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  1. The changes are interesting, I think they should be documented just for fact sake. I don't really care what my own opinion is, because this is a changed game from 20 years ago. The menus are changed, options are changed, and now certain graphics. I'll always have access to the PS1 version and image forever preserved to reference the original artistic vision for the time, and that is always cool. TL:DR: I can appreciate multiple versions of the same game. Much like I love RE1 for PS1 and REmake for the Gamecube equally, and they diverge quite massively. I haven't played REmake2 yet, but I imagine it's the same situation.
  2. Great advice everyone. Im wrapping up 2k18, about to start 2k19 and am pretty hyped at what Im seeing for 2k20.
  3. This is old, but the guides are wrong. Not only do you have to Ruse the Guards and Shoot the guy running away, but you HAVE to end your speach with Determined. It even shows this on the decision tree. If you choose Peaceful at the end, the guards will still come and Simon will be shot.
  4. 3 bronzes I'l never get. Finishing this game was a complete drag, it was so painfully mediocre. I just platnumed the original PS3 Rage right before this and found it infinitely more interesting in that retro kinda way. Rage 2 is just ugly filler.
  5. Guess it depends on how much XP you need to reach 50. If you need to do this for months, it's probably a waste of time for your system.
  6. Thank you so much for the reply!
  7. Hi there, thanks for the tips, but what do you mean "Doing that, you can leave 2 or 3 consecutives rounds."
  8. That's like saying, because Lucas always intended the Death Star to be destroyed, we should appreciate a show that has sentient farts blow it into the sun. In the books Stannis is alive, and not the killer of his kid. Dany isn't even a main character really, she is already unhinged and has living brothers waiting to take over if not for her dragons. Don't get me started on Euron. There are so many interesting and relevant book plot points in play that the show could not or would not include. The Books and the show will end the same in so much that they will end, but one will be significantly more fleshed out than a hobbled mess designed to jump ship to the next paycheck.
  9. I have the plats for both ps3 and ps4. I dont remember them being that hard, but like another said, I think it depends on earlier upgrades.
  10. Hard to say, there's so many amazing entries in this genre, all full of style and class. Off the top of my head, a top 10 would look something like: MK9 CVS2 SCIII ECCD GGXAC+ MVC GGXrd Rev2 Persona 4 Ultimax Tekken 5 MK11
  11. Spec Ops: The Line Rage Max Payne 3 Mortal Kombat 9 Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Metal Gear Solid 4 Playstation All Stars Battle Royal Transformers War and Fall of Cybertron Street Fighter X Tekken Are all incredible PS3 games.
  12. This. Pretending crappy games don't exist is like pretending crappy movies don't exist, and both are guilty pleasures. Don't let some stuck up, ass snob deter you from living your one life on this earth.
  13. DPatriot wins the game