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  1. My only real goal is getting MIKU MIKU HOCKEY since it’s an digital only game, plus I’m a huge Miku fan. And also Silent Hill: Book of Meories has always interested me. Thing is, I don’t feel any motivation to buy these games to play on Sony’s platform since they’ve turned into such a shitty company as of late.
  2. Well damn, what a shame. I might get one game I’ve had my eye on, but after first hearing this news I just lost all interest in Sony and trophy hunting in general. There’s just too much I’d like to get that it’d cost hundreds if I bought everything now, and it’s simply not worth it. And what about digital only games? And I hate to see how physical copies are, more than likely, going to skyrocket. Unless Sony plans to incorporate full PS3 (and Vita?) backwards compatibility, this is a horrible decision both business wise and for their reputation. At least I think so, wholeheartedly. Well whatever. The new Monster Hunter released on Switch and I’ve been invested in that. Probably will be for the rest of the year lol.
  3. Like so many others, I am very skeptical on this and will wait for actual word from Sony. However, if this ends up being true it will kill any and all excitement for anything Sony or PlayStation related.
  4. Ratalaika Games are not good. They’re a company that have abused the trophy system (Sony is at fault here too) and it’s thanks to them that the numbers have become so ridiculously inflated that they mean nothing anymore. It’s also spawned a slew of trophy “whores” that complain the minute a platinum is a few minutes too difficult. No doubt some of the games they publish are legitimately good. All that praise should be put on the developers, like Cloak and Dagger Games, not Ratalaika Games.
  5. You basically just flagged yourself lol.
  6. Currently playing MGS:GZ and it interested me in playing through the others. I didn’t realize how ass backwards it is if you want to play them in chronological order. Like, the first in the timeline is MGS3? And the very first game on PS1 is in the middle, while V is before that.

    I’m so confused lol. Why did they release them in such a weird order if chronologically they were out of order?

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    2. RedSkyKing


      Thanks for all the information everyone!

      I definitely want to play through them all regardless of trophies or release date. I think I have Snake Eater from the last month PS Plus was available on PS3, and I bought the VR Missions a while ago.

    3. Deceptrox


      You mean Guns of the Patriots. Then you only need the MGS Collection and MGS1. 

    4. RedSkyKing


      Oh yeah, that’s it. If I can’t find a new copy of the legacy collection I have an emulator I can use.

  7. Exactly.
  8. Looks like something that should be free on GameJolt. I seriously wish Sony would actually quality check some of these games.
  9. Woooo congrats!! 39,390
  10. I can’t recommend Nier: Automata enough! Great story, beautiful music, and fun combat! A pretty easy plat too 😉
  11. If I rent a movie it’s only ever on YouTube. Never understood why Playstation offered shows/movies, just seemed like a waste of space.
  12. Nah, I like to keep my stats as accurate as possible. If I start a game that becomes impossible to 100% oh well. About others hiding trophies, that’s totally up to them and I understand their reasons for doing so. From a friendly competitive point of view, I do like knowing if someone has hidden trophies for when I compare my profile to theirs. But of course, we have people who go overboard and are extremely rude and toxic about it when it’s not that big of a deal.
  13. Finally! Can’t wait to delve back into this gem! Now we just need the classic Battlefrots.
  14. Super fun game! Though not as good as the original imo, I’d recommend. And you’re speaking in behalf of who exactly?