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  1. Hey guys, I would be grateful if anyone was willing to trade with me. Would be extra grateful if I could borrow a Painted Item and a Very Rare Item to pop the Trophies and would give them back right away. Also, I can give away some certified items (unfortunately not the best ones and at base level too...) and some crates to thank for the help. Will be waiting for a reply or just add me on PSN. My name is reo-ani, same as here. Thanks is advance. Edit: I got all the trophies thanks to heroman, but I can help anyone who needs the trading trophy, so add me if you do.
  2. Got less than 5 star on only 3 cases (because I suck at interrogations where you need to charge one of the two suspects and I charge the wrong one almost every time) without any guides, you n00bs. (smug as fuck) You need to get as many clues and as many questions right as you can and cause minimal damage while driving and you should get five stars. I did a few restarts on questions, because it's sometimes not clear if you have the right evidence to accuse the suspect of lying. My tip is, if you're unsure, go for lie and listen closely to what Cole and the suspect say, because that may hint to what evidence applies in that case, and if it doesn't hint to any evidence, just back off.