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  1. I think it will be more difficult Bloodborne if it´s your first Souls game, but you will like it. Don´t think too much about difficult, just enjoy. After that go for Dark Souls
  2. #161 Burnout Paradise Remastered 10th January 2020 Great game, I remember played this on pc, but now on ps4, while it looks better, I forget why i didn´t liked as much as i did with Burnout Revenge. The open world and his shortcuts are not very well implemented. Enjoyment 2/10 While the game is fun, the trophies are not, specially completing the free burn challenge. It is a PAIN because for a whatever reason you will find people online, but they are very bad doing this challenge and you will find dudes with all challenge complete and they are simply going aorund and not caring a damn, they are just there not playing. Without this trophy, it will be a 7/10. Thanks for that random dude who play with me and he was focused on those challenges Difficulty 2/10
  3. Only if it has full backwards compability. So i sell my ps4 pro and finish some games I have on ps5 plus the exclusives
  4. Anyone interested on boost online trophy ?
  5. Well, i think it´s a late response. Hope you read it. in order to beat this part. You must play between line 1 and line 2 (if your door get down where there are the time bonus, you will lose speed, making hard to get back to your position and moving). Use the line 3 when the two blocks are too close. Also you can get the "super" push when half of the door is touching the crank and the other half is touching the purple thing that moves. I think the collision system think is a game over and the purple thing thinks you are to close, you can do the super push 1 or 2 times (very helpful) (i dunno if the push trick stills work, there was and update) The final tip is, when you loose, don't try to wait until the crank go to its initial position. Press start button and select reset section. Believe me, after doing that part so many time, it´s easy compared with the really messy part near the end of the level. (basically you must try enter to a blue block surrounded by other block, don´t worrry you will get infinite time). The good news is you beat this level, you almost done with platinum. Sorry for my english
  6. I´ll take Dead Space 2. never had the chance (or the will) to beat the "impossible" difficulty. Long game and many "one hit kill" moments. beat the game on pc and meh...
  7. Hi, I have a question about this. How do you redeem the points? Is it on the Sony Rewards site (for example click on redeem, they give you the code, done)? or Is it on Sony Entertainment site?. I ask this because i´m from outside US (Ecuador) and I used a VPN in order to create an user, wich I succeed, but when I tried to link my psn account with my Sony rewards account, the Sony Entertainment loggin is not working with my VPN. Also when I tried to verify my email Google or Hotmail´s sites don´t work with VPN (click on verify redirect to Sony´s site without VPN). I have a friend on the US (she´s staying for 3 months only), but she can register me, the problem is redeem the code. Has anyone from outside US register and redeem on Sony Rewards´s site? Or at least explain how do you redeem.