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  1. I’ve been struggling with this. When I go to the teleporter in the Space Anomaly there’s no such “shipwreck cove” in any of the categories. The closest base to the center was 17k light years, but with my current hyperdrive range (144.2 A class explorer) that would take forever, a lot more than a few hours. I can’t figure out how to find this shipwreck cove, or how to upgrade my hyperdrive range. What I find online is either outdated or super vague.
  2. PIECE OF CAKE AWARD Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Future Tone DX I had quite a few easy plats this year, but they at least required some skill, even if just a little. All this game required was playing a few select songs and watching the music video of said songs. Some other things like using photo mode and starting a song on extreme but not actually having to beat it. I spaced this game out over a couple days just because I didn't want it to be my fastest plat earned. Besides all that, it's a very fun game that I revisit quite often. ITS LIKE DARK SOULS Armored Core: Verdict Day Funny enough this is a FromSoftware game for anyone who's unfamiliar with Armored Core, so yeah it makes sense. The biggest hurdle was learning the extensive customization. Figuring out what build I wanted to make, then reviewing stats for each part/weapon, going through testing to see how it felt. Yeah most of my time was spent in the garage working on my mech, which isn't a complaint. With the help from the community I finally overcame this game's learning curve and it felt supper satisfying. On top of all that, beating the game on hardcore without dying definitely earned this spot. BADASS AWARD Armored Core: Verdict Day Back to Armored Core. The online aspect of this game was focused on territory battles, but since it's dead (aside from the few that still play) it was a lot easier to do what you wanted since no one was around to guard or attack territories. I teamed up with three others to do some grinding but we ended up finding another group of players that was guarding their territory. This group was notorious for being a bunch of sweats. None of us were expecting this encounter, and I sure as hell wasn't mentally prepared. An intense 4v4 ensued. In the end we won with me and another teammate still alive. It's hard to explain exactly how I felt in that moment but the fact I was seeing results from the dedication I put into this game which resulted in destroying a well known team felt pretty badass. An honorable mention. Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae A hack'n slash where on the hardest difficulty you die in only one hit. Not too bad until you get to the final three levels and you basically have to perfect parry, which takes frame perfect accuracy. This is how I felt by the end of it. GRIND OF THE YEAR Predator: Hunting Gounds The grind to get 1,000 predator claims (kill finisher) was just ridiculous. Playing normally took waaay too long because you were never guaranteed to get any. The balancing between fireteam and predator was all over the place. One match you could get 2-4 claims if you played your cards right, or none at all. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot the queue to play as predator was always 10+ minutes. So of course the quickest method was boosting in a private match, which had it's fair share of problems. Constant disconnects, especially with a full lobby (4 fireteam and 1 predator). I'll cut out a lot of the details, but everything that could go wrong with boosting happened. By the end of it I roughly played over 1,250 matches. I hated myself by the end lol. An honorable mention. Front Mission Evolved Leveling up to rank 70 in a dead online took a considerable amount of time. To accommodate for everyone's time zone the group would play every Saturday which only stretched the time out making it take a lot longer then it could've taken KING OF THE INTERNET Warface I could easily nominate Armored Core again, but instead I'm going to go with... I had a lot of fun playing this with friends! I felt pretty confident while playing too. An honorable mention. Uno Some of the most fun I had playing with friends! WORST ONLINE EXPERIENCE Fall Guys The constant disconnects, lag, latency, it was just horrible. And when it would work there were so many annoying players that took the fun out of it. Sure, there were moments where I had fun, but those moments were few and far between. SLEEPER HIT OF THE YEAR Left Alive This game died out very quickly due to it's abysmal reviews upon release. Really nothing is good about this game. Muddy graphics, awful voice acting, broken AI, repetitive gameplay. When I say broken AI, I mean they either see you through cover and know exactly where you are, or you can stand ten feet away with your gun drawn and they don't see you. Enemies will sometimes hilariously run past you when alerted to hide behind cover a mile away only to then forget you exist, and calmly walk back to their post. You can kill a soldier right next to another and they don't seem to care as long as you're behind cover. This is a survival stealth game by the way. But for me it was one of those it's so bad that it's good experiences, plus it reminded me of when some PS2 games felt awkward and clunky and I guess in that regard I felt nostalgic. BIGGEST BOMB OF THE YEAR Predator: Hunting Grounds This game had potential to be amazing! Great concept but horrible execution. It felt like it was rushed out the door with only three maps that all looked identical and one gameplay loop. It got old really fast. It was buggy, had glitched trophies, and was horribly unbalanced. BEST TROPY IMAGE There are so many that I thought looked really good, it's hard to pick just one. I'll choose my top six 😝 WORST TROPHY IMAGE It doesn't look bad per se, but it's the game's title and every trophy has the same image so it's just lazy. BEST FEMALE CHARACTER Ann Takamaki (Even though you don't really get to play as her) What happened to her at the beginning of the game really made me feel bad for her and her friend, and I like how she was able to rise above it. Although every character went through their own challenges and came out a better person, Ann's made me really sympathize with her. BEST MALE CHARACTER Peter Parker What's not to love about this guy? BEST PLAT OF THE YEAR Persona 5 Royal Okay this was a tough choice between Armored Core, Spider-Man, and Persona 5 Royal. Thinking back, the game that had the biggest impact on me was..... Amazing story, characters, and gameplay. Loved every second of it! WURST PLAT OV TEH YEER Predator: Hunting Grounds Surprised? An honorable mention. Atomine A rouge-like that felt very empty and got boring very fast. MOST ANTICIPATED PLATINUM OF 2021 I'm just looking forward to spending time with these characters.
  3. Yes but even still. Say a game that doesn’t have a physical copy gets delisted. Kinda sucks for those that were planning on buying it.
  4. Yeah it's glitched for me too. I tried it with a second character and it still didn't work. You might have to delete all progress for it to work, like with Gustafsloppet (someone I was talking with had to delete all data in order for the trophy to pop.) I really don't want to delete everything though.
  5. If I earn trophies on PS4 while offline, can I sync them using a PS Vita? Or do I have to sync the PS4 itself for them to register?


    1. Atoya


      U must sync with PS4

    2. RedSkyKing


      Ah that figures. Thanks!

  6. Resident Evil 2. You just gotta complete Clair's story and then go for the hardcore S rank runs. It's a little tricky and a bit stressful, but the guide on here really helps with it.
  7. Wow. You’d think PS5 would play PS2 games no problem, or at least better than PS4.
  8. Imagine complaining over an easy platinum 😂
  9. I honestly wish we’d start to see less trophy stacking as time goes on, though I doubt it. Some stacks aren’t a problem, but 5 stacks of easy plats is ridiculous. Don’t really need a second list to enjoy a second playthrough.
  10. (Badass looking picture) Finally got it! I played Yavin on normal. Yavin was a lot easier than any of the other maps in my opinion since it's all open and super easy to find your next target. Also, I would highly recommend playing on normal and not easy because the match will end way to soon on easy. I got the trophy on my first try on normal, and it almost lasted the whole 30 minutes, so that should give you plenty of time. Of course, the outcome may be different for everyone, so even if you don't get it your first try don't get discouraged! At the end I had 50,900 damage done, so I just barely scraped by. My loadout was as follows: (A-Wing) Standard Laser Cannon Repair Kit Seeker Mine (Didn't use and don't recommend using) Particle Burst Standard Hull Nimble Deflector and Microthrust Engine It's also important that you play as the New Republic because the Empire doesn't have shields (except their Support ship.) This way half of your precious laser damage isn't wasted to shields. I alternated between targeting the AI and Squads, or what was closest for me to shoot. Play aggressively for kills. I hope all these tips help all of you! Happy hunting! @Rekinek
  11. I think that just means that particular game is part of the PS Now library. I don’t think Sony would bring PS Now to such an old system, if the hardware could even handle it.
  12. Chasm #63 I went into this thinking it was going to be a roguelike, so I was a little disappointed when it ended up being a metroidvania instead. Don't get me wrong, I love metroidvinias, but Chasm is one of the weaker ones I've played. The map/room design is it's biggest fault. They consist of many long hallways or square rooms that lack any creativity. A lot of the puzzle and secret rooms blend together with their environment because the only memorable thing about them will be a door or gate, no change in the environment, no interesting props to remember, just rooms that all blend into one. That isn't to say that there aren't some noticeable rooms, but they're few and far between. I don't know if I got very unlucky, but the procedural generation barely changed anything on my second playthrough, only the Keep had a different layout. The controls and weapons felt clunky and laggy, but once I got used to them they felt fine. The enemies were fun to fight for the most part, and I thought they were pretty varied. I loved the music and 16bit graphics! Overall I think Chasm mediocre, but I still enjoyed my time with it. Enjoyment 06/10 Difficulty 04/10
  13. Yet another game that doesn’t deserve a platinum, and with even more trophies.
  14. Looks like a short and simple list. Apparently the game only takes 15-20 minutes. I looked up the screenshots and the game itself looks interesting enough, will pick it up.
  15. I’m thinking about creating a rant post about Star Wars Squadrons. It’s Fleet Battles mode and match making is driving me insane.