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  1. I reckon PS5 will probably have this feature.
  2. That's the price it's always been on the UK store.
  3. I think E3 is still relevant yes. I mean, it's the grandest stage of all for developers to showcase there games. I personally wish Sony hadn't skipped E3 this year but what can you do? I just hope Sony doesn't skip on E3 next year, I hope that they'll be there.
  4. You're right sorry, slipped my mind. I'll just see if it corrects itself eventually.
  5. That was a different issue at the time. That was an issue with it saying I only had 113 Platinum trophies when I had more than that.
  6. Why do Sony keep doing this delisting games?
  7. I did a few hours ago yeah. Originally it said I had more than 13 trophies hidden, since I synced my trophies a few hours ago it's gone to 13 now.
  8. I have taken a look on my PS4 at all my trophies and none of them have checks to say they are hidden, I haven't hidden any. Also my rank in the UK on my trophy card is wrong.
  9. So I took a look at my profile and its saying that I've hidden 13 trophies on my profile when I've not touched any settings whatsoever, I've never ever hidden trophies ever. Has anyone else had this? Can this be fixed.
  10. Well my thoughts on it are even though I don't have a problem with the mobile version of this website, I'd love it if there was a PSNProfiles App. There are some things on this website that aren't quite right on mobile, like your signature avatar that displays your trophies when you post on the forums for example, it's not displayed on mobile and only on desktop. Theres Apps for everything so to speak these days and I think it would be nice if this website had one. I believe i myself asked about an app for this website in the past too. It would be nice but would probably be so much work.
  11. Yeah I hope so too but i do have a feeling it will be the same as the collection with just one Platinum.
  12. Okay, thanks Sly, Mango and everyone.
  13. Okay so I've just recently synced my Trophies here and its saying for some reason I have 113 Platinums when I actually have 285. Also its saying I've hidden over 6000 trophies when I haven't touched any settings at all. Anyone know what's causing this?
  14. Are you from the UK? I can't find it either on the PS Store.