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  1. It's not from making too many purchases too quickly or how you make the purchase (paypal or credit card transaction, web store or ps system). It's also not an issue with your bank or credit card provider. I got the error after making no purchases for several months. I've tried different credit cards from different banks as well as through paypal. I've also tried through the web store. My banks have told me there is no problem at their end and my cards work perfectly everywhere else. The error locks your entire account from making any purchases other than by using a psn card. Eventually you'll be able to use your cards again but it can take a lot longer than the 24 hours they tell you. After calling Sony numerous times and getting different answers it's clear to me they have no idea why this happens.
  2. The "Credit card is not valid" error is actually very common and has been around for years. I don't think they'll ever fix it. I ran into it for the first time about 3 years ago and have had it so many times I've now switched to using psn cards. I would get the error with paypal as well. Sometimes it would take up to a week for my credit card to work again. I've missed out on a few sales because of it. Honestly I don't think Sony know how to fix the issue or they just can't be bothered. They are well aware of it. There are plenty of forums out there with people having the same problem so don't worry there is nothing wrong with your card.
  3. Playing on Jan 1st is not guaranteed to unlock the Dedication trophy. You have a higher chance of it unlocking on this day but it's not a sure thing. I didn't work for me. Tooled up can be a nightmare to get if it glitches on you. I was very unlucky with this and had to level up to 50 4 times before it eventually unlocked at about level 14. It's all about luck really. You may get all the trophies with no issues or you may be like me and have a hell of a time.
  4. Best 1. Bioshock 2. Borderlands II 3. Red Dead Redemption 4. Saint's Row The Third 5. Tomb Raider 6. Far Cry 3 7. Bulletstorm 8. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 9. Diablo III 10. Alice: Madness Returns Worst 1. Crysis 2 2. Assassin's Creed III 3. God of War Ascension 4. Two Worlds II 5. Naughty Bear
  5. I had the same problem when I bought a new charger as well. Is it an official Sony charger? If not it might not be using the right voltage to charge the vita and this can lock your screen. Unplug the charger and hold the power button to turn off the screen. Wait a few minutes then turn it back on and it should be back to normal. You may have to try a few times to get it to unlock the screen. I have to do this every time I charge my Vita and I can't use the touchscreen while it's charging. If this doesn't work it may be something wrong with the screen.
  6. It's possible it depends on the store. I got mine from New Zealand but my main account is a NZ account and I bought my ps4 in NZ. Maybe they have somehow blocked people who made new accounts just to get this game from one of the country's where it was free. Either way if they were going to revoke the licence they surely would of done it by now.
  7. Not true. I got it for free and only just started downloading it a few minutes ago. Working perfectly.
  8. I followed this guide and got it no problems. Scroll down to see pictures. Make sure to use the medium size tree.
  9. It's still on the NZ store. They aren't linked to the Mafia II game page but if you search for the name of the DLC you can find them. Try searching for Jimmy's Vendetta & Joe's Adventure.
  10. Update: Got the Dragon Quest Heroes Plat. Great game but DQ VIII is still my favourite. This one had a major difficulty spike with one of the last post game bosses but I stuck with it and finally managed to beat him. Here's my progress on my other games: (Why did I pick so many RPG's?? ) Final Fantasy XV (62%) +34% Working on a bunch of side quests. Disgaea 5 (82%) +30% Only need to defeat Carnage Dark and do 10 billion damage. Borderlands The Pre Sequel (76%) +46% Story and all quests finished, just need to do other character trophies, lvl 50 & DLC. Rogue Galaxy (24%) Final Fantasy XIV (70%) My sub expired over xmas so need to sign up again. MotoGP13 (94%) Only need mp trophies.
  11. Update time Deadly Premonition: 100% I just got the plat for this so it can be marked off my list. It never crashed on me once which I've heard can be a real problem in this game. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a good story and isn't too worried about flashy graphics. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. MotoGP13: 94% I've finished all the single player trophies in this game and only have the 4 mp trophies left for the plat. I probably won't get them done before January so I'm happy to leave this one at 94% for this season. Borderlands The Pre Sequel: 30% I haven't made any more progress on this yet but I'm starting it up again today. Here's my games for season 1: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (70%) - Plat Final Fantasy XV (28%) - Plat Dragon Quest Heroes (81%) - Plat Rogue Galaxy (24%) - Plat Disgaea 5 (52%) - Plat
  12. I'd like to join I'm gonna do one for each platform. Pre-Season - PS3: Deadly Premonition 21% (Plat) - PS4: Borderlands The Pre Sequel 30% (Plat & 100%) - Vita: MotoGP13 28% (Plat)
  13. Just got the Worlds of Hurt Expert trophy in Bioshock with less than 2 seconds to spare. :P I usually hate timed challenges but this one was fun. Bioshock is one of my favourite games so I'm looking forward to playing it again on ps4.

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  14. Kanye West & Beyonce... I'd rather get my teeth drilled than listen to them.
  15. I'll be retiring this season as well. Will probably come back at some point, just want to work on some longer games for a while.