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  1. You guys can add me too if it helps out... PSN: K07DB700D3DK177A (kold blooded killa)
  2. I can confirm that in GTA 3 and Vice City, you CAN use cheats. However, for the Criminal Rating based trophies, using cheats will make it harder obtain such trophies. For some reason, some cheats escape the Criminal Rating Penalty, such as the "Destroy All Cars" cheat in Vice City (a cheat used in getting the "Take the Cannoli" 1,000,000 Criminal Rating Cheat.) Others have low penalties, while others have absurd ones. In San Andreas, I tried to use the "Lower Wanted Level" cheat during the Vigilante Missions. Once I beat level 12, the trophy DID NOT pop, thus confirming that using cheats in San Andreas disables trophies.
  3. In order for you to begin to do these trophies, you have to complete enough Abstergo Challenges, about 65, just to get the Veteran cheat, you should have the Endurance cheat by this point. For the trophies, you have to activate the required cheat, for example for the "I Endure" trophy, you need to activate the Endurance cheat and only that one and so on. You can knock out both Endurance cheat trophies at once, (kill 30 guards and destroy 10 ships), by destroying ships and boarding them to kill the enemies. You can keep track your progress by going to the "Statistics" page on the Database in the pause menu. I believe the cheat based trophies are located at the bottom of the Miscellaneous page in the Statistics portion of the Database menu. You can also keep track of the other events, kills, Loots and activites by going to the stats page.
  4. Getting all of the collectibles in this game was for sure a grind. Took me about 4 days to 100% the game, the remaining trophies for me are the "Ninja" and "what is yours is mine" trophies. I am having trouble getting the Ninja trophy, I've done two outposts without being detected yet I still don't have the trophy. Overall, I enjoyed the game and there are tons of outfits and swords for Shay, my favorite is the Viking Armor, the Master Templar is a close second.
  5. What I found out is that if you go to the bars in the River Valley area, they will tell you about the supply camps in the region, those are the one with the "stagecoach" icons on the River Valley part of the map only those events count toward the "Camper" trophy, you need 20. To find Naval Convoy's I visited bars in the North Atlantic part of the world. I've tried this 4 different times, twice in each region of the game and that's how it played out for me. Loot 20 Convoys for the "What's Yours is Mine" trophy.