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  1. Spec Ops the Line MK9 Capcom Vs SNK 2 Soul Calibur III: Arcade Edition
  2. As of tonight I have 100 percent in every WWE game with trophies (outside of the JP version of All Stars, which I didn't know existed until after the online was shut down). I also have everything for Diablo III and all MK games.
  3. Totally excited, love it.
  4. I absolutely love the Playstation Series checklist for games, and how it aggregates all games in the series per regional trophy list. Im curious to compare my own standing with others. For example, I have 100 Percent 16 out of 17 WWE games on the series list. I'd love to see if there are other WWE fans out there attempting to complete them all and where I stand compared to them.
  5. I personally like it less than Doom 2016. With 2016, i could pop in anytime and just rip and tear to unwind and mentally relax. Eternal is a far more involved game that requires a lot of mental gymnastics to keep up. I cant relax with it unless I'm in the mood to concentrate, so in that regard a net negative. It's the difference between fighting a dumb CPU opponent in a fighter and a skilled real life opponent online. There are different times and moods for both.
  6. Max Payne 3, wholly shyt that's hard.
  7. As a huge fan of Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, I was thoroughly disappointed in Detroit. It was so generic, by the books. No plot twists, no deeper insight. You could guess the entire game from the trailer and it played out exactly as you'd expect, down to the cliches. It was a slog to get the plat. Bonus points for some excellent fight choreography, but Cage peaked in the PS3 era.
  8. The legend will always live on in our hearts. MK 2011 saved the franchise for all time.
  9. The Inpatient is easy?
  10. Bless your heart, that is good to hear. Sometimes you wanna play a quality AAA game. And sometimes you wanna play a jenky indy. There's room for all in life.
  11. No, trophies are a roadmap of your gaming life, triumphs and mistakes all at once. This altering of reality to fit some kind of perfection is unhealthy imo. But it's no worries anyway, Sony will never allow it because you'll create a false picture of trophy rarity for everyone else to satisfy some ego, aka games like Sekiro are now 100 percent common because the only people who kept it are those with the plat etc etc.
  12. I had it on my wish-list in the US and now it can't be found anywhere. Did big by Capcom come in and sap them down?
  13. If you didn't play the 360 version it was fine on PS3, but just fine. 360 was the lead platform and since 360 has 512MB unified ram and PS3 had two banks of 256, the porting team for PS3 cut a lot of corners to just get the thing running on essentially half the resources instead of actually putting effort into the coding. Textures, resolution and loading all took serious hits. It looks like the PS4 version is either a PC port or the baseline 360 build upscaled, either will give it a huge improvement over PS3.
  14. I agree with OP 100 percent. I play a lot of games and Muramasa, esp Rebirth w DLC, is in my top 10 of all time. The gameplay loop is fast and fun, the presentation and attention to detail second to none, but what suprised me the most was the writing. Especially the DLCs, the storytelling is very good, drawing on Japanese mythology and augmented with an incredible score a cross all episodes. Like the sword it's named after, Muramasa seems to be doomed to not receive the attention it deserves and I hope it gets one final 4k port with HDR and all DLC to PS5 one day.
  15. Platnumed it twice. Never had an issue. In facts it's my fav Quantic game. Sry it's giving you trouble.