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  1. I can't wait!
  2. More than likely probably the same as on Steam. Final Fantasy 7 remastered trophies were the same as Steam.
  3. It was the only game that I got excited when I saw it at Microsoft conference.
  4. I'm sorry to hear that, I just happened to get lucky with the roof scene because it just happened to be the scene I missed. I event selected it at random too.
  5. I'd just remove games where the platinum is no longer obtainable. I'd also remove games that I've earned just 1 or 2 trophies for and not played since.
  6. Do you guys think a guide will be made for this game?
  7. I had no problems.
  8. Thank you.
  9. I can't speak on behalf of the normal Minecraft Story Mode but with the Minecraft Story Mode Complete Edition, every episode is already on the disc, I actually got the platinum the other week.
  10. Yeah I got lucky, I just randomly selected the scene I mentioned and the trophy popped.
  11. Oh yeah I recall it now 😅 Thanks anyway.
  12. Thank you so much Terarded for all those videos, I really appreciated it. If you can, please do a platinum walkthrough on Kotodama when that releases.
  13. I know what the festival/beach scene is but what's this watermelon one you mentioned? I don't recall that scene?
  14. Okay so I followed all of your videos and I have every trophy except the one for selecting every branching path choice. What I did was when i followed your first video (Owari) i was quick saving before every normal choice and SOS choice and skipping till the next scene then loading that save back up and selecting a different choice. Then when I was following all the rest of the videos if I saw any choices that were lit up I'd then select them to shade them out etc and have done that for every video to where every choice is now shaded out. I'm stuck because as far as I know every normal and SOS choice is shaded out, also I made sure to not answer on every SOS too so I have no idea where this missing choice I need is? I don't even know what I can try. Update: Just got the platinum trophy guys. It turned out that during the roof scene with Iruka I missed failing the SOS event there.
  15. I hope to not sound silly but what would trophy progression be? Is that like a % of a trophy you've earned?