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  1. Something is so f'd with this game. Normal Hives straight up have vanished from my maps, and all I get are BS annoying Elite Hives. The game has the worst loot and reward system ever created, and the repetitive maps and objectives make me all but convinced this game is funded by the CIA to perfect digital interrogation torture. The decent combat and creative character loadouts deserved better.
  2. MGS4 Digital Edition - PS3 The Evil Within DLC (actually explains the story) - PS3 Muramasa Rebirth DLC - Vita
  3. Well they're the same genius' who: Tied a PSN profiles primary key to the username, making it nearly impossible to change without ramifications. Made Vita has proprietary memory cards and then stopped producing them. Made PS TV but locked out half the Vita games, making it even less worthwhile than an actual Vita Made 3D chargeable glasses, but don't allow you to replace the batteries without destroying them On and on. I love the PS brand, but Sony have always been the smartest idiots out there.
  4. I agree except for that one dev commented on it like they knew.
  5. I used to have Let the Games Begin on my Map but it's now gone. Is this a big or intentional?
  6. Their reputation would be assassinated by declaring an entire generation of gaming and history obsolete within a matter of months. Closing the storefronts is likely happening, it's how you ween new products off the platform so it's not so painful to full retire the systems YEARS down the road. New games still come out for Vita every single month. There's still costs to maintain updates, security etc on these platforms. They want to start sending the signal to stop growing your libraries on legacy platforms. Doesn't mean it's right or wrong just what it is.
  7. Anyone with even a passing interest should grab the DLC to Muramasa Rebirth while they can. Each episode has a new hero, story, songs, upgrade tree, enemy and bosses. They really complete the game and have never been released physically.
  8. They would have to support purchases and updates. What abut games like The Evil Within that are virtually unplayable without the day one patch?
  9. If you've been miracled with a PS5, lo, thou shall be blessed the easy free upgrade sacred auto pops. It has been written. Literally zero problem with this. If you care about trophies, this is a great bonus to getting a new PS5. If you don't care about trophies, stop caring. This free upgrade system has actually encouraged me to buy games I normally wouldn't. Take Avengers. I'd never ay $60. But it was on sale for $40, and with a free PS5 version, it averages to $20 a game with double plats. That's more my style. TLDR: Embrace the future.
  10. Hitman Absolution PS3. The online servers are closed so the Plat is now impossible.
  11. An entire IP trashed because noone bothered to run spellcheck. I cant believe this company is still in business.
  12. Awesome guide, thank you!
  13. To answer my own question: yes, each version for each system has a Fighting Chance DLC pack that was never sold separately. Not to be confused with the JP exclusive Gore DLC, which was also a. Preorder exclusive and added some blood and dismemberment back into the game.
  14. I genuinely love Cage games, and with time, Beyond has grown to be my favorite even among Heavy Rain. Some of his ideas are just incredible, the Navajo Chapter, the Condense, The Undersea Base, the Black Sun. So much of this I had never seen before in a game and his attention to detail is phenomenal. People are free to disagree and dislike, but for me, it was a fulfilling story to take in.