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  1. One of the genres I've been missing out on for a while are JRPGs. I've played very few JRPGs in my life, and finished even less. There are a few I've been looking at, so which of these should I start with first. Just looking for some general thoughts on these

    • Trails of Cold Steel
    • Ys 8
    • Disgaea (1 or 5 probably)
    • Tales of Berseria
    • Any of the Final Fantasy's 10-15
    • The Neptunia series
    1. Mike13858


      Trails of Cold Steel is a great game, I'd say go with that one.

    2. Burek_san


      i am on trails 2 so my vote is for Trails of Cold Steel

  2. Hey Neptunia fans, wtf is Reverse? I just saw it on the NG+ Expo and looked it up. Is it a remake of a remake? Is that a good place to start then if I do wanna get into the series?

    1. starcrunch061


      It's definitely a remake of a remake. 


      I know nothing about it, but HDN: Rebirth on the Vita is a pretty lackluster game. This is a remake of Rebirth 1 Plus, which sounds like a repackaging of Rebirth, which was a remake (honestly) of the original Hyperdimension Neptunia. 


      I would recommend starting with the PS4 one. It's the best of the bunch, gameplay-wise, and while it is the 4th in the series, it's not like you'll be lost or anything.

    2. Distant


      Alright, thanks! Which one is that?


    3. starcrunch061


      Rebirth 1 is the remake of the original HDN on the PS3. It has big differences from the original version, most notably in regards to combat and dungeon structure. 


      "The PS4 one" to which I refer is Megadimension Neptunia V-II (just rolls off the tongue). It has an annoying trophy (hunting down collectible cards). 

  3. Had to play Hellblade for a class and as someone who loves story games it was pretty enjoyable. Had a few hiccups in it, like getting soft locked in a battle sequence until I quit the game, but I had a good time. Easy plat so I got that too. Too bad I probably won't play the sequel 🙃


    I've been kinda in a gaming funk recently, but I think some short games might but what I need. I'm eyeing Gris and Sayonara Wild Hearts currently. I own both and have been meaning to play them for a while. Heard they're quite short, and it's been a while since I've played an indie game so I think it'll be nice.

  4. My PS5 controller has some serious drift issues on the right stick. I switched to a PS4 controller since I'm mostly playing PS4 games, and man it's weird going back to this thing. I used it for so long, but I never realized just how different and better even the PS5 controller is

  5. Happy New Years from the East coast :) 

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      Happy new year to you too! 

  6. Looking through the sale right now. Thinking about getting Crosscode and Sayonara Wild Hearts. Any thoughts?

    1. IntroPhenom


      Though I haven't played either, I've heard nothing but good things about both games.

  7. Reached 12,000 trophies the other day. Although I've slowed down trophy hunting and was able to make it more casual, I'm still keeping up with my count :D 

    1. Honor_Hand


      Congrats on reaching that milestone. ^^

    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. MossyOakRcn42


      Congrats on the milestone!

  8. New profile pic. Ibuki is back.


    Play Danganronpa

    1. Honor_Hand


      I feel like that Ibuki there is mocking me. Maybe I should play Danganronpa at some point. :P

    2. Distant




      You should

    3. Honor_Hand
  9. Remembered Sony Rewards was a thing and discovered I had enough points for a $10 PS Store reward. I had been thinking about getting Control Deluxe Edition so I could finish up the plat and play the DLC, but was afraid my save wouldn't carry over. It should but ya never know. Anyway, I might use this to get that. It's $20 on sale, so technically getting it for $10 sounds pretty good to me regardless. I love the game, but I really don't wanna have to play the whole thing again (Especially that stupid plant fight) 😅

    1. NERVergoproxy


      I looked into it, you can transfer save, I plan on transferring someday.

  10. I really wanna get Control Ultimate Edition so I can do the DLC and finish up the rest of the trophies. It's on sale right now, but I'm afraid my save won't be compatible. I played it on PS Now before, so I'm hoping since they're both digital versions my save will be fine. Anyone have any input on this sorta thing?

    1. NERVergoproxy


      The Ultimate edition is the only edition that grants PS5 upgrade if that helps consideration.

      I am definitely grabbing the Ultimate edition.

      Even though its just 50% I feel its a steal.

    2. Distant


      Yeah I know, and I read you can transfer the base save to the ultimate edition, then transfer the ultimate edition save to the PS5. Which is a little convoluted but ok. I'm just afraid some weirdness happened and my save won't work, I don't wanna have to replay the whole game again 😅 It's def a good price though

  11. Jump Force is $12 at Best Buy... I'm so tempted to buy it for the meme 😂

  12. Plugged my external hard drive with all my ps4 games into my ps5 and it was fine for the first day. I turn it on yesterday and it started making this weird click noise and turning the console off. I unplugged it, and it's fine now. Idk if that's Problem with the ps5 or if my hard drive is messed up. Either way, looks like I'm installing ps4 games to the system itself 🙃

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Distant


      It must be because of the hard drive, since it's been having problems on both systems. Maybe I should format it, see if that'll fix anything. My Vita used to have some issues, but formatting it helped. Yeah, Idk what happened but my PS4 hadn't done that for a long time. I didn't do anything different, so I guess it just decided to stop being weird 😆


      And yeah I decided to upgrade already. I was just sick of my old PS4 and wanted an upgrade. 

    3. Honor_Hand


      Lol, it fixed on its own. I know how that is. xD You can try formatting it after you've backed up your games somewhere else. If there's something wrong with it as far as logical errors or a mildly corrupted sector, a format can usually fix that. But if there's something wrong with it mechanically (maybe that clicking noise you heard?) or it is corrupted on a deep level, then the format might not save it. I lost the HDD on my PS4 a few months ago due to that. It barely had any use and it went defective after playing DOOM and getting corrupted.


      Good call on the upgrade. I remember you were pondering about whether to get a PS4 Pro or wait and get a PS5 back then. No more pondering about that now because you can enjoy both games on it, hehe. ^^

    4. Distant


      Yeah, idk what I'm gonna do with it. For now I think I'll go without it until I really run out of space, then I'll try it again. I have my important saves in the cloud, so if I have to reinstall games then oh well. If it's unsaveable then... guess I'll buy a new one :/ But I'll see how long I can go without one.


      Yeah, if it wasn't backwards compatible than I probably would've waited for more stuff to come out. But figured I might as well now :P 

  13. So I know there's a whole thread about it, but I've manually updated my profile a few times and it's still privated. I changed some of the privacy settings on my PS5 but that didn't help. Anything else I should do?

    1. Mike13858


      It's not private anymore, I can see your trophies on this site.

    2. Distant


      Oh, I guess it just took a minute. Nevermind then 😅

  14. PS5 should be ready to pick up shortly. Can't wait to bring a new child home 😆

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      just be aware a very common issue is "data corrupted". But it doesn't kill the console. Karek from ACG is an idiot and used external devices BEFORE Sony released todays updates enabling them. So that goof bricked his own console. 

    3. Distant


      Ohh ok, good to know. I wasn't gonna use mine for a while anyway.

    4. Ghost


      Just received mine from the mail man. Enjoy yours when you get it!

  15. Anyone have any opinions on Ruiner and The Messenger? I might pick them up from the sale

    1. zajac9999


      The Messenger is really good, haven't played Ruiner.

    2. cckerberos


      Ruiner had great art design but is kinda repetitive. Not bad, not great.

    3. zizimonster


      If you adore cyberpunk, Ruiner is quite cool. The platinum difficulty is around 6/10 even on new game plus.


      Haven't touched The Messenger yet.