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  1. ^ Record of Agarest War 2 You’re so close with only one last trophy to go for the 100%.
  2. ^ Fallout: New Vegas I would love to have this but I already have to many long games on my list to even think about adding another one at the moment.
  3. ^ Bound by Flame
  4. ^ Red Dead Redemption
  5. Has played a lot of different types of games but it’s clear that Japanese titles are a favorite.
  6. ^ Tales of Berseria
  7. ^ go for hatoful Boyfriend real easy to finish up on that dating sim. Also Child of Light it’s a really charming and cute game also not to hard to 100%
  8. ^ If you ever got the time for it I’d say go back for Mass Effect
  9. ^ Dragon’s Dogma
  10. Yakuza 0 Platinum #75 Fun: 9/10 Difficulty: 8/10 After seeing a friend of mine play this game for the first time I got hooked and wanted a chance at it myself and I loved the ride, the side stories are goofy and have variety while also having very heartwarming moments which is a great balance to the emotional roller coaster that is the main story. There is tons of content to get into while the maps may not be as open as a regular open world game there was so much to do in the city that I didn’t miss the open environment. I’m mainly giving this an 8 for the time it will take to get the platinum mainly with the 100% completion requirement and that some of the mini games have a learning curve, mahjong being first to memory but I got into it once I learned it. The game does have instances of RNG with the Catfight mini game and with some instances in the Climax battles but I’ve found giving the game time and learning the fights helps a good bit though it doesn’t hurt to be lucky. All in all I really loved this game and will be moving onto the others in the series and I encourage anyone who has the time to give this game a play.
  11. ^ Saints Row: Gat out of Hell
  12. ^ Was very correct bout time me not knowing NTR. Tried looking it up and still didn’t get it lol so thank you for clearing that up for me.
  13. Their icon looks like Bruce Willis expressing his hate for NTR.
  14. I’ll take that Batman: Arkham Asylum 100% off your hands
  15. ^ I say if you get the time and are cool with grinding go back for Persona 4 Golden.