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  1. Does anyone know of a good website to send care packages to people? Like, is there one where I can bundle a bunch of candy and plushies or anything?

  2. Thinking about getting the DMC games and A Hat in Time. I've always wanted to play the DMC games, so now seems like a good time.
  3. I do own one. I'm not sure if I do have a favorite game though. I haven't really played very many, since there are more non-VR games I'd rather play. Skyrim is great though, Job Sim is hilarious, and from what I played of the demo Astro Bot looks awesome. I'd really like to spend more time with my PSVR, but there aren't THAT many games that interest me tbh. Edit: Read "favorite part" as "Favorite game". Oh well, I'm keeping it like that.
  4. So the FFXV Royal Edition is on sale for $25. I got the $10 code from playstation for the PSVR thing, so I could get FF for $15. Is that worth it, even if I don't plan on playing the game for a while?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Rantaro


      For the complete version, yes that's a great deal.

    3. Lorajet


      Buy it; don't look back.  I've missed out on some good deals because I've sat on the fence and didn't do anything.

    4. OhDearGodRun


      I grabbed it. It's on my list of games to play. The problem is actually going through that list and getting to it at some point xD 

  5. If you have PSVR, check your email. I just got an email from Playstation with a $10 voucher code because of it.

    1. Kassandra


      Of course, the EU gets the shaft again :-/

  6. So the best thing to do in Spiderman is to web someone to something you can throw, then throw that object. It sends them flying with it and it's amazing.


    Also, I may have a problem. I'm only a few missions in but I already have all the backpacks, landmark pictures, hideouts, and towers. I get too sidetracked in open world games.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. gruffiiti


      Haha.. that sounds hilarious. Will have to pick this up once I clear some backlog.

    3. PooPooBlast


      Flinging people as projectiles is awesome in general :devil:


      LMAO that's why yakuza Kiwami 2 did this I suppose :hmm:

      Always laugh my ass off when Kiryu uppercuts someone that they fly into bikes xD

    4. OhDearGodRun


      @PooPooBlast Oh my god, I can't wait to get to Kiwami 2. I'm like halfway through Kiwami 1, so I need to finish that first. I played the demo to 2 though. Among many things, I really enjoyed flinging people into convenience stores, destroying the entire store, then throwing someone into a microwave. Same thing with restaurants. It was so amazing xD 

  7. @cr1s Look at this blessed picture I found




    1. PermaFox


      Nice!  Similar to your avatar?

    2. OhDearGodRun


      Yeah, same girl. This is a sprite edit someone made, but I'm in love 😍

    3. cr1s



      I'm in love. 1f60d.png



  8. Got enough platinums to get another $10 code from Sony Rewards. Used it on the Castlevania bundle, so I preordered it for like $7.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Temmie


      WOO!  Congrats!


      I would of been all over this in half a heartbeat if Aria of Sorrow was a part of it.

    3. OhDearGodRun


      Castlevania is one of those series that I've never played, but I hear a lot about. I figured this'd be a good way to start

    4. PermaFox


      @OhDearGodRun  LOL Signed up!!

  9. Has anyone ever seen the Disastrous Life Of Seiki K? I just started it,and oh my god it's so good.

    1. JaM


      Me. Too bad not many people know that it exist. I blame Dark Reunion.

    2. OhDearGodRun


      Oh, nice profile pic :D And yeah, my friend showed it to me, and it's really good. Is the second season dubbed? I'm not very far into the first season, but just wanted to know for when I get there.

    3. JaM


      IIRC, no dubbed version for s2. 

  10. So I just spent ~$50 on games I most likely will never play. I got Modern Warfare 2 and Perfect Dark Zero; I've had MW2 for years and I don't have an Xbox, but they were steelbooks and that's my weak spot. I also got the Namco collection and Every Extend Extra;two PSP games since I'm starting to collect them. Finally, I got Lego Ninjago for PS4. It was $9 and I assume it has easy trophies, so why not?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. PooPooBlast


      That's such an odd/ interesting thing to do. Buying a game for a console you don't own. Lol

    3. OhDearGodRun


      I've never done that before, but the steelbook was too beautiful 😝. I might do it again if the Smash Bros special edition goes back on sale. I don't have a Switch, but again, steelbook :P

    4. PooPooBlast


      Haha whatever makes you happy :)


      I like collecting physical games don't get me wrong but I'd also want to play them too you know haha 

  11. So I just bought Spider-Man on a whim. Here we go bois!

    1. PermaFox


      You're killing me!  I would like Spiderman but convinced myself to wait for one of those awesome sales!  Noticed the used copies haven't really dropped in price yet.

    2. Waddle Dee

      Waddle Dee

      Have fun!

    3. PooPooBlast


      And I bought the amazing spiderman 1 and 2 on whom yesterday :P


      Me and you both

  12. Plat #71- Minit! Really awesome, little game. I really hope they make a sequel and call it "Second".

  13. I'm really glad that so many older games are getting remastered/ported. All these classic series like Castlevania, Shenmue, Onimusha, and Devil May Cry that I've never been able to play, and now I can.

    1. Temmie


      I been really looking forward to Spyro: Reignighted all year :D 

    2. OhDearGodRun


      Yeah, same here. I played a lot of Spyro 1 as a kid, so it'll be cool seeing it remade. I haven't played the others though, and now I finally can.

    3. Temmie


      I'm so thankful I'm not the only one who hasn't played 3.  I was working on getting halfway through 2 before some stuff went down.


      I have a feeling there's going to be some sort of gotcha in the trophies, but I'll still power through it because all hail Spyro, amirite? :) 

  14. Hey guys, I have a friend on Twitch who is 2 followers away from being an affiliate. He's currently streaming Danganronpa 2, and he just started, so if you want to check it out there won't be any spoilers for it (There totally will be spoilers for the first game though). His channel is here. You definitely don't have to check it out, but if anyone wanted to help out, or just watch and chat, it'd be awesome!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. OhDearGodRun


      Yo, that's awesome, thanks!

    3. ruffedgz


      also helped out with a follow

    4. OhDearGodRun


      Thank so much! You guys are awesome



    1. MMDE


      Or else you going to use those dildos on us? :dance::comp:

    2. BlindMango


      Is this the secret final boss in My Name is Mayo? Incredible!

    3. ee28max


      You kinda look like AJ Styles 😃