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  1. The first group of games are leaving on January 17th not February.
  2. Just went through the list and all the following games are now showing as leaving on the 17/1/2023. Bound By Flame Electronic Super Joy Leo's Fortune Masters Of Anima Seasons after fall Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Space Hulk Tactics The Council The Last Tinker: City Of Colors This is taken from the New Zealand (EU) catalogue. We only have Deluxe here not Premium so there may be more. If you're interested in any of these games check to see if they are leaving for you as well.
  3. It has a different name in some regions. I believe it's called 'Kurushi'.
  4. I think I'm done with Batman Arkham Knight for now. I completed the game with all side missions and collectibles, and I finished 11/16 DLC packs. I'll go back and do NG+ and the rest of the challenges at a later date. I really enjoyed the game but the amount of challenges you have to do to get 100% is starting to ruin it for me. Time to play something different. ☺️
  5. Also just got the Ace trophy, 120k yesterday, 220k today. Justice For All Demolition on Veteran is the way to go.
  6. I think I'll use a veto on this one. Platformers aren't my thing.
  7. Got the Plat and 100% for Control. I really enjoyed this game. It's been in my backlog for a while so it's good to finally get it done. Very weird story but a lot of fun. I played the PS5 version instead of the PS4. I assume that's ok if both are in the PS Extra games. I'm good with PS5 games if or when any get recommended.
  8. Got the Platinum for Lego Movie The Videogame. I've played lots of Lego games and usually enjoy them but this one was just bad. I had to restart levels several times due to glitches, but at least they weren't game breaking and the game was very short.
  9. I would like to join as well. My recommendations are: Saint's Row The Third Detroit Become Human
  10. I'm having the same problem. I'm also in the EU and on a PS5. The DLC says it's installed but I can't access it at all. I've tried every fix I can think of and got nowhere. I have even gotten the platinum on the base game and they still didn't unlock. Nothing we can do until Sony fixes it I guess.
  11. Ok, but you could argue that these trophies are all DLC and people bying the game today just don't have access to it because it is in a way 'delisted'. You can still get this 'DLC' by getting an early version of the game. But I see your point. Maybe it's just my weird logic but to me if these are marked unobtainable then all other delisted DLC should be too because people bying the games new today can't get them. It depends. If you buy the game digitally now you most likely can't get them. The Bedrock Update locked out the old version which had the 'Edition button' needed to access the mini games. Some people, including myself, still had access to this despite purchasing it after this update. If you buy it on disc it depends what version you get. If you get a copy from before the Bedrock Update you can earn the trophies, if you get one from after you most likely can't. At least this is my understanding of it. Either way it doesn't really matter, this was just me having a minor moment of panic when I saw them being suddenly marked as unobtainable after so long.
  12. Should Minecraft really be marked as unobtainable? There are people earning these trophies almost daily still. A lot of people including myself still have the Editions version and there are still people playing the multiplayer. They are fully obtainable if you have the right version of the game.
  13. This worked for me too. Thank you so much! 😀
  14. Dead Nation Apocalypse has crashing issues on the PS5. It's still fully playable with no flickering, save progress works and trophies pop as normal. It only seems to crash when backing out of menu's not while playing a level so if you can put up with that you can still platinum it on the PS5.
  15. I was level 58 and went up to over 600 after earning a trophy. When I earned another trophy it went back to 58.