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  1. The Digital Edition is cheaper than I was expecting! It’s pretty tempting.
  2. Yeah...that is why we’re all here but that’s such a lame excuse. I enjoy collecting plats as much as the next guy, but basing your decision on whether or not a game has a platinum is ridiculously silly since plats don’t effect the actual game whatsoever. These people need to get over themselves and just get the game if it interest them.
  3. God, of course there’s these “no plat no play” elitists. You guys are so cring 🙄
  4. This absolutely ^ Regarding the topic, no. If they’re stupid enough to cheat the leaderboards and ruin it for hundreds to thousands of people, while doing so also encourages others to do the same, they don’t deserve a second chance.
  5. Ah yes, Blacklight is one of the few games I can confidently say I became a God at. I really enjoyed my time with it but it doesn’t take my #1 spot. That would be reserved for Armored Core: Verdict Day. A severely underrated game (and series) in my opinion. Even though the community is very sparse, I had a blast playing with them. Plus, I’m a super mecha geek, so it’s no surprise that it’s my favorite 😆
  6. I have no idea since I’ve never played COD, but my guess is because COD has MP trophies.
  7. Figures. Thanks for the info!
  8. Yeah but skipping the entire game to achieve a five minute plat is ridiculous. The other exploits aren't that bad considering you have to actually play the game.
  9. Can anyone confirm if this works for the Crew? I'd guess not, since it's an online game only it probably forces the newest update in order to play. But I thought I'd ask before I attempt this method. Thanks in advance!
  10. Jak 2 because of it's BS debug mode. The game is actually pretty difficult, on top of finding all those annoying Precursor Orbs. If the debug mode didn't exist, the % would be significantly lower. I swear, the past few platinum achievers obtained it within five minutes. It's disappointing to see people miss out on a pretty cool game.
  11. My guess is that Warframe will carry over, but I hope it won’t be a separate trophy list.
  12. Any credibility to this “review” went out the window as soon as I saw the term dick-riding. This just seems like a poor attempt to ruffle some feathers.
  13. The Evil Within. I plan on revisiting that game sometime soon, but the AKUMU difficultly is intimidating.
  14. Yeah because suddenly people are going to hate this game six months from now. I would highly recommend this game any day, not because it’s “new” 🙄
  15. No. The devs shouldn’t pander to a small minority who are whining about it. It’s the devs every right to create a trophy list they see fit for their game, they are the devs after all. People seriously need to stop acting so entitled, like it’s the end of the world that there’s actually a challenging trophy list.