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  1. Yakuza 0 I have it and I'm gonna play it I just hope I'll have the time for it. So much fun though!
  2. Saint's Row re-elected Just another one of those game series that I had passed up back in the day that I wish I hadn't now lol.
  3. Skullgirls I'm not great at fighting games but I love this title so I'll just take that off your hands. 😁
  4. @Stuart Pot Wolfenstein: The New Order I didn't fully understand what this game series was so I had passed it up, until I saw the trailer for the new Wolfenstien game at E3 and now I want to play the previous games. 🙂
  5. Is instigating his band to fight one person for sport.
  6. Vincent Volaju from the Cowboy Bebop movie Knocking on Heavens Door. I really love this character he's such a good villain! it's disappointing that I don't see much stuff for him.
  7. Hey I'd like to join with the rank of Relic finder 100% Drake's fortune 100% Among Thieves 100% Drake's deception
  8. Hello I would like to join as a champion of the gods. 100% God of War 100% God of War 2 100% God of War 3 100% Ghost of Sparta 100% Chains of Olympus 100% Ascension
  9. Hi I'd like to start out as a Drake 100% Dragon age Origins 100% Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning will be working on more in the future!
  10. Hey I'd like to join 😀 100% Far Cry 3 100% Far Cry 4 100% Far Cry Primal and a 100% in Far Cry Blood Dragon.
  11. Oh man I'm both excited and apprehensive about my future date with Bloodborne. I'm absolutely in love with the lore and game it's just...well it's a from software game. But that's for my big mile stone. Other games though would be the other Alterier Arland series (totori and meruru) only because I played the original Rorona and had no idea bout the plus versions so I recycled multiple times for the last few months for all the endings cause they didn't stack in the original like they do in plus. Such a grind! But now since I had the mindset that if I did rorona originally the other two should be done in the original forms. Also another would be El Shaddai mainly because I hear the getting platinum rankings on stages can be a real challenge.
  12. @Xylobe Salt and Santuary Never heard of the game until now. On a side note: omg I can't believe you 100% demons souls 3 times! Like wow kudos to you!
  13. Wow thank you so much dude I really appreciate it! @papanikolaou Deadpool I should have gotten around to it when I kept seeing it and now with the Disney recall I'm wondering if it's gonna be harder to find.
  14. Their banner picture is currently trying to get me into a contract.
  15. @BEAST_IHMOTEP Bully seems like a really fun game I'd love to play it if it wasn't for my backlog.