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  1. I cant believe this... There's no classic games for this month? The purpose of the premium tier is for these classic games, that why I have it for. This is the problem with the whole thing, they're not focusing enough on the classic games.
  2. Someone who's soulless would think that.
  3. They allow this but censor games...
  5. Yeah even Ellie from The Last of Us 1, just Ellie in general he likes.
  6. What will this game cost?
  7. So I'm just wondering what most people go for here? Graphics or FPS for any game out there that gives you the option to pick between them. Now for me personally I've never in my life with gaming ever took any notice of the FPS in games, I've never thought about it or the FPS is bad on this game etc... I like to play my games at the best resolution that they can be. I don't like picking FPS because the games graphics are lowered to give you the best FPS. I've heard some people say that higher FPS makes games look better? I highly doubt that when graphics have to be sacrificed in order to give you that more FPS. I don't feel that's true at all, graphics and FPS have nothing to do with each other, they are seperate. For me, it would just bother me picking the best FPS because I know I'm not playing the game with the best graphics it could be.
  8. Nobody listens because you can't say that as though it's fact, no one knows if that will happen. And I doubt Sony could just "delete" Trophies. I doubt Sony will crack down on the multiple region accounts when it's been fine for over like 12 years since the PS3 era.
  9. Please do this for Shadows of the damned!
  10. I'm sort of undecided on the matter myself, I've tried both. I think gaming in a dark room does make gaming more immersive. However, it is also at the same time more harsh on your eyes so can lead to eye strain, headaches etc.. I guess gaming in a brightly lit room is the "healthiest" way in terms of your eyes. So what's your preference?
  11. Part 2 is using UE5?
  12. So if I bought Village now and the Winters DLC comes out later this year, I just buy that DLC and it's applied to the standard version of Village?
  13. Could someone clarify something about Resident Evil Village? If I bought Resident Evil Village now would I be entitled to the DLC later on this year like the third person view? Does it have to be the gold edition to get it?
  14. Do you have to buy the gold edition to get all these new features?
  15. I'd like to know this too. Or do they share the same Trophy lists?
  16. 😀
  17. I thought the sun wing is something that you can call at any time lol. I haven't beaten the game yet but that's what I assumed. So everytime you want to use one you have to override it? I've reached the base but don't know if I can override one or not?
  18. Does the sun wing carry over on NG+
  19. I did post on there Twitter asking them to fix this. And to bring back the Shield Weaver Armour.
  20. Which are the items we have to buy to get the trophy with the tokens? How can you tell between the normal items to buy and just the ones for just the DLC and the Trophy?
  21. Which are the items we have to buy to get the trophy with the tokens? How can you tell between the normal items to buy and just the ones for the DLC?
  22. Quick question everyone. I understand that once you are on NG+ Ultra Hard that you can't change the difficulty even once you've beaten the game on that difficulty. However, is it not possible to create another NG+ save seperate from Ultra Hard that carries everything over from that NG+ Ultra Hard but this time on story difficulty?
  23. You said its in the infiltration and the stealth tree? Edit: I found it, thank you.
  24. Could you find out and tell us what that skill is please? It would be helpful.
  25. Thanks. Isn't the oseram artificer the best armour?