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  1. The king of all in 1 guides.
  2. If you have no idea about how to play chess (i didn't before i played this game, i have a much better understanding now) then you will need a chess program for this game as i've tried to play the higher difficulties fairly, you get nowhere! Here is the best free chess program to download, it helps a lot as the ELO level is 2400 which is more than enough for the game, this program is best used on the adventure mode, even useful when you get stuck on mate in 1, 2, 3 or 4 as it figures that out too, just make sure you flip the board when needed and setup the chess pieces correctly Before playing this game i had no clue on chess and thought it was very boring, i actually understand the game and rules more now and i like it more, who says games can't teach you 😁
  3. Crash Bash - PS1 Fighting Force - PS1 Tekken 3 - PS1 Pepsi Man - PS1 Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure - PS2 All with trophy support would be nice.
  4. Ah amazing thanks that worked, i've forgotten so much on the game lol.
  5. So i did my save transfer from PS4 to PS5 but having trouble popping up the trophies for these mystic arts for these 3 weapons as they didn't carry these trophies over, sword, dual-swords and spear. I have over 500k proficiency in all of these weapons, i've tried killing an enemy with the weapon, upgrade mystic arts more, completed the dojo mission again etc.... Tried to check online but no information on how to get these trophies after transferring your save, is there anyway to get them to pop?
  6. I wouldn't believe those sites, you have to go on the PS3 store now a days to check yourself because the store is not even available on the web anymore. But in this case no this game is on disc only, it's not expensive to buy anyway so should be fairly easy to buy online, i bought it last year, still not got round to playing it but looks interesting for sure.
  7. I'm all for helping more people play games that need the help and support so i think this is great, it just opens up the opportunity to get more people involved in gaming.
  8. I don't mind NG+ if the game is short and good but usually not a fan, i prefer just completing it once and that's it. Maybe it's a way for them to get more playing time on their games.
  9. I'm not sure as i didn't think or look for this, all i know the online is down. Yeah playing through the story on split screen isn't fun (especially if you play it on your own) but 2 real players is a must for this game unless you like being frustrated and stuck in sections.
  10. I actually did this too but i don't regret it because the game is really fun and didn't mind it all, it's an excuse to play it more going for stars on all races.
  11. The original G.O.A.T R.I.P legend.
  12. Easiest fix for this would be to buy a new controller (if you're able to) preferably one of the coloured ones that are up to date and compare the battery life, another way would be to replace the battery in the controller with one double the size, probably not as easy if you've never opened up the controller but those are the 2 ways i recommend.
  13. You ever tried one of these on your TV? It's expensive but wherever you live maybe you can find it for cheaper, seems a great option for retro gamers.|tkp%3ABk9SR6av0L6nYQ
  14. Platinum #250 - Splatterhouse. Make the voices stop!
  15. On eBay UK just checked to see the cheapest price for this game £2.31 from Germany? Surely they're losing money shipping that to the UK from Germany lol.