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  1. lose hair and break your controller? no thanks!
  2. Celeste and Life is Strange: B4 Storm for me.
  3. Only getting if they offer ONLINE COOP for the main campaign...come on, even fallout got an online coop.
  4. StayPationt the best youtube channel for trophy hunters...we don't even need to watch it, just listen and replicate. its sad he stopped uploading videos there...
  5. dont worry, you can gift that to me. thanks in advance! 😂
  6. is this for bloodborne 2? hahaha
  7. the drastically price drop is a sign that even Bethesda noticed there is a problem out there. So they are desperate to make many sells before ppl realize the game was, probably launched too early. Another sign is the reviews...example Metacritic: Metascore 51 based on 30 Critics User Score 2.7 based on 3171 Ratings Really that low? oh gosh 😐
  8. Really appreciate the help, but whats the difference between this video with the other you made? Also can we skip the dialogues?
  9. tbh the video isnt that good, sometimes the player is lost, also skipped getting the 19 rose. the number of like and dislikes are the same for a reason. I found a better one in youtube.
  10. I don't like quitters either BUT the correct way to complain about this is on the forums of Bandai Namco Entertainment and/or Nippon Ichi Software. In Overwatch for example, ranked matches you lose some rating if you quit, on purpose or not. If its not implemented in the game, you can blame the gamers but the behavior will stay the same. Most of Trophy hunters just care about trophies doesn't matter how to get it. To sum up: I understand your complain but its a waste of time a post like yours in a community like this. deal with it.
  11. DBZ Fighter Z and Hollow Knight
  12. Sorry to ask, but when do I choose these things? I presume at the beginning of the game, right?