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  1. About a year and a half ago I started the Danganronpa series. It very quickly became my favorite series of all time, and has taken up a large majority of life. The funny thing about that series is that it's something I never thought I'd get into- visual novels. Ever since then I've gotten a large love for video game stories, and one of the best ways to deliver those stories is through visual novels. Since Danganronpa, I've played a number of VNs, such as Zero Escape and Steins;Gate, that have just completely captivated me. I immediately fell in love with Virtues Last Reward and Steins;Gate when I first played them, and absolutely loved my entire time with them. I just got Steins;Gate 0 last night, and just got out of an 8 and a half hour play session with it and it feels so, so good. I'm really looking forward to getting into new ones after, such as House in Fata Morgana and Robotics;Notes when that comes out. I guess it's just kinda nice to find a certain type of game that I can really invest my time and life into. It used to be when people asked me for my favorite game I'd just say "ehh idk", but now I have a definitive answer. I'm sure there's probably a stigma against VNs as "not being real games" or whatever garbage, but to me they are perfectly real games, and have given me better experiences than any other genre.


    Sorry for the random wall of text, just some thoughts I've had recently :P 

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    2. Honor_Hand


      That was a very captivating reading. ^_^ I haven't had any experience as far as VNs goes but is definitely a genre I have been interested in a while. And, well, you've also recommended Steing;Gate to me for a couple of good reasons :awesome: But, I don't know, I always postpone trying them out. Be it the short time I have for games nowadays or the fact that the lack of actual gameplay from the genre scares me off. Not saying that is a bad thing, mind you, because if a story is good and gripping enough, that could easily be the main focus of a game or any other media product, it's just that, well, guess I'm just lazy in actually doing the things I said to myself. xD

    3. mecharobot




      Maybe try not thinking it from a gaming/trophy perspective. I only read/play VNs because I got tired of watching anime, or reading manga if I have no music. I often find it hard to watch even 1 episode without pausing these days. With VN though, I can set my own pace and there certainly isn't shortage of good material either, even if they happen to take half a year to finish. Well, maybe not so long, but Clannad, Fate and Muv-Luv saga took me several months each. I find the best of VN easily stand among best of games or anime. Maybe not with animation/gameplay but they're not just text either. A lot have high profile voices, composers and artists doing the CGs and sprites so there's variety to be found even on a technical level. I'd suggest reading something short like Planetarian or maybe if there's a favorite anime that was originally a VN, which was kind of what I did.

    4. Honor_Hand



      That's a great approach to it actually, thanks for sharing. ^^



      Clannad is definitely one of my favorite anime and going into the actual VN would be something that I can see myself getting behind fast. :)

  2. And my PS4 is back to turning itself on and off again... I really don't know what the problem is. I've done everything I can do, and it just keeps malfunctioning. I guess at this point it's just straight up broken. Guess I'll keep an eye out for decent PS4 sales 😞

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    2. Honor_Hand


      I'm sorry to hear, man. I thought the cleaning could probably be the trick but it seems the issue is bigger than we thought. Don't worry, just a few more months until the next Black Friday sale. Cheer up.

    3. OhDearGodRun


      I kinda of want a new one anyway since I'm planning to send this one to a friend. Even if it is messed up, he's never owned one so why not. But I'mma be real bummed if they decide to show off the PS5 right after I buy it :P

    4. Honor_Hand


      That's a pretty good gesture from you. I'm sure he'll appreciate that. ^_^ That's very important to take into consideration. I believe the PS5 may possibly be around the corner. The could either confirm it later this year or next year but I feel we're close from getting a new announcement, especially since Microsoft showed the Scarlet and whatnot. Even so, you will still need to ask yourself if you're going to be able to buy the console at launch and then the games. It's probably going to have a high price tag at launch.


      Myself? I'm sticking to PS4 for a long time. :awesome:

  3. Platinum #86 is IA/VT Colorful! Been working on this one for a long time, and I'm so glad to finally have it done. Unfortunately, this game has gotten me addicted to vocaloid music and there are a few songs that I can't get out of my head 😅 Thankfully, some of it's on Spotify :P 

  4. If anyone cares about card games, there's this new one by Capcom called Teppen that actually looks kinda sick



  5. Got Nier Automata and Trover platinumed today. Pretty good start
  6. So I just finished Nier Automata. I'm gonna write down a bit of my thoughts here in spoilers cuz there will be spoilers. TLDR- 7/10 at most


    After all the hype surrounding this game, I was expecting to be blown away. In short, I was not. It's definitely not a bad game. The gameplay is fun (sometimes) and the music is great, but the story (Which is always most important to me) was just eh... ok. I think there were a few things that weren't explained as well as they could have been. Plus I don't think the characters got as much development as they needed. 2B ended up being my least favorite character just because she didn't really do much to catch my attention (outside of appearance of course), and her dying was just... whatever to me? I think A2 could've used a bit more development, but she was alright. Plus she gets bonus points for being voiced by Cherami Leigh. 9S is the best character in the game. While I didn't feel much for 2B, he clearly did. His motivation and drive and development I thought was delivered well, and his downward spiral near the end was great. I tend to like when put together characters like him start to go insane, especially when the writing and voice acting are able to nail it well. However, actually playing as 9S was horrible. Going from 2B who had a fun combat style, to 9S who definitely didn't felt like hitting a brick wall. He was slow, boring, and just not fun. Plus, having to play through the story again just for his point of view was also not fun. I think they should have just swapped between 9S and 2B through the first playthrough. I would've even liked it more if his story was DLC or a bonus unlockable or something. The little bit of lore you get with him just wasn't worth it in my opinion. At least A2 came in to make in better. Speaking of playthroughs, there are too many and the game is about 20 hours too long. Also, I only played Automata, but I sorta felt at places that I was lost for not playing the first game. I do have a lot of complaints about it, and I just watched a video detailing the story of the Nier and Drakengard series because apparently they're connected and now I'm even more confused, but I enjoyed my time with it well enough. I don't have the platinum yet, but I'm working on it and will probably get it this week. I'm gonna try not to buy the trophies, but upgrading all the weapons and pods sounds really annoying.


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    2. Copanele


      And that is where I say most sites are wrong. You definetly should have played the first Nier. Played, not watched xD It really gives a different flavour to the game AND it makes you feel for the poor androids . Alas nobody really tells you that honestly :( (to give the best example, if you play the dlc arena in the desert, would you know why the robots have such weirdass rules? Guess not, it's mentioned and beautifully explained in Nier XD)

      From drakengard series all that you should care about is drakengard 1 and the joke ending. 

      Like this, its just as you said. Dumb robots whacking each other on a glorious music. No substance at all. 

      Do spare yourself the trouble and buy the upgrade trophies. Finding a certain material for a pod upgrade will really be annoying to no end, the drop rate is very low. 

    3. OhDearGodRun


      Yeah it definitely felt like that. Like, there were a couple things that felt like callbacks to the first game (Like the redheads). Would it be worth it to go back and play it now? 

      I'm heavily considering buying those trophies, it just seems not worth my time. The endings I'll get, and some of the other miscellaneous ones, but the upgrade ones look really annoying.

    4. Copanele


      Ok , I will do a quick good/bad/ugly spoiler free rundown of the first NieR.

      The good:
      - great story that makes sense and makes you feel for everything that is happening in the world.

      - the motivation of the main character is really good

      - world building with its levels are BEAUTIFUL (wait till you see how the Desert actually was)

      - EMIL . BEST BOI

      - Actually there's a better character there , but I won't spoil it xD 

      - music is as 10/10 as you'd expect.

      - Side quests mini-lore are brilliant.

      The bad :

      - graphics look awful even for the period the game was released

      - Combat is the most boring square spam you ever met.

      - You kinda have no idea why everything happened unless you read the wiki (ALTHOUGH they explain way more during the game than in automata)

      - Yoko Taro has a bullshit habit to make a complex character/story then ruin it by trying to exagerate its misery. (random example unrelated to the game : Wow this poor pirate lost both his legs, saw his mom executed and his treasure was stolen? NOW HE HAS AIDS TOO ) . This happens only if you read the wiki. Also Yoko Taro adds lore....through books and some theatre plays ? Idk the guy smoke some good stuff

      - ALL the sidequests are basically fetch object x from y. Good story but crap mechanics.

      - You though upgrading in automata is a chore? Wait till you see farming for materials in Nier. No trophy buying there, you need to farm some stupid stuff legit and that could take a long while. I know I got annoyed at one point.

      The Ugly:

      - SO apparently there is a DLC that explains even more lore and makes material farming more easy to do. HOWEVER I never got to get that DLC. Even if i got it i heard it's quite pricy so... yeah.


      In conclusion(sorry for the wall of text) I would definetly buy it. If you get past the meh combat and the graphics (that are kinda old but strangely they work) you will find one gem of a game, with a better story than in Automata honestly xD 

      Ah if you decide to buy it , do get Nier Gestalt(the EU/NA release) , not Replicant(Japanese release). Unless you are japanese of course.

      Hope that helped :) 

  7. Can someone who's finished Nier Automata tell me if there are any trophies with A2's abilities? I know there were some with 9S, and I don't wanna have to read through the trophy descriptions and get spoiled.

    1. TugaSonic


      From what I remember, and checked on the guide, there's only one (:bronze:The Power of Hate). You have to beat 50 enemies with her berserk mode.

    2. OhDearGodRun


      Oh ok, thank you!

  8. High point of the day: Had my appearance compared to Dave Grohl. That's pretty good I guess.

    1. PooPooBlast


      What about weird Al?  (Kinda :p)



  9. If there's one minor problem I have with Mario Maker 2, it's Luigi's existance. If you die twice, Luigi comes up and asks if you have brain damage and tries to give you stuff to make the level easier.. Then if you get a game over, he tries to do the level for you. Like, Luigi go home, leave me alone.

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    2. LucianaRosethorn


      You know, if we were game characters I'm going to annoy the hell out of you. You missed a coin? Well I'm already telling you to go back. You died? Well I'm going to change the difficulty without telling you. You try to kill me, I'll delete you save and we can have bonding time all over again! :blah:

    3. OhDearGodRun


      Well I guess my save would be deleted a whole lot :devil:

    4. panikooooos


      "If you die twice, Luigi comes up and asks if you have brain damage" 😂😂😂

  10. Ok, brief update on my messed up PS4. I have taken it apart and cleaned it out with compressed air as best I could. It was a little bit dusty, not as much as I expected, but I cleaned it out anyway. I turned it on, and I'm gonna leave it in rest mode for a bit, since that's when it usually messes up. Hopefully it stops turning itself on and off. If it doesn't I might just resort to getting a new one.

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    2. LucianaRosethorn


      I mean, the window is still a choice here...;)

    3. OhDearGodRun


      So I've come home after work, and my PS4 has not turned itself on, which it usually does when it's in rest mode. So hopefully that's a good sign. Oh yeah, I forgot about Amazon Prime Days, I might have to look into that. I don't want to wait too long though, cuz the PS5 is relatively soon probably. And it's backwards compatible, so I won't even need my PS4 when it comes out.

    4. OhDearDevilRun


      That's definitely a good sign. But lets save up for a Ps5 anyways. :)

  11. Ayy Mario Maker 2 arrived early. Probably one of the worst games to get early, but still kinda cool :P

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    2. Beyondthegrave07


      You can still play story mode. Supposed to be 8 hours! Also, get your levels out early!!! 

    3. OhDearGodRun


      Yeah story mode is a good option, but I'm never gonna make a level. I am not that creative xD

    4. Beyondthegrave07


      I'll just make troll levels, levels that are just plain goofy, or puzzles. Might do a few game reference ones too. I'll probably be a little of both. Creator and player.

  12. I can nearly taste the platinum for IA/VT Colorful. I got 100 S ranks and 100 perfects, I just have like 5 songs left on easy, then I gotta do hard. That's still like 60 songs, but I'm almost there :D 

    1. TheYuriG


      The perfects and the trial mode thing were the worst parts, but the game was very enjoyable overall

    2. OhDearGodRun


      The perfects weren't too bad, got most of them on normal and was pretty confidant I'd get the rest on easy. Some of the trials did gave me trouble though.

  13. I have an external hard drive on my ps4, does anyone know if I can just hook it up to a different PS4 and it'll work? My PS4 is a piece of garbage, so I'm thinking about getting a new one.

    1. TugaSonic


      You can. It works as long as you have the account on the other PS4. Once you connect it the other PS4 will scan the external hard drive and add the games to the dashboard.

  14. So I have nearly 3,000 Sony Rewards points, which would equal $30 on PSN. I'm thinking about using it to get Judgement, but I'm not sure if I should add a game that big to my already massive backlog :P 

    1. OhDearGodRun


      Why do all the games I want to play have to be like 100 hours long?

    2. Honor_Hand


      Maybe you like long time commitments :P;)

  15. The best part about Dragon Quest XI is barging into random people's houses and destroying their pumpkins

    1. MidnightDragon


      Better than raiding their drawers? xD 

    2. starcrunch061


      @MidnightDragon: It's a close call. On the one hand, destroying their pumpkins is an act of completely mindless vandalism. On the other hand, stealing their wedding dresses and the like is just...wrong.

    3. LucianaRosethorn


      @KaiserVendrix I won't let him hurt you! :jaymon: