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  1. Would Absolutely love Crash Bash but premium is really underwhelming, not worth it at all currently.
  2. EA sports, it's in the money.
  3. The challenges are a pain i've seen people complain about it too, only some though as most are easily do-able but when the game doesn't register what you do always it's annoying, it worked on Sly 2 but this one was strange....
  4. The challenges on this are really annoying, especially the last ultimate gauntlet & Dr M challenge, he's on something else because in the story i beat him in 2 tries. It just doesn't do what you want a lot of the times whilst climbing, seen other people complain too and say it's the worst one they played. Personally Sly 2 was my favourite but after playing Sly 3, i am scared of getting Sly 4, might be very annoying too.
  5. Just went back and checked and it is free now thanks for that.
  6. Really? I'm checking on the UK one and saying full game for £7.99 which means both version, i own the PS4 version but seems i have to pay for the upgrade sadly...
  7. Don't think it's a remaster but maybe something coming for the 10th anniversary.
  8. Does anyone know if this will be a free upgrade if you own the PS4 version? I actually enjoyed this game, wouldn't mind playing it again. Edit: It is a free upgrade just to confirm.
  9. There's something called money, must be the reason.
  10. I guess you can set "Escape goat 2" as the second game, not made by the same people though.
  11. I know that but i would rather they put this team onto something else, i just don't feel this game needs a remake because its still great to go back to (many others agree). But like i said, i probably would play so not against it.
  12. So many good old and dated games in need of a remake, the last of us certainly isn't 1, it still holds up well today to play, would rather they spend the time and money on creating a new game or a sequel.....But oh well, i would still play it but prefer something new as i'm always down to trying out new games.
  13. On the PS3 and PS4 i always bought the PES series on launch as i loved the series, even though after 1-2 months it always dropped to half price and i knew but didn't mind. I think i bought MGS phantom pain on launch too but i don't buy games on launch or pre-order anymore (maybe for something special), they usually rush games out now and it needs a few months of patches.
  14. Megamind was a good game, fun earning the platinum too. Rango, bit of a grind but alright game. Iron man 2 was amazing, loved playing through it. Puss in boots was interesting, i thought the sword fighting was unique. Where the wild things are is a fantastic game and very fun, i have not seen the film yet but highly recommend the game, hidden gem i discovered.
  15. Seems similar to that tennis game we got on PS Plus, if you've redeemed that i'd recommend trying that first. Personally not into tennis but i did enjoy the one we got on plus, it's hard if you're not that good at it (certainly i'm not) but it is fun to play i think.