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  1. I've never played the series, what is this trophy? Travel to Kooken's Pleasure Pit. Some mechwarrior pleasure palace? 😂
  2. I feel it's a big upgrade from PS4, the dualsense controller is the best one i've used for gaming and that SSD is a huge game changer, it's hard to go back to a console with a HDD, they feel so slow and laggy.
  3. The PS5 dualsense is the best controller for gaming i have ever used. Toughest controller goes to the gamecube, that got thrown at walls and used for over 10 years, still worked with no issues.
  4. Hate puzzles, especially on a time limit.......
  5. Yeah just needed that update, got the platinum now.
  6. Yeah found it but such a strange place because the doors don't look like they can be opened. Now we need a patch for the trophies.
  7. Ah ok thanks. Why is it dumb? There are many games that allow this.
  8. This is a big update that the PS5 needed.
  9. GTA 5 on PS3 has an unattainable online trophy since 2017 i think? According to a guide on here but in a few months the online is being shutdown anyway.
  10. 100% it will have a new list but i don't understand this, is there a remaster for the PS4 version only or is it for PS5 too? Very messy if it has remasters for PS5 too trophy wise, people will be able to platinum the first 2 games 6 times....Including the original 2 on PS4.
  11. I agree on the price, far too much for a game that's only really playable once and is relatively short with not too much to do, especially after you complete it that's it.
  12. Yeah i agree, just looks bad on the profile too.
  13. Anime is way too over priced, the only anime i pay for is the games, but easily watchable free online although i don't watch many anime.
  14. Would be nice if we could transfer our saves.
  15. Are you able to download your save from PS4 to the PS5 version to auto-pop the platinum? Just curious.