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  1. There is a satisfaction with knowing when to let go. I never started Max Payne 3 and lost the plat forever, but I still plan on getting as many single player trophies one day as I can because it always sounded like a great game. There is always something to play and time is finite. Many people have trophies I'll never have and vice versa. It adds to our gaming finger print that makes us unique. TLDR: No-one can have it all and you cant take em with ya, so relax.
  2. I just came to post this, I got three diamond cards for backgrounds etc out of three packs. Now I can just ease my way through proving grounds.
  3. At the end of the day you still need 200 Proving Ground Medals anyway so there's no escape grinding that mode, otherwise I'd just win Faction Wars every 2 mins to get briefcases.
  4. If you do all faction wars (easy enough with Ruby Asuka) and just do normal mode for all proving grounds, you'll have al amathyst you need and 3 diamond cards. You should be close to enough tokens for two more from diamond store and if you need to grind, you can keep doing easy factions wars and try and get 10 in suitcase or escalate difficulty in proving grounds. TLDR: Not impossible.
  5. Absolute grats man. Noticed you all have all the plats for NTSC US. Must feel great!
  6. Glad to help. Jigsaw is a legit artist with TEW, you can tell his passion as he works to better himself each and every day years and years later. It's amazing watching him.
  7. Thanks friend!
  8. Hi all, Ruby Asuka is the gold standard for Faction Wars but is there a male equivalent for Proving Ground? Nothing is more frustrating than trying to pin with 3 other AI's constantly breaking it up.
  9. 100 percent. He recently figured out you can skip turning values entirely by reloading your gun right before. It's amazing how much he loves and can take apart the game.
  10. Ive done Akumu 3 times. You have to be careful but you can cheese it. Look up Jigsaw on YT. The man is a god and can do Akumu blindfolded. He has great tips for all things Evil Within, including a straight beginning to end plat run for PS3 and PS4.
  11. It seems like it's a way to throttle you from blasting through matches in less than a minute. I think the system will only let you start a match every 2 minutes, which is kinda annoying. I could do 60 matches in an hour but its forcing you to 30, probably so you cant speed your way through 500 matches. I wouldn't be surprised if they up the timer to 5 minutes after the next patch. Their fixes to stretch the life of the game are never creative (see removing kendo stick)
  12. I love you guys I had no idea.
  13. What's the kendo method, I thought that was patched. Unless it still works in Proving Grounds?
  14. This has worked flawlessly for me and can be done from onset without grinding for any Ruby cards. For any struggling Pick Becky, level Up to Emerald Team with Submission Boosting Manager Choose your lowest cards for the rest of the woman's team Pick a low ranked card to start in faction wars Immediately tag in Becky Strong attack Opponent till they lay down Attack arm until they're stunned / you get a Signature Land Signature Land Submission Finisher They will tap out before any AI can reach you Takes about 2 mins a win On the rare chance they reverse the finisher, just restart match. Quicker to get back in groove than risk them tagging n someone stronger or new.
  15. Guys, I really appreciate all the advice. I don't mean to sound like a fanboy, but Elden really is one of the most detailed and amazing games Ive ever played. Every time I go back to an area, I find that I missed 90 percent of the content and secrets it held. I believe I will do a combination of advice, stash / pop the legendary items so no need to collect again, but play every boss and ending from start to finish again just to relive the journey of this incredible world. Sincerely, thank you everyone who took the time to reply. You're all golden to me!