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  1. MK9 on Vita. That last challenge Tower challenge was a test of how far your fingers could stretch on the screen, haha.
  2. I think so. Also make sure you chose only PS4 to filter out PC players.
  3. Only real boosting method is two console alt account madness. But you have to constantly boost multiple accounts so you always have one around the same level as your main. So annoying.
  4. Set difficulty to easiest, go to northern most Fsk base (on ground), spam upgraded spider bots and just watch them decimate everything.
  5. Hey, if Anthem could turn itself around and draw back millions of players, any game can! *goes back to my dimension*
  6. I think you only get Spiderman PS5 with the ultimate miles PS5 bundle.
  7. Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don't. Trophy hunt however you want. Sometimes I wanna spent a month getting an UR. Sometimes I want to balance that with a quick 10 minutes Plat. They're both games.
  8. The game requires a supplemental guide to go and collect all items, which are hundreds, in order to get the plat. So in that regard it's annoying. Took me 4 weeks to finish. It's not an overly great Metroidvania imo, the graphics are ugly, voice acting laughable and soundtrack completely forgettable. I'd recommend getting Castlevania requium, as SotN is the apex in the genra and the plat is far quicker to boot.
  9. It's a quick 1 hour plat and the story is kinda interesting if you like Lovecraftian Sex Horror. The Dawn Edition Means "Neutered" Edition though, it's been sanitized from Rated X on PC to PG-13 which is so asinine. What's the point of a rating system if it goes from E to T. Also it's only on the EU store so far, hasnt been released on NA. Interestingly it was released on Switch uncensored, then people freaked and they pulled it down, and it went back up as Dawn Edition. Wish that had happened for PS4 so I could play the game as it should be.
  10. Pretty Sure the Trophy Lists for EU and NA are Reversed The game is not listed on the NA PSN Store, only on the EU Store, yet according to this site, everyone is getting trophies on the NA list. Game: Lust for Darkness:
  11. Thanks bud!
  12. Im a year late but that was really good.
  13. And Odin Sphere. Any of these three games are worth owning the system.
  14. This topic is interesting because it also touches on DLC practices. There was a preorder survival pack dlc for The Evil Within 1 that contained several exclusive bolts, namely flame bolts. There were two sections of Akumu that Im nearly certain I wouldn't have been able to do without those bolts. To my knowledge this pack has never been available since, paid or not, which is completely ridiculous. They went through the ffort of programming them just for them never to be used.