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  1. Okay I'll try that. Okay so I just renewed the licenses and the games are showing up that I know I own like I need to pay for them again.
  2. I noticed this myself today. There's a lot of games in the PS Store sale that I know I've purchased before and it's asking me to buy them again, even though there in my library. What do you mean renew licenses?
  3. I'm glad that the San Andreas we have at the moment had no 100%
  4. On the PS Store on PS5, how do you add funds to your wallet using credit card?
  5. Yeah my TV is a LG 4K TV.
  6. Damn guys! I'm using game mode and the responsiveness is awesome 😆 And here's me I've never used it all this time 😔
  7. I know this might sound silly guys but your all talking about lag, I've never honestly noticed lol 😆 And I've been gaming over 20 years. If I did use game mode, would I have to recalibrate the HDR settings on PS5 and Series X again?
  8. Well I was thinking about trying it but it then gives me a ton of settings through turning it on. I don't know what it's all meant to be set to?
  9. I'm asking this as I've never ever in my life used the game mode setting on my TV when console gaming. I don't know everything about it but from what I've heard people say, you should be using it. I heard though that using it lowers game graphics though? I took a look at it on my TV and there's a whole ton of new settings and advance settings like sharpness etc, I may just leave my TV alone. I have no idea what all these setting should be set to? So my question is, do you guys use the game mode setting on your TV? It'd be interesting to know if most people do or not.
  10. I agree, just worse month after month.
  11. I'm not disappointed in the console itself, it's the PS5. I do however can't shake the feeling since day one of it's release feel like it's not a very big leap forward, especially when compared to the Xbox Series X. For me personally, the Series X just feels like more of a true next generation console whereas the PS5 doesn't as much. You really get the sense of feeling that Microsoft were in more of the "forward thinking" and "planning for the future" mode than Sony was. Things on Series X like, Game Pass, Smart Delivery, FPS Boost, superior backwards compatibility, Quick Resume and it goes on and on, all of this for me when combined make it more of a next generation console. The PS5 just feels like it's one big lie and all Sony have done and keep doing is lieing all the time. Lied about believe in generations, charging for game upgrades etc. The PS5 just feels like a rush job, that Sony just tried to make it as quick as they could to get it out there. I'm not making this post about advocating for Xbox, just expressing my points of view that's all. I've been with PlayStation since the very beginning and even I have to admit all of this.
  12. What I'd rather have is this exact website but for Xbox.
  13. So what would you give the game to get Platinum Trophy out of 10 and 10 being the hardest.