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  1. I just got RE7 brand new for 22 CADs at EB Games. =) I tried to get Nier: Automata for 24 at best buy online and also at store but no more copies. =(
  2. im not considering the program to get anything. playing easy games for 3 months just to get like 10~20 dollars? better get a job in 1h you can make it or even more. just saying.
  3. u didnt get my point. the program only counts the trophies after you registered to the program. Im getting trophies since 2010 but only the trophies from this month onwards will count to it.
  4. the program is a bullshit, honestly. i could get like 100 dollars now. but no.
  5. I just got it. saved my money. thanks a lot!
  6. I get Salt and Sanctuary, although willing to get more, any recommendations?
  7. FORTNITE on PS4, so much FUN!
  8. I have a PS4 Pro and intend to get a Nintendo switch. Xone dont worth buying because of a few exclusive games, like in this case we can play on PC, so im gonna wait a steam sale.
  9. one of the best post here on PSNprofiles LMAO 😂 My opinion: if u dont get an answer maybe they are not ur friends after all. If you meet those online, you cant add random ppl from internet and expect they answering everything.
  10. 42h playing on normal
  11. Dark Souls 2 Dark Souls 3 Bloodborne Lord of Cinder! 😎
  12. since i cannot use 4 Vivis. Zidane(mandatory)+Vivi😍+Freya+ Amarant
  13. the game now is really overpriced. maybe when it come to less than 10 dollars on a sale...