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  1. sept 18th is release, hope we see past installment added.
  2. On Lvl 38, and the cloud is messed up. So can't get the cloud trophy and proceed, will a reinstall and save delete fix the issue?
  3. Looks cute design wise, hope it has a killer score. Add to wishlist, to buy later.
  4. Pretty sure, that with all the additional patches it should fixed most issues.
  5. Well, only exception being word search. Gets me easy plat to hit my 275/300 milestone games.
  6. Seems fun and educational, so I don't mind. Release this week.
  7. I don't mind these trophies, probably be out Tuesday maybe.
  8. Did all 34 lvls yesterday, more annoying then hard.
  9. Wow, is Aug 25 the vita date. Since we got the ps4 version first last time.
  10. Hard, but I suck at platforming. Completed at least 15 so far.
  11. Hello, currently trying to get the battle number trophies in ranked and player, witness and watching matches as well. PSN: Takutolover
  12. Is unlimited only launching on the switch? No info for a ps4 digital, Aug 20th for switch. anyone know more info?
  13. Does this release tomorrow or sometime in June?
  14. completely reinstalled it, patch 1.05 is out. which probably fixes a good amount of issues.
  15. I had it on rest mode when downloading it, then had to restart it. ending one didn't pop for space ending.