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  1. The real issue is the team games, ppl sucks so hard and doesnt help at all. I think they will create private matches in the future so Im not worrying about this trophy for now.
  2. Event right now 8h left!!! Anyone to help? Please focus on insects/bugs FIRST! Probably this trophy will be unnatainable if we cant now with so many ppl
  3. Well, 2 of my friends started playing this game and I decided to try the platinum again after that period of bugged trophies that I quitted. Nowadays, there is less bots and they jump in different times so its better to play with other ppl and tell them to leave the "chickens" for you to get 11 kills. We managed to get 25 kills in total in the match below but I had the trophy already, just an example.
  4. Just downloaded the game, anyone has played already? The trophies are popping properly?
  5. of course I will. Mainly for games with 5% or less, that I dropped for any reason and dont plan to go back.
  6. #95
  7. I got confused with all the new and old login stuff. As long as I maintain my premium membership on my new psn ID Im fine. 😁
  8. Just changed my psn id. Thats nice you guys are working hard to reflect here asap. Thank you!
  9. Just to remember, I did it in January, so since that day a few patches came. the patches can change some chars or moves might affecting the numbers, but thanks for updating the info!! 18:26 hours in total and I got 850,200 zeni, seems pretty solid.
  10. so much non sense, tbh most of the world uses day-month-year. like said before USA isnt the center of the world, you should travel you know? live abroad, expend your horizons. think outside of the box. are you in 2020 or 1980? jezz
  11. Omg guys you all should play pvp games more often lol The game is about communication and coordination on attack and retreat. No talk between the team is definitely a loss. I would recommend using the communities feature to play with others in premade squad (if your friends dont play it). Im lvl 46 and the only trophy left is lvl 50. Its a shame this game dont have a platinum bcz its really fun and addictive. Good luck.
  12. Old topic, but Great news guys! From SSJ now I can turn into SSJ3! 🤣 Got my fighterZ platinum last night, and xenoverse 2 last month! 😁
  13. Apex killed it already, just check the number of players and streams on twitch. After we all trophy hunters get the trophies they can shut down the server 😂😂😂
  14. 1.20 fix or not the trophies? As far as I know 50 trophy kills is one of the trophies that arent bugged. Edit: almost deleting the game and moving on (never coming back).
  15. everyone please create a boosting session for that. I took around 5h I guess. Starting at 150k BP.