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  1. It is nice and also surprising seeing this coming to Xbox. Microsoft definitely do need to improve the Japanese support on Xbox and this looking like a step in the right direction. The more Japanese games they bring to Xbox the better. I wish they was also bringing Gal Gun 2 to Xbox as well. Another game i loved on PS4 was, Sakura Wars. Oh, I wish they would bring it to Xbox as I'd soon play that again.
  2. Okay, thank you.
  3. Will this have a physical release?
  4. Imagine if Microsoft bought Square Enix or Capcom. I'm quite surprised they haven't tried to buy a Japanese studio because even Phil Spencer himself has admitted many times it's an area they need to improve upon. With there recent purchase though they do have Tango Gameworks which I believe that's a Japanese studio in Tokyo Japan.
  5. All I wish for is for Sony to create a subscription where you get PS Plus and PS Now together. Even Xbox has Game Pass Ultimate that combines both.
  6. Maybe Sony could work on PS1 - PS3 backwards compatibility in the future and then release a console update or something so the PS5 now can.
  7. It's a great offer no doubt, however because the PS5 is backwards compatible you can play all these anyway if you own these games.
  8. Managed to pre-order mine from Game (in the UK) about an hour ago. I got lucky as there was only about 13 slots left.
  9. Can't wait!
  10. Do you think it will cost more or less than Xbox Series X?
  11. Yeah, I was hoping for Sony to show the UI and the features of the PS5 too. I mean, it doesn't mean they can't do it at this event.
  12. Release date?
  13. I've never seen it on PS Now, not the UK one anyway.
  14. I think it would be great if this website had an Xbox version.
  15. I wonder if Xbox version got the same patch. It's okay, I saw the trailer for this update and it's for all systems.
  16. Can the assist mode be used on the 2 DLC's?
  17. How do you opt in?
  18. Thanks guys.
  19. While I'm here, could someone rate the difficulty of the Yakuza games from easiest to hardest? I'm thinking of starting them, i already have the Yakuza 6 platinum.
  20. Pragmata.
  21. I've always wondered whether it is something you could be banned for? I know people are going to say, "well why would you be banned for it"? Well, because you are playing games from another country that you aren't from or live in. Your playing games from other countries that isn't your own.
  22. I'm just telling you what he said to me.
  23. I have an update guys about the question I originally asked in this topic. So I just spoke to someone from Sony customer support, I explained everything that I basically asked here so I won't repeat it. He told me that no, you can't be banned from playing games from multiple regions. He then put me on hold and even spoke to someone who is a higher up at Sony and asked them too. No, you can't be banned for doing this. He said you're not breaking any laws at the end of the day. Also, he said not allowing it would be going against freedom of speech sort of thing and that's why Sony allow it. He also said that we have people from like Saudi Arabia that create UK accounts too so obviously there fully aware of this going on. So yeah, I'm glad it's been cleared up if everything he said was true. It's all good to hear. I know most of what peoples responses in this topic was more or less what the Sony representative said but still... Anyway, thanks for all your responses guys.
  24. I wish Sony would add RPG to PS Plus.