City under attack from all sides and I love how they took an old area and reinvented it for the sequel. All of the fan favorite characters return, though I was surprised by how late in the story they start to show up. I was at about 70-80% through the story before meeting up at the Haven City headquarters. The villain… wasn’t as cool as I remembered him and apparently wants to destroy the world just cuz. The gameplay is still great and the gunplay is vastly improved with a total of two upgrades for each weapons. Since this basically means you have 12 weapons it’s a lot of fun to experiment with each one and figure out their strengths and weaknesses. It also means the game is much, much easier than the previous one. I only ever needed to restart when failing the platform missions or withing driving missions. And let’s talk about the driving. My God it’s bad . I wish I had the self-confidence of these developers to produce this abomination and then decide to make a racing game. The buggy’s all feel like they are constantly sliding on ice. The moment you start to turn, you pretty much lose all control which makes racing just no fun at all. And they felt the need to fill the game with racing missions. Shame on you Naughty Dog . As for the trophies, I went through the entire story while casually collecting orbs I could find. Then I used the brilliant IGN guide to collect all of the orbs scattered around the map and from the side missions. I just couldn’t be arsed to collect all of the high scores with the gun and buggy challenge orbs so I resorted to using the Jump Orb Glitch to collect the final ones as it somehow felt less like cheating . All in all it was a great experience (except for the driving part). I love the Jak franchise and I’m glad I could play through them all again and add their platinums to my collection. Maybe I’ll do it again sometime on the PS4 (or PS5) and even throw Jak X in the mix. But for now, there’s another plat waiting that I’ve Wanted to say Auf Wiedersehen to.
  25. ( 63) Worms Revolution Worm Winner Enjoyment: 3/10 (at first) 6/10 (later) Difficulty: 7/10 Another platinum that I never thought I would get is in the pocket. I downloaded the game because my nephew and niece were visiting and I wanted to have a fun co-op game that we could play. It… wasn’t a success. The game is not as easy to pick up as I thought it would be and it was just very boring. All of the excitement I felt when playing the earlier Worms games just wasn’t there. I can still remember the uncomfortable feeling of that day of us playing a game that no one really enjoyed. So awkward 😐. But then the game was on my list, so I had to finish it… 8 years later. To start off, the game just looks awful. Worms games don’t need to be a graphical masterpiece but the earlier games at least had some fun and charm with the voices, weapons and levels. This game has none of that. It looks like a corporate, lifeless shell of the earlier games. The voices you can pick are all the same with a slightly different accent and the customization options are lackluster at best. And the “humor” in this game somehow just misses every… single… time… it just becomes painful. Apparently they had a funny celebrity do the voices but I have more fun watching paint dry than listening to his unenthusiastic “jokes”. And how can the framerate be this bad!? It’s a Worms game – not The Last of Us! They seem to have fixed it with a later patch and now it’s playable but in the beginning it was a mess. Looking at the trophies it seems to have taken me a year just to complete the tutorial. Then I had a period around 2015 where I wanted to clear some games off my backlog and I managed to complete the online portion of the game. The Social Butterfly trophy is a pain as it requires you to play with 20 other people online so you have to set up 20 individual meets and keep tabs of which players you’ve already played a match with since the player base isn’t that big. In the end it took me about 2 years of playing on and off to get all of the online trophies out of the way. Then there were only the puzzles and campaign levels. To be honest, I can’t remember much about the puzzles as I completed them back in 2017. That left me with only the campaign and the Mars DLC. And the campaign in this game is hard! You regularly play matches with four worms against a team of 10 enemy worms with about the same amount of health. Years back I got stuck on level 15 and I just couldn’t get past it no matter how many times I tried. Every now and then I would pick the game back up again to try and complete it but I never succeeded ⚰️. But for me, 2021 is the year in which I want to complete most of the PS3 games I have left, especially with the news of the PS Store shutting down (which thankfully won’t happen yet). I had lost my save file so I had to play through the entire game again but this was probably a good thing since I had to get reacquainted with all of the weapons and mechanics. And lo and behold, I actually got good at the game and completed level 15 on my first try . I finished most of the other levels within a few tries and started having some fun with the campaign. Even the Mars DLC levels, which you have to complete without losing a single worm and which seemed incredibly daunting in the beginning ended up being pretty doable. Level 21 is another big roadblock that a lot of people struggle with and I got stuck there for a time as well. But I find I have much more dedication now than I ever did before, and where years ago I would quit, this time I persisted and managed to complete not only the level but the entire campaign as well. So that’s another one of the PS3 backlog cleared and somehow another game in the pocket that I never thought I would be able to get. I love looking at my trophy list and seeing games that seemed unobtainable before now fully completed though Worms Revolution is not a game that I would recommend to anyone. Next time my nephew and niece will just have to entertain themselves .