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  1. Thanks for the positive replies everyone, i knew there was a lot of love for this game and people would love a remaster for it. But yes sadly i know, the chances for a remaster are almost non-existent which is a real shame, GTA 4 is my favourite in the series and i'm sure sure it is for many other people.
  2. Why hasn't this happened yet? GTA 4 has a huge following and a lot of people would love a remaster. Now i know they can't milk the online like GTA 5 which is getting a remake but it would sell a lot of copies.
  3. On the digital version of this game i had no such issues, i played this before PS5 came out and got the platinum, maybe only the disc version needed patching.
  4. It looked like Uncharted to me.
  5. I think your PS5 is fine, it just needs more firmware updates, Sony have been slacking on them for a while now. But on miles morales it froze the whole PS5 for me and i had to hold the power button to switch it off, that only happened once but been fine on other games so far, we just need to wait for the firmware updates as it's still new with many problems.
  6. Probably left in on purpose in there as it's not a very big deal so doubt they'll ever remove it, it's like a special bonus if you find it on an older game.
  7. Put into Dexterity and just spam throwables at the boss, it's very effective.
  8. In my case it would be a GTA (or a similar open world game that's good and fun) and a realistic football game, sadly in recent times there's been none of them in years... GTA 5 i hate and is terrible, PES and fifa have both been terrible football games for years...
  9. Not a day 1 purchase for me, don't think it's worth the price and not too into it but later down the line i'll probably pick it up but this is what i love about games, they go on sale and devalue over time so i don't see this £70 price on launch an issue at all, even better on eBay you can get it cheaper too.
  10. Just buy a normal HDMI cable and connect it that way, the PS3 can connect using it, well it should unless yours doesn't have a HDMI port on the back (pretty sure all do though).
  11. Would love if the PS5 remaster came on plus, it will be the PS4 version most likely though.
  12. Not sure if it's been mentioned but wreckfest is really good and loads of fun, it's not racing always but a lot of it is, not normal racing though as you get to mash up your opponents cars which is really fun. I'm not very good at racing but went into wreckfest, had a lot of fun and got the platinum, there are annoying challenges on it but i got through it, only 1 online trophy that's easily boostable.
  13. Yeah i noticed this too, i can't find that unless i check my trophy profile on here. More updates should bring this in, still a new console yet.
  14. Ah right thanks.