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  1. I think they've slowed it down too much.
  2. Oh so you can't use controller.
  3. What will be the cost of this?
  4. You will bow to those graphics! Bow now!
  5. Oh I see. I thought you didn't want missing time stamps in case Sony see it and ban you for it.
  6. Sony don't do anything about people with hacked Trophies or Trophy time stamps out of order. It's only on this website you would be flagged but not by Sony. It's Microsoft on the Xbox that ban people for hacked Achievements etc.
  7. Can't wait!
  8. I'm still going to get it yeah, even with the leaks. I don't like the story decisions they've made but that doesnt mean that the gameplay, graphics etc isn't good.
  9. Very underwhelming. For some reason Microsoft doesn't know what gameplay is or means, they seem to think that cutscenes and in engine is gameplay. The only 2 games that I liked was, Scorn and The Medium.
  10. This could possibly be what the Xbox Series X boot up is,
  11. Not really no. I just add them to my library but never get around to playing them.
  12. I actually found the combat challenges easier than the predator challenges.
  13. Could someone make some FF7 Remake ones?
  14. You never know, they could end up patching the game to make hard mode a bit easier.