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  1. PSN: ivangutjahr Say its for Knack
  2. dont look like a demo, how do u see that?
  3. in a nostalgic way, you are right!
  4. Super Meat Boy or Crypt of the Necrodancer
  5. Demon Souls Dark Souls Souls Collection (Demon Souls + DS1 + DS2)
  6. crazy slowdown and frame rate issues during the sailing sections in the PS3 version is so annoying. one of the reasons why i dropped the platinum. although i got for the first 2 games
  7. Overhyped? maybe. honestly its hard to dont put it on the top100 for everyone's list. top10 or top25 i can understand. but saying top100 its to much, i cant make a list of 50 without putting skyrim, imagine 100.
  8. Can I say some games from 2016 and 2017 as well? bcz my backlog is there and i prefer to focus on that first before playing new games lol well, anyway TLOU2 GOW Anthem RDR 2 Guacamelee 2 DBZ Fighter Z
  9. ENERGY CICLE https://store.playstation.com/store/api/chihiro/00_09_000/container/GB/en/999/EP1661-CUSA08166_00-SYPS4ENERGYCYCLE/1514019187000/image?w=240&h=240&bg_color=000000&opacity=100&_version=00_09_000
  10. it happened to me all the times, fortunately I didnt die. the first time was a bit annoying. its a bug for sure. not a glitch.
  11. Pay attetion to the beggining of the game. it says: "its missing 36 fragments, bring them back here" SO yes for some trophies like get 36, and 36 in less than 6 minutes you need to go back where u started. If some trophies poped on vita without coming back, maybe could be a bug. anyway there is a trophy that u must get 36 and DIE. makes total sense. read every trophy description/requirements first, i dont want sound rude, but honestly your topic is useless.
  12. I just login everyday, do the missions and go play another game, i know it might take forever, but Im in no rush to get the platinum. I feel its less painful and more efficient considering the time "in-game".
  13. How can you say its a rip-off? totally different. HZD is a open free world. All MH games including MH world, is based on a list of tasks and hunts. HZD is more like zelda, where all the world is open to you discover, on the other hand MH games gives u all the information about that "map" event before the adventure starts with info like: difficult, loot, monsters, etc. As I stated above, if you are looking to play a zelda style game go for HZD. Mh is Mh, i prefer other MP games honestly, all souls series for example are more enjoyable playing with friends than MH.
  14. thanks, so yes i need to make a decision about using now or not. damn LOL