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  1. I have not time skipped at all and it hasn't popped for me either. Doing some research i found some xbox players were having a problem with this trophy also.
  2. Yeah something is screwed up..i bought 50 of each animal and the pig trophy didnt pop for me until i had 180 pigs And i have only gained like 8-10 sheep and cows in that time
  3. Check out Knee Pit Gaming on youtube..his setups helped me got alot of mine to 105..i still need 5 more elites but he doesnt have them yet.
  4. Thanks for the setup..i tried it and can run full without braking or lifting off the gas with that setup.Only problem is i never get better than 29,4 to 29.5 with that setup for some reason. What makes no sense is i ran a setup of only changing tire pressure and spring weight and ran around 29.4 to 29.6 a lap. I have ran atlanta 200 times and its always the same result..doesnt matter if i run high or low,or low and then high another time in the corners. I think i will get the 500,000 sp point trophy and that will be it for me with this game..that will make me 1 bronze trophy away from getting platinum. I just think its Bs that most of the tracks you can get a 105 rating without even trying and then you have 2-4 tracks that you have to adjust 40 things on the car to get even close to their insane lap time. Happy Racing.
  5. I got both 100 and elite in just race wont pop in career mode for some reason.
  6. Yeah i cant figure it out...i got the 95 many times and it never popped,then went online to do the multiplayer and it popped 1st race..lmao i have got over 100 about 20 times and it wont pop..i guess it will eventually.
  7. LMAO bubbles for President.
  8. Should have figured i would have problems with trophies on this game...Twice i have got over 100 speed rating and neither trophy popped. Im sure i wont be the only 1 it will happen to.
  9. I turned the handling settings all the way down..and you can do 1 long continous drift around the track..just make sure you pick up power ups to launch your car when you get to the straightaway. Took me about 30 attempts and a couple of times getting to 800-900 thousand to just biff the wall and lose it all before i got it. Good luck.
  10. Either buy the pickup truck that goes 52mph and just drive around.....or.....what i just figured out is take a tractor into a big flat field,set the cruise control on,rubber band the sticks together...than switch over and watch tv for hours...lmao
  11. You have to go to billboard signs on your map to get missions.