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  1. Can EZ and Pro work together?
  2. Any date known yet?
  3. Found all 27, I did howl at a fox statue. Worst trophy without a guide. Glad to be in a top 10 this time.
  4. Is Kindred Spirit unlocked in Ch 7? I greeted all the shaman, missed one maybe?
  5. Do these go on sale that much?
  6. When does this one come out? Drop the release, if anyone find out.
  7. I just notice that it says PS3 on the Vita download as well. Guess that for download transfer? Word Search was painful, stack it later on.
  8. Title is supposedly Darksiders Genesis possibly, so beginning of something.
  9. ugh, didn't install the patch. So try again after my lego game.
  10. Tried to do ng+, do I need the season pass to do so. I haven't gotten the patch 1.08 yet.
  11. Think I'm around Lv. 64 on the hardest setting playthough. So I should be close, what do you keep on the ng+ file? i
  12. Thanks, I found this one more annoying. Written guide definitely helped a lot, my stamina could just be bad right now. I do the vita version at some point, working on several already. I recommend Glass Masquerade too, easy and no guide needed.
  13. Any chance a written guide be done, it just be way faster if I saw the words.
  14. Yeah, seems like it only 1 for both system. I would wait until a sale to do this.
  15. hi, looking to boost. also do trophies not pop using custom rank battles.