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  1. I got a $10 coupon from Gamestop from my Pro points, and I'm trying to use it on one of those new Totaku figures. The code goes through, but the price doesn't go down. Would this be because it is a pre-order? Should I just wait until they come out and try again?

    1. ExHaseo


      Yeah, looking at the fine print, they aren't allowed to be used for reservations. May want to check the expiration date too. It may not be valid by the time the figures come out.

    2. OhDearGodRun


      It expires on March 31st, and the figures come out on the 23rd, so I'll need to grab one as soon as possible.

  2. I have absolutely no idea what I want to play, so I'm making a randomizer list. Let's see what happens :P

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    2. Temmie


      Good stuff!  Glad ya figured that one out.

    3. ee28max


      Having a randomizer choose sounds like it's way beyond something. :lol: 

      Believe me, I recently had a disease of not knowing to play next from my list (I thought of getting a new game) and I never thought of using a randomizer. Next time I will for sure :) 

    4. PooPooBlast


      ROFL even if I use a randomizer, I'll keep retrying till I get something that I'm more interested in :P

      (which defeats the purpose)

  3. This is one of my favorite gaming experiences of all time


  4. Oh yeah, I heard about that, but didn't know what it was about. It looks like the wonderful weirdness I'd expect from the creator of Katamari (Also, apparently I'm a flower now. That first flower had my name :P)
  5. Just found this btw, apparently the creator of Katamari wants it remastered, but I don't think he can do much about it.
  6. Well, there was a Wipeout stage and a few items, so I just counted that.
  7. I 100% agree with this. A new Katamari game would be amazing.
  8. Tekken started on Playstation, so it kind of makes sense. Kinda weird that he's before like Drake or Ratchet though. Hmm... Heihachi's here, and PaRappa is in his All Stars pose. Except for Crash and the Hunter, everything else was in All Stars. Could this be a sign of a sequel??
  9. The more I look at them, the more I want to get. Definitely thinking about getting Sackboy now Also, apparently there will be 10 figures in the first wave, and they've only announced 7 from what I've heard. Hopefully we'll see Ratchet and Clank soon.
  10. New figures of Playstation characters are being released as the Totaku Collection. These cool figures are about 10 cm tall,are $10 each, and release on March 23rd. Please note, these do not have any sort of ingame functionality, they are just statues. I'm putting that there because a lot of people are complaining about Sony copying Nintendo's amiibos (because Nintendo definitely invented statues). Anyway, these look pretty cool to me, I'm probably gonna get at least the Hunter and PaRappa. There's also one of Kratos that isn't pictured here, but that one looks kinda derpy XD. What do you guys think? I think this is only wave 1, so hopefully we'll get ones of Drake, Aloy, Joel, etc. If they made one of Kiryu, I would need to buy it instantly. Unfortunately, these are exclusive to Gamestop right now, hopefully they show up at other retailers. Also, sorry if there's already a topic of this, I couldn't find one if one exists.
  11. Oh... I want these. Especially the Hunter and PaRappa


  12. I found that weird udraw tablet thing and all the games for $10 at a comic shop. Why am I tempted to buy it?

  13. If this interests anyone



    1. PermaFox


      I absolutely love ESO!  

  14. Apparently Red Faction Guerilla could be coming to PS4. This game is super fun, I wonder if they'll drop the multiplayer.

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    2. Leenewbe


      pretty sure deep silver own the saints row ip now.

    3. OhDearGodRun


      Yeah, I thought so. Does that mean they own the older games though?

    4. Leenewbe


      i assume the licence covers all the SR games.

  15. Found this on Twitter, I really can't believe this.


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    2. PSXtreme_
    3. MetalGarurumon


      I knew I saw that stat before. Lol. It's stated by Sony themselves in the yearly review emails they sent out. A lot of those stats are incorrect for a lot of people, though, so hard to tell if this is accurate.

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      @Vanilla You can always.. you know... not skip them?

      Well, it isn't that improbable. Just look at this random calculation. 4% of just all PS4s owned (60M for easy count) is 2.4M players. 
      Now count all players that only have PS3 and you can go over 100M players. 4% of that, is 4M players. PSNP doesn't even have 250k members. 
      Even if everyone knows 4-5 mutually exclusive trophy hunters, we aren't even reaching 4M. 
      So, 4% of all PSN players doesn't seem that improbable.