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  1. I really wish that Capcom would stop with these multiplayer Resident Evil games, most people don't want them. All Capcom need to do is make single player Resident Evil games.
  2. Yeah you're right. I think i just phrased it wrong.
  3. I just meant that the game itself is the most important thing, I understand what you were saying. I'm not looking down on anyone or anything. Trophies are for me a part of the experience to me and I enjoy going for them.
  4. I just wondered how many people are like this and allow what a games trophies are dictate what games you play and don't play and what games you buy and don't buy? Like, would you play a game that you know beforehand some of the trophies aren't obtainable anymore which means no 100% or Platinum Trophy either? Obviously this is a problem for some people and instead of putting the game as number 1, the Trophies are number 1 instead which is backwards.
  5. Does this glitch work on PS3 version?
  6. A missed opportunity for Xbox clearly. The one thing Xbox needs to improve on is Japanese games and this would of been another one for them.
  7. Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days because it's a hard Platinum.
  8. I had this issue myself too.
  9. The Xbox needs more Japanese games. This would of been a good opportunity and now it's not happening.
  10. Trying to look through this sale on the PS5 is so bad. A lot of the games won't load and there just blanked out boxes.
  11. This is one game I never expected to get this.
  12. Does anyone know if the trophies are now okay?
  13. Does anyone know what the limit is for adding content into your wishlist or even if there is a limit? I know on Xbox One the wish list limit is 100.
  14. I'm playing spiderman on PS4 you see and there both turned on.