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  1. You do have to rewind time back after the initial try though -- otherwise it doesn't give you the option.
  2. To me personally it just seemed like making fun of her would come back and bite Max back later. Plus Max kinda did purposefully soak her in water and paint haha
  3. I didn't see the complete season pass earlier today when I got the season pass. Oh well...
  4. Well, judging by the first episode, the game itself is very interesting to play. I didn't really pick this up for it's trophies, since I enjoyed the hell out of the demo. In any case, speaking of uninspired trophy thumbnails, I have personally not seen a game with less uninspired trophy images than Beyond Two Souls. And speaking of ease of the game trophies -- I had a lot of fun exploring the locations in Life if Strange to take required actions to get each trophy, while after platinuming BTS I was so miserable I'll never even look at that game ever again. Overall, it's kind of a cute game with very nice graphics and story, which is indeed nostalgic and romantic in it's own sort of way. But I could see some people not liking it and it's fair enough.
  5. I couldn't get enough of the first episode, so I played it through 3 times creating individual save file trying out all choices. On my original file, though, I did pretty much what basti_memphis did, except I stayed in the closet after rewinding it and deciding that that'd be a better option.