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  1. I managed to get the trophy today, thank God. Probably took me 30+ runs. I had a time of 54 seconds heading into the final course. Almost blew it too. I don't know about the head bob, but I seemed to lose speed less often when I moved my head downwards when I landed. Who knows though. Drifting is key, and you're right Burnout, don't turn too quickly if you can help it. This is a difficult platinum and trophy. Good luck to all who attempt.
  2. I haven't been able to find any tips online for how to beat the luge tour with 10 seconds remaining. Please, if you have any tips, they would be greatly appreciated. I can consistently finish the tour with 3-7 seconds remaining. The same part of the map where I always seem to lose some speed is when you go over those three bumps in a row. Sometimes, I gain speed. Usually, nothing happens. But maybe twice per tour, on the second smaller bump, my speed is reduced to 90. I read somewhere that bobbing your head up and down right before the bumps, like you are trying to get additional height, worked for someone. But this method was inconsistent enough that I'm not convinced. Any other hot tips? Thanks anyone!
  3. 2 h trident is the way to go. Would be a much faster grind if not for all the loading god. fights last less than 30 seconds, and the time it takes to get back in the ring is around 4 minutes. I'm crushing 2500 fame per match currently. With triple fame on this month, I got from level 19-27 in 4 hours. Thank god there was football to watch at the same time...
  4. I've enjoyed how off-topic this thread has become. Hahahahaha. Good thing most of it will make it into a future guide.
  5. Magicka 2 is a great game. Highly enjoyed it with friends. If you are a rare trophy hunter, this is a good game to play. Low completion rates will inevitably become lower due to Ps Plus release. Some trophies in this game are nearly impossible without multiplayer help.
  6. Definitely really buggy. I looted absolutely everything from all of the camps/abandoned sites/etc, and no trophy pooped. Glad I can start fresh from the DLC. Will update if this works. Update: Worked when I loaded a new character for the Hearts of Stone expansion only. Didn't have to loot the last chest either.
  7. Well said FawltyPowers There are clearly issues with both proposed methods, but it seems to me that the avg. rarity proposed in this thread is indeed a better indicator of trophy hunting skill/perseverance than the current method. The current method tells you almost nothing about the player's style or preference.
  8. According to gamepressure, there is a bug related to this trophy. Ofieri Saddlebags and Horse Blinders will be available to purchase from a merchant in the nest patch.
  9. I read the guide several times to make sure I don't miss any gwent cards, but now you're saying there is another missable card that wasn't included in the PSNProfiles guide?
  10. Will try to tackle this trophy again soon. Been close to a double eagle a few times, and almost die when it doesn't quite go in. I'm playing the first nine holes of Maple Leaf Course, over and over again. I have 30-40 more rounds before I have enough points to purchase everything in the store, so hopefully I get the double eagle before then. Would really hate to grind out a luck-based trophy, if it wasn't also contributing to another trophy.
  11. Thanks, that worked great!
  12. I've purchased the season pass, and played most of the expansions. The Downforce expansion however, continues to say 'coming soon', and won't let me play it. Has this happened to anyone? I assume I'll have to contact either Sony or Driveclub?
  13. Thanks Kulzyc! Much appreciated!
  14. Not a lot of information available online to help direct trophy hunting for this game, so I thought I would post a few questions and see if anyone knows the answers. 1. Do the 'collectible' trophies (horse whisperer, respect your elders, etc), require a complete play through from start to finish to attain them, or can you chapter select and collect them piecemeal? 2. Shroom we will be united: I read online that the shroom required for this trophy can be found in chapter 3. Anyone know where in Chapter 3 it can be found? Thanks!
  15. Yeah, I can play the DLC's now. Although they don't all unlock automatically. You have to visit the store from inside the game to unlock each one.