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  1. with or without a trophy list: SHUT UP and TAKE my MONEY 😆
  2. bitching will never end hahaha funny fact there isnt a topic like this for Crypt of the Necrodancer... Im planning to do SMB as my 100th platinum, can someone please convince me otherwise? 😂😂 LOL
  3. Hi, Can you please put me on the list? 100%/Platinum: Teslagrad Dust: An Elysian Tail In the backlog: Axiom Verge Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Salt and Sanctuary PS4 or Vita Sundered
  4. for me perfection atm is having 0 balance at credit card hahahaha
  5. I need 2 more years...
  6. 4/10 Probably hard at the beggining but since you get used to the game its easy. Also most of the last missions you can summons random ppl, idk If I got lucky but most of the time I got companions that mostly 1hit all monsters lol
  7. Couldn't agree more! Well maybe its time to go back and platinum the first game hahaha damn backlog
  8. how is your progress so far? the not dying trophy for some maps is insane...you have to try and if fail too much just better to try another day.
  9. he said PS4, these games you can play on Ps3 or vita.
  10. so the zombie garden warfare its the only game in your library? hahaha tbh this conversation is going nowhere and getting more boring than the trophies cited in this tropic hahahaha bye =)
  11. Im not waiting, im playing other games meanwhile. SO when you entered the college for example you suffer until you finishes it? Enjoy the ride buddy. sometimes you pause some plans to do others. Im just saying some trophies that might sucked for you, don't have the same effect on me, and vice-versa. Every person has a different attitude towards life and experiences in general.
  12. that control scheme is much better for sure! I will try to remember when I buy the game! I only played x1 and x2 before when it got release, so long ago that I dont remember when hahaha
  13. as we get older, our reflexes is not the same as when we were what, teenager? You can't expect to play fast paced games in the same way...same works for FPS, I don't see any 35+ old guy playing in tournaments Imo the input lag you can get used to that, all megaman are tough games...and X3 is really hard, tough
  14. Zombies Garden Warfare 2? I played with 3 friends and we had so much fun! sometimes its better to forget the grind, ignore trophies and just play 4 fun...suddenly you are getting a lot of trophies!