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  1. make this words, mine.
  2. Thank you, but i just realized im far from platinum. the game after sometime get so repetitive and boring that im dropping this platinum....cant play it anymore.
  3. I started playing it and got the same problem, usually i SPAM or hold the button to make sure i dont lose the "QTE" scene...real bad game design.
  4. Im lvl 50, camp lvl 50...i talk to Kovac but even so i cant unlock "attack camp lvl 8", i did all from 1 to 7 anyone know?
  5. the game went available for only 1 day and almost 2k game owners LOL
  6. I started playing only 4fun with friends, when a trophy guide comes make i will make efforts to platinum it. For now the game is nice to enjoy it ignoring the trophies.
  7. I already own like most of the games, blah sony and psn plus free games.
  8. pokemon yellow
  9. 150 years! Happy Canada day!   BTW im selling a 20% discount code for canada psn accounts, very cheap talk to me! =)

  10. So the Hard: U L U L U L U L D D R D D R R U L U L U L D D D R R U L U L D R D L U U U U R R R R Is wrong?
  11. Indeed, Chrono Trigger is a must on SNES
  12. I got the trophy that way, the more efficient way in my opinion, anyway some friends got just playing the game...if ure lucky ure the last one to do the last hit playing with others...for my the game is boring to play alone...so im always playing with more ppl
  13. the problem is my external HDD is samsung and for a reason sony dont recognize it (we know why haha)...at least i used it to create a backup and then restored it on the ps4 pro i bought =)