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  1. I have joined this forum on: May 9, 2014, almost 4 years ago. tbh, this is one of the most reasonable comments I have ever read here, just saying. I couldnt agree more that creating another account is a very stupid idea. It's like "8 years ago I started as an Intern in a company, now Im CEO, but Im bored and will start again from the bottom" life is too short, look forward not backwards. If you wanna throw away 5 years of your life because a 1~2% mark in a digital thing, feel free. lmao
  2. well everytime I kill the boss of the 3rd world, as soon as I try to open the door the game crashes, happen 100% of the time, im playing on ps4 pro, not sure if its related though.
  3. PS4 (98) PS3 (187) PS Vita (31) Multiplatform (35) Lately too busy to play ps4 =(
  4. Im brazilian, BRAZIL FTW B3 of course! 😂😂
  5. The game is based on a brazilian podcast for old games called 99 vidas, same as the game name itself. The couples are made with man+woman who share the same element, i.e. both are fire. Like someone stated before: Izzy + Trish (lightning) , Fries + Deedee (earth), King + Hannah (water) , Oak + Rey (fire). I didn't started the game yet, but I listen to the podcast and I can help with some more questions, in the brazilian community there is 55 with the platinum already but no one wrote a guide yet.
  6. I'm missing like 5k gold and lvl 33...everything else I have already. I really want to know the best way for XP too lol
  7. Well i pretty much smashed every boss with STR+faith build...but i know the faith build got nerfed a bunch of times...back in the day...first patches of the game OMW i killed an entire area of monsters and the boss just with lightning spells, barely used the blade. Anyway, I realized its better to wait for the Dark Souls 1 remaster date is close: May 25, 2018 Hope you enjoy DS2 like I did
  8. ppl still playing this? is it possible to platinum without too much players online? I platinum'ed on ps3, with faith build and right after launch. Im not sure if getting and replaying this game now will be a good idea...
  9. PSN: ivangutjahr Say its for Knack
  10. dont look like a demo, how do u see that?
  11. in a nostalgic way, you are right!
  12. Super Meat Boy or Crypt of the Necrodancer
  13. Demon Souls Dark Souls Souls Collection (Demon Souls + DS1 + DS2)
  14. crazy slowdown and frame rate issues during the sailing sections in the PS3 version is so annoying. one of the reasons why i dropped the platinum. although i got for the first 2 games