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  1. The only thing I've noticed is that since the 8.00 update, trophies don't pop instantly anymore like they used to.
  2. I wonder what the price will be?
  3. Very well said... Jim Ryan is part of the problem with Sony and PlayStation, he needs to step down. Jim Ryan isn't passionate about PlayStation at all, all he knows is business and that's it. I miss the days when Andrew House was in his position, now he was a truly passionate guy about PlayStation. Andrew House was one of greats... You know who should be in Jim Ryan position, Marc Cerny should be and he seem qualified enough to be too. Marc Cerny has done such a great job with PS4 and PS5. Jim Ryan is a slightly toned down version of former Microsoft Xbox Don Mattrick.
  4. This is the one game that I'd buy the Xbox Series X for. I hope this comes to PS5 though in the future.
  5. Grounded mode is there yes. The online trophies aren't possible anymore no because they shut the servers down.
  6. Unless there isn't no trophy icon on the PS5 UI and the only way to access your trophy collection is by going onto your profile and viewing them there.
  7. I can't believe that they didn't even show the Trophy collection. I couldn't even see the Trophy icon on the UI. Disappointed...
  8. Is your voice recorded just for party chat or all voice chats?
  9. That's a good idea, maybe it could happen in the future. As a side note, for some reason the trophies i have aren't being reflected on my trophy card in my signature. It says 420 platinum when I have 421. When I look at my actual profile though, it's what it actually is.
  10. I know how you feel. All PS4 games on PS5 should be enhanced simply because there running on more powerful hardware.
  11. Did you watch Digital Foundry video on Xbox Series X? Because every game they tested even Xbox 360 games were enhanced and they weren't even optimised for Series X. It was the the Series X doing it on it's own.
  12. Because it requires either developer input or input by Sony. It's different on Xbox Series X because the console itself takes care of everything on the hardware side.
  13. Did it get corrected?
  14. Okay so I just synced a platinum trophy i recently earned, my level was 655 15% and now I'm still 655 15%. Also my platinums should be 421 and it's still 420.
  15. I can't sync my Trophies either.