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  1. the game now is really overpriced. maybe when it come to less than 10 dollars on a sale...
  2. From where did u get this info? have u tested it?
  3. best telltale game
  4. Day of the tentacle: Remastered
  5. Use the glitch, two maps u can do that. OR be lvl 25 in a team of levels 25.
  6. I dont think is considered account sharing IF you go to ur friends house. login in your account and play his games. or play together with him COOP games, i know its not coop but u got the idea. If u really want the platinum its the only "way" right now.
  7. 5 bucks u use my account as primary to get the platinum....joking haha
  8. nice one new game for me: infamous: Second Son
  9. Climbing the Tailneck was a really good experience! my vote is for him of course
  10. needs to be public
  11. Im playing on PS4 and winning pc easily, the controls are better to play in controller than keyboard and mouse. 28 wins and 2 loses only: https://games-of-glory.com/en/locker-room/controller/323645
  12. make this words, mine.
  13. Thank you, but i just realized im far from platinum. the game after sometime get so repetitive and boring that im dropping this platinum....cant play it anymore.
  14. I started playing it and got the same problem, usually i SPAM or hold the button to make sure i dont lose the "QTE" scene...real bad game design.
  15. Im lvl 50, camp lvl 50...i talk to Kovac but even so i cant unlock "attack camp lvl 8", i did all from 1 to 7 anyone know?