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  1. Anyone have thoughts on Crystar? I heard the gameplay wasn't great but the story was pretty good, which is what I mostly care about tbh

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    2. HuntingFever


      It's a fun little game from what I've played but it's buried deep in my backlog at the moment :(.

    3. Rozalia1


      I'll join the others in saying that I have it in my backlog to be played... at some point as a lot of stuff is ahead of it. I'm sure it is alright though, wouldn't have bought it otherwise.

    4. DesmaBR


      Only wanna play because of the plat

  2. Ok yeah, even having to play through all the levels, the game is still really easy. I love Locoroco so I would've been happy to play through this again.
  3. They just patched Locoroco Midnight Carnival (one of the psp classic games) with one of the easiest platinums of all time. You get every trophy just by starting every level, which you can do almost instantly with the rewind feature. Not even sure why they'd add this tbh.

    1. Sgznq


      A lot different to LocoRoco and LocoRoco 2. They both had fairly challenging platinums. I kind of hoped Midnight Carnival would've been the same.

  4. I'm not entirely sure what the thought process was with making this list. Almost like they didn't really want to make one, but maybe was told to so they just spit one out. All of the trophies are to start specific levels, not finish, and its not even for every level. If you're like me, and already beat the game before this, you can just hop into a level, pop the trophy, and use the rewind feature to go back to the menu and pick a new one. You can get the platinum in like 5 minutes. Actually, I don't remember if all the levels are available from the start or if you have to unlock them, so you might just be able to do this from a fresh start. Either way the game is pretty easy (and fun). Have fun I guess lul
  5. Anyone know any good co-op VR games?

    1. Darling Baphomet

      Darling Baphomet

      After the Fall, which gets bonus points for crossplay with other platforms. Zenith is fairly decent if a bit shallow as an MMO, also crossplay. Besides that there are a few flawed but fun shooters like Arizona Sunshine, Bravo Team, Evasion, and Killing Floor Incursion which are fun with a co-op buddy but should probably only be bought on sale.

    2. DistantFox


      Oh ok cool, thanks for the recs!

    3. Darling Baphomet

      Darling Baphomet

      Oh, also No Man's Sky if you're not looking for a VR exclusive game. Played like 30 hours of that with a friend.

  6. After Ragnarok, I decided to go back and play all the old God of War games. I'm on the first one, and I just did that spinning blade challenge in Hades. After getting knocked down a bunch, I finally got to the top and... it gave me the trophy for not taking any damage. I definitely got hit a bunch, and I didn't die or reset checkpoint... idk but hey I'll take it 😆 


    Also, do they games get better after this one? GOW 1 has been pretty rough for me...

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    2. Charizarzar


      I like the originals a little more than the reboot if I had to choose so I'm a bit biased, but I do think the whole original trilogy is great (II is probably my favourite, especially the ending). The spin-off games aren't as good, but it's still fun to battle the lesser-known gods. In terms of difficulty they get less annoying after the first one too, mainly because of the challenges.

    3. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      I think we can all appreciate how there isn’t a “bad” God of War game. Even the most popularly derided ones- Ascension and Chains of Olympus- are still good games. 

    4. Zephrese


      @Stan Lee I can't really stand Ascension myself past a point (wouldn't say it's "bad", per se, just by far the worst one), but otherwise I agree.

  7. In Fall Guys there's the trophy to buy 50 cosmetic items from the store. Does anyone know if buying the titles count? Cuz that's what I've been doing since they're so cheap, but idk if they count as cosmetic. I hope they do, cuz otherwise this trophy is gonna take ages.

    1. Deceptrox


      I think only top and bottom gear count. 

    2. kingofbattle8174


      Skins and patterns count as well. Basically any of the type of items you need for the legendary trophy for wearing all legendary gear.

    3. Jeanoltt


      Sadly not! I did the same and the trophy hasn't popped yet. I also have like 5 bugged trophies so I'm really just playing on switch from time to time

  8. Anyone have any thoughts on the Mary Skelter games? 🤔

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    2. Priere


      If you're playing Vita version of the 1st game, no, play that first. If you're playing the switch remake of the 1st game that comes with the 2nd game, then yeah play the 2nd game first, because the remake now spoils a lot of thongs about the 2nd one. The timeline is a spoiler.

    3. Priere


      For reference, the Switch version has new Post-Game content that spoils the 2nd game, and it leads to Finale. So, you can either:


      Play the 1st game up until postgame, save and quit -> start and finish MS2 -> pick up MS1 again and complete the postgame content -> Start Finale.




      Play MS2 -> Play MS1 -> Play Finale.

      Oh i read that switch MS1 is locked until you beat MS2, so nevermind the first route i guess.

    4. DistantFox


      Alright, great to know. Thanks! 

  9. Anyone have any opinion on which Mega Man collection I should get if I've never really played a Mega Man game before? I'm thinking X Legacy 1 at least. I don't really care for the more 8-bit, NES style games in general.

    1. Honor_Hand


      Personally, I'd play that X Legacy collection first. I played X & X2 and remember them being really good run n' gun games Metroidvania at the time.


      The classics on the NES are good too but if I had to pick where to begin with the old Megaman games, I'd go for the X series first.

    2. DistantFox


      I was always afraid of Mega Man cuz I thought I'd get obliterated, but I kinda wanna get into them 😅

    3. nestamar5


      Any of them except for X5-X7. Most fans generally love the first few they started with, while the rest is more Mega Man. 11 is the most modern one, X4 is also a great entry point.

  10. Has anyone played that game that got shadow dropped yesterday? Little Noah? It looks interesting.


    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      from what ive seen, people seem to really like it. I'm just waiting for a sale lol

    2. Honor_Hand


      This one?



      Added it to my wishlist for a future purchase. Seems to be related to Cygames, doesn't it? The same people from the Granblue Fantasy series? The artwork sure reminded me a lot of it.


    3. DistantFox


      Well that's cuz they're developing it 😂

  11. I know being a trophy hunter is about being a completionist and everything, but I've already gone so far off the deep end of not completing stuff that trying to fix up my profile is a lost cause. So I'm gonna completely flip my way of thinking and give in to the mindset of a lazy gamer. Now, I'm gonna try to get the most unearned trophies of any profile. Wish me luck guys as I start so many games and barely play any of them! 😄😄

    1. ObsiEez


      The anti-hunter we didn't know the world needed until now

    2. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Damn and here I thought my 8.1k was gonna put me in front... I stand corrected, well played my friend!! You have to be pretty close to the top!


      Eh it's more fun this way anyway. I never really was a true completionist and I hate having to be stuck on a game I'm not having fun with anymore! 

  12. Anyone have any recommendations for full mobile games? I have some Google money to spend and don't wanna spend on any gachas or anything

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    2. DrBloodmoney


      If Device 6 is on Android, that’s a great one.




      Monument Valley

      The Room series

      Super Brothers: Sword and Sworcery

      Her Story

      Crossy Road

      Desert Golfing



    3. Jeanoltt


      Monument Valley I&II are beautiful games. Also if you are into rhythm games you can try Pianista, and unlocking all the songs only cost between 3-4$ (you can play 50 songs for free). Also:

      - Florence

      - Monster Hunter Stories

      - Voex

      - Muse Dash

      - An e-book is never a bad option

    4. DistantFox


      I'm a fan of rhythm game, I've got a few on my phone already. I just got one called Rotaeno, where you like rotate your device. It's pretty fun. I'll look into all the other ones mentioned. Thanks guys!

  13. I tried logging in on my Vita again after so long and forgot I have to do that device password setup thing. I generate a password and put it in, but then it tells me to use a device password again. No matter what I can't actually login. Anyone know how to fix this?

    1. Kimura Takahashi

      Kimura Takahashi

      Generate a password on the playstation website then use the generated password to log in. Then you can continue using you're old password to log in. This also happened to me but I fixed it using this method.

  14. Haven't paid attention to trophies in a while, and have just been playing whatever I want  however. But I did just plat 3 of the PS1 games on the new PS+; Ape Escape, Intelligent Qube, and Syphon Filter. Nothing particularly hard, its just fun to earn platinums in PS1 games.

  15. There's a PS2 game on PS4 called Primal, and I somehow have never heard of it before. I peeked at a couple reviews, and the game seems pretty good, I'm just kinda baffled that I haven't heard of it before. Anyone have any opinions?

    1. Honor_Hand


      First time I heard about it, so no idea over here. =O