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  1. So I've had Bloodstained Ritual of the Night for quite a while and never started it. Would I need to play Curse of the Moon first?

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    2. DeadlyPerfume


      No, Curse of the Moon is a side game done in the older style of Classicvanias. It was a stretch goal for the funding of Ritual of the Night and is in no way required to understand anything. 

    3. MidnightDragon


      Should still play Curse of the Moon. It’s fun.

      Do yourself a favor and turn on infinite lives. Doesn’t void anything.

    4. DistantFox


      It's on sale right now, so maybe I will. I'm more of a fan of the Metroidvania style games, so I'll think about it. And I'd probably turn on infinite lives yeah. Lives would just annoy me really.

  2. Yep, same thing happened to me. Her event where you do the comedy show with her randomly triggered one time, then afterwards when I talked to her in the cafe she says something about how she hasn't gone on stage yet. I guess it did it out of order for some reason and broke it. The only work around I've seen is it to do it in another playthrough, which sucks a lot.
  3. Deltarune chapter 2 on friday let's gooooooo

  4. If I get a deluxe edition of a game I already have, will it just give me like the season pass or whatever? I already finished the story of Lego Marvel 2, and the deluxe edition is on sale for like $6. Can I just get that and continue on my save?

    1. MidnightDragon


      It depends. Be sure to read the description to see what it has. I have the three LEGO Marvel games on disc and they all come with the additional DLC. 

    2. DistantFox


      The description doesn't say anything about being a deluxe edition. I know it comes with all the DLC, I just wanna make sure they come as a separate download and don't count as a separate game or something. I suspect it'll just give me the season pass as a download.

  5. I got baited at that Spiderman announcement. Modern city? Lightning?? A guy getting launched into a pole??? It's gotta be Infamous!

    Nope, Spiderman. Oh well, it's still cool, but I need Infamous back man.

  6. So I just started the PS5 version of FFXIV without realizing there's a new trophy set. Could I do everything for the PS4 platinum on PS5, then switch over and get the trophies easily? I read I'll have to do one more of each thing to get those respective trophies, but I can pretty much play the PS5 version from now on right?

    1. kindajustin


      Hey @Asuka Takemi I'm so sorry to bother you, but you're like my resident FFXIV expert. Would you happen to be able to help this person? Just wanted to try and help.

    2. Asuka Takemi

      Asuka Takemi

      I can help with this! Yes, you can do everything on the PS5 version, then log on to FFXIV on your PS4 to pop the trophies, though they won't pop right away. As an example, let's say you have met the requirement for the 3,000 fates trophy on PS5, to get the trophy for the 1,000 fate to pop on PS4 you simply have to complete one more fate, then it will pop, and that goes for most of the trophy's, clear one dungeon to unlock the trophy for 100 instanced dungeons, craft one more item to unlock the trophy for crafting 1,000 items as a blacksmith etc etc 

  7. If I were to play the Neptunia games, where should I start? Can I start with Reverse on PS5?

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    2. ThatMuttGuy


      You could, but it'd be better to play it after you play all the other games, because there's Arrange mode, which lets you use all the characters from the other games, which you won't really know if you started there. It's up to you whether to start on Reverse or not though lol.

    3. Honor_Hand


      I'm just glad I was able to secure all of the Neptunia games on Vita back when Sony still did sales on the thing. Got pretty much all of the games for around $4 each or something. Best deal ever. 😅


      The first 3 Rebirth games on Vita are often recommended as a good entry point into the franchise, so that's why I started with Rebirth 1 myself. I have the second both on PS3 and Vita but I think I'm going to be playing the improved Vita version first and then move from there.

    4. mecharobot


      This might be an unpopular opinion, but I prefer the PS3 games other than Victory. Ever since the franchise has stylistically moved in a direction I think is more repetitive and cut out characters and special attacks. The soundtrack of the original also has a certain heaviness to it that I believe was lost ever since. I'm not going to tell people to play these, but personally I'm glad I did. Not my favorite games by any margin, but they remind me of the good old PS3 days nonetheless.

  8. So I've been playing my first real Final Fantasy game, 7, for a couple weeks and I've been having a lot more fun than I thought I would.  I did play Remake first, but FF7 OG is my first, full, complete FF game. I've been wanting to play more after this, but I can't decide which one to play. Anyone have any recommendations on which I should start next? I can play 8, 10, 12, 13, and 15. I have 14 too but that's a completely different beast.

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    2. funboy1246


      id say 10, 12, 8, 15, 13.  thats best to worst in my opinion.

    3. ExHaseo


      I'd say go in chronological order. Playing VIII right after VII will give you the best context for the game, and not be as much of a leap backwards from later games. I think it would create a more enjoyable experience overall.

      X is the closest to perfection the series ever got, in terms of the classic turn based FF games. It does a great job of blending the elements from older FF and newer FF together, has a great battle system, has a really involved leveling system, the characters all full of personality, and there's a ton to do in the game. VIII on the other hand is a very unique entry in the series and has a lot of deep flaws, because they were experimenting with a lot of new ideas. Playing VIII after X is likely going to make VIII feel really bad. VIII is already very different and a fairly divisive FF game, to get the most enjoyment out of it, I really think it's best played after VII.

    4. SnowxSakura


      Anything after 10 isn't worth playing

  9. Got my 125th platinum last night with Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd. So for those who don't know, those games feature a side mode called the Diva Rooms. These rooms let you interact with the vocaloids and unlock items to decorate. You need to buy every item for a trophy, which takes forever. I got what I thought was the last item and no trophy. I looked through a list, and thought I had every item and it glitched. However, I looked closer and noticed that I did indeed miss something. It was an item you unlock by using an alarm clock item. The item you unlock by doing that...?


    Is this cursed creature. This thing blocked me from the platinum. This thing will be in my nightmares for years and I hate it. 


    Well... at least it's done. Does anyone have any experience with the first Project Diva f game? How's that platinum like?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯

    3. Copanele



      I don't know anything about project Diva, or about Hatsune Miku, or about rhythm games, but that image will haunt my entire existence from now on.

      I LOVE IT! 😂

    4. Honor_Hand


      Congrats again on this platinum, Distant! 👍


      And don't let hair-legged haunt you in your dreams. Be sure to throw some holy water at it in case it pops on any given corner when walking at night. 😂

  10. So the Project Diva games have a part called the Diva Rooms. These are just when you can hang out with the vocaloids and decorate their rooms with random junk. Each vocaloid has their own "affinity gauge" which you can fill by doing things that make them happy, like giving them gifts they like and petting them. Sometimes, randomly when they're happy enough they give you a request. These requests are pretty easy stuff, from changing their outfit to playing a game with them. The problem being that these requests never happen. You can only give 1 gift and pet 5 times every 15 minutes, so I usually do a run through doing everything with each vocaloid one at a time. Usually, I tend to get between 0 and 3 requests each cycle, which again is every 15 minutes (which is only in game time, it doesn't count if the Vita is in sleep mode). Doing a certain number of requests gives you an item to buy, which you need for trophies. In order to get every item from these, which are the last items I need for the platinum, I need a total of 78 requests. It takes forever and I have to continuously rub these vocaloids on the head until their happy enough to suddenly decide they wanna listen to different music.


    Oh yeah, and that is if I don't mess up the petting. Apparently you can pet them too much, and they'll get mad at you. When this happens, they'll ignore you until you give them their favorite gifts again. So I have to constantly throw random food at them until they like me again. Petting is pretty touchy on Vita so it's easy to screw up. Sorry for ranting but god this is annoying 😂

    1. enaysoft


      I'm pretty sure I only petted somebody once for the trophy, after that I just used gifts only.

    2. Honor_Hand


      Oh, this game involves that petting you enjoy so much, lol. ;)


      For real, though, it sounds like a tough time there dealing with all that. I mean, who doesn't love petting girls, but still, it needs to be done in moderation as well. Seems the developers wanted the players to go all out on that. xD

    3. DistantFox


      No I hate it now 😭 It's annoying and I just want it to be over 😂

  11. Been grinding Project Diva F 2nd all week and I only have one song left to get all the unlockables in (which is taking forever). After that, all that's left is grinding out the requests... which will probably take my entire life 😭

    1. DistantFox


      Ah yes, I have invoked the PSNP status update gods and got the last unlockable immediately XP Now for requests... oh boy

    2. Honor_Hand


      May the PSNP gods bless you on your never-ending quest for requests. xD

  12. Went back to Project Diva F 2nd cuz I love Miku games. Thinking about going for plat, but good lord it's grindy. Idk why I wanna do this... but I just might.

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    2. Astray404


      Good luck! Those old songs are great xD

    3. Cave Johnson

      Cave Johnson

      78 requests all for one goddamned cuckoo clock… I remember it too well. Good luck.

    4. DistantFox


      I haven't even gotten to the Diva room yet, just trying to get all the unlockables now 😵

  13. @Honor_Hand For you, a gift



    1. Honor_Hand


      A precious gift of the most beautiful cat goddess. Thank you, my friend, I really appreciate it. ^_^

  14. A sequel to Ai the Somnium Files was announced yesterday and man I am ecstatic. I loved the first one so much, and with my girl Mizuki as the protag this time it's gonna be so good 😭

    1. eigen-space


      Oooohhhhh. This will be a day-1 buy for me, especially if they have a CE like they did for the first one.

    2. DistantFox


      They do! It comes with an Aiba figure, a soundtrack, and an art book. I preordered it on Amazon, not sure if it's still in stock.

    3. eigen-space


      Just pre-ordered it. I will probably forget about it because it's a full year before it's released 😂

  15. Hello! I don't update here that often anymore since I don't care as much about trophies anymore, but I still try to go for them from time to time. I just platinumed Ratchet Deadlocked, making it my 124th platinum. I wanna try to platinum all the mainline Ratchet games, and I only have a Crack in Time and Nexus left, since I platinumed Rift Apart earlier. I really don't have an interest in All 4 One or Full Frontal Assault so I'm gonna skip those 😅

    1. The Arizona Ranger

      The Arizona Ranger

      Congrats on the plat, and good luck on getting those last two plats!

    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite


    3. Honor_Hand


      Congrats! 👍


      I still have a lot of R&C games ahead of me. Only did the PS2 ones but I have yet to move into the PS3 & PS4 ones even though I own most of them. 😅


      Good luck on trying to plat all the mainline Ratchet games. ^^