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  1. I see the gold bundle has the dlc so I’ll try this one 🙂
  2. I’ve never really got the chance to play Magic but this seems to be the only place to start on the PS3. Which version of the game do I buy though - should I at least be considering the Gold Bundle (£11.99) or is the game alone (£7.99) enough? Hope I can actually download this! Please help 😬
  3. I had this error a couple of days ago but after entering password a few times I was able to buy Bloodrayne Betrayal Just there i tried to buy bomberman and puzzle fighter hd together it didn’t work, should have tried the latter on its own thought I’d try amy - if it didn’t work I’d just give up on the store but it worked! Turns out I was able to buy puzzle fighter but bomberman nope. 😅
  4. Is Blazerush and Armageddon Riders any good? They’re part of the Targem Holiday Bundle
  5. All PS3 🙃 March (£8.56) metal slug 3 - £2.37 Bloodrayne betrayal - £6.19 April (£71.81) amy - £2.49 puzzle fighter hd £7.99 red faction guerilla dlc £1.99 alien breed trilogy £16.99 rayman 3 HD £4.99 sonic adventure £3.69 ibn buttata - £0.49 hydrophobia prophecy - £1.29 white knight chronicles 2 - £19.95 white knight chronicles- £3.95 bomberman ultra -£7.99 May Disgaea 3 - £3 Aliens vs Predator - £1.50 Dead Space 2 Severed DLC - £5.79
  6. Call of duty modern warfare 2 (also first game I got trophy for 😊) 91% only had a few Special ops left, no longer have save file, not sure if I’ll have somebody to help me
  7. I would recommend the wired controller you can get for £7.50 from Argos here (think they might have an eBay outlet).
  8. I think the game saves when you die or you complete a level.
  9. are there any online trophies that would be manageable in one gaming session?
  10. bought this game out of chance from a charity shop a few weeks ago never thought I’d get a Platinum 😄 I must be blind, is there a (stickied) thread showing games whose online servers are shutting down?