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  1. patched
  2. yep, same, annoying, moving on...
  3. this part...you have to laugh...so true, if you've played a little...
  4. - 50 miles was a bit of a grind. Got it middle of 2nd year of Hermit playthrough. no strategy, just held the left stick and walked around aimlessly while doing other non PS4 stuff...15 minute days...and take advantage of skating lake in Winter, a little more efficient grinding. - $100 popped at 105ish, cuz I was watching for that one, and did that in 2nd year while going for (failed first try) naturalist, got it after some eggs. - Boating, I didn't count, but it sure felt like it was many more than 20. - I did Hermit and Abolutionist on same playthrough. You can finally go into town at end of year after Hermit pops and finish the last task. Never had problem with letters on cabin bed. Good luck!
  5. Thx. They are there in the Spring (not Winter...I thought "snow white mink"...). Tried for eggs but didn't read your warning carefully, and last one wasn't there. Will try again later, taking your notes into account. Thx again for sharing your knowledge and congrats on the plat.
  6. eGEORGE_ do you remember where you spotted a mink? running around winter, only seeing red foxes and hares... thx for your help so far
  7. LOL, Change.org? For a Trophy? I'm thinking that the devs have designed a way to beat it in a reasonable amount of time and some speedrunner(s) will take the challenge and eventually figure it out...
  8. select it from "things - other" (looks like a golden jack [cross thing]
  9. there appears to be an issue across all platforms... http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?36377-Community-ambassador-trophy-not-unlocking
  10. kinda late, but noticed this from June ANNOUNCING PROJECT CARS 2 – SIGN UP NOW! http://www.wmdportal.com/projectnews/announcing-project-cars-2-sign-up-now/ http://www.wmdportal.com/projects/project-cars-2/
  11. i counted 20 events as of today (7/31/15). So, someone out there should be getting this trophy within next few days, assuming all you have to do is participate. I "think" i need two or three more myself...curious to see what happens.
  12. confirmed for me ... 500 km = apx 72 km across 5 tires = trophy
  13. anybody figure this out? mine haven't registered either. this https://www.facebook.com/projectcarsgame/events?_rdr says only 5 scheduled events through June 12, and 2 have started/finished before US launch?? to get 20 does this mean trophy could take a year to achieve??? weird.... and this http://www.projectcarsgame.com/esports.html says 18 events thru 2015/16 so, i am missing something...right? any one can help, let me know, thx.