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  1. I don't know if this has been asked already but I'm wondering what happens to your previous id, after it's been changed?
  2. I used to play Double Dragon (2 player on Master System) with my younger brother. When we got to the last level and had to kill each other for the game to finish he'd cry if I started attacking him, so my dad made a rule that I had to let my brother win whenever that happened. In fact, I wasn't allowed to beat him in any competitive 2 player games when we were kids. After he beat me he'd taunt & gloat over it too. So whenever my dad wasn't home I'd deliberately beat him in every possible game I could .
  3. This happened to me too when trying to add content from the webstore on my laptop to the download queue on my PS3, I kept removing it from the queue to get it to stop. I've also had another issue in the last couple of months since this happened where items I add to the shopping cart keep disappearing after I've added them. If I try to add multiple items to the cart, items already added will disappear as I add new ones. Sometimes they randomly reappear after a while of refreshing, or disappear again when I go to the checkout. I'm also using Firefox on PC.
  4. Can anyone advise me on how to avoid this happening if I just bought a vita? Thanks in advance..
  5. I naturally read from left to right when looking at anything on my profile. Now that the most important info is over on the far right it feels like I'm having to do the opposite when glancing at the number of trophies/dates in a game. Made more sense to me to have that grouped together with the game's title/logo. Aesthetically though it does look more balanced, but form should follow function.
  6. The multiplayer for the original MW2 was it's best part. It would be so pointless to remaster the game without it imo. Also the original trophy list had no trophies tied to the multiplayer, they could all be achieved solo or splitscreen. So even if you wanted to platinum it you could still do so without ever touching the online aspect. To me it was really one of the few cod games where the online was still enjoyable despite the kids and shit talkers. But it can be very confronting so I still relate to your sentiment regardless, I too have been informed by plenty of teenagers in this game about various adventures they've had with my own mother. So either they're just lying, or she must get around. I think I'll need to have a talk with her about that sometime.
  8. Are you both searching for matches within the same region?
  9. This is the one I use, it's pretty nice -
  10. Hi you need to reach the online rank of General (2800 xp) first in order to unlock all classes.
  11. Gotta laugh when a person stalks my profile after I've already deleted them. So adorable :giggle::lol:.

  12. Of my last 12 matches only the 12th one has saved progress. This is awful. I've been leaving and logging back into warzone between every match, which worked fine for my first 4 matches as everything saved. Not sure exactly when I should leave though, as doing so before and after it loads the next round seems to have almost the same effect.
  13. I hope they just leave the ps3 version alone. I don't wanna have to download it again.
  14. I never liked Toilet Boll's films. Maybe reading all the online comments finally got to him. Thank god he never got his hands on Silent Hill though.