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  1. Streaming more Astro Bot if my internet allows me :D https://www.twitch.tv/odgr_ryan Come join if you want :) 

  2. Do you ever get the feeling where you think you have something you need to do, but you also aren't sure if you actually do or not. I'm feeling that right now, and I'm like jumping through tabs and looking around at stuff, but I think I'm good? Idk, it feels like I need to be doing something 🤔

    1. Kevitz
    2. PooPooBlast


      My momma always said that if you can't remember what you were going to say or do then it's probably not that important!


      If it is though, chances are you'll remember it soon :)

  3. It's so beautiful 


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    2. LucianaRosethorn


      That steelcase is really beautiful. :o I'm actually one of the few people who don't like Smash, played it on the GameCube and it never clicked but at the same time I don't think I understood the game.xD

    3. Honor_Hand


      Such a beautiful edition of such an amazing game. I see you are gearing up for Christmas getting up the game even though you don't have the console yet xD  That's some forward planning right there ;)


      Anyways, hope you enjoy the game a lot whenever you get the console. It's been shaping up to be one of the best crossovers in gaming history

    4. OhDearGodRun


      @LucianaRosethorn Ah, that's a shame. I've always loved Smash. I've put so,So many hours into the series. Smash Ultimate looks fantastic and I can't wait to play it. And now that freaking Joker from Persona5 is gonna be in it, I'm insanely hyped.


      @Honor_Hand Yup 😆 .  I've also got another game, the GameCube adaptor, and an SD card. I'm prepared :P

  4. I apologize for making so many status updates but I want to say something else. Ultimate Alliance 3 is such a weird game. First off, it's Ultimate Alliance 3. Like what? Why now? Second, it's a Switch exclusive. Did Nintendo fund it? Again, why? The other Ultimate Alliance games were on everything. Weird decision. THIRD, it's being developed by Team Ninja. This is such a weird creation, but hey I love Ultimate Alliance so I'm for it's existence. 

    1. KingGuy420


      It looks really fun. I'll give it that.

    2. fabmorais_2011


      An original story would have been nice. This looks like a mashup of everything we've been seeing for the past DECADES on the Marvel Universe outside of HQs.


    1. OhDearGodRun


      HOw  is this even possible??

      Guys I'm losing my mind!!!!

  6. I wonder what's gonna win GOTY?? Wow, it's such an impossible answer. It's not like some game won so many awards already for some reason. I wonder 🤔

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    2. Cobby


      A lot of people think while RDR2 is good and impressive, they don't find it that fun after a certain point. You can't have a not fun game as GOTY.

    3. KingGuy420


      @Cobby Yeah, I highly doubt that's the reason. A lot of people love that part. It's far from universally hated. Hell, it's my favorite part of the game. 


      Not to mention, God of War had parts that weren't technically "fun". There was nothing fun about rowing that boat lol.

    4. Cobby


      To be honest, I haven't touched RDR2 yet. Played maybe 25-30 minutes of GoW and it's not for me. My GOTY by default is Spiderman and that's like a 7/10 game, cos the boss battles are fucking terrible.

  7. Thanks for joining me on the stream! :D 

    1. LucianaRosethorn


      Not a problem! It's was great being there and thank you for the follow, I'll do the same on here :lol:

  8. Doing a quick VR stream if anyone wants to join :D https://www.twitch.tv/odgr_ryan 

  9. Does anyone think the Katamari remaster has a chance of coming to PS4? I'd get it for when I eventually get a Switch, but I'd rather wait and hope it comes to PS4.

    1. Dr_Mayus


      I hope it will, love me some Katamaril.

      that should read Katamari

  10. @cr1s I'm sure you'll be glad to know that Ibuki is back

  11. Happy birthday to best girl Ibuki Mioda!




    1. cr1s


      Says the guy with a Maki avatar. :P


      Happy birthday, Ibuki! <3

    2. Honor_Hand


      *joins the Ibuki fan club party uninvited even though he is a catgirl enthusiast*


      Woot! Happy Birthday, Ibuki! :3 Or rather, Ibukies, because there are many here :awesome:

  12. Anyone pick up anything cool from black friday? I got some stuff, but more is coming in, so I'll take a pic of it all then.

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    2. Shinobi


      Shadow of the Tomb Raider Croft Edition and the mooncrash DLC for Prey.

    3. Spyro


      Yep. We Happy Few, Vampyr, The Banner Saga Trilogy, Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition, The Crew 2, FFXV Royal Edition, a crystal DualShock 4, and a year of plus. The best buys were HZD for $10 and FFXV for $15.

    4. Fing3rButt3r3


      Underwears and more underwears!

  13. You know in a fighting game when someone dies and they yell and it's all echo-y? That's me right today.  MY WALLLLLLLLETTTTT

  14. You're new profile pic is amazing 😍. I love Ibuki sprite edits. There's one where she's dressed up like Kazuichi and I love it.

    1. cr1s


      Brace yourself, Ibukimas is coming! :awesome: When are you gonna change yours? :dance:

    2. OhDearGodRun


      Probably December 1st. I have one lined up already though.