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  1. I did all the mini games, do i have to replay the game for it to show up.
  2. Anyway to get the "walkies" trophy and the last kiwi bird, already found 2 one in the lale where the bonus dungeon is at and the kiwi farm.
  3. I also tried the hidden cave, because dragons would you 5 200 gold coins and good leveling
  4. Since I finish all the quests, is there a cave/ruin that has a good farm of money?
  5. Patch is out.
  6. I deleted my saved data and restart itto see if it work, but nada.
  7. Missing the middle corner, is there any way to get to it?
  8. So no matter the difficulty I can play either casual or normal. And there's no specific trophy for these right?
  9. Superdimension Neptunia vs Sega Hard Girls