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  1. Need that developer mode!
  2. Anyone up for boosting the online trophy?
  3. It's easily boostable.
  4. Ah right ok thanks.
  5. Ah right thanks, when will it release?
  6. Does it have a separate trophy list? Couldn't find it.
  7. I'm going to doubt being able to transfer saves and autopopping trophies but the game is really fun, you should enjoy it even more this time. Also feel free to use this topic to try and boost the online trophy 4th May, may as well get that out the way here.
  8. Should 100% have a separate list and yeah it's on plus a month early digitally.
  9. Wreckfest a month early, i'll take that!
  10. Yeah why not but rumours, we'll see.
  11. Ah right thanks.
  12. So does this also mean all trophies earned on PS5 will also unlock on PS4? Since your saves can be saved on the cloud.
  13. Oh US spelling, weird how they have to spell things wrong lol.
  14. Isn't it spelled Judgement? Maybe a typo. Anyway i nearly got this on PS4 but it seemed like a very hard platinum, looks good though.
  15. But why is it only for 1 year? Hopefully it just gives us bonus films and shows on plus, no price bumps.