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  1. I can't get local authorities on it. They really don't care about hacking stuff unless it's a multi-million Top dog Company and it's a messed up country to begin with. I mean people Kill and steal millions of paper and they don't go after them, It's that bad. Sony completely blocked my access to Live chat and calling them again will get me nowhere as the said they changed Security Options way too many time. I told them I have screenshots that support my claim and just as usual, They said ” We understand your situation but we can't help you in this case” Honestly, This is not one of the worst but actually the worst customer service I have ever seen and The fact that they hack your account this easy is ridiculous. I spent my hard earned cash in the middle of my Fubar country to buy games and Grinding all those hard Trophies to see them getting flushed down through the toilet. It's a lost cause but I'm going to report the account as much as I can to suspend or ban it permanently. I'm going to start PC gaming again and just forget about it. Have a great time folks
  2. Wow Now he is trying to recover my Gmail account, Just got a recover password notification from Google but I blocked him off. His location was somewhere in iran too. Hmm This guy doesn't fuck around.
  3. What is he trying to do ? First ACCOUNT BANNED and now this. Sony is trolling me too at this point. why the hell they can't change the Security option anymore? I gave them a screenshot of my email inbox, My phone messages, My console id ( Both ps4 and ps3) and my old account information But they say they understand my situation and they can't do anything cause they changed my details way too many times. Wow I might just let it go at some point ( I'm still fighting for it) but this one of the worst customer service I've ever seen.
  4. I have Kaspersky on PC but I usually log in to my accounts on my phone. I can't remember the last time I used my PC to log in but it was long ago before all these dramas. I just asked some folks and they said there is a tool called combo or something that cracks Psn account. More expensive combos result in better accounts. There are all over the place and it's scary to even think about it. You can Google it right now. The only logical way I can think of is he used that combo to crack some accounts and found my id with 194 platinums and over 150 games. So he talked to the support agents everytime I fixed it and that's why they locked my user. Both of us together used reset option too many times and now they won't touch it again. The mighty manager is my last hope; I'm still waiting for my friend to call them.
  5. Wow, just wow I'm happy that you are still going strong man. I love gaming too and it is part of life. Trophy addiction is the biggest reason I play on Sony's consoles and well to be honest I enjoy it a lot. I'm trying my best Just talked to my friend, he can call Sony from Us which is very good and I hope he can convince them to revive my account. This is after my 2nd hack drama. My 2 step message was like this for months and Sony said it's ok somehow. Now they don't even open live chat for my account. Guess I have to wait for my friend to talk to the mighty ”Manager”.
  6. It's [email protected] I think it's a robot, It keeps spamming the same text in different colors. I'm sorry if this topic is getting long. I'm really hopeless and support well, They won't help me at all. I'm going to try for one last time and talk to the manager about this and hope they keep my damn information safe.
  7. Can anyone please confirm if this an official email or not? This is getting out of control.
  8. I can ring them and it's not that expensive Last night they told me they can't help me because I called them from a foreign country and they can only help people in the U.S. Which is a bummer tbh. And I don't jump at them in my conversations, I just politely asked about my account and she started yelling at me that I'm not in us. I'm still confused how they hacked my account in the first place.
  9. First of all I don't play fortnite and I don't game share. I'm also glad you didn't lose your account but that doesn't mean you have to jump on me like that sir Steam gets hacked or not the Support agent don't spread your information to unknown people. There is no way, I can't contact managers from here. They refused to help me last night because of my country, You have to be in us for A us account. Thanks for explaining though.
  10. I tried to explain them, 4 out of 6 agents closed the chat on me without letting me explain what's going on. I even said he is sending fake Sony Supervisor emails. I have my original email, security question and even my original password from 2014. The thing is she said she can't touch my account again and closed the chat immediately. It's a lost cause, they just don't want to cooperate with me.
  11. This is what the agent told me: Dennis A.:Hi, Mike. I am reviewing you’re case history and I'm seeing you have contacted us already a lot this week. Sorry to ask. However, would you mind letting me know what seems to be the problem we were not able to solve for you yet? This means he talked to them a lot. Dennis A.:I understand and I'm sorry you were not able to see this sorted out. However, let me explain that to maintain the security of this account, I’m afraid I won't be able to make further changes on the account.Nevertheless, our recommendation would to try to go through the password reset tool option in the website or console to check if you are able to go back online performing this action on your end. Or, if there's no success, you may consider creating a new PSN Account to continue connecting to our services online, too.Dennis A.:Let me explain that security measures have been taken on the account itself, because of this, we're not able to make changes or share information detailed about the account. Under this scenario, even though I'd love to get a solution for you, I'm afraid that there isn't going to be a way from our end to work on the PSN account any longer. We are very sorry for the situation. You can get a new password sent to your account’s email by visiting the website below. Click Trouble Signing In > Reset Your Password and you can try to check if you can work on accessing this account again Not only she didn't let me explain that he changed everything on my account and closed the chat on me but she also recommends me to make a new account. I'm not going to win anything here. It's a game over This is fucked beyond repair and I'm very disappointed in Sony's PlayStation Network. Using all your data and information very easily and when you try to contact them they say ” Fuck you” I Guess I'm going to sell both of my consoles and never look back. What a tragedy. I'm happy I was part of this community even though I didn't talk much But it was an exciting adventure to be a trophy hunter. Have a great time everyone
  12. They never asked about my console id, that's the problem. They give you a reset link if you give them a little bit of information. I can identify myself but the problem is the guy behind all of these. The thing is he never ever used any reset password link, like he knows my password everytime and use it as some kind of proof to get 2 steps and email reset link. I just found out there is a market for cracked accounts. They sell the accounts for very low prices and share them between multiple devices. I will try to convince them to lock my information when they open live support again but they really need to update their security system. The are Account hack forums from 2016 and yet it's still happening in 2019. Have a great day. If it keeps going like this I will. It's really heartbreaking though.
  13. And it keeps going
  14. I tried to convince them about that and they just said it's their job and they have to follow the rules. And it's just not live support, The fact that they can crack your account with maximum security with tools and stuff is ridiculous. Sony’s term of service says that your accounts security is your responsibility even though it's completely out of my control. I have a decent PC so I might get one on sales.
  15. I'm writing this as my main account is hacked and I don't have any access to it. This is Like the 6th time my account got hacked with maximum security 1. 2-step verification was enabled 2. My account had 25 letters password * Nobody had my Email and password 3. I changed my email and security question right after last hack which was 2 DAYS AGO The best thing is he/she got my information from live chat agents every single time. Because after each hack I tried to contact live support and it gave me ” We just talked to you right now” error. They just give your new information to anyone who knows a bit of your old information. I can't play cat and mouse forever, they will give my information to him or her again. I don't know how he got it the first time ( Maybe just like other security breaches?) And now he is sending me fake ” Sony PlayStation Supervisor ” Emails. And here is my account baiting me to think I'm banned I'm from Iran, I just use an American account because it's the only way to buy games with Psn dollar gift cards. Phone calls won't help me because I'm not an American and I don't live in us. And customer service is very amateurish at best when it comes to security problems. Game over or not I'm bailing out to start PC gaming. I had this account from 2014 with over 150 games ( I had an older account from 2012 but I didn't like the id) It was an enjoyable ride till this thing happened. I'm not going to give any advice on the security of your accounts because it's out of your control, it just happens. Have a great day.