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  1. I just noticed this thread. I will go ahead and update the guide!
  2. This should be implemented!! It would make looking at large profiles with many games a lot easier.. and trophy collecting would be more fun!.. It can also be used to avoid this new trend of having a trophy set for every platform.. by combining all games into one.
  3. I came to this thread from google! Has this feature been implemented yet?
  4. They are both orange at the moment. In some trophy guides, it will be more convenient to have these two tags with different color. when alot of tags are on one trophy I do not even bother reading them, I just go and look for these two tags to know what I might miss! the fact that they are the same color makes me misread them sometimes. Just a suggestion.
  5. You can do whatever you want man! I think one a month update is more than enough. I am not trying to cover the whole PSN players.. only those who replied to this thread and followed rules. Added you to the list. Please make sure that you do not go lower than 70%.
  6. You are not in the 90+ tier because you have 89%. Just because you reached 90+ does not mean that you should be in that category. As oooaznkid has said, I do not have the time to update this list daily or weekly.. but I try to update it when possible. Also, the fact that you have trophies hidden disqualifies you from staying on the list. I am not against you in hiding vita games, everyone have their own reasons of hiding trophies. I did not see that you hid trophies before, but since you do now, I will have to remove you from the list; I am really trying to follow rules that I have set here, Trophy list has been updated. All people who have trophy hidden were removed. One member to acknowledge in this update is: Recently Promoted to +90%
  7. thread updated. a new section has been added: Outstanding Hunters: 100% Completionist: +90% Highest Level +80% Highest Level Promoted to +90%
  8. Ranking has bee updated
  9. list has been updated.
  10. I know that we have a section called "Rarest Trophies" located on the top right of the profile page. The Rarest Trophies are not very helpful in showing the hardest trophies. Most of the times, this section is filled with one game and different trophies for that game. as an example, take a look at my friend's profile The rarest trophies that he got are all from the same game "free realms". Even though there are harder games than free realms in his collection. What should be shown on the main profile page is this : Rarest Platinum Trophies. It is a better description of what the player has achieved.
  11. All people who replied to the thread and met the requirements were added to the list.
  12. Very inspiring and great accomplishment on your trophy list. I see you only have persona 4 left.
  13. you are in the top 70% =)
  14. The thing is.. he is still the best.. statistically.
  15. people who replied to the thread were added to the list. also congrats to Ichiban-Hybrid and allenbird for jumping from 80% to 90% category