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  1. IDLE CHAMPIONS OF THE FORGOTTEN REALMS Platinum Idler with only 198 achievers so far.
  2. I totally agree with you. Harder plats should get more value (points) than easier ones. I would have a lot more plats, but I prefer to go after ones that are hard and are more rare. It would be nice to know that my dedication gets the recognition is deserves. On a side note, I don't know if it has been already mentioned or explained as to why its not available, but I would like to see a trophy progression stat, so that I can see how far I am to completing a trophy (kind of like Xbox, maybe that's why PS doesn't have it due to some sort of copyright, idk). Also off topic, but for the same reasons you mentioned is the same reason Sony ended the Trophy Pass system for Sony Rewards. People were just only playing the same easy games and racking up points. Not gonna lie it was a smart idea and probably was great income for the indie game developers, but Sony should implement the same idea (maybe slightly tweaked for the Trophy Pass system) you have.
  3. Friday the 13th. That’s a MAJOR grind. It will take some dedication and time.
  4. 3,115 but its slowly going down every time I revisit old games between playing new games.
  5. A very dedicated player that has some plats for games I have and have yet to earn. I strive to be on their level of completeness and quantity of plats.
  6. My next (#58) I hope to earn is "Platinum Idler" from Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, its a huge time grind and people have yet to get the plat so who knows when it will come. After that (#59) I will grind out Dead by Daylight sans all the DLCs until I have the money, I have a few trophies in the game already and the game itself is not too bad but can be a bit repetitive. And lastly (#60) I will earn "Platinum Columbia" from Bioshock Infinite, all I have left is to beat the campaign on 1999 Mode without using Dollar Bill machines and then the DLCs. I'm strategically earning the Bioshock Infinite platinum so that it will show the series in order on my profile under the Trophy Milestones: 60th Platinum - Bioshock Infinite Plat 4000th Trophy - Bioshock 2 Plat 50th Platinum - Bioshock Plat
  7. #57 - Sword Art Online: Lost Song "ALO's Strongest Player" An alright game. It was kind of cool that you could play as most of the characters from the entire series with a few new characters unique to the game. Bit of a annoying and literal grind to have to slash at the same respawning monsters over and over again in order to level up. Though the story was good and makes you think what could be possible in the future for VR and the implications.
  8. #56 - Rime "The end is a new beginning" Interesting story and a nice break from shooting guns at bad guys and slashing at scary monsters.
  9. I've searched the web and have yet to find a comprehensive list of all the weapons available in the game.
  10. I feel like most you can buy from Agil once you beat the main campaign, the rest ive heard you should find them in Extra Quests as random drops
  11. Any of the Uncharted plats. I've always wanted to get into playing the series, but never had the time or money, besides I have yet to %100 Uncharted Drake's Fortune for the PS3 and would prefer to completely finish it before moving on (I'm OCD like that O_o)
  12. _
  13. Just an update for everyone. I have earned the trophy and managed to get everyone to come to Kaer Morhen (Yay!). Right now I just need to defeat Eredin to plat the main game, but before that I am doing the two expansion DLC's to ensure it is a 100% complete game.
  14. That is wonderful news, so I am on the right track then, or ahead of the game I guess (being the completionist I am, I did every possible side quest/contract/treasure hunt [within reason of my below 20 LVL] in White Orchard/Velen/Novigrad before moving onto Skellige). I was wondering why all the guides/vids were talking about Brothers in Arms. I thought maybe it was just a mission that was not on the console and on the PC. I was dreading having to restart or maybe go back to an old save and lose all my progress.
  15. Ves is still alive and tells me "Yes" and "That they will let me know if they need me", when I try to talk to her. Ermion only lets me ask him about his promotion or his opinion on the new ruler. Cerys is the ruler I chose. She does not send me to Hjalmar and Hjalmar I can only ask about his opions on the new ruler.