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  1. Best way is to play the game and get all other trophies and hope you're lucky enough to get cat call before you're finished getting all trophies. If that fails... best way is random ability multiverse event. It costs 100k-150k credits depending on the event, by the time you get all characters to 20, you should have a nice supply of credits to use for random ability events. May want to get some characters to lvl 30, as you will get more credits for selling gear the higher level you are. Its best to get Batman to lvl 30 early on so you can easily beat events with AI. Check out JackRudy007's post, should be the 4th post down, their method allows for multiple abilities per random ability event. Only downside is you need to rebeat the multiverse tutorial each time and cant use AI, easy but time consuming. For context, i got catcall around my 220th ability, there are 245 in total. Without their method, it would have taken significantly longer, as normally you can only get one ability per random ability multiverse event.
  2. Agreed, avoided spoilers and thoroughly enjoyed the game. I can understand why people seek out trailers even though i dont(only trailer i watched was the first cinematic one) but what i dont understand is why people seek out leaks and spoil the games for themselves instead of waiting for the game and playing it blind. Im honestly disappointed with how much hate the game is getting. Only part im a bit iffy on the the second half of the game. Didnt mind it at first I wanted to just get back to Ellie asap. Only memorable bug i encountered was when you were petting the baby goat. The thing Ellie was holding ended up glitching out of her hands and went inside her. It fixed itself when the animation was complete. Ellie and Joels final scene had me in tears! While i did enjoy the game, it honestly made me wish they didnt turn tlou2 into a revenge story and instead focus the game on Ellies life in Jackson and patching up hers and Joels relationship. You need action? Just send Ellie on patrol! Give us a far stronger focus on the characters relationships.