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  1. I prefer rating each game individually than making a scale. Example, Lego games can be very time consuming to get the platinum, but they are never hard at all, mostly because when you get 100% game completion you already have 80% of the trophies and all that is left very basic stuff (like in Lego Marvel, you get a trophy for turning Mr. Fantastic into a cup (or was it a teapot?), something you never have to do to complete the game). White Night for me was on the hard side, not because of the difficulty, but because if you missed something you were forced to restart the whole game to get it. It took me 7 playthroughs to find all the collectibles.
  2. Got the plat yesterday. I asked the devs about the "White Night" trophy and they said it is start and finish the game between 8pm-8am.
  3. I did it in the morning. stupid clever game....
  4. hmm so you did 4th-21h and then on the 7th changed to 4th-22h59? Im gonna try again after lunch, changing time to 21h and making sure i finish before 23h. It's the only trophy i am missing.
  5. Tried that and it didn't work. Did a 2h speedrun and change the time at chapter 6 to make it 1h10 of game and trophy didn't pop
  6. I have played the game 3 times, searched every corner i could and i can't find these: William Diary Excerpt nº7 Margaret Diary Excerpt nº17 Victim Note nº5 Can anyone help me with the locations of these? Thanks!
  7. I can't find it either. Can you tell me where it is? Thanks! Edit: Can't find William 7 and Margaret 17 either. Edit2: Youtuber PureRuby87 is making videos of the collectibles and uploaded all Victim Notes already. Note 5 is in the attic, behind the bed that has a shadow under it.