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  1. You're evil 😂
  2. £35 for all 3 games seems a fairer price point considering it's 20 years old and it's not a full remake.
  3. Sadly i've watched too much of this with babies/toddlers lol. I don't really want to add this to my list, i have worse games but i'll give this a miss and don't you dare send this as a present to me because then i might just have to 😂
  4. Playstation now is the best chance it'll happen, even then it will be very limited as we see with the PS2 games.
  5. Finally got the platinum on this after over 10 years, didn't realise i had all the online trophies done so just went for it slowly, another very rare platinum to the collection.
  6. Are you able to download your save from PS4 to the PS5 version to auto-pop the platinum? Just curious.
  7. You finally got the platinum, must have gone through hell.
  8. I love trophy glitches like this, saves you looking for the rest lol.
  9. Yes, all 3 games will have another separate list, well 6 trophy sets considering PS4 & PS5 versions will have separate trophy lists too.
  10. It is more than just a simple port which people think it is because we already have the PS2 ports which are being de-listed soon, they will be modernised because the games have aged pretty badly, it will be like a modded version of all 3 games.
  11. I always back them up to the cloud, especially for bigger games as leaving them just on the console is a bit unreliable (i found this out a few times) sometimes they don't save properly.
  12. Technically it has 12m owners with about 12 million PS5's out there.
  13. The story and the map were terrible on this game. I did however like the combat, graphics looked good too but navigating around the map was terrible. The bad things out weigh the good in this game for me personally, it's a shame as the actual gameplay is really good.
  14. DBZ Kakarot is probably 1 of my favourites, very fun game to play and go for the platinum.
  15. Interesting how the original ports will be delisted and go rare, i bought them years ago on PS4 so all good for me, probably means they'll take the ones down on the PS3 too? It's nice we finally got a confirmation, day 1 purchase for me digitally, absolutely loved theses games back in the day.
  16. You mean how can it not? They could've made a brilliant story mode out of this.
  17. These games are pish. Wasted opportunity to make a nice story mode on it, instead online only for a quick cash grab.
  18. Ah right ok thank you.
  19. How hard would you say this is to platinum?
  20. It's not a remaster and a port from PS2, this will be a remake, it'll be like a heavily modded version of the 3 games.
  21. This game is not that easy, it's very frustrating having to restart a part a lot of times over, very slow loading and bad checkpoints at times. The positives are that you can jump into co-op at anytime, some parts are a lot easier with 2 players and no trophies are glitched.
  22. Is it a free upgrade to PS5? And any cross-save?
  23. It worked for me 1st try, you scoring with the CB's right? LB and RB works too, or try switching one of your CB's to a striker, see if that works too.
  24. Worrying after the release of efootball 2022....
  25. As a PES fan this is terrible and i can't defend a mobile game on PS5, just plays and looks terrible.