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  1. About a year and a half ago I started the Danganronpa series. It very quickly became my favorite series of all time, and has taken up a large majority of life. The funny thing about that series is that it's something I never thought I'd get into- visual novels. Ever since then I've gotten a large love for video game stories, and one of the best ways to deliver those stories is through visual novels. Since Danganronpa, I've played a number of VNs, such as Zero Escape and Steins;Gate, that have just completely captivated me. I immediately fell in love with Virtues Last Reward and Steins;Gate when I first played them, and absolutely loved my entire time with them. I just got Steins;Gate 0 last night, and just got out of an 8 and a half hour play session with it and it feels so, so good. I'm really looking forward to getting into new ones after, such as House in Fata Morgana and Robotics;Notes when that comes out. I guess it's just kinda nice to find a certain type of game that I can really invest my time and life into. It used to be when people asked me for my favorite game I'd just say "ehh idk", but now I have a definitive answer. I'm sure there's probably a stigma against VNs as "not being real games" or whatever garbage, but to me they are perfectly real games, and have given me better experiences than any other genre.


    Sorry for the random wall of text, just some thoughts I've had recently :PΒ 

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    2. Honor_Hand


      That was a very captivating reading. ^_^ I haven't had any experience as far as VNs goes but is definitely a genre I have been interested in a while. And, well, you've also recommended Steing;Gate to me for a couple of good reasons :awesome: But, I don't know, I always postpone trying them out. Be it the short time I have for games nowadays or the fact that the lack of actual gameplay from the genre scares me off. Not saying that is a bad thing, mind you, because if a story is good and gripping enough, that could easily be the main focus of a game or any other media product, it's just that, well, guess I'm just lazy in actually doing the things I said to myself. xD

    3. mecharobot




      Maybe try not thinking it from a gaming/trophy perspective. I only read/play VNs because I got tired of watching anime, or reading manga if I have no music. I often find it hard to watch even 1 episode without pausing these days. With VN though, I can set my own pace and there certainly isn't shortage of good material either, even if they happen to take half a year to finish. Well, maybe not so long, but Clannad, Fate and Muv-Luv saga took me several months each. I find the best of VN easily stand among best of games or anime. Maybe not with animation/gameplay but they're not just text either. A lot have high profile voices, composers and artists doing the CGs and sprites so there's variety to be found even on a technical level. I'd suggest reading something short like Planetarian or maybe if there's a favorite anime that was originally a VN, which was kind of what I did.

    4. Honor_Hand



      That's a great approach to it actually, thanks for sharing. ^^



      Clannad is definitely one of my favorite anime and going into the actual VN would be something that I can see myself getting behind fast. :)