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  1. Man, I really don't want to have to play through Persona 5 again, especially so soon after finishing it the first time. But P5R seems to have enough new content that it might be worth it. Maybe I'll wait a year or so...

    1. Masamune


      There's a new version of P5 coming out? Well, it's not like I didn't see that coming with all the releases P4 got. 😅 But if they add enough new content to it, I'll probably grab it myself(I haven't played P5 since day 1 anyways). :hmm: 

    2. Beyondthegrave07


      @Masamune You'll never see it coming... *cues music*


      Oh, you DID see it coming!?!? CUT THE MUSIC! BATTLE'S ALREADY OVER. 

  2. Finally platinumed the Nonary Games! I should NOT have waited on VLR. I played 999 like a year ago, but just now got around to playing VLR. I really enjoyed my time with it.

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    2. Honor_Hand



      Just VLR from what I'm checking here. (Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, right?). Oh, so 999 is the first one? Guess I'll have to just get the collection at one point or another. 😅

    3. OhDearGodRun


      @Honor_Hand Yeah VLR is Virtue's Last Reward. Yep, 999 is the first one, and it's pretty important for VLR. It's a great series, it managed to scratch my Danganronpa itch xD 

    4. starcrunch061


      I liked VLR much more than 999, personally. I agree that it's hard to follow VLR without playing 999, though.

  3. Tfw you're good enough at a rhythm game where playing slow songs screws you up instead of the faster songs 😭 The worst first world problem xD

    1. MMX20


      Rymthy games are not my style, I suck at them hard. XP

    2. starcrunch061


      I had this issue with difficulty back in the day on GH games. I would boost online with people, and they would insist that I play on a low difficulty. I would then proceed to fuck up the playthrough. 


      It's much easier on the hardest difficulties when you know what you're doing, because every note you hear must also be played.



  4. I had a dream that one of the PS+ games next month was Conan Exiles again. I don't even remember if it was like a different versions or whatever, but they were advertising it like it was the first time XP

    1. Fat Chocobo

      Fat Chocobo

      xD Don't think there's any difference except they covered up the nudity in NA.

    2. Beyondthegrave07


      xD what a nightmare!

  5. EXCUSE ME Nintendo?!?

    You can't just drop this out of no where, it's bad for my heart

     The Persona 4 and 3 music and costumes 😭

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    2. OhDearDevilRun


      That looks pretty sweet.

    3. OhDearGodRun


      @OhDearDevilRun Excuse me? I'm sorry, but this is illegal

    4. Jelloycat


      Man this looks so cool! :D 

  6. Finally getting back to the Zero Escape series with Virtue's Last Reward. I finished 999 like a year ago, but I'm really glad I decided to start this one. It's really hitting my Danganronpa itch, and I'm hooked on it.

  7. So I'm in a game studio class where the whole class makes a game together, but we're split up into different groups of like artists, and programmers, etc. I'm in the content team, which means I write stories and quests and stuff. My assignment for this week was to write a backstory for a character with a minimum of 5 pages. Well... I ended up getting attached to it and ended up with 15 pages :P I normally think I do a bad job at just about anything I do, but I'm actually satisfied with what I wrote. It feels nice to actually do something you enjoy, like I did with this. I'm kinda wondering if I can do something with this writing outside of class 🤔



      Now..how original is this character?...

  8. Just posting this because it's been in my head all day. Persona music in general is amazing, and this is one of the only times I prefer the remix to the actual song


  9. I have a general question for everyone. What are you looking for in a turn based RPG? Like, what makes you go "Oh this one looks cool, but this one doesn't"? Is there any specific mechanic in a turn based RPG that differentiates it from others, while also making it more interesting? Hopefully you guys know what I'm trying to say, and if you could answer it could help me out a bit. Thanks! :3

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    2. Temmie


      That's a relief.  I have an emulator for it so yay.


      I may be getting a switch soon.  They announced the Ace Attorney Trilogy on it and I got super excited.

    3. eigen-space


      I really liked Saga Frontier's battle system (from the PS1 days). At the start of each turn, you set up the attacks that your party will use... if you know your character stats really well (SPD especially), you can set up some really neat combo attacks that do major damage. Here's a video (sorry for it being in Japanese)... basically it shows the player picking each of the attacks at the start of the turn, then you see the execution of those attacks. The ones where you have multiple characters glowing in blue is a combo attack that does wayyyyy more damage than any of the individual attacks would do:


    4. enaysoft


      I remember getting all 8 endings for SaGa Frontier 1 back in the day. I also love the combat in this game and the music by Kenji Ito (I think it was him)

  10. There are two kinds of people on the internet right now

    1. Changing your PSN ID is fine and won't cause many problems, if any
    2. You will literally die if you change your PSN ID
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    2. OhDearGodRun


      This is what I want to change it to. It's not my PSN ID yet. So pleade don't steal it 😢



      Ohhhhhh. Lol. *evil laughter*

  11. Hello! I'm streaming Phoenix Wright if anyone wants to join :D https://www.twitch.tv/odgr_ryan

  12. Finally getting back to Virtue's Last Reward, so I looked up a refresher video for 999 and man is that story... a thing. I mean, it's interesting, but it's very 🤔

  13. Ok, so I understand why a PS4 would turn itself off. Overheating, a problem with the system, etc. But does anyone have any idea why a PS4 would turn itself on and then turn itself back off? Mine does this all the time so it always has to go through the process of checking the system storage,and it always yells at me that I didn't turn it off properly. It's so annoying.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Honor_Hand


      So, it turns itself off and on at will. If it does go through the process of checking the system storage every time it turns itself on again, then it sounds like it could be a defective power supply on the unit or there is maybe an electrical issue somewhere causing it to lose and gain power out of the blue.


      I don't think another device could be causing interference nor that the power button is damaged, as it wouldn't have to check system storage after a normal turn off cycle.


      It appears that something is causing it to turn itself off and then another spike is causing it to turn itself on. That's why I think it could be a defective power supply, a defective power cable or maybe the socket where you're plugging it in. You could try hooking it up to a different socket or switching the power cable to rule those out, if the issue still persists, well, you probably need to take it over to a tech service to have it checked.

    3. OhDearGodRun


      Ok, I just plugged it into a different socket. I'll see what happens now.

    4. Honor_Hand



      Awesome. Let me know.

  14. How many good rhythm games are on the Vita? I have Project Diva X, Musynx, IA/VT Colorful, Senran Kagura Bon Appetit, I platinumed P4D a long time ago. Of course there are the other Project Diva games, are there any others?

    1. Arctic Cress

      Arctic Cress

      There's the two Taiko games, Taiko no Tatsujin: V Version and it's [email protected] spin-off, [email protected] Must Songs.

      SUPERBEAT: XONiC is an interesting rhythm game from some of the old DJMAX developers.

      Deemo is available on the Vita, but if you have a choice I recommend the mobile (or Switch) versions as they have much more content.

      Miracle Girls Festival is a collection of anime songs with the gameplay of the Project Diva series.

  15. Borderlands announcement in like 45 minutes. I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully we get some gameplay,or maybe even a release date. I also hope that there's some sort of continuation to the story in Tales, and judging from the leaks, I'm excited :D