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  1. Got it!! "Dead Space" #1 on my alt. Might go for Dead Space 3 next, but I'll need to make a account for that.

    1. MortalRikku
    2. Fatty_Fatness



      Dead Space was my #1. Dead Space will always be my #1. <3

  2. Dead Space Impossible mode update: Currently at Chapter 9 (actually just started Impossible today) and fuck me the game's giving me a shitton of ammunition that I am beginning to wonder why it's called Impossible mode.

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    2. AssassinShadow56


      On Zealot I beg to differ, but in Hardcore it isn't hard too. The only thing that makes Hardcore hardcore is the 3 saves part. Other than that it's actually easier.

    3. LadyTonberry


      I say it's hard because I'm the type of person who likes to save as much as they want. Having only 3 saves puts a lot of pressure on me

    4. AssassinShadow56


      I don't mind the 3 saves. However the "return to last save" is stressful, because you can return about a hour back if you die (depending on your save spots).

  3. Looks like my summer vacation is... over. I beat the guy at the 3rd Gummi Ship mission to Twilight Town by the way. I felt great.

  4. Playing DS1 on my other profile. Already 26%, Plasma Cutter only on Easy. On Impossible I'll use the Plasma Cutter and Line Gun (Shitton ammo for that). Should be quite fast actually.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. AssassinShadow56


      I relied on 2 guns on my Impossible run. Did just fine.

    3. TheYuriG


      woah, nice. I would be afraid of running out of ammo for them and starting a melee fest for my life LMAO

    4. AssassinShadow56


      They give way too much ammo for the Line Gun. I mostly use the Plasma Cutter unless I am need to use the Line Gun Mine for something (Brute or a group of enemies). Works quite well.

  5. Since we're talking about publishers, and not actually devs (I usually blame the publishers for a bad game. Some exceptions here and there) here's the ones I hate/distrust the most: Ubisoft Electronic Arts Activision (This one's the one I hate the much really. They've got 2 IPs from Sony and one of them is sitting there doing nothing) I do trust, however (actual developers in here, crazy right?!): Visceral Games (Because of Dead Space (I am still cutting those necromorph's limbs, it ain't getting old anytime soon!)) I don't really trust any other developer. But that's not a suprise, really.
  6. Apparently a fully upgraded Planet Cracker Plasma Cutter with full damage on Impossible is = un-upgraded Plasma Cutter from DS2 on Zealot. Uh...

    1. Hemiak


      Doesn't matter DS2 Ripper>>>>>>>Everything else

  7. I'd join, but I already have the plat. I still boot this game once in a while to see how many stupid deaths I can get on my Impossible playthrough. Best of luck for those who have joined!
  8. So, I saw Pokemon GO's trailer yesterday. I don't want to say I have never ejected this many body fluids on my life, but I never ejected this many body fluids on my life.

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    2. AssassinShadow56


      All for the sake of catching them all. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    3. Happy


      This could be absolutey amazing, but i fear it's just going to be an overall disappointment.

    4. Maftet


      I'm not wandering into the ghetto for the sake of catching a Weedle lol

  9. Yesterday a guy in Dead Space 3 joined my game with the Devil Horns. I automatically kicked him, because I am playing on Impossible for a challenge, not riding the guys dick.

  10. This topic made me realise I am proud of about 90% of the stuff I do in games. Anyways, here's mine: - Rage in Geometry Dash because I failed a easy part of a level. - Realising I sucked at Portal puzzles. - Playing "DUST 514" (IMO garbage game, even for F2P) - Wasting actual time on Defiance. I actually thought a lot about this, because there aren't any real moments I wasn't proud of. Excluding these moments.
  11. Wish I had people to gang up on DS2 MP with. The gaming sessions for that are dead. No one plays for fun...

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    2. TheYuriG


      never knew any trophy hunter that played the MP for that tbh. maybe setting one yourself and pray for the best?

    3. AssassinShadow56


      MP has no trophies... It's really "Just for Fun". I guess people don't give a fuck about fun. Betting I'd put Boosting in there and people'd come flying to my session.

    4. TheYuriG


      Yeah I know it doesn't have trophies, but spec ops the line MP also didn't have trophies and I knew people who had max level on that

  12. So, in order to unlock the Refurbished Plasma Cutter I need a Dead Space save, which I have about 5-10 of those, and it never unlocked, despite having them. Anyone know how to unlock it, or is it a glitch? I've read you need to activate the online pass, but the PSN Version of DS2 doesn't come with it. And I don't want to waste 9.99€ on something that was "discontinued" even though you can still buy it.
  13. Never been interested in FIFA for the past 6 years, and it sure as hell ain't interesting me now. If I want FIFA I'll plug my PS2 for that, in the meanwhile, no.
  14. Tried the Force Gun in Dead Space 3. Compared to Dead Space 2's version, this one's very weak. It still does good at the job of pushing enemies though. This weapon ain't supposed to be a primary, but a support weapon in co op. However the secondary fire can do some "heavy" damage. I found it ripped enhanced necro's limbs sometimes.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AssassinShadow56


      No, even the not fully upgraded version of DS2 did a lot more damage with the primary fire (even in DS1). The enemies in DS3 are thougher, so of course it's going to lack some stuff. And I fully upgraded the DS3 FG with +3/+3 Circuits before you ask. Both versions un-upgraded are still very useful though, DS2's just dismembers enemies quickly.

      Also, in DS3, two shots with the primary to a normal Feeder seems to kill it. Nice in crowd situations if you ask me.

    3. Jak


      I'm pretty sure the enemies in DS3 are just tougher. Think about it.. you have that black necromorphs (alongside other tougher enemies) incredibly stronger than the new default necromoprhs, and the new default necros are stronger than the ones from DS1.

      FG has always been great in crowds.

    4. AssassinShadow56


      For some reason the alt fire easily dismembers enhanced necros, but with the normal ones it either misses completely (I am aiming at the asshole, COME ON!), pushes it, or kills it. The FG despite facing stronger necromorph's it still does something right. Makes them easy.

      This is definately the weapon I run alongside my trustworthy "Earth Gov Plasma Cutter" in case there's too many.

  15. I have to play Mass Effect, but fuck me I don't know why I don't feel like playing it. I am going to try and change that today. Same with DS2 HC mode, I don't why I don't feel like doing it.

    1. usrmd


      have you played any of them? they are pretty good.. i was also feeling meh about it, but was totally into it once i started

    2. AssassinShadow56


      I am right after the first mission in Mass Effect (the first one). I don't feel like going past it... weird, this never happened in this type of genre to me before.