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  1. This topic is interesting because it also touches on DLC practices. There was a preorder survival pack dlc for The Evil Within 1 that contained several exclusive bolts, namely flame bolts. There were two sections of Akumu that Im nearly certain I wouldn't have been able to do without those bolts. To my knowledge this pack has never been available since, paid or not, which is completely ridiculous. They went through the ffort of programming them just for them never to be used.
  2. There are some great video guides for the game including Akumu which can definitely help you find extremely easy ways around difficult scenarios. Definitely recommend using them. That was Evil Within 2. There are no cheats for part 1.
  3. Im very late but that's awesome, haha. Grats!
  4. Very impressive my friend, absolute congrats!
  5. Drawn to Death - I talked to Amy. For like an hour. Today was a good day. :) - 5.15%
  6. I feel you are being disingenuous as heck to suggest MVC3 is easy. The mission trials will devastate most players. Plus you have to really luck out to get a match against a certain player for one of the online trophies. There's a reason it's an ultra rare Plat. I also disagree with others that Degennki Bunko Fighting Climax (orig) is easy. The score, survival and time trophies are annoying as heck as there really isnt a one solution fits approach. If you have a boosting partner or second console I would add Blade Strangers to the List, it's just grindy.
  7. Might be my favorite post ever, haha. #Agreed
  8. Relatively easy way to beat Gauntlet mode with DLC Season 2 character, Iroha. Basic combo, Jump in H Slash, H Slash, H Slash. What is also great is that her distanced H Slash is a heavy hitting lunge which closes the space gap quickly. For regular characters 1-16, just do the above in addition to Lightning Blade / Issen (Default Press L2, then L2 again) when opportune. For boss Shizuka, just watch out for supers and do the above combos when she's open. Save Lightning Blade / Issen and Super Special Move for her second round. I actually whiffed my SSM at the end, shame cause it would have looked dope.
  9. The awful, broken trials of MK Vs DC. I stuck with it on and off for 7 years and finally plat the game. As an MK fan, I just kouldnt let that plat slip by.
  10. Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Both at 97 percent. Just can't get enough missions, it's such an unfortunate tease.
  11. FF7R wasn't the most anticipated game of all time because the fans were tired of what the story was and wanted it switched up. SE was cagey during the whole process, what remake meant, that it wasn't a complete game, that noone has any idea if and when it will ever be complete and for what systems. This wasn't a subversion of expectations, this was a proof of concept that cost $60 and directed by a man who clearly has an obsession with hooded figures. I personally dont care one way or the other because original FF7 will always exist and it's fun to see what gets switched up, but I can totally see why people could feel like they've been swerved.
  12. Spec Ops the Line MK9 Capcom Vs SNK 2 Soul Calibur III: Arcade Edition
  13. As of tonight I have 100 percent in every WWE game with trophies (outside of the JP version of All Stars, which I didn't know existed until after the online was shut down). I also have everything for Diablo III and all MK games.
  14. Totally excited, love it.
  15. I absolutely love the Playstation Series checklist for games, and how it aggregates all games in the series per regional trophy list. Im curious to compare my own standing with others. For example, I have 100 Percent 16 out of 17 WWE games on the series list. I'd love to see if there are other WWE fans out there attempting to complete them all and where I stand compared to them.